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Sometimes when walking through the campgrounds, you may find that some RVs have a soft under-glow that slowly moves through every color of the rainbow.

Many people have found that adding this LED under-glows can make the RV look much more attractive and drastically increase the overall usability of the vehicle.

The best reason to add LED under-glow lights to your RV is to make it much safer and more power-friendly at night. LED under-glow allows you to camp or use the RV without turning on the leading lights, saving on power, preventing stumbling, and making the RV easy to find.

It should be noted that simply having a set of LED under-glow lights on almost any vehicle can make it significantly better. Many people add them to increase the overall appeal of the RV more than just for functional safety in the dark.

We've talked to everyone who has added LED under-glow lights to their RVs and trailers. Everyone gave us similar answers, but a few people have given completely unique reasons why they are driving and camping with vehicles that can help you find a contact lens at midnight.



What Are The Best Reasons For LED Under-Glow On RVs?

Simply knowing why people would add the under-glow lights to your RV will ensure that you can quickly and comfortably decide to install them yourself. Several people have chosen not to add under-glow to their RVs or trailers, only to regret it later.

We have found the most common reasons people should add LED under-glow to their RVs, each one important to consider when deciding whether to get them. Knowing why others have added under-glow to their RVs will help you make the right decision.

Easier To Find The RV

One of the things that you won't experience until you start camping at RV parks is that most RVs look incredibly similar, especially at night. Walking back at midnight after having fun with friends, you may find yourself looking for an unlit RV that looks like every other one there.

Adding a set of under-glow LED lights to your RV will make it easier to find when moving around the RV campgrounds at night. Many people have their LEDs set to automatically go on when it gets dark and have them set to specific colors to allow them to recognize them easily.

Improves Overall Camping Experience

One thing that cannot be overstated is that the wild outdoors can be extremely dark; on some moonless nights, it may be hard to see your own hands. Adding an RV under-glow LED light can make moving around the immediate RV much easier when the sun has set.

Setting the lights to shine pure white can help you and everyone quickly move around, while setting them to red can preserve your night vision. The big difference between the under-glow LEDs and the standard lights is that you can use them for several hours or throughout the night without depleting the batteries.

Energy Saving Late At Night

As mentioned earlier, LED under-glow lights on your RV use less energy than the standard lights you will have on your RV for the outside. Many times, RV owners camping in the woods away from accessible charge ports prefer only to use the under-glow as they never wholly deplete their batteries.

Instead, the average sun shining throughout the day will recharge the battery that is being used by the under-glow. Many times, people have found that having LED spotlights uses a lot more energy than they initially thought they would use, making the addition of the under-glow easy.

Longer Battery Life

The RV batteries may be unable to keep the lights lit throughout the night if the only thing you have charging them is a set of solar panels. With LED under-glow lights, you can leave them on throughout the night, and the sun can quickly recharge the battery within a few hours.

We always recommend measuring how much energy you can provide through the solar panels before making any lighting additions to your RV. With under-glow lights, you can turn off most of the other lights you want to keep on with your RV and ensure that the battery can be recharged quickly.

Increased Visibility

While it is easier for you to find the RV when it is set up, it also becomes easier for other people to find your RV at night. This means that late arrivals or people driving on the highway won't be able to claim they did not see your RV, as there is a ring of light exactly as large as the RV around it.

We have seen several people that have had their RVs saved simply because they have a good set of under-glows on them. Preventing reckless drivers from making the mistake of driving into them in the middle of the night is something that could make for the rudest of awakenings.

Saved Cost Over Time

A good set of RV under-glow LED lights will save a significant price over the long run, as you won't need to replace or fix them. Instead, you may find that they last as long as you have the RV, helping you safely use the RV lights without worrying about when they may need to be replaced.

Further, if you are charging the RV at night when parked at your house to have it ready, the under-glow will mean that the total cost of recharging it is not as high. We always recommend that people consider the wear and tear that constant discharge will have on any set of batteries in a vehicle.

What Are The Best RV LED Under-Glow Lights?

Now that we know why you should add LED under-glow lights to your RV, we need to take a quick look at what will be the best sets to get. Many companies worldwide and in the US specifically specialize in adding these to RVs and other larger vehicles.

As the industry has changed and low-quality brands have entered the market, it can be tough to know which brands to trust. Some faulty systems drain much more power than they need to from the batteries, making them a total deficit to the RV.

Boogey Lights LED Strips

A company based in the US that specializes in not just providing a good set of RV under-glow LED lights they also specialize in installing them. Ranging from $200 and above, the Boogey Lights range of under-glow LED light strips can be fitted safely and efficiently to almost any RV.

Further, because the company specializes in these systems, you do not need to worry about the system draining power even when turned off. Another common problem is that the LEDs could fall off if you bought the wrong adhesive, which is impossible when professionally installed.

Essential Amazon Vbakor RV Awning Lights

As with all things, there has to be a solution that can be installed on your own and will be more affordable than some of the more expensive systems. The Vbakor RV awning LED lights perfectly fit this description and have everything you need in the system to install them on your own.

We recommend getting the 40-foot length as this will ensure you have enough to put into any hidden corners of your RV. Further, the system comes with the required power leads and extension cables to plug it in directly to an already existing connection that your RV will have.

Why Shouldn't You Keep LED Lights On Your RV At Night?

If you aren't at your RV or doing things around the RV, then you should keep the lights on to help find it and move about. However, as the night progresses, we still recommend turning them off for several reasons, saving your battery and saving you from angry neighbors.

While it may look quite nice to have the LED under-glow on when everyone is awake and moving about, they can become a problem as the night continues. Many tents and smaller RVs will be in direct line of sight for the LED under-glow, making sleeping next to impossible.

Many campsites and RV parks have specific rules that prohibit bright lights after a particular time, and if your RV is shining like the sun at 2 am, you may find yourself being fined or kicked out. RV parks are fun because everyone has to consider everyone else; no one gets to be the most important person there.

What LED Lights Are Best For RV Under-Glow Lights?

Low voltage LED strips are the best for RV under-glow as they are long-lasting and use a meager amount of power. These strips can be connected directly to the RV's power and will run endlessly without requiring special converters or systems.

Further, when they start breaking owing to damage from rocks or accidents, they are easy to remove and replace with fresh strips. Many strips allow you to cut out the broken area and replace it with a new section that works fine or bridges out the area.

Many people like to connect their LED under-glow lights to the rest of the lights of the RV so that they turn on and off with a simple switch. In contrast, others have wired in more complex systems that make their under-glow LEDs pieces of intelligent hardware that can be controlled through apps.