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Anthony Day

Anthony Day

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Hi, my name is Anthony, and I am the owner of RVrank.com - a website I created to bring you all the information I learned through owning an RV and traveling around with it. The idea behind this site is to show people what's possible with an RV. I’ll guide you on how they work, how they can be used in different environments, and how they fit into our everyday lives.

I bought my first RV when I was 21. It was a used 1978 Fleetwood Bounder, 22 feet long and built on a Ford F-250 chassis with just about no bells and whistles, but that was fine because I didn't need anything fancy to get the job done. I was convinced that it would be a great investment that would pay for itself over time, and it did! 

As a Colorado resident who loves exploring the Rocky Mountains during the summer months and skiing in winter, getting out there has been essential for me. When I was young, I remember how I couldn't wait to get away from my hometown to explore new places. I loved the outdoors and being outside as much as I could. Now, years later, as a husband and father, getting out there and experiencing new things is even more important to me. The best thing about RVs is that you can do it all, in any climate and with your family.

It's amazing how comfortable and peaceful an RV can be, and I want to show you how the RV lifestyle is possible. I want to demystify the whole thing, show you that you don't need a ton of money to travel with an RV, and actually be able to have plenty of fun doing it.

RVing gives me as much freedom as possible, and in many ways, it's my way of getting back to the basic things in life that we take for granted.

So who is this website for?

This website is dedicated to anyone who wants to find out how they can travel comfortably around the country in their RV. Whether you are an experienced RV owner or just want some tips on how to better care for your vehicle, this site has all of the information you need. I'm also going to show you how to choose the perfect RV based on your budget and how to maintain it. I'll even tell you what we do on our camping trips that make them more enjoyable.

I've spent many years talking to friends and family about the RV lifestyle, and now I want to share that with you. I want to show you how you can enjoy the freedom an RV can give you.

If you have any questions regarding RVs, please feel free to email me at anthony@rvrank.com. I always appreciate any feedback or ideas you have. Safe driving!

Elijah White

Elijah White

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My wife and I bought a broken down 1984 Chevy A-Class 26ft RV and restored it back to working order. Now we both work remotely and live in it full time with our pet cats with the freedom to explore.

I have enjoyed writing since I was a little kid. I started out with hand drawn comic books as a child, often getting in trouble at school for drawing them instead of paying attention in class. I continued to write fiction throughout my teen years and got most of my practice with short form Horror stories and  incomplete snippets of scripts. Though I did not make much of an effort to publish anything or finish large works during those years, I did try to learn as much as I could to improve my writing.

When I went to college I briefly fell out of love with writing, as I was a psychology major working on several research papers a week and I didn’t have time to work on anything else.

After College I decided to take my potential writing career more seriously and got to work. I published a comic-book with a partner then started working as an editor before transitioning more to articles involving my personal knowledge and interest and continuing to edit fiction and screenplays.

Tereson Dupuy

Tereson Dupuy

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Tereson Dupuy is a woman of many passions. She is a writer, entrepreneur, musical artist, inventor, and full-time adventure seeker. Her flagship product, which she was seen with on Shark Tank, changed how babies were diapered over twenty years ago and significantly impacted the environment. But inventing sustainable products was not her only passion in life. 

A life-long musician, Tereson is a musical artist with the folk duo Blessid Dirt. Her songwriting is inspired by vibrant life experiences, as most folk artists do. An avid traveler, much of her music reflects the stories and lives of the interesting characters she has met on the road. 

When she is not traveling the country as a digital nomad, she is at home in the Adirondack Mountains making music or writing books that inspire others to live life to their fullest. She believes that there is a heaven on Earth just waiting for people to reach inside and find it. And her writing reflects that journey and the people who take it.