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Key Takeaways

  • Ingenious hacks elevate space and convenience
  • Everyday items are remastered for multi-purpose use
  • Trusted strategies ensure fresh and orderly travel environments

Traveling in an RV opens up a world of possibilities, doesn't it?

But even the open road can feel cramped without the right tricks up your sleeve.

Imagine making every square inch of your RV work smarter, not harder—that's the beauty of some clever hacks.

Don't let small spaces limit big adventures.

With a handful of creative solutions, your RV becomes a well-oiled travel machine, perfect for the savvy explorer.

Think smart, pack smarter, and enjoy every mile.

You're smart, so it only makes sense that your RV should be too.

Through seasoned traveler insights and smart organizational strategies, we’ve distilled down the essentials to keep your life on the road as smooth as possible.

Let’s transform your RV into your personal, space-efficient haven on wheels.



Magnetic Strips for Utensils

Have you ever rummaged through a cluttered drawer for a spatula while your pancakes are on the brink of burning?

Save the breakfast—and your sanity—with a simple, sleek solution: magnetic strips.

Here's why they're a game changer for your RV kitchen:

  • Space Saver: Free up your drawers for other essentials. Instead of jumbling utensils together, magnetic strips allow you to display them neatly on the wall.
  • Easy Access: Grab your whisk or tongs in a flash. When cooking in a confined space, you don’t have time to waste. With magnetic strips, your tools are just a reach away.

Here's How to Set It Up:

  1. Select a Spot: Find a space on your wall that's clear of appliances and within easy reach.
  2. Install the Strip: Most magnetic strips come with adhesive backing or mounting hardware. Follow the instructions to secure it firmly.
  3. Organize Your Utensils: Align your metal spatulas, ladles, and knives on the strip. It’s not only functional but also turns your utensils into a modern kitchen display.

A little tip: Make sure to test the magnetic pull with heavier items to ensure they stick without sliding.


You've just elevated your kitchen functionality whilst adding a dash of style.

Now, isn't it nice to slice and dice without the drawer-diving drama?

Shoe Organizer for Storage

Ever found yourself tripping over a tangle of shoes in your RV?

You're not alone!

Shoes can create clutter and chaos if not stored properly.

But here's a hack that'll keep your space tidy and your toes stub-free.

Over the Door Organizers: Why limit them to just shoes?

They are a versatile storage option that can easily transition to a home for your kitchen supplies or toiletries.

Picture your cooking utensils or bathroom essentials tucked neatly into each pocket, easily accessible and out of the way.

  1. Versatile Storage Spots:
  1. Hang organizers on doors.
  2. Use wall space effectively.
  3. Store various items, not just shoes.

Innovative Use of Space: Transform the underutilized areas of your RV into clever storage.

Slide a slim shoe organizer under your bed or choose the corner of your bedroom for a hanging canvas.

These spaces are perfect for keeping your shoes hidden and the interior of your RV clutter-free.

Quick Tips:

  • Keep hallways clear by using a hanging organizer.
  • Use clear or labeled organizers for easy identification.
  • Consider odor-busting products like Arm & Hammer Odor Busterz Balls for freshness.

Don't let a small space cramp your style – or your shoes!

With these smart storage hacks, you'll have a perfect place for every pair.

Embrace the freedom of organized, open space and say goodbye to shoe clutter for good.

Ready to give your shoes their own little nook in your home-on-wheels?

Nesting Cookware

Hey there, savvy traveler!

Have you ever opened your RV cabinets, only to be greeted by a clattering avalanche of pots and pans?

We've all been there, but I've got a nifty trick for you.

Imagine cookware that stacks so neatly, it's like a Russian nesting doll for your kitchen.

That's the magic of nesting cookware.

Why clutter your cabinets when you can have a compact cooking set that fits together perfectly?

Here's why you'll love nesting cookware:

  • Space-Saving: You get the whole kit and caboodle without sacrificing that valuable cupboard real estate.
  • Portable: They're just so easy to pack and move, making them a dream for those on-the-go meals.

Now, let’s break down some options that might tickle your fancy:

  1. The Non-Stick Maestro: How about cookware that keeps your eggs sliding and your cleanup time gliding? Non-stick surfaces are a blessing, and when they come in nesting sets, even better. Look for ones with durable coatings like Thermolon for a mess-free cooking experience.
  2. The Stainless Steel Classics: If you're a fan of the shiny stuff, stainless steel sets could be your jam. They're often induction-friendly, so if your RV has an induction cooktop, you're in business.

Here’s a quick list to get your search started:

  • Stanley Adventure Base Camp Cook Set
  • Magma Products Stainless Steel Set
  • GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Set

Remember to choose a set that reflects your cooking style and RV kitchen size.

You’ll be whipping up a delicious roadside dinner in no time, all while keeping your kitchen neat as a pin.

So, are you ready to stack up on some nesting cookware and save space like a pro?

Collapsible Everything

Have you ever opened your RV cabinets, only to be greeted by an avalanche of kitchen gadgets and gear?

Well, it's time to embrace the magic of collapsibility!

Laundry getting out of hand?

No worries!

A collapsible laundry basket is your new best friend.

It's there when you need it and disappears at the snap of your fingers—well, almost.

Imagine the space you'll reclaim!

How about cooking?

Transform your meal prep with items like collapsible colanders or kettles.

They'll flatten down after you use them, stashing away neatly until your next culinary adventure.

Check out these space savers:

  • Cookware: Pots and pans can take up huge amounts of space. Opt for ones that collapse down and watch your cabinet space multiply.
  • Storage Containers: Leftovers? No problem. Collapsible containers are perfect for keeping your fridge organized.
  • Water Carriers: Hauling water is a necessity, but storing bulky jugs isn't. A collapsible carrier is the solution.

Remember, every inch counts in RV life.

With collapsible items, you'll maximize your space without sacrificing convenience or functionality.

So go on, give them a fold, and see just how big your small space can feel!

Velcro Remotes

Ever found yourself upturning cushions or checking under the RV's dinner table just to find the TV remote?

I'll let you in on a handy trick: Velcro strips.

Here's how to keep your remotes in check:

  • Choose a Spot: Pick a convenient place on the wall or the side of a table for your remote docking station. Consider proximity to your usual lounging area.
  • Cut the Velcro: Grab some Velcro strips and cut them to match the size of your remote's back.
  • Stick it: Attach one side of the Velcro to your remote and the other to your chosen spot. Make sure both surfaces are clean for the best stick!


  • Strong Hold? Go for industrial-strength Velcro strips.
  • Visual Appeal: Pick a strip color that blends with your remote or wall.

Here's a quick breakdown:

Action Instructions
Pick Spot Close to your chill zone
Cut Velcro Match the remote's size
Stick it Clean surfaces first


You can now stick your remotes where they belong.

This isn't just about avoiding the frustration of a missing remote – it's about making your RV living as smooth and organized as possible.

Give it a try and pat yourself on the back for being such a smart traveler! 🚐✨

Command Hooks

Hey there, savvy traveler!

Ever wondered how you can keep your RV neat without drilling holes into the walls?

Well, let me tell you about a little secret: Command hooks.

These babies are your best friends on the road.

Now, you're probably thinking, "What's so great about these hooks?" Here's the scoop:

  • Versatile: They come in various sizes and styles to hold anything from your sunglasses to your heavy winter coat.
  • Damage-Free: No need to worry about your RV's resale value. These hooks leave no marks or sticky residue.
  • Easy to Use: Peel, stick, and you're all set! When it's time to hit the road, they come off clean.

Check out how they can transform your space:

  1. Behind-the-Door Towel Rack: Keep those towels dry and off the floor by sticking a few hooks on the back of the bathroom door.
  2. Keys Central: Place a small hook by the door, so you never lose your keys again.
  3. Kitchen Organization: Hang utensils or potholders to keep them within reach but out of the way.

Here's a cheeky tip: Get creative with placement.

Slide a hook under a cabinet or beside a window.

It's like an Easter egg hunt, but for places you can hang stuff!

Remember, your RV is your home away from home.

Keep it tidy and stress-free with Command hooks.

Happy trails, and may your walls stay as pristine as the day you bought your rolling oasis!

Pool Noodles for Safety

Hey there, savvy traveler!

Have you ever thought about the humble pool noodle as a travel safety tool?

You might be surprised at how this simple item can be a game-changer on your RV adventures.

Let's dive in and explore how a pool noodle can keep you safe and sound.

  • Sharp Edges? No Problem! Ever bumped into the sharp corners of your RV slide-out or awning arms? Ouch! Here's a neat trick: cut a pool noodle to the length of the edge and slit it down one side. Slip it over those perilous corners to help prevent painful accidents. Consider it your personal safety bumper.
  • Pad Your StepRV beds can have hard, sharp frames, and there's nothing worse than hitting your shin as you navigate the tight spaces in your mobile abode. Cushion the peril with some pool noodle padding. Simply trim the noodles to size and wrap them around the bed frame. It's like giving your shins their own little set of kneepads!

Quick Safety Checklist:

  • Cut pool noodles and fit them over sharp edges, like slide-out corners.
  • Use noodles to pad awning arms, avoiding head bumps when walking past.
  • Wrap noodles around bed frames to protect your shins.

These little foam wonders aren't just for the pool anymore—they're your companions in making sure every trip is safe.

Think of them as your RV's personal bodyguards, cushioning you from all those unexpected knocks.

So, next time you're prepping for a journey, grab a few pool noodles.

Your future bruise-free self will thank you!

Now go on, hit the road with confidence knowing that you've got safety covered.

Happy and safe travels, my friend!

Tension Rods for Organization

Have you ever opened your RV cabinets after a long drive to find a jumbled mess?

I bet you have.

Here's a nifty trick: using tension rods can prevent these little mishaps.

They're the unsung heroes of the organization world.

In the Cabinets:

  • Keep things in place during travel by installing tension rods vertically. Your dishes won't go for a set of somersaults every time you turn a corner.

In the Fridge:

  • Place them horizontally to secure those pesky condiments that love to slide around. No more avalanche when you're just reaching for the mayo!

Bathroom Towel Racks:

  • Pop some tension rods up in your shower or bathroom area, and voilà, extra space to hang towels to dry!

DIY Drawer Dividers:

  • Use tension rods as dividers to keep your utensils or cleaning supplies neatly separated.

Instant Paper Towel Holder:

  • Slide a rod under a cabinet, hang your paper towels, and you're golden.

Pro Tip: Use "S" hooks on tension rods to hang things like kitchen utensils or even plants.

Just picture a cute little herb garden in your window!

By using tension rods, you're making every inch of space in your RV count, and the best part?

No tools required.

So before you hit the road again, consider where a tension rod could make your life easier.

And let's be honest, isn't the best part about RV living keeping things simple and smart?

Silicone Cupcake Liners for Cup Holders

Ever had a small mess in your RV's cup holders that turned into a sticky, crumb-infested nightmare?

You're not alone!

But here's a nifty trick to keep those cup holders clean without any fuss.

Have you thought about using silicone cupcake liners?

They're not just for baking anymore!

  • Why silicone liners? Well, they're sturdy, reusable, and incredibly easy to clean.

Here’s how you can use them effectively:

  1. Insert the Liners: Simply press a silicone cupcake liner into each cup holder. They fit snugly and protect against spills, dirt, and the rogue penny that always finds its way down there.
  2. Easy Cleanup: After a journey on the road, instead of scrubbing, just pop out the liners. A quick rinse and they're good as new. If they're really grimy, a run through the dishwasher will do the trick.
  3. Size Matters: Make sure you get standard-sized liners as they usually fit perfectly in most vehicle cup holders.

Adding a touch of personal style is easy with silicone liners since they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Who said practical solutions can't be fun?

  • Tip Alert: If you're worried about the liners moving around, a dab of removable adhesive can keep them in place.

The benefits are clear:

  • Keeps Cup Holders Clean: Catches spills, crumbs, and miscellaneous debris.
  • Saves Time: No more time spent on scrubbing out cup holders.
  • Adds Style: Brighten things up with a pop of color or a fun pattern.
  • Cost-Effective: Durable and reusable, they pay for themselves over time.

You can make your RV life a little easier and neater, one cupcake liner at a time.

Isn't it wonderful when simple things make a big difference on your travels?

Dryer Sheets for Freshness

Ever noticed that peculiar, musty scent that seems to cling to every nook and cranny of your RV after it’s been closed up for a while?

It's not a great welcome-back present, is it?

But, hey, guess what?

You’ve got a secret weapon probably lying around in your laundry room — dryer sheets.

Why dryer sheets?

Well, they're not just for your clothes.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Freshen Up: Slip a dryer sheet into your closets, drawers, or under the seats. They're pretty much sneaky little air fresheners.
  • Insect Repellent: Besides the fresh scent, dryer sheets have a reputation for sending bugs packing. No more uninvited six-legged guests!

But that's not all.

Here are a few places to stash your dryer sheets for maximum freshness on the go:

Place to Tuck Dryer Sheets Benefits
Closets Clothes stay fresh
Drawers Linens smell clean, always!
Under Seats Keep that lived-in area fresh
Storage Compartments Prevent stale odors

Remember, your RV is your home away from home.

Keep it fresh, cozy, and bug-free.

Next time you do laundry, grab a couple extra dryer sheets.

They might just become your new RV travel essential.

Your nose (and your peace of mind) will thank you!