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Key Takeaways

  • Camper van kitchens combine style and function for gourmet cooking anywhere.
  • Compact designs feature stovetops, refrigerators, and more for convenience.
  • Top manufacturers ensure a high-quality cooking experience for travelers.

Who says you can't enjoy gourmet cooking in the great outdoors?

Certainly not the savvy designers of modern camper van kitchens!

Your home kitchen might be nice, but the convenience and compact design of these camper van kitchens make road cooking an absolute joy.

They're fitted with everything from stovetops to refrigerators, ensuring that no matter where you're parked, you're ready to whip up a delicious meal.

You know you're in good hands because each kitchen setup is engineered with the traveler's needs in mind, marrying functionality with style seamlessly.

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a full-time nomad, rest assured that these kitchens are designed by top manufacturers who understand the value of a good meal on the road.



Winnebago Travato 59G

Ever dreamt of whipping up gourmet meals while on wheels?

Well, in the snug kitchen of the Winnebago Travato 59G, you can do exactly that.

Let's peek into what makes this van's culinary space a foodie's mobile heaven.

What's Cooking?

  • Cooktop: Your Travato sports a pragmatic two-burner propane stove. Imagine sizzling pans on those burners while the aroma of garlic fills the air.
  • Chill Zone: Keep the ingredients fresh in the NORCOLD Two-Door 6.0 cu. ft. refrigerator and freezer. Spacious enough for a feast's worth!
  • Microwave Magic: A convection microwave sits there, ready to help you with quick meals or expertly melted chocolate for your desserts.
  • Counter Space: Need room for chopping and plating? Your Travato answers with ample counter space that says, 'Go ahead, spread out!'

This kitchen is not just a corner to make a sandwich; it's your canvas for culinary creation on-the-go.

Storage and Cleanliness

You've got enough gadgets, right?

What about a spot for that funky-shaped colander or those spices you can't live without?

Storage is sorted with smart cabinets and drawers, perfect for keeping all your kitchen essentials.

And when it's time to clean up, the built-in sink ensures you can tackle the aftermath of your cooking spree without hassle.

Hungry for adventure with all the comforts of home?

The Travato 59G kitchen doesn't just meet the grade for gourmet galivanting; it sets the bar.

With everything you need at your fingertips, it turns every pit stop into a potential pop-up dinner spot.

Now, what's on the menu tonight?

Airstream Interstate 24GL

Have you ever dreamed of cooking a gourmet meal while exploring the open road?

The Airstream Interstate 24GL turns that dream into a reality with its state-of-the-art kitchen.

Imagine chopping veggies on solid surface countertops or simmering a favorite stew on the two-burner cooktop.

It's not only about the look; it’s about the convenience at your fingertips.

  • Two-burner cooktop: Perfect for sizzling, searing or simmering.
  • Convection microwave: Embrace the ease of quick meals or complex baking.
  • Large refrigerator/freezer: Keep your fresh ingredients chilled and frozen delights ready for dessert.

The beauty of this space isn’t just in the appliances.

You’ll find storage solutions tucked away, offering plenty of room for pots, pans, and your favorite kitchen gadgets.

The conveniences of your home kitchen are neatly integrated into a compact space that makes every inch count.

It's amazing how Airstream managed to fit such functionality into the 24GL's sleek design.

Could you have guessed that feeding your appetite for adventure could be so luxurious?

The Airstream Interstate 24GL invites you not only to travel in style but to cook in style too.

Who needs restaurants when you can prepare a divine meal in the comfort of your rolling retreat?

Whether you're a hobbyist cook or a seasoned chef on the go, it's clear this kitchen was designed with you in mind.

So, ready to whip up your next road-worthy recipe?

Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Hey there, road trip enthusiast!

Have you been dreaming of whipping up a fancy feast while taking in panoramic views from your camper van?

Let's talk about the Pleasure-Way Plateau TS's kitchen—your soon-to-be culinary haven on wheels.

Firstly, your taste buds will thank you for the large refrigerator at your disposal.

It's a 12V, 8.2 cu. ft. double-door gem, allowing you to stock up on fresh ingredients for extended trips.

No more compromises on your grocery list, right?

Now, imagine sizzling your favorite spices on the two-burner propane stove.

It's perfect for those tasty, home-cooked meals.

Did someone mention breakfast pancakes with a view?

And for the bakers among you—voilà!

A convection microwave is right there to bring your baked goodies to life.

Who said you can't enjoy a gooey chocolate cake on the road?

Let's not forget about those pristine Corian countertops.

They're not just easy on the eyes; they also offer plenty of space to chop, roll, and plate like a pro.

It adds that touch of 'kitchen goals', doesn't it?

Check out these features:

  • 12V, 8.2 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer
  • Two-burner propane stove
  • Convection microwave
  • Corian countertops

Feeling gourmet yet?

Thought so.

The Pleasure-Way Plateau TS's kitchen ticks all the boxes for cooking enthusiasts on the go.

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home—or in this case, the heart of the home on the move!

Bon appétit, or shall we say, happy trails and tasty tales!

Roadtrek Zion

Have you ever imagined whipping up a gourmet meal while parked in the midst of nature?

Well, the Roadtrek Zion turns that dream into reality with its on-the-go kitchen that's perfect for any culinary enthusiast.

So, what's cooking in the Roadtrek Zion kitchen?

You'll find a two-burner propane stove for that perfect simmer, and a microwave for quick bites.

There's also a large refrigerator keeping your ingredients as fresh as the great outdoors.

Plus, those solid surface countertops aren't just durable; they give you ample space to chop, mix, and master your dishes.

Here's a quick rundown of what makes this kitchen a foodie’s delight:

  • Two-burner propane stove: Ideal for everything from pancakes to pastas.
  • Microwave (110 V, 0.7 cu. ft., 700 W): Saves time on meal prep.
  • Large refrigerator: No more cramped storage; stock up to your heart's content.
  • Solid surface countertops: Easy to clean and perfect for meal prep.

The Roadtrek Zion’s kitchen balances practicality with the comforts of home, ensuring you're well-equipped to handle any recipe, whether it's a quick snack or a gourmet meal.

It’s tailored for cooking enthusiasts who don't want to compromise on their dining experiences, even on the move.

Can you already taste the freedom?

Because with the Zion, that's exactly what you get with every mile and meal.

Happy cooking, and even happier travels!

Coachmen Galleria 24A

Ever dreamed of whipping up a gourmet meal while out on the road?

Your dream just might come true with the kitchen in the Coachmen Galleria 24A.

Let's take a peek at what makes this camper's kitchen a cut above the rest!

First things first, are you tired of fiddling with propane and matches?

Well, say goodbye to the hassle because this kitchen comes with a two-burner induction cooktop.

That's right, just set your pan down, press a button, and you're on your way to a delicious meal.

But what if baking is more your style?

No problem!

There's a convection microwave waiting to help you bake or heat anything from cookies to casseroles with ease.

Imagine the smell of fresh baked goods in your camper after a day of adventure.

Now, here's the cool part—literally!

The Nova Kool 7300 Refrigerator with pull-out freezer drawer ensures your ingredients stay fresh and your ice cream frozen.

And with 7.3 cu. ft. of space, you'll have plenty of room for all your groceries.

Let's talk about countertops.

You've got solid surface countertops that not only look sleek but also give you ample space to chop, slice, and dice to your heart's content.

Easy to clean and maintain, they're a chef's best friend.

To top it off, the Galleria 24A has some extras that'll make you smile.

With a sizeable 330W Solar setup, your kitchen gadgets keep on running while you're off the grid.

And the Sure Level Tank Sensors?

They ensure you're always aware of your water levels as you create your culinary masterpieces.

So, if you’re looking to explore the world without leaving behind the joys of cooking, the Coachmen Galleria 24A might just be your perfect travel companion.

Ready to stir, sizzle, and sauté in style?

Hymer Aktiv 2.0

Have you ever dreamed of whipping up gourmet meals while being surrounded by nature?

Well, the kitchen in the Hymer Aktiv 2.0 just might be your dream come true.

Let's talk about why this space is a culinary haven on wheels.

Cooking surface: Starting off strong, there's a two-burner propane stove at your disposal.

No need to fumble around with portable cooking gear; this built-in stove is ready for your sizzling sensations.

Refrigeration: Now, onto the cool stuff—literally.

The Hymer Aktiv 2.0 boasts a large refrigerator, ample enough to hold all your fresh ingredients and chilled snacks.

Who said road trips mean leaving the fresh food behind?

Microwaving on the Go: A microwave is nestled in there, too, for your quick-heat treats.

Whether you’re reheating leftovers or popping some popcorn for a movie night under the stars, it's got you covered.

Countertops & Storage: What's cooking good looking?

Anything you want, with solid surface countertops providing plenty of room for meal prep.

And let’s not forget the convenient storage spots for all your kitchen gadgets and gourmand goodies.

Here's a neat fact: despite its compact size, the kitchen’s layout is thoughtfully designed, ensuring every inch is there to make your cooking experience as delightful as it would be in your home kitchen.

Remember those moments you wished for a kitchen that could tag along on adventures?

Your wish is the Hymer Aktiv 2.0’s command.

So, chef's hat on, and let the cooking escapades begin!

Thor Motor Coach Sequence

Hey there, gourmet road tripper!

Dreaming of a kitchen that travels with you?

Let me introduce you to the Thor Motor Coach Sequence.

This isn't your average camper van kitchen; it's a culinary haven on wheels designed just for you and your taste adventures.

What's cooking?

Imagine whipping up your favorite dishes on a two-burner gas cooktop—yes, two burners that offer you the flexibility to fry up bacon and flip pancakes at the same time.

And for your baking needs or quick meals, the Sequence boasts a nifty convection microwave.

Easy peasy!

Need to store fresh produce for your salads or ingredients for a feast?

The large refrigerator is there to keep everything chilled and fresh.

You've also got these solid surface countertops, which are not just durable but give you ample space to prep without cramping your style.

Wondering about the design and practicality?

Well, the Sequence pairs functionality with aesthetics.

It wraps all these features in a compact space without skimping on elegance or convenience.

Here's how your mobile kitchen serves you during your travels:

  • Two-burner gas cooktop: For versatile cooking
  • Convection microwave: Time-saving and multifunctional
  • Large refrigerator: Spacious enough for all your ingredients
  • Solid surface countertops: Sleek and easy to clean

Got a flair for gourmet cooking and a love for the open road?

The Thor Motor Coach Sequence is equipped to satisfy both passions.

Picture this: the golden hour, a scenic view, a savory dish sizzling on the cooktop, and you, the travel-savvy chef, taking it all in.

Ready to hit the road and taste the freedom?

Your Sequence kitchen awaits!

Winnebago Boldt

Ever dreamt of crafting delicious gourmet meals while traveling the open road?

Well, let me introduce you to the kitchen of the Winnebago Boldt.

Your culinary adventures are about to hit the high road with this camper’s luxurious kitchen amenities!

Cooktop: At the heart of the Boldt's kitchen, you're greeted by a sleek two-burner induction cooktop.

Perfect for simmering, sautéing, and searing to your heart's content.

Indulge in the precision of electric cooking wherever you roam.

Microwave: Above the cooktop, there's a convection microwave, where you can bake, roast, and microwave meals.

A modern-day magic box that answers 'What's for dinner?' with delicious efficiency.

Refrigeration: Behind you, a large refrigerator/freezer stands ready to chill your fresh finds from local farmer’s markets or keep those essential ingredients perfectly preserved.

Restock less and savor more!

Countertops: All this is set upon solid surface countertops that spell durability and easy cleaning.

No stain or spill stands a chance, and you'll have plenty of room to chop, roll, and prep without feeling cramped.

So, there you have it — a kitchen that might just make you forget the great outdoors with its indoor allure.

Could you ask for a better travel buddy to explore your culinary skills?

Whether you’re flipping pancakes for breakfast or whipping up an impromptu pesto pasta, the Winnebago Boldt’s kitchen turns every stop into a gourmet experience.

Don’t be surprised if everyone wants to gather around your camper for a taste!

Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4

Have you ever dreamed of whipping up gourmet meals while surrounded by nature?

The Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4 van grants you that wish with its well-thought-out kitchen that's perfect for the traveling foodie.

On board this rugged 4x4, you'll find a kitchen to delight any chef's heart.

  • Cooktop: You can simmer, sauté, or sear with the portable induction cooktop—a safe and efficient way to cook on the move.
  • Microwave: Need to heat up a quick snack or meal? The microwave has you covered.
  • Fridge: Keep your ingredients fresh and beverages chilled in the large refrigerator.
  • Sink: Cleaning up is a breeze with the stainless steel sink.

The layout of the kitchen is designed with your cooking adventures in mind.

Whether it's boiling pasta al dente under the pines or crafting a quick and nutritious stir-fry, the Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4 has your back.

And with all the essentials packed in your mobile kitchen, the culinary world is your oyster.

Imagine sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee or flipping pancakes as the morning sunshine pours through the trees.

It's all possible with the Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4, a kitchen that doesn't confine you to four walls.

Every meal becomes a memory, and every dish tells a story of your journey.

What will you cook up on your next adventure?

Advanced RV Ocean One

Hey there, gourmet road tripper!

Want to whip up a storm in your camper van kitchen?

Let's chat about the Advanced RV Ocean One, where style meets practicality in an epicurean's mobile paradise.

Check this out: At the heart of this kitchen lies a two-burner induction cooktop.

Sleek and modern, it's your best companion for simmering, sautéing, and searing your way to a mouthwatering meal.

No hassle with propane or open flames here—just precise temperature control at the touch of a button.

But wait, there's more!

How about making your favorite apricot glazed chicken?

Pop it into the convection microwave and voila!

You'll find it bakes, roasts, and grills with such finesse, you'll forget you're in a van and not a Michelin-starred kitchen.

Storage woes in a van?

Not a chance!

The Ocean One's kitchen includes a large refrigerator.

Stock up on all your favorite ingredients without crampering or compromise.

From fresh greens to exotic cheeses, everything remains chill till you unleash your culinary skills.

Let's talk surfaces.

The quartz countertops aren't just eye candy; they're a durable, hygienic spot to slice and dice your way to a fabulous feast.

Plus, they're a breeze to clean, so you can keep things spick and span with minimal fuss.

So, what's stopping you?

The Ocean One is a dreamy blend of luxury and functionality.

With everything a gourmet cook needs, it's the perfect sidekick for your adventurous palates on the open road.

Ready to sizzle up something scrumptious tonight?