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Key Takeaways

  • There are plenty of travel trailer models that offer a kitchen island floor plan.
  • A centralized dining space with island offers the abilify to cook and entertain at the same time.
  • The drawbacks are that you may sacrifice space in the bedroom and dinette area.

So you’ve decided on a travel trailer for your weekend adventures and you’ve seen the benefits of a kitchen island layout, but which ones are the best?

The best travel trailers with kitchen island layouts are:

  • Grand Design Imagine 2970RL
  • Jayco Eagle 332CBOK
  • Jayco White Hawk 32RL
  • Dutchmen Aerolite 3303RL
  • Grand Design Imagine 3210BH
  • Jayco Eagle HT 280RSOK

Making the dining and cooking area the centerpiece of entertainment in your travel trailer has advantages and disadvantages. If you are willing to sacrifice space in some other key areas it can make your RV feel like a home away from home. These are the best options for travel trailers with a kitchen island.



The Advantages to a Kitchen Island in Your Travel Trailer

Adding a kitchen island to your travel trailer has some great advantages. It provides more counter space, additional storage and a central place to cook and still feel part of entertaining.

With an open concept floor plan, you’ll combine the living room and kitchen into one large living area so the person cooking meals doesn't feel like they're left out of the conversation. Plus, it gives people the perfect spot for setting down their drinks or plates while eating.

A kitchen island can even be used as a makeshift sitting area by adding some bar stools around it. This can be helpful when company comes over! All in all, a kitchen island is an incredibly useful addition that adds functionality and extra seating space to any travel trailer.

Even floor plans with kitchen islands aren’t standard, take a virtual tour to view options with a u-shaped dinette, see the variations with walk thru bath, or combinations of 2 slides or 3 slides.

The Disadvantages to a Kitchen Island in Your Travel Trailer

There are a few sacrifices you’ll have to make in prioritizing a kitchen island as it takes up a lot of valuable prime space. This layout is best for people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen and are looking to use the area for guests. If you don’t cook much or live a more solitary travel style the trade offs may not be worth it.

The first trade off is that going with a kitchen island set up is that you will likely sacrifice bedroom space. The central nature of this kitchen layout means taking footage from your sleeping quarters. Guests will end up having to use the fold out couch in the living room rather than having something that feels like a more private sleeping space

The second trade off is the kitchen island will take space from the dinette area as well, instead using the island as bar setup.

Last, this setup usually involves a single basin sink, which can limit your washing up capabilities and make the space feel cluttered with dishes. You can offset this by inquiring about a double basin sink or optional dishwasher. In addition a rear kitchen setup may limit your living options further.

Excellent Travel Trailer Floor Plans with a Kitchen Island

Traveling with your family doesn't have to mean sacrificing all the comforts of home. Many modern travel trailer floor plans offer open concept living areas, complete with a kitchen island for easy prep and convenience.

These open floor plans make it easy to create an ample living space that is perfect for entertaining friends, dining, and relaxing in front of the television. Whether you are taking the kids on a cross-country RV excursion or throwing a party in your own backyard, having an open kitchen island plan allows you to live your cuisine dreams without sacrificing counter space.

2023 Grand Design Imagine 2970RL

The Grand Design Imagine 2023 2970RL is luxury and comfortable in an open concept floor plan, boasting plenty of room with a floor plan that boasts a beautiful and contemporary kitchen island.

Whether relaxing in the spacious living room with two opposing slides or gathered around the expansive kitchen island, you'll find yourself right at home. This trailer has plenty of amenities packed inside the kitchen island, it has residential-style furniture and lighting, as well as premium appliances and fixtures.

At nearly 35’ long, this beautiful trailer combines abundant sleeping spaces for up to six people along with an outdoor kitchen and pass-through storage for extra convenience. The master suite has a roomy 60 x 80” Queen bed with modern built in wardrobe for maximum seamless storage. The 2023 edition sleeps 6 and has an MSRP of $60,400.

2023 Jayco Eagle 332CBO

2023 Jayco Eagle 332CBO
2023 Jayco Eagle 332CBO

The 2023 Jayco Eagle 332CBOK travel trailer is a great option for those who want to maximize their living and relaxation space in a kitchen central floor plan.

This model features an open concept floor plan which allows for free-flowing air and natural light throughout, making the interior feel open and inviting. The kitchen island provides plenty of room for meal preparation, with ample cabinets for storage and two separate sinks that make cleanup a breeze.

You'll also appreciate the upgraded appliances, solid countertop, and stylish modern fixtures. With luxurious features in an open floor plan designed specifically with camping in mind, you won't be disappointed with the 2023 Jayco Eagle 332CBOK travel trailer for a kitchen island option.

2023 Jayco White Hawk 32RL

2023 Jayco White Hawk 32RL
2023 Jayco White Hawk 32RL

The Jayco White Hawk 32RL travel trailer is the perfect choice for your next camping trip where cooking will be a top activity.

Featuring flow-through storage and an expanded kitchen island that offers plenty of counter space, it's sure to accommodate all of your items in an organized manner. The polished kitchen island has a deep double farm sink and is one of the best options for this floorplan that doesn’t sacrifice the dinette space.

From its large queen bed to its luxurious full bath fireplace, this trailer has all the features you could want in a getaway vehicle. Whether you're just going away for the weekend or taking a full-fledged vacation, the Jayco White Hawk 32RL travel trailer has you covered!

Dutchmen Aerolite 3303RL

There are few travel trailers out there as impressive and all-around accommodating as the Dutchmen Aerolite 3303RL. Every detail has been considered for on-the-go living, from the swanky kitchen island to the cozy dinette for snacks, lounging and entertaining.

The frameless windows create luxurious camping inside that’ll make your friends jealous. A residential style kitchen with hickory cabinets, double door fridge and stainless steel appliances  allows you to eat and cook while still enjoying the great outdoors.

Additionally, there is plenty of storage space and even a pet area so all members of your family are secure. With its smart design features, modern look, and allure of an open road ahead in front of you; this travel trailer is an ideal home away from home perfect for any adventure or getaway. The 2020 version has a MSRP of $48,300 and is one of the longer options at 37 ft long.

2023 Grand Design Imagine 2670MK

If you're in the market for a travel trailer that can accommodate entertaining, the 2023 Grand Design Imagine 2670MK is definitely worth considering.

With its kitchen island equipped with deep sinks and plenty of counter space perfect for meal prep, it's easy to see why this trailer would be ideal for many people. The seating options enable comfortable eating or simply lounging during a movie night - where you won’t miss a beat while cooking in the kitchen.

Plus, having an oven, microwave and refrigerator provide endless possibilities for cooking if you don't want to head outside. All in all, the 2023 Grand Design Imagine 2670MK travel trailer is an excellent choice for those who seek recreational living with luxury features! It runs at just over 32’ long, one of the smaller travel trailers on this list and has an MSRP of $58,500.

2023 Grand Design Imagine 3210BH

The 2023 Grand Design Imagine 3210BH travel trailer is an amazing way to experience life on the road. This model has a perfect balance between eating, living and sleeping space.

In terms of living, the owners will appreciate the increased room for socializing thanks to its larger kitchen island and dinette seating. An entertainment center provides an additional area for activities such as movies or gaming.

Eating is made easier with the kitchen island and dinette combination which opens up ample space for both meals and conversation.

The bedroom may be a little small but it should provide enough space for sleeping without sacrificing too much of the expansive living and eating areas that this trailer offers. All in all, it's loaded with features meant to make each stay enjoyable and comfortable with a slightly pricier MSRP than the others on this list of $65,400.

2023 Jayco Eagle HT 280RSOK

2023 Jayco Eagle HT 280RSOK
2023 Jayco Eagle HT 280RSOK

The 2023 Jayco Eagle HT 280RSOK travel trailer is a fantastic choice for those looking to explore the great outdoors with the utility of a kitchen island layout.

The spacious living room and kitchen island provide plenty of room to prepare meals and still connect with family, while the dinette can be easily reconfigured into a sleeping space if necessary, meaning that even if you have large numbers of guests the Eagle HT will be able to accommodate them.

However, those guests will have less bedroom space than they would with other models, as the trailer only includes one private sleeping area. Nevertheless, adventurers like you who choose this model are sure to find it filled with thoughtful touches and ideas that make camping or road tripping an enjoyable experience. The 2023 model starts at a MSRP of $57,000 with potential upgrades of booth dinette and standing table and chairs.

Runner Up Options for a Kitchen Island Travel Trailer

If you aren’t looking to buy new, you may want to keep your eyes out for these great kitchen island floor plan models on used RV platforms like RV Trader or Camping World to find RVs nearest you.

  • Freedom Express Liberty Edition Travel Trailers
  • Crossroads RV Sunset Trail 285CK
  • Coachmen RV Catalina Legacy 293 RLDS
  • Prime Time RV LaCrosse 3375FE
  • Forest River RV Cherokee Alpha Wolf 33BH-L
  • Keystone RV 299 Ultra-Lite

Can You Remodel Your Travel Trailer With a Kitchen Island

Upgrading your travel trailer is the perfect way to make it feel like home. One of the easiest, and most rewarding additions you can add to your remodel is a kitchen island. Not only does it give you extra counter space for meal prep, but a kitchen island also provides invaluable storage options for utensils, pantry items, pots and pans, and much more.


You can also customize it with wheels so that you can easily move it around while camping or use it as an outdoor prep station. There are plenty of ways to customize a kitchen island so that it is versatile and mobile and allows you to pick custom finishes and table top materials.

Additional Steps to Make Space

There are some downsides that will likely require additional elements to your remodel. After the addition of the kitchen island, you may have less space for your guests, but more space for cooking. You may need to get rid of the dinette and this means that your guests will have to sleep on the floor or invest in a hammock for their convenience.

How To Add a Kitchen Island to an RV Remodel

Most RV adventurers aren’t keen on sacrificing their living space for anything, with the only possible exception being add ons that bring us better eating experiences! There are two main ways to approach this; pre made options, or custom built.

Pre Made Options

There are several options like Oasis Concepts that offer stock or custom built kitchen islands for RVs. Many of these are collapsible and come with shelf space beneath which is perfect for people who aren’t ready to commit to a permanent kitchen island installation.

Customizable Kitchen Islands

Another option is to DIY yourself a kitchen island which can be done by combining ready made cabinetry with the tabletop of your choice. Many cruisers also prefer to put locking wheels on the bottom to allow it to be moved around or removed altogether when needed.

Either of these options allow for the table top space of your dreams without having to get a whole new travel trailer with the desired floor plan. Where there is a will there's a way!