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Key Takeaways

  • The average width for a travel trailer is 8 feet wide.
  • For most states, the legal limit for a travel trailer is 8.5 feet wide.
  • If you are getting a trailer wider than 8 feet, you should call ahead and make sure it fits.
  • If you have to measure your trailer, measure at the widest point.

If you are shopping for a trailer, you need to be able to take it everywhere you need to go. What is the average width of a trailer, and is there a legal limit?

The average width for a travel trailer is about 8 feet. There are smaller trailers that are 6 ft in width and wider ones that are 8.5 feet wide. Most states allow a maximum RV width of 8.5 feet or 102 inches. Fifth-wheel trailers are the widest ones around.

To help you make the decision on what width of trailer will work for you, I have compiled a list of specific travel travels, their dimensions, and the amenities they include. Remember that the larger the trailer, the larger the tow vehicle you will need.



Why Is It Important to Know the Width

Not only is it important to know the width of your travel trailer for road regulations, but it is also an important safety issue. The average truck is only 6 feet 8 inches wide. This means your trailer may be wider than your vehicle.

For added safety, get tow mirrors for your vehicle so you can see as far around it as possible. Also, keep your wits about you while driving. You won’t be able to fit in the same places you could before.

Compact Travel Trailers

If you don’t plan on spending your vacation indoors, or if you are a solo traveler, a compact travel trailer is perfect for you. They easily sleep two people. If you are willing to spend more, you can still get a private bathroom. You can even fit these trailers in a regular parking spot.

TAB 320 S Teardrop Camper

The TAB 320 S has a compact interior, but still has everything you need. In fact, it is my dream travel trailer. It is perfect for someone who is living life on the go.

Although small, this travel trailer has a wet bath with a cassette toilet, a kitchen with a sink and cooktop, and a table and seating area that folds into a bed.

  • Width - 6 feet 8 inches
  • Length - 15 feet 3 inches
  • Interior Height - 5 feet 9 inches
  • Exterior Height - 7 feet 8 inches

Rockwood Geo Pro G15TB

This small travel trailer is another one of my favorites. It is small enough to fit wherever you need to go but still has a wet bath with a foot-flush toilet.

Along with a private bathroom, it has a table and seating area that transforms into a king-size bed. The kitchen has a sink, microwave, and cooktop.

  • Width - 7 feet 8 inches
  • Length - 15 feet 8 inches
  • Interior Height - 6 feet 6 inches
  • Exterior Height - 9 feet 10 inches

Average Width Trailers

If you need a little more living area but have a narrow parking spot, then you can try a travel trailer closer to the average RV width of 8 feet or 96 inches. These will often even have slide-outs to give you extra space.

Ember Overland Series 190MDB

With two double bunks and queen size Murphy bed, this travel trailer has enough sleeping space for 8 people. It has a large bathroom with a medicine cabinet, sink, toilet, and shower.

One of the unique features of this travel trailer is that it has an outdoor kitchen with a mini fridge and gas grill. This is in addition to the indoor kitchen with a refrigerator, cooktop, sink, and microwave.

  • Width - 8 feet
  • Length - 22 feet 6 inches
  • Interior Height - 6 feet 6 inches
  • Exterior Height - 10 feet 4 inches

Escape E181RB

This travel trailer is the right-sized trailer for 2 people to travel in style and comfort. It has a queen bed and a single slide-out for a large dinette.

Since this RV has a dry bath, the bath includes a sink, toilet, shower, and closet. The kitchen has a cooktop, microwave, sink, and refrigerator.

  • Width - 7 feet 6 inches
  • Length - 22 feet 1 inch
  • Interior Height - 6 feet 6 inches
  • Exterior Height - 9 feet 4 inches

Maximum Width Trailers

If you have experience towing a large enclosed trailer and you have a vehicle that can pull fifth wheels, then go for the maximum RV widths allowed. Although more expensive, larger trailer dimensions will give you the most floor space and the best amenities.

Jayco Eagle HT 29.5BHDS (8.1)

If you are looking for a travel trailer that is bigger than some of the apartments I’ve lived in then look no further. It has everything mentioned for the other entries plus more. There is lots of storage space with shelves, cabinets, and even a walk-in pantry.

It has two slide-outs that have a dinette, a sofa, and a dresser area. The master bedroom includes a queen bed and a full-sized bathroom. It is full of extras like a gas fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, and two wardrobes.

  • Width - 8 feet 1.2 inches
  • Length - 34 feet 4 inches
  • Interior Height - 8 feet 5 inches
  • Exterior Height - 13 feet 1 inch

Retreat 391FLFT

This is the only one I could find with a trailer width of 8.5 feet. It isn’t even technically considered a travel trailer anymore; it is a destination trailer. If you get one of these babies, you need to call ahead and make sure your campground can handle the size.

It has a king-size bed in the master bedroom,  a loft with 2 full-size beds, and 3 slide-outs. The entertainment center has a 50-inch LED tv, a gas fireplace, and a stereo. It boasts 2 air conditioning units for your comfort. With a full kitchen and a full bathroom, this is perfect for the high life.

  • Width - 8 feet 6 inches
  • Length - 40 feet 11 inches
  • Interior Height - 8 feet
  • Exterior Height - 13 feet 5 inches

How to Know the Width of Your RV

You can find the width of your RV trailer in the owner’s manual. It is also usually listed on the manufacturer’s website. If you lost your manual and can’t find the width, you can measure your travel trailer.

Choose the area that is the widest part of the RV. This would be where any ladders, safety equipment, or other fixtures stick out. Don’t include slide-outs or awnings. If you have a motor home, you don’t have to include the mirrors in the measurement.

Exceptions to the 8.5 Feet Wide Rule

There are some states that do not have the standard width requirements. These states have either narrower or wider trailer sizes allowed.

States with an 8 Feet Maximum

Washington DC, while not a state, only allows vehicles to have a maximum width of 8 feet unless it is a passenger bus. Alabama, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, New York, Tennessee, and West Virginia also only allow 8 feet.

This is why most travel trailers are 8 feet wide. If you get a destination trailer or a large travel trailer, you must make sure that the states you are visiting will allow them on the roads.

States with Over 8.5 Feet

While some states do allow more than 8 and a half feet in width for trailers, some allow more than that. Delaware and Massachusetts allow an 8 foot 6 inches wide travel trailer while Hawaii allows a 9-foot trailer.

It is important to know that just because larger travel trailers are allowed, this doesn’t mean you will be able to drive them down any road. Some rural highways and city streets will be too narrow for you to fit in.