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Key Takeaways

  • Modern camper vans ingeniously maximize limited space for living and storage.
  • Customization options cater to diverse needs, from solo travelers to families.
  • Top manufacturers provide reliable, well-designed vehicles adaptable to various lifestyles.

Exploring the tiny but mighty world of camper vans?

You're in for a treat!

Camper van interiors have evolved beyond imagination, packing comfort and style into every nook.

They transform the compact space into a full-fledged living area, offering cozy sleeping quarters, functional kitchens, and storage solutions that defy their square footage.

By leveraging creative designs, you experience the freedom of the road without sacrificing the amenities of home.

When you peek inside today's camper vans, it feels like stepping into a magician's hat; what appears small from the outside amazes with space-utilization wizardry inside.

Trusted manufacturers and custom builders alike have got this down to a fine art.

Whether it’s a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter outfitted for rugged adventures or a sleek Airstream Interstate for luxe travel, these masters of the craft ensure you won’t need to leave comfort at the driveway.



Mercedes-Benz Sprinter by Outside Van

Have you ever eyed a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and envisioned it as your dream adventure buddy?

Outside Van transforms these robust vans into luxurious homes-on-wheels, crafted for those who thirst for the great outdoors.

Picture this: you're admiring the sunset from a swivel seat, with a warm mug in your hand, in the heart of nature—sounds idyllic, right?

Their customization process tailors each van to fit your wild escapades.

Space-saving is central to their designs.

Details such as drop-down tables and convertible bed systems ensure that you have room to both live and store your gear conveniently.

Here’s a taste of the smart features you might find:

  • Swivel Seats: Rotate your chair, kick back, or face the party.
  • Drop-Down Tables: Meal prep or work on the go? Easily done!
  • Convertible Beds: Snug sleeping quarters that change back to living space with a flick.

By meticulously designing each square inch, Outside Van ensures your camper van feels like a vast space.

Who knew that a 144-inch-wheelbase could accommodate a rear garage with a power drop-down overhead bunk capable of holding all your gear?

Whether you're a mountain biker needing a rugged retreat named ‘Tails’ or a group of explorers longing for the 7-seater ‘Entourage,’ these vans are tricked out to bring your road-tripping dreams to life.

Think practical, durable, and oh-so-stylish finishes—perfect for your weekend getaways or extended off-grid adventures.

So, are you ready to turn that Mercedes Sprinter into your cozy, adventure-ready companion with Outside Van's ingenious ingenuity?

Volkswagen T6 California

Hey, you ever wonder how to make the most out of every square inch in a camper van?

Well, the Volkswagen T6 California has some clever tricks up its sleeve to show you just how it's done.

This iconic camper is synonymous with freedom and adventure.

Let's peek inside, shall we?

First off, you'll see a cozy fold-out bed that's just perfect after a long day of exploring.

Dreamland is calling, and when space is at a premium, this bed is the ultimate space-saver.

Now, where do you eat?

No worries—a stowable table pops out just when you need it and tucks away effortlessly.

Compact living at its finest!

You're probably asking yourself, "Can I cook in this thing?" Absolutely!

The efficient kitchenette comes with all the essentials.

We're talking about a stove, cabinets to keep your spices and whatnots, and there's even room for your silverware and cookware in the neat little drawers.

And yes, it has a kitchen sink.

Whether you're whipping up some pancakes or just need a quick snack, you've got the power to do it all.

Here’s what else is included in this neat package:

  • Power outlets: Keep your gadgets charged and ready.
  • Lighting: So you don't have to fumble around in the dark.

Thoughtful, eh?

It's like they knew what you wanted before you even did.

The friendly VW badge on the front means you're riding with quality.

Whether you're a weekend warrior or seeking a life on the road, the Volkswagen T6 California has got you covered from campground coziness to wilderness wanderings.

Ready to hit the road?

This camper van is all about making the good times roll.

Winnebago Revel 4x4

Searching for a camper van that squeezes functionality into every corner?

Let's talk about the Winnebago Revel 4x4.

This beast isn't just any ordinary camper; it's a marvel of design, especially if you're the type who adores both comfort and adventure.

Imagine this: At the day's end, you've found the perfect remote spot.

You're ready to settle in, but wait, where do you stash all your gear?


The power lift bed gracefully raises to reveal your very own gear garage beneath.

Bikes, climbing gear, inflatable kayaks—you name it, the Revel has a nook for it.

Need to whip up a meal?

Your compact kitchen is a champ in disguise.

It may look small, but with a fold-down counter, prepping your favorite dishes becomes a breeze.

Efficiency is the name of the game, and every inch counts here.

The Revel's layout includes:

  • Kitchen with a fold-down counter
  • Multi-use storage areas
  • Dinette space that transforms into additional sleeping area

Key features to note:

  • Engine: 3.0L 6-cylinder
  • Power: 188 horsepower
  • Fuel Capacity: Optional 40-gallon tank upgrade
  • Drive Type: AWD turbo-diesel
  • Sleeping Capacity: Space for you and your travel buddy

Ever worked from the road?

The dinette isn't just for dining; it doubles up as your mobile office with a view.

Whether you're penning your next blog post or just enjoying a cup of joe, those panoramic windows don't just let light in—they inspire!

Each feature of the Winnebago Revel 4x4 is meticulously crafted to make the most of your space.

So, are you ready to revel in the art of maximizing every square inch for your next grand adventure?

Your journey awaits!

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans

Ever imagined driving off into the sunset in your home-on-wheels?

Sportsmobile is making that dream a stylish reality with their custom camper vans.

Founded in 1961, they've been at the forefront of camper conversion, starting with the classic VW bus.

Now, they're offering a range of custom interiors that are cleverly designed to maximize every inch of space.

Interested in how you can have a camper that's just your size and style?

Sportsmobile's customizations can include:

  • Pull-out pantries: For those of you with gourmet tastes, keep your spices and ingredients tucked away until it's time to cook up a storm.
  • Hidden showers: After a day of adventure, who doesn't want a refreshing shower? With a hidden setup, your bathroom is there when you need it, and out of sight when you don't.
  • Beds that transform into benches: Whether you're needing a good night's sleep or extra seating for guests, these versatile beds switch in a snap.

The customization doesn't stop there.

Whether you have two-wheel drive or opt for the robust four-wheel drive, you can choose a gas or diesel van that suits your travel needs.

Sportsmobile's pricing for these unique camper van conversions generally ranges between $48,000 to $108,000.

The difference depends on how tailored you want your mobile abode to be.

So, if you're ready to level up your adventure travel or simply crave a second home that can double as a vehicle, Sportsmobile might just have the perfect van for you.

And hey, you'll finally have an answer to the classic road trip question: "Are we there yet?" With a camper van like this, every stop is a destination!

Ford Transit Custom by Wellhouse Leisure

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road in style without compromising on comfort or space?

Well, buckle up, because the Ford Transit Custom Campervan by Wellhouse Leisure might just be what you've been searching for!

These clever folks have mastered the art of making every inch count in their stunning conversions.

Picture this: the Misano 5, an artisanal home-on-wheels, boasting luxurious UK-made elevating roofs, and space-efficient interiors that tantalize with modern design and exceptional build quality.

Here’s a quick peek into this innovative camper van:

  • Dimensions: It's compact yet spacious! Measuring 5.05m in length, 1.98m wide, and 2.07m high, it ensures you can park comfortably yet still stretch out inside.
  • Sleeping Quarters: Ready for a good night’s sleep? The lower bed size is a cozy 6ft 2in x 4ft 2in (1.88m x 1.27m) — perfect to recharge after a day of adventure.
  • Get Going: You don’t have to wait! Orders for the new 2024 model are open. Take your pick from a 170ps 6-speed Auto, diesel manual, or automatic versions, and make it yours.

Let's dive into a few features that might tickle your fancy:

  • Sleek Storage: Clever cabinets and hidden compartments that keep your gear organized and out of the way? Check!
  • Flex Spaces: Multi-functional furniture that flips, folds, and slides — ensuring you have a dining area, a lounge, and a bedroom all in one.
  • Go Anywhere: Opt for the rugged 4x4 style with all-terrain tires for those off-the-beaten-path excursions.

Don't just take our word for it; seeing is believing.

The Wellhouse Leisure Ford Transit Custom Campervan is designed to delight the practical traveler in you, all while whispering sweet nothings of freedom and adventure.

So, are you ready to create epic road trip memories with every mile?

Your dream van awaits!

Fiat Ducato by La Strada

Have you considered the Fiat Ducato as your trusty companion for road adventures?

Let's peek inside a La Strada conversion and see why this could be your home away from home.

La Strada has crafted a gem with their Ducato conversion.

Their ingenuity transforms this vehicle into a cozy retreat on wheels.

Picture this:

  • Pull-out Bathroom: Neatly tucked away, the bathroom slides out when you need it. It's like a little magic trick that saves space and provides comfort.
  • Convertible Dinette/Bed Area: After a lively dinner at the table, the area seamlessly transitions into a snug bed, inviting you to rest under the stars.
  • Ample Overhead Storage: Wave goodbye to clutter! There's a spot for everything, keeping your space tidy and your mind at ease.

Here are the specifics that make it a standout:

  • Base Vehicle: Fiat Ducato
  • Gross Weight: 3,500kg
  • Berths: 2
  • Travel Seats: 4
  • Payload: 520kg

La Strada's touch adds personalization with a range of colors and finishes, making it truly your own.

Imagine having 10 furniture shades to mix with seven door colors, not to mention 11 exterior paints.

Isn't it exciting to make it match your style?

Curious about functionality?

They've got you covered with a choice of front- or four-wheel drive, proving that La Strada doesn't just think about beauty; they consider your adventurous spirit too.

So, are you ready to turn heads with a camper van that’s as unique as your travel plans?

Hymer Aktiv 2.0

Ever find yourself marveling at how a space so compact can feel so roomy?

That's the genius behind the Hymer Aktiv 2.0. This Class B motorhome is a true master of space utilization, making every inch count so that you can travel comfortably without feeling crammed.

  • Retractable Bathroom: Have you heard of a bathroom that disappears when you don't need it? It's not magic, just smart design. This feature gives you more space when the bathroom is not in use.
  • Fold-Away Furniture: The furniture smartly tucks away, giving you freedom of movement during the day and cozy comfort at night.
  • Versatile Rear Space: Need a bedroom? You got it. Dining area? Just set it up. Or how about space for your bikes and gear? The configurable rear space in the Aktiv 2.0 adapts to your needs, doubling as storage when you're on the move.

How's this for a neat trick of engineering: you can even adjust your sleeping position based on the refrigerator location for an optimized experience.

And the thoughtful design doesn't stop there.

Optional Power Sofa?


Seating for Seven?: Yep, in the extended chassis version.

And if you're worried about towing, don't be.

This RV can haul up to 3,500 lbs., making it perfect for bringing along whatever you need for your adventure.

Plus, compared to some competitors, the Aktiv 2.0 won't make your wallet flinch with an MSRP starting at $102,427.

Need a powerhouse for your off-the-grid escapes?

The optional EkoTrek battery management system ensures you're covered.

So, you see, in the Aktiv 2.0, every detail has a purpose, keeping you comfy on the road, no matter where you're headed.

Isn't that what great design is all about?

Pleasure-Way Tofino

Ever imagined your perfect little getaway on wheels?

The Pleasure-Way Tofino might just tick all the boxes.

Compact, yet surprisingly spacious, this little charmer makes the most out of every inch without skimping on style or comfort.

What's Inside?

When you step into the Tofino, you're greeted with a functional layout:

  1. Pop-Up Roof: The magic begins with the Tofino’s pop-top design, giving you enough room for a cozy sleeping space. Isn't it great to have a bedroom with a stargazing view?
  2. Sofa Bed: Below, a multi-purpose sofa bed offers a space for relaxation during the day and transforms into a comfortable bed at night. It's like having a living room and a second bedroom all in one!
  3. Kitchen Nook: Hungry? Whip up a meal in the Tofino’s cleverly designed kitchen. It’s packed with:
  1. Ample counter space
  2. Storage for all your utensils and supplies
  3. The essentials for cooking a delicious meal on the go

Storage Solutions The designers at Pleasure-Way know that every inch matters.

You’ll find innovative storage options throughout the van so that you can keep your adventure gear organized and out of the way.

From built-in cabinets to hidden nooks, your possessions are well taken care of.

Why Tofino?

Why not?

If you're on a hunt for a camper van that marries convenience with comfort, the Pleasure-Way Tofino stands out as a stellar choice.

Its savvy use of space and homey details ensure you'll have everything you need while keeping it all neat and tidy.

So, ready to turn the key on your next escapade?

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder

Have you ever taken a glimpse inside a Leisure Travel Vans Wonder?

It's like stepping into a Swiss Army knife—it's compact, multi-functional, and totally unexpected!

With a brilliant design that maximizes every square inch, here's why you’ll be smitten with the Wonder:

Murphy Bed Magic: Imagine this: after a day of adventures, you come back to your van, and with a simple pull, a cozy full bedroom appears—thanks to the innovative Murphy bed design.

It tucks away when not in use, giving you a spacious living area to relax.

  1. Living Space: Transform your space with:
  1. Hidden table for meals or work
  2. Swivel seats for a comfy chat
  3. Ample room when the bed is stowed

Efficiency Everywhere:

  • Kitchen: Compact yet complete with essentials like a stove and a fridge.
  • Storage: Ingenious solutions to keep your gear organized.

Tech Specs:

  • Built on a durable Ford Transit Cab Chassis, it balances performance and comfort.
  • The model features twin beds that can be converted into a queen, ensuring a good night's sleep.

Want to make the Wonder your travel companion?

With floorplans that cleverly cater to a variety of needs, you can tailor your van for road trips, camping, or even full-time van life.

And while we're on the subject, who would've thought a van could double as a chic living room and a snug bedroom?

Planning a getaway or living the nomad dream, the Wonder is truly a smart choice for savvy travelers like you who want a home on wheels without compromising on style or comfort.

Airstream Interstate 19

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with all the comforts of home in tow?

Well, the Airstream Interstate 19 might just be your dream come true.

This luxury Class B RV has been meticulously designed to ensure that, despite its compact footprint, you'll feel like you're in a spacious sanctuary.

Here's how this cleverly designed camper van uses every inch to deliver comfort and style:

  • Flexible Seating: By day, enjoy the plush seating area, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or catching up on a book. When night falls, transform it easily into a cozy bed, ensuring a restful night's sleep.
  • Efficient Kitchen: Ready to whip up a meal? The kitchen is a marvel of efficiency, with appliances seamlessly integrated into the cabinetry. It’s like your kitchen at home, just a tad more compact!
  • Concealed Bathroom: Save space without sacrificing privacy with a bathroom that features a clever fold-down sink and integrated shower.

The numbers speak volumes too; at just 19 feet 5 inches in length and 6 feet 7 inches wide, the Interstate 19 fits into standard parking spaces comfortably.

It elevates the concept of a nimble, road-ready home with a sleek design that's as beautiful as it is practical.

Key Features:

  • Length: 19 ft 5 in
  • Width: 6 ft 7 in
  • Engine: 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel
  • Chassis: Mercedes Sprinter 2500

Isn't it incredible how this RV fuses elegance with ease of travel?

Imagine navigating to secret hideaways or seamlessly slipping into bustling city scenes.

Your adventure awaits in this luxurious, petite powerhouse.

What’s your first destination going to be in the Airstream Interstate 19?