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Key Takeaways

  • Small campers offer flexibility and essential comforts for solo travel.
  • These units are easy to maneuver, making them perfect for any adventure.
  • They are tailored to fit a variety of solo traveler preferences and styles.

Solo travelers, imagine the freedom of the open road!

Small campers are your ticket to adventure without the bulk.

With the rise of remote work and the allure of minimalist living, small campers have become the ultimate travel companions for solo adventurers.

They allow for flexibility and spontaneity in travel plans, with all the essential comforts you need neatly packed into a compact, towable space.

Perfect for a weekend getaway or a cross-country odyssey, small campers blend convenience with functionality.

They provide just the right amount of space for one, are easy to maneuver and park, and offer a variety of layouts and amenities.

From sleek designs to off-road capabilities, these campers cater to a range of travel styles.

Our expertise in the latest RV trends and insights into the needs of solo travelers ensures you'll get reliable guidance to make the best choice for your solo travel needs.

Each camper model has been inspected for quality and comfort, ensuring that you can trust our recommendations.



SylvanSport GO

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with nothing but the great outdoors and a cozy camper tailored for your solo adventures?

Meet the SylvanSport GO, the travel buddy that's eager to explore as much as you are.

Compact yet surprisingly spacious, this camper combines convenience with utility in a way that's just genius.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Begin with its cargo trailer mode, ready to haul your gear, from bikes to kayaks.
  • Expansion: Pop it open, and boom! You've got a comfortable, airy tent.
  • Lightweight Design: Towing is a breeze, perfect for smaller vehicles.


  • Weight: Feather-light, easing the burden on your car
  • Dimensions: Enough space for all your essentials
  • Construction: Durable materials for off-road readiness

Why the SylvanSport GO?

Well, it's not just a camper; it's your ticket to adventure.

With a ground clearance of 18 inches and a departure angle of 42°, it's not afraid to veer off the beaten path.

Whether you're a gear junkie or a minimalist, the versatility of this all-terrain marvel adapts to your style.

So, what can you haul?

Picture this: a cooler filled with your favorite snacks, your trusty mountain bike, or even a small ATV — all coming along for the ride.

And at night?

The stars await above your comfy pop-up tent, secure in the knowledge that your gear is stowed beneath you, safe and sound.

In summary, for the solo traveler seeking simplicity meshed with the freedom to roam where they please, the SylvanSport GO is a match made in outdoor heaven.

Happier Camper HC1

Imagine hitting the road with a camper that's as flexible as your travel whims.

The Happier Camper HC1 could be your go-to tiny travel companion.

It measures a tidy 10 feet in body length, but don't let its size fool you; this little gem packs a mighty punch with its versatility.

At just 1,100 pounds, the HC1 is a breeze to tow for most vehicles, and its tongue weight of just 110-150 pounds makes it manageable for solo travelers.

What do you get in this compact package?

A retro-modern design that turns heads and an interior that reinvents itself to match your needs.

Modular Interior: The HC1 excels with its Adaptiv® system.

This bit of innovation uses modular components that could be beds by night and seats by day.

  • Sleeping: A cozy bed that welcomes after a day of adventure.
  • Kitchenette: Whip up a meal with a space that reconfigures to suit your culinary needs.
  • Storage: Ample room to tuck away your gear.

Curious about the numbers?

Starting at $39,950, it's an investment in quality and design.

And if you're eyeing to make it uniquely yours, Happier Camper allows for customization with other models like the studio, venture, and breeze.

Thinking of going solo on your next outdoor escape?

With the HC1's easy-to-tow profile and customizable space, you're all set for the journeys ahead.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can create your perfect little getaway vehicle?

Scamp 13' Travel Trailer

Are you dreaming of hitting the road alone with the perfect camper that's built just for you?

Let's talk about the Scamp 13' Travel Trailer – a charming choice that might just tick all your boxes.

The Scamp 13' is a lightweight camper weighing in at a mere 1,500 lbs without a bathroom, making it a breeze for you to hitch to your vehicle and go.

Its compact size is a definite plus.

You won't be stuck navigating tight corners or worrying about lugging around a heavy load.

Here's the skinny on its weight:

  • Dry Weight: 1,500 lbs (without bathroom)
  • Tongue Weight: 200 lbs

Why is this gem so easy to tow?

Thanks to its high-quality fiberglass construction, durability meets sleek design.

It isn't just about longevity; it's also got that contemporary look that’ll grab attention at the campsite.

Features you'll love:

  • Agile 13 feet length
  • Maneuverable for various camping spots
  • Fiberglass shell for style and durability

Think cozy and functional inside, with just enough space to keep you comfortable without feeling cramped.

And when you arrive?

Set-up is a snap, meaning more time to explore or just kick back and relax.

The Scamp 13' is perfect if you're seeking a no-fuss, small camper for your solo adventures.

Easy to tow, quick to set up, and stylish to booth – what’s not to love?

Ready to hitch up and head out?

Your perfect little travel buddy awaits.

Casita Spirit Standard

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road all by yourself and exploring to your heart’s content?

With the Casita Spirit Standard, your solo travel dreams get wheels – literally!

Compact yet brimming with all the necessities, this little camper is grand for those flying solo.

Interior Layout

  • Dinette: Transforms into a cozy sleeping area.
  • Kitchen: Equipped with a stove, sink, and refrigerator.
  • Sleeping space: Accommodates one or two comfortably.

Features at a Glance

  • Length: 17 feet
  • Axle: Single for easy towing
  • Capacity: Designed to comfortably fit up to six people when you're not solo.

The Spirit Standard is more than just a space to lay your head; it’s a portable piece of home.

Curious about mealtimes?

The dinette areas not only serve as a spot for your travel tales but also convert to your dining tables.

Plus, they are just the right size for a restful night's sleep or an afternoon nap.

Ever worried about squeezing a bathroom into your travel plans?

Fret not, as the Spirit Standard includes a compact wet bath, ensuring your comfort wherever you roam.

The storage space is cleverly designed to keep clutter at bay, and the durable construction promises to withstand the adventures you’re itching to embark on.

Isn’t it a breath of fresh air to know you can bring all the comforts of home on the road?

The Casita Spirit Standard ensures your solo voyages are nothing short of remarkable.

Ready to roll?

Your adventure awaits!

Airstream Basecamp

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have an adventure on wheels, with just the perfect amount of cozy?

Meet the Airstream Basecamp – your ticket to the great outdoors with all the comforts of home.

This little titan packs a punch in a compact size that's a dream to tow.

Here's what you get in every nook and cranny:

  • Kitchen: Whip up your favorite meals with ease.
  • Bathroom: Trust me, you'll appreciate this.
  • Convertible Living/Sleeping Area: Relax or drift off to sleep gazing at the stars.

Why the Basecamp stands out:

  • Designed for solo adventurers or duos: It's the ideal space for you or plus one.
  • Sleep Soundly: The two benches convert into a comfy bed for two.
  • Efficient Use of Space: Every feature is crafted to utilize the interior efficiently.
Features Details
Sleeping Capacity Sleeps two
Size Before Conversion Two benches in the rear
Size After Conversion Bed for two (76" x 76")
Aerodynamics Body and roof profile designed to cut through the air
Panoramic Front Windows Enjoy the view from the comfort of your camper

Isn't it amazing how much can fit into something so small?

And you won’t be sacrificing any of Airstream's renowned quality; this compact beauty is just as rugged and durable as its larger siblings.

So why wait?

It’s time to embrace your wanderlust with the Airstream Basecamp, your new adventure companion.

Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road solo with a camper that's easy to tow yet spacious enough when you arrive?

Let's talk about the Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer!

Imagine this: a compact trailer that unfolds to create a comfy, roomy haven, just for you!

Quick Specs:

  • Exterior Finish: Scratch-resistant, embossed aluminum
  • Ceiling Material: Mildew-resistant aluminum
  • Beds: 1,050 lb. rated capacity

Room to Stretch Your Legs When you're on the road, the Jay Sport is a breeze to maneuver, considering its one-piece wooden floor deck is all wrapped up with a tough Poly Flex™ underbelly material.

But here's where the magic happens: when you're ready to settle down for the night, its ingenious lifter system - powered by wide lifter posts integrated into the tent - transforms your compact trailer into a spacious retreat.

Quality All Over You've got a domed, seamless fiberglass roof over your head to ward off the elements.

And the durable DuraTek™ water-repellent sectionalized tent ensures you stay dry while you catch some z's on those sturdy beds, each bestowed with a 1,050 lb. rating.

Remember, it's the little details that make the Jay Sport shine – easy setup means more time for adventure (or relaxation), and the thoughtfully designed interiors cater to all your needs.

Plus, you're backed by Jayco’s reputation for high quality and design excellence, making your investment a smart choice.

Heading out solo doesn't mean skimping on comfort or quality.

So, what say you; isn't it time to embark on your next adventure with the Jay Sport?

Happy trails to you, intrepid traveler!

Escape Trailer 17B

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road with everything you need in a cozy, manageable package?

Let's talk about the Escape 17B, built for you, the solo traveler who values both comfort and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design: Towing is a breeze, thanks to its design that's perfect for an SUV or small truck.
  • Sleeping Capacity: Room for you and a guest, with an optional gaucho bunk to accommodate up to four sleepers.
  • Wet Bath: Includes all the necessities for your comfort without taking up too much space.

Floorplans: With three floorplans (F1, F2, and with gaucho bunk), the Escape 17B is versatile.

It's tailored to maximize your living space, ensuring that even solo adventures don't mean cramped quarters.

What about meals and storage?

You're all set with a well-equipped kitchen.

Prep your meals with ease and store all your goodies without the clutter.

Features Descriptions
Dinette Convertible for sleeping or dining
Fridge Option to upgrade for more storage
Insulation Spray foam insulation for thermal control
Power Awning 10' with LED lighting for those starry nights

Ever felt like your mobile abode takes away from the scenic beauty?

Frameless Tinted Thermal Windows provide views and insulation.

Your Escape 17B is your cozy nook that doesn't fence you in - it connects you with the great outdoors.

And hey, we know getting your tech on point is vital.

That's why the optional Aluminum Rim Package is there to add that touch of style and durability.

Ready to plan your great escape?

Your perfect solo-travel companion, the 17B, awaits!

Aliner Ascape

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road alone or with your favorite travel buddy in a camper that's not only cozy but also a breeze to tow?

The Aliner Ascape just might be the ticket to your next adventure without the hassle you'd expect from larger trailers.

Key Features:

  • Aerodynamic Design: Its teardrop shape cuts through the air, making your trip not just smooth, but also more fuel-efficient.

Size & Weight:

  • Compact Size: At 13 feet from tail to hitch, it's roomy enough inside to feel comfortable, yet small enough to fit in most places larger RVs can't.
  • Featherweight Champion: A dry weight of about 1700 pounds means you won't need a heavy-duty truck to pull this little gem.

What's Inside?

  • Despite its size, the Ascape comes loaded with amenities. You'll find a comfortable dining area that cleverly converts into your sleeping quarters.
  • "ST" Model Perks: Opt for the Ascape ST, and you're looking at a camper with its own wet bath—complete with a shower and toilet, providing that extra layer of convenience and privacy.

Your kitchenette is set to handle meal prep with ease, while imaginable necessities have their special nook or cranny, designed to maximize the use of every inch.

Thinking of going greener on your travel treks?

Aliner offers all-electric Amp options too, ticking another box for the eco-conscious traveler.

The Ascape's unique balance of comfort, convenience, and mobility makes it a fantastic choice for solo travelers and couples alike.

Ready for that luxury road trip without breaking the bank?

This Aliner model could be your perfect companion.

NuCamp TAG Teardrop Trailer

Ever dreamt of hitting the road with just the essentials and a cozy sleep spot?

NuCamp's TAG Teardrop Trailer could be your trusted companion.

Weighing under 1,500 lbs, this compact camper makes it a breeze to take off on a solo adventure.

What's to love?

  • Size & Weight: Its compact form, characterized by a unique tear shape that makes you stand out at the campsite, is easy to maneuver and tow, even with a smaller vehicle.
  1. Dry Weight: Starting at under 1,500 lbs
  • Sleeping Quarters: Slide into your TAG and you'll find a snug, welcoming interior just for you.
  1. Comfort Features: Large window for stargazing
  • Kitchenette: Prefer a home-cooked meal? Swing open the rear hatch to reveal a nifty kitchenette, so you can whip up a hot meal under the stars.

Specifications Table:

Feature Detail
Weight Less than 1,500 lbs
Solar 180-Watts
Interior Expansion TAG XL with a 12-inch expanded interior

Got an eco-friendly streak?

This little trailer boasts a solar option to keep your gadgets powered up, making it perfect for off-grid escapes.

Why pick the NuCamp TAG?

Imagine a trailer that hardly feels like a drag on your vehicle, yet provides shelter, a kitchen, and the ease of setting up camp solo.

It's your cozy cocoon by night, and your portable basecamp by day.

Are you ready to take on the wilderness with the TAG teardrop trailer?

Zigzag through backroads, or tuck yourself away in a forest nook; the TAG is always one step ahead, ensuring you a footprint-free trail blazing experience.

Your journey begins here.

Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper

Have you ever imagined discovering the great outdoors solo, with a camper that embodies charm and convenience?

Meet the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, a stylish travel companion perfect for your solo adventures.

It's not just any camper – it's a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality.

What's so special about it?

Glad you asked!

The Gidget stands out with its patented slide-out feature, which in seconds, transforms the compact space into an area nearly double its initial size.

That means more room for you to stretch out and relax after a day of exploring.

  • Models: Bondi Original & Noosa Longline
  • Unique Feature: Slide-out module for extra space
  • Starting Price: Around $16,800 (for the USA model)

Storage and Amenities: The Gidget doesn't skimp on practicality.

Even with its petite size, it cleverly houses essential amenities:

  • Kitchen facilities
  • Space for a shower/portable potty compartment (in the Noosa Longline model)
  • Storage that's isolated to keep the cabin free from odors, accessible from outside

Imagine whipping up a delicious meal with the breeze of the open road as your backdrop.

Pure bliss, isn't it?

The Gidget's design is not just a nostalgic nod to the past; it prioritizes your comfort and convenience.

With options like the longer Noosa Longline model, you have extra storage and a roomier kitchen to make your travels even more enjoyable.

So, if you're on the hunt for a small camper that's perfectly tailored for the solo traveler, with the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, you've struck gold.

It's stylish, functional, and just waiting for the tales of your next adventure.

Ready to hit the road?