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Key Takeaways

  • Integrating yoga and RV travel is now a reality.
  • Several RV models offer tailored spaces for wellness.
  • Luxury and compact options meet diverse traveler needs.

Imagine taking a deep, relaxing breath in a yoga studio that's as mobile as you are.

This is no longer just a dream for yogis on the go.

Ready to combine your love of yoga with the freedom of the road?

These RVs with dedicated yoga studios are redefining travel wellness.

Trust us, there's nothing quite like stretching out with a view of the ocean one day and a mountain vista the next, all from the comfort of your rolling home.

The RV industry has caught on to the blissful pairing of yoga and on-the-go living, offering a new dimension of wellness for travelers.

With models that range from compact campers to luxurious motorhomes, each equipped with dedicated spaces for meditation and movement, the nomadic yogi life is accessible and more serene than ever.



Airstream Classic

Have you ever dreamed of a yoga studio that can hit the road with you?

Imagine stretching out in a serene space, sunbeams peeking through large windows as you flow from one pose to the next.

The Airstream Classic could be the mobile yoga haven you're looking for!

With its spacious and flexible interior, there's ample room to bend, stretch, and meditate in your personal sanctuary.

Interior Flexibility

  • Customizable layout
  • Space for a serene yoga area
  • Large windows for a sunlit practice

Let's talk details.

The well-thought-out design maximizes space, allowing you to customize the Airstream Classic for what's important to you—like a nook for your yoga mat or a peaceful corner just for meditation.

It's all about creating that perfect balance for wellness on wheels.

Comfort Features

  • Heated shower floor for a warm post-practice step out
  • Mirrored double-door wardrobe for changing into your favorite yoga gear
  • Residential-style bathroom to freshen up after a revitalizing session

Envision this: after a rejuvenating yoga session, you step onto a heated bathroom floor and wrap yourself in a warm towel from the heated bar.

These thoughtful touches can really elevate your mobile practice, making every inch of this Airstream a true luxury retreat.

Plus, all those little amenities you didn't know you needed?

They're there, crafting a true getaway experience while you feed your wandering spirit and stay devoted to your yoga journey.

Ready to turn the open road into your open studio?

The Airstream Classic awaits!

Winnebago Forza

Ever dreamt of perfecting your yoga poses as you travel?

Imagine this: You're parked by a serene lake, the sun is just kissing the horizon, and you have the perfect space to unroll your mat and flow through your vinyasa.

The Winnebago Forza makes that dream a reality.

The Forza isn't just built for road tripping, it's your mobile wellness studio.

Boasting a spacious living area, it's the kind of place where you'd love to spread out and breathe deep.

Why confine your yoga practice to a studio when you can have the flexibility to practice anywhere you park?

The versatility of the living space is a yogi's best friend.

  • Slide-Outs for Space: Flip a switch and voilà—your living area becomes doubly spacious, thanks to opposing slide-outs. Space constraint while doing your warrior pose? Not a chance!
  • Sleeping and Seating Options: Whether you're a solo traveler or with companions, the Forza caters to you all. After a rejuvenating session, you can convert the space back for group meditation or some good old relaxing.

With floorplans like the 34T, 36H, and 38W, you've got choices—one even offering up to 39'10" in length.

Plus, they sleep between 5 and 9 people.

Think about it; you could lead a whole yoga retreat on the go!

And if you ever worry about the typical cramped RV corridors, let that go.

The clever design maximizes every inch, providing you with a harmonious environment for your practice and life.

Ready to take wellness on the road with you?

The Winnebago Forza just might be your ticket to blissful balance, wherever the journey takes you.

Namaste and safe travels!

Thor Motor Coach Palazzo

Ever thought about doing a tree pose as you cruise down the highway?

With the Thor Motor Coach Palazzo, stretching out in a peaceful yoga session is not just possible—it's a part of the journey.

Picture this: you've found your perfect scenic spot, and now it's time to unroll your yoga mat.

But wait, there's no need to step outside because inside your Palazzo, you have a spacious open living area that transforms into your very own yoga studio.

Why is the Palazzo ideal for your movable yoga space?

Well, let me count the ways:

  • Roomy Interiors: The slide-outs in this coach really open up the space, so you're not knocking over vases during your vinyasa flow.
  • Customizable Spaces: You can easily adapt the large living area, ensuring there's a dedicated spot for your wellness routine, complete with yoga mats and all your preferred equipment.

Packing in some impressive home-like features, such as two full baths and bunk beds in the 37.6 model, the Palazzo redefines luxury RV travel.

Whether you're a family of yogis or solo practitioner, those extra bathrooms mean no queue when it's time to freshen up after a rejuvenating session.

Connectivity on the go?


The Palazzo boasts Bluetooth Audio and Wi-Fi capabilities, so streaming your favorite calming playlist or following along with a guided meditation is a breeze.

Curious about the specs?

The 34-38 ft floor plans give you enough options to find the one that fits your lifestyle like a glove.

And let’s not forget, storage is a breeze in this beauty, making it easy to keep your space clutter-free and zen.

Imagine the possibilities—practicing your asanas in a serene, personal space, no matter where you park.

The Thor Motor Coach Palazzo is more than just an RV; it's your wellness retreat on wheels.

Tiffin Allegro Bus

Ever dreamed of striking that perfect yoga pose as the sunrise gleams through your window, all in the comfort of your mobile sanctuary?

With the Tiffin Allegro Bus, you’re practically there.

Imagine transforming a luxury living space into your very own on-the-go yoga studio.

Sounds fabulous, right?

This motorhome is renowned for its opulence and expansiveness.

Here's why it's a hit amongst wellness enthusiasts like you:

  • Spacious Interior: High ceilings and multiple slide-outs? Check! This means you have oodles of room to spread your yoga mat and flow into your asanas without a hitch.
  • Floor Plans: Choices range from 37′ 5″ to 45 feet in length, giving you the flexibility to find your zen no matter the size of your crew.
  • Customization: One or one and a half bathrooms? It's your call, ensuring you're always refreshed post-practice.
  • Tech Perks: An Eclipse module for remote operations adds a touch of zen-like control over your environment.

Whether it's a sun salutation at dawn or a calming meditation at dusk, the Allegro Bus's open floor plan aligns with all your wellness rituals.

Plus, with state-of-the-art amenities like Starlink Pro Wi-fi, you'll stay connected from mountaintops to sea breezes.

So, you're now clued up on how the Allegro Bus could be the yoga-friendly RV of your dreams.

Doesn't it just make you want to hop in and chant 'Om' on the open road? 🧘‍♀️✨

Newmar Dutch Star

Hey there, RV enthusiast!

Imagine waking up in the serene wilderness, stepping out of your cozy bed, and unrolling your yoga mat in a spacious, sunlit room.

Can you picture it?

Well, thanks to the Newmar Dutch Star, this dream can be your reality.

Dutch Star RVs have been a rolling symbol of luxury on the open road, and the 2024 model is no exception.

With ten floor plans, ranging from 38 to 43 feet, you've got space to stretch and flex in style.

Isn't it incredible to think you can find peace in your warrior pose while parked by a lakeside?

Key Features:

  • Spacious interior with multiple slide-outs.
  • Sizes ranging from 38 to 43 feet.
  • High-end finishes and ample natural light.

You can choose a layout that best suits your mobile yoga studio dreams.

Fancy a longer kitchen or extra room in the bedroom?

They've even added length to two floor plans this year—a sweet little upgrade for your down dogs and sun salutations.

Speaking of upgrades, the Dutch Star does not skimp on luxury.

With their high-end finishes and windows offering plenty of natural light, you're all set for an invigorating yet tranquil yoga session.

And who says exercise and comfort can't go hand in hand?

So, have you found your next wellness retreat on wheels?

If you're nodding yes, the Newmar Dutch Star may just be your ticket to freedom and fitness, all rolled into one stylish package.

Remember, it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey—and your health and wellness can be a priority every mile of the way!

Who's ready to hit the road and strike a pose? 🚍✨

Fleetwood Discovery

Ever dreamed of doing your yoga poses while surrounded by the comforts of a luxurious home?

With the Fleetwood Discovery, you can seamlessly blend wellness and wanderlust.

Picture yourself flowing from asanas to relaxation in an expansive living area, with slide-outs that transform the space into your personal yoga studio.

Who said you can't take luxury on the road?

This Class A diesel motorhome is famed for its comfort, boasting a 360hp engine and a Freightliner® Custom Chassis that promises a smooth ride.

And when you're parked, stretching out in comfort is a cinch.

The Discovery is designed with your well-being in mind:

  • Spacious interiors with multiple slide-outs
  • High-end finishes for that touch of luxury
  • Cavernous pass-through storage for your yoga mats and gear

Did I mention the cool factor?

Enhanced AC ducts ensure that even in the heat of summer, you keep your cool as you transition from Warrior Pose to Downward Dog.

Post-yoga sessions, the kitchen awaits with all the name brand appliances you love to whip up a nutritious meal.

Plus, a 105-gallon fresh water tank means staying hydrated is more convenient than ever.

And the cherry on top?

With a 10,000 lb towing capacity, you can bring along a small car or even a trailer – perfect for when you want to venture out from your little slice of nirvana on wheels.

Talk about road-ready opulence!

Feel free to hit the open road without leaving behind your wellness routine.

The Fleetwood Discovery is more than just an RV—it's your mobile sanctuary for body and mind.

Ready to make your road trips infinitely more zen?

Entegra Coach Anthem

Looking for a way to stay fit while exploring the wonders of the highway?

Well, have you heard about the Entegra Coach Anthem?

This beauty isn’t just a marvel of the road; it's your portable wellness sanctuary!

Imagine starting your day with a sun salutation as the sun peeks through those expansive windows.

The Anthem is practically a dream for yogis like you who crave luxury and space.

It’s equipped with slide-outs that transform the living area into a vast space, perfect for your warrior poses and downward dogs.

With high ceilings and an elegant design, you're in for a serene yoga experience.

Who says you can't have a serene and opulent yoga studio on wheels?

The Anthem's interior feels like it's tailor-made for peace and balance.

You'll be surrounded by premium leather furniture and hand-laid porcelain tile floors that spell nothing but class.

Features at a glance:

  • Spacious interior with slide-outs
  • High ceilings for a roomy atmosphere
  • Elegant design to set the yoga mood
  • Premium leather Crown Compass furniture
  • Porcelain tile floors for a touch of luxury
  • Custom wood cabinetry available in various colors

In addition to the aesthetics, this coach has some nifty tech upgrades.

Have you ever imagined having a 360º view from your yoga mat?

The Anthem’s 2024 edition features an all-new Entegra Coach Safe View Dash which includes a high-resolution camera system!

Flexibility on and off the mat – that's what the Entegra Coach Anthem brings to your travels.

So, ready to strike a pose and take wellness on the road?

The Anthem is waiting to join your journey!

Coachmen Galleria

Ever dreamt of mastering your sun salutations in the comfort of your RV?

Well, the Coachmen Galleria could be your rolling yoga studio!

Imagine starting your mornings stretching in a serene, personalized space before hitting the road.

How's that for flexibility?

The Galleria is a Class B motorhome, which means it's cozy yet fully capable.

It's built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis known for its reliability.

Here’s the fun part – with its versatile interior, customizing a zone for your yoga mat is no sweat.

All you need is to adjust the foldable furniture and voilà, a mini wellness retreat on wheels!

Highlights of the Coachmen Galleria:

  • Multi-functional living space
  • Turbo-diesel Blue TEC engine
  • Swiveling captain chairs – perfect for pre and post-yoga relaxation
  • Child seat restraints (safety first!)

Now don’t be fooled by its size; this motorhome packs everything you need, from a comfy bed to a fully-equipped kitchen.

And yes, that includes a fridge for storing all your healthy, post-yoga snacks.

Plus, there's a bathroom where you can freshen up after a hearty workout.

So, ready to strike a pose with the Galleria?

You’ll be saying ‘Namaste’ all day!

Leisure Travel Vans Unity

Have you ever dreamed of maintaining your yoga practice while exploring the great outdoors?

Well, the Leisure Travel Vans Unity could be your dream on wheels!

With a flexible floor plan and a luxurious interior, this Class C motorhome offers you the perfect balance between adventure and serenity on the go.

Curious about how this rolling zen den supports your wellness journey?

The Unity's secret weapon is its Murphy Bed Lounge (MBL).

Imagine a bed that disappears into the wall with a simple flick, and voilà – you have a spacious yoga studio with the freedom to stretch, breathe, and hold your poses under the soothing ambience of your home away from home.

  • Flexible Space: The MBL provides a clear, open space by stowing the bed away.
  • Quality Finishes: High-quality materials used throughout ensure comfort.

You'll find the Unity's design focuses on maximizing space without skimping on luxury.

It’s built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis, which means you're also equipped with top-notch safety features for peace of mind as you cruise to your next serene destination.

  • Safety First: Features like Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist stand guard.

In your Leisure Travel Vans Unity, feel free to wake up with the sun, roll out your mat, and welcome the day with a sun salutation.

Even when you're miles from home, the Unity lets you take your wellness routine with you, wrapped in the comfort and style that your adventurous spirit deserves.

Isn't it lovely when your home on wheels gets your lifestyle?

Get ready to strike a pose and embrace wellness on the go, all with the Unity as your trusted travel companion!

Hymer Aktiv

Looking for an RV that melds mobility with tranquility?

Let's talk about the Hymer Aktiv.

Ever wondered if you could master the downward dog when you’re miles away from your favorite yoga studio?

Well, with the Aktiv’s smart design, you just might!

This compact Class B RV ensures that you never have to sacrifice wellness for wanderlust.

With its adjustable layout, you can transform the living space into your very own mobile yoga studio.

Imagine stretching out with a sunrise view at a mountain base!

Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Storage: Below the sleeping area and underbed – perfect spots to tuck away your yoga mat and blocks.
  • Size: It's cozy at just over 19.5 feet long and nearly 7 feet wide, but it’s the efficiency that shines.
  • Weight Ratings: It's got a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 9,350 lbs and a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 11,500 lbs.
  • Fluid Capacity: A fresh water tank to quench your thirst post-vinyasa, holding up to 30 gallons.

The convertible bed is a nifty feature too.

Did you know some owners find it comfier to sleep with their heads on the refrigeration side?

Quite cool, right?

No need to ponder over pricey modifications.

The Hymer Aktiv naturally accommodates your zen-seeking lifestyle.

Just roll out the mat, and you're all set to go from asana to adventure.

Every inch of the Aktiv is thoughtfully designed so you can focus on finding your inner peace – wherever the road may take you.

So, ready to turn your travels into a journey of wellness?

Hymer Aktiv could be your ticket to serenity on wheels!