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Key Takeaways

  • Recreational vehicles are evolving with built-in roof gardens.
  • Roof gardens on RVs provide ecological and aesthetic benefits.
  • Practical RV designs enable travelers to maintain green spaces.

Imagine waking up to a sea of wildflowers gently swaying atop your RV, a scenic tableau crafted as you traverse the country.

Want to add a living roof to your roaming home?

You're not alone!

Explore how inventive RVers are integrating native flora into their travels.

Knowing which RVs support roof gardens isn't just novel, it's practical.

They help keep your RV cool, promote native biodiversity, and offer an ever-changing view that's as much a talking point as it is a personal retreat.

This trend isn't just changing the landscape of RV travel, it's redefining the connection between nature and the open road.



Escape Campervans' Big Sur

Have you been dreaming of hitting the open road with a touch of greenery tagging along?

Escape Campervans' Big Sur model might just be your perfect companion.

Imagine cruising down the California coastline with your very own rooftop garden, soothing to the eyes and kind to the environment.

Why settle for a plain roof when you can have a living, breathing ecosystem traveling with you?

The Big Sur model is not only about wheels and beds; it's a portable slice of nature.

Here’s what makes it uniquely sustainable:

  1. Rooftop Garden: Admire a beautiful array of native Californian plants, right atop your campervan.
  1. Drought-Resistant Plants: A collection of succulents, including sedums and aloes, specifically selected for their low water needs.
  2. California Native: These plants are at home on the coast, thriving in arid climates, much like the one found along the famed Pacific Coast Highway.
Aspect Details
Model Name Escape Campervans' Big Sur
Rooftop Flora Succulents (Sedums, Aloes) with CA native species
Sustainability Plants chosen for drought resistance and low maintenance
Aesthetic Hand-painted vehicle with a touch of greenery adds charm

Picture this: you're parked by the beach, the waves whispering in the distance, a gentle breeze teasing the leaves of your very own rooftop oasis.

The Big Sur doesn't just get you from point A to point B; it carries a piece of Californian essence, right over your head – literally.

And here's a fun fact, these succulent mini-gardens don't just look good, but they might just help keep the van a tad cooler under the California sun!

So, ready to travel with a green thumb touch?

Your next eco-friendly road trip with Escape Campervans could be the one that brings you closer to nature, mile by lovely mile.

Living Vehicle's 2024 Series

Isn't it amazing to think you could travel anywhere without leaving the comfort of a lush garden behind?

Well, Living Vehicle's 2024 Series might just be the RV of your green-thumbed dreams!

Imagine cruising to your next destination, solar panels glistening in the sun above, with the added pleasure of a vibrant roof garden brimming with native plants.

On top of your very own mobile abode, you will find a collection of plants that are not only beautiful but also practical.

Agaves and cacti have comfortably made their home up there, chosen specifically because they can handle tough conditions with a sip of water here and there.

Perfect companions for your road-based adventures, right?

Here's the skinny on what Living Vehicle is bringing to the table for their 2024 series:

  • Self-Sustaining Power: The rooftop isn't just for show; it harnesses solar energy designed to power the entire RV—now that's living smart!
  • Desert Plant Oasis: Carefully selected agaves and cacti ensure your roof garden stays lush with minimal water—no green thumb required.
  • Luxury on Wheels: Expect all the premium features a luxury travel trailer should offer, topped with a unique slice of nature.
  • Adaptability: Whether in the heart of the desert or parked by the sea, these native plants adapt and flourish, just like you will in your new home on wheels.

So, pack your bags, water the garden, and set off into the sunset.

Your next adventure awaits, and this time, your garden comes along for the ride!

Airstream's Classic Travel Trailer

Have you ever dreamt of a mobile oasis adorned with greenery?

Well, the Airstream Classic now marries the lure of the open road with a slice of nature.

Imagine waking up, stepping out of your cozy bedroom, and tending to your very own roof garden filled with native plants—sounds divine, doesn’t it?

What’s on Top?

  • Herbs: Freshen up your meals and tea.
  • Ornamental Grasses: Add a touch of greenery to your travels.

The Specs:

  • Sleeps: Up to 5
  • Axles: 2

The Airstream Classic paves the way for full-time living or extended trips with a roof garden twist.

You've got a practical, movable living space, designed with a dedicated kitchen, dining area, and a bathroom that's always just a step away.

And get this - your tranquil garden isn't just for show, as you're literally carrying a piece of your favorite travel destinations on your roof.

Think about it, you could be sipping on tea infused with herbs plucked right above your head, all while gazing at the Grand Canyon.

Luxurious, eco-friendly, and a strong statement of living sustainably, the Classic gives gardening a whole new altitude.

Do you love to surround yourself with nature while enjoying the comforts of home?

Airstream’s Classic with its optional green roof package featuring native plants puts living luxuriously and living green hand-in-hand, transforming how you travel, and most importantly, how you feel on every adventure.

Isn’t it time you added a little more green to your travel scene?

EarthRoamer XV-LTS

Have you ever heard of the EarthRoamer XV-LTS?

It's not your average RV; it's a luxury home on wheels that takes you and your eco-friendly roof garden anywhere you dream of.

Imagine basking in the natural beauty of native Colorado wildflowers and grasses right on top of your RV.

Yes, you heard that right!

  • Rugged Design: Built on a sturdy Ford F-550 chassis, the EarthRoamer XV-LTS is perfect for those off-the-grid adventures without sacrificing comfort.
  • Local Flora: On the roof, this RV boasts a garden featuring native Colorado plants, merging sustainability with exploration.

Let's break it down to the nitty-gritty details:

  • Ecological Footprint: Equipped with solar power, this vehicle is designed to minimize environmental impact.
  • Native Species: The rooftop garden includes:
  1. Colorado Wildflowers: Such as the vibrant Columbine or the sun-loving Blanket Flower.
  2. Native Grasses: Not just visually appealing but also vital for local ecosystems.
  • Mileage & Cost: Interested in pre-owned models? A 2015 XV-LTS with 61,129 miles was listed for $395,000.

And guess what?

Your love for the environment doesn't mean you skimp on comfort.

  • Luxury Interiors: The cabin features natural maple cabinetry, dry bath setups, and feels as cozy as your home.
  • Tech Specs: Think high-tech! With the Ford 6.7L engine and air-ride suspension, the XV-LTS drives stability and strength home.

So there you have it!

Taking the road less traveled doesn't mean you can't bring a piece of home (and nature) with you.

Ready to go green on your next adventure with the EarthRoamer XV-LTS?

Winnebago Solis

Hey there, green thumb on wheels!

Imagine merging the convenience of RV travel with your love for gardening.

The Winnebago Solis does just that, weaving the freedom of the open road with an environmental touch—a roof garden!

Here's the scoop on how you can hit the highways while tending to your vegetables and herbs:

  • Model: Winnebago Solis
  • Chassis: RAM ProMaster
  • Length: Under 22 feet
  • Floorplans: 59P and 59PX
  • Gardening Pleasure: Container rooftop garden

Roof Garden Goodness:

The Solis offers an adaptable and innovative traveling experience, particularly for those of you with a knack for nurturing plants.

Imagine this: you're parked by a lakeside, basking in the sun while watering your tomatoes.

Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

Transport Your Greenery:

Your RV roof isn’t just for solar panels anymore.

It's a miniature eco-haven, where you can:

  • Grow succulent strawberries
  • Cultivate robust herbs like basil and mint
  • Harvest veggies for a road-trip stir-fry

Think of it as a traveling farmers' market—right on top of your trusty Solis.

Compact, Yet Spacious:

Sure, the Solis is compact enough to navigate through bustling city streets or find that perfect camping spot, but it's also thoughtfully designed to accommodate your gardening journey.

The space-saving features mean you don't have to sacrifice your love for fresh, home-grown produce as you explore new destinations.

Got a spot you've been itching to visit?

Pack up, plant up, and push off in your Winnebago Solis, where adventure meets agriculture.

Who says you can't have your garden and travel with it too?

Hymer Aktiv

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to the calming scent of lavender while you're out on the open road?

With the Hymer Aktiv, that dream can become reality, thanks to its nifty modular roof garden.

It's a touch of serenity combined with the thrill of travel.

The Hymer Aktiv's roof garden comes with a selection of hardy Mediterranean plants that are sure to tickle your senses.

Picture this: You pull up at your latest destination, pop upstairs, and you're greeted by the soothing aromas of lavender and rosemary.

It's not just about looks – these plants are as robust as they are aromatic, perfectly suited for the adventurous life on the move.

Key Features of the Hymer Aktiv's Roof Garden:

  1. Modular Design: Easily maintained and customizable.
  2. Plant Selection: Focus on native Mediterranean plants.
  1. Lavender: Stress-relieving qualities.
  2. Rosemary: Known for enhancing memory and concentration.

And don't worry about upkeep; these plants are known for their resilience, which is great because who wants to spend hours gardening when there's so much to explore?

Why Choose Hymer Aktiv?

  • Compact Footprint: Makes navigating those picturesque backroads a breeze.
  • Storage Solutions: Ingeniously designed spaces for all your gear.
  • Comfortable Sleeping: You'll rest easy with smart bed configurations.

Think about it: What could be better than combining your love of RVing with a pinch of horticulture?

Hymer Aktiv offers that unique blend, bringing you closer to nature while you chase those unforgettable horizons.

So, are you ready to hit the road with a garden on your roof?

Volkswagen California

Ever dreamt of hitting the road with a touch of green living?

Your dream could come true with the Volkswagen California.

This iconic camper van now entices with a bit more than just the open road; it boasts a roof garden!

Roof Garden Features

  • Native Plants: Alpine flora suited to cooler climates
  • Sustainability: Adds a green touch to your travels
  • Aesthetic: A charming, verdant roof that turns heads

Imagine parking up in your favorite scenic spot, plants quietly thriving above you.

Isn't it nice to carry a piece of nature everywhere you go?

Plus, you're contributing to a greener planet—a win-win!


Dimension Measurement
Length 10.6 inches longer
Width 1.6 inches wider

The VW California is more spacious than its predecessors, with improvements in length and width giving you extra room to relax and enjoy.

More space means more comfort, and let's be honest, who doesn't appreciate a little extra elbow room?

Isn't it incredible to combine the freedom of the open road with a reminder of the destinations you've visited?

Having resilient plants from your travels thriving above you could be the cherry on top of an already fantastic journey.

It's practicality meets passion.

With a Volkswagen California, you don't just travel; you explore with a garden on the go.

So, ready to nurture your wanderlust and green thumb together?

Thor Motor Coach’s Four Winds

Ever dreamed of having your very own traveling garden?

Thor Motor Coach’s Four Winds is turning that dream into reality for RV enthusiasts.

Imagine stepping out of your comfy motorhome and into a luscious roof garden, all while parked at your favorite campsite.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Family-Friendly: Believe it or not, it’s also a fantastic environment for kids! Your little ones can revel in the joy of their mini vegetable patch, learning about growth cycles and healthy eating.
  • Butterfly Garden: As you relax, enjoy the view of vibrant butterflies flittering among the blooms. It's not just beautiful; it's a living ecosystem on wheels!

Why a Roof Garden?

  • Educational: It’s a classroom on the go. Your kids can discover the wonders of botany and ecology with hands-on experience!
  • Sustainable: Native plants require less water and care, making them perfect for the eco-conscious traveler.

What Can You Grow?

  • Vegetables: Small, hardy varieties work best. Think cherry tomatoes and herbs!
  • Native Flowers: Choose varieties from your travel destinations to attract local wildlife.

Your experience with the Four Winds is about creating memories and learning moments.

With each destination, you and your family can expand your garden, sampling the local flora and fostering a connection with nature.

Plus, who wouldn't want to wake up to the soothing sight of greenery?

Remember, it's not just a trip; it's an adventure with nature.

Happy gardening, and even happier travels!

Jayco Greyhawk

Have you ever pictured yourself atop your RV, surrounded by a lush mix of prairie grasses and wildflowers, while you travel?

The Jayco Greyhawk is turning that dream into reality.

With its expansive roof garden, the Greyhawk isn't just your average Class C motorhome.

What's Growing Up Top?

  • Native Plants: A selection of native plants that attract enthusiastic pollinators buzz around your personal eco-habitat.
  • Grasses & Wildflowers: From the practical prairie grasses to the vibrant hues of wildflowers, the roof garden is both functional and visually appealing.

This innovative green space is more than just a pretty feature.

It’s a nod to sustainability, a piece of nature that travels with you, offering a habitat for local wildlife wherever you may park.

On the Road with Nature

  • Eco-Friendly Travel: The Jayco Greyhawk's roof garden contributes to better air quality around your RV.
  • Connect with the Environment: Wherever your adventures take you, a piece of the local ecosystem comes along for the ride, allowing for a unique gardening pleasure.

The Jayco Greyhawk is well-known for providing comfortable features and advanced technology.

Imagine enjoying all of this comfort while playing your part in supporting local ecosystems.

Isn't that the ultimate way to embrace the RV lifestyle?

So, if you're ready to cultivate a greener journey, consider the Jayco Greyhawk with its special rooftop garden - because why should the adventure stop at the doorstep?

With Greyhawk, it extends all the way to the roof!

Leisure Travel Vans’ Unity

Have you ever dreamed of combining your love for road trips with your passion for gardening?

Leisure Travel Vans’ Unity model just might be the answer to your green-thumb wanderlust!

Imagine waking up to the soothing sight of your own roof garden, featuring a vibrant array of native plants and small shrubs, right on top of your Unity RV.

Why Unity?

  • Luxury: You're cruising in style with a motorhome that redefines the concept of mobile comfort, thanks to its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis base.
  • Compact yet Spacious: Though categorized as a Class C RV, you'll be struck by how the Unity merges compact mobility with spacious living quarters.

Roof Garden Specs:

  • Plant Selection: Native woodland species selected for their adaptability and low maintenance.
  • Design: Specially designed to withstand road vibrations and climate variations.
  • Eco-friendly: Crafted to boost your RV's insulation, hence reducing heating and cooling needs.

Travel with Convenience:

  • Seatbelts: 2
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Exterior Storage: Up to 29 ft³ (820 l)

Ever think about how your road trips can be more eco-friendly?

Your Unity's roof garden does just that by creating a more sustainable travel experience.

Not to mention, the added insulation from the plants keeps your RV cool during those warm summer days and cosy when the nights get chilly.

Unity's clever interior design includes a three-piece dry bath, an ottoman, and the innovative Leisure Lounge System.

And you know what's awesome?

Your sanctuary on wheels doesn't compromise safety for luxury – features like Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist are part of the package.

Fancy a little personal touch?

You can customize your own little rooftop haven with plants from the places you visit.

Imagine having a living memento from each adventure!

Got a restless spirit and a green thumb?

Unity is ready to make that connection – literally – between the road beneath and the sky above!