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Key Takeaways

  • RVs with organic gardens offer sustainable travel options.
  • These vehicles combine mobility with eco-friendly living.
  • Expert research ensures reliable recommendations.

Imagine waking up to the scent of fresh herbs from above.

As the RV industry evolves, the notion of merging on-the-road living with sustainable practices is no longer just a dream.

Imagine an RV that not only takes you places but also supports your green thumb and your eco-conscious lifestyle.

You no longer have to imagine.

RVs with organic roof gardens are here to redefine sustainable living on the go.

These mobile gardens bring a touch of home, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, such as improved air quality and the joy of harvesting your own produce, wherever your travels may lead you.

Why should you trust this guide to eco-friendly RVs?

We've planted our feet firmly in the research to ensure every recommendation harvests a crop of reliability and sustainability.

These vehicles are designed with both the earth and the open road in mind, allowing you to cultivate a greener future without sacrificing the freedom of travel.



Pinea Mobile Ecological RV

Have you ever imagined a road trip where your RV’s roof is bustling with greenery?

The Pinea Mobile Ecological RV turns that dream into a reality.

This Barcelona marvel takes sustainable camping up a notch, blending comfort with a deep respect for nature.

Let's dig into its eco-friendly features, shall we?

Sustainable Materials

  • Construction primarily uses natural elements such as wood and cork.
  • Innovative fabrics complement the design for durability and aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency

  • Solar panels garnish the roof, soaking up sunlight to power your adventures.
  • A storage system ensures you have electricity even when the sun ducks behind the clouds.

Water Conservation

  • Equipped with a rainwater harvesting system, this RV smartly recycles a resource that's often taken for granted.
  • Water collected can be used for various needs, reducing your footprint one drop at a time.

Venturing into the wild or nestling in a cozy campsite, you're surrounded by the Pinea’s ecological embrace.

It's a prototype, yes – but the Pinea RV is a glimpse into a future where travel treads lightly on our precious planet.

Eco-Suite on Wheels

  • Green Roof: The RV’s live roof isn’t just for show; it adds insulation and aids in air purification.
  • Self-Sufficient: Designed with independence in mind so you can stay off-grid longer.

So, ready to hit the road with a lighter touch?

With the Pinea Mobile Ecological RV, sustainable living doesn't have to stay behind when you're on the move.

Isn't it time your travel plans got greener?

Living Vehicle

Have you ever imagined your RV not just being a mode of travel but a promoter of sustainable living?

Picture this: a Living Vehicle, customized to have a lush organic roof garden atop.

It's not just a fantasy, but something you could actually opt for when customizing these luxury travel trailers to suit your eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Living Vehicle models, such as the HD24 and HD30, start at a price of $299,995 and $399,995 respectively.

These trailers aren't just homes on wheels; they're a testament to sustainable living.

They put a spin on the conventional RV life by offering options for self-containment, including the unique possibility of incorporating a green roof garden, immersing you in nature wherever you park.

  • Solar Power: More than a mere feature, solar capabilities are a highlight. With enough solar power to rival most residential homes, these vehicles give you freedom and eco-efficiency on an unmatched scale.
  • Self-Containment: These trailers are designed for the long haul, both in endurance and self-sufficiency. Imagine being able to support two people off the grid for weeks, all while your rooftop garden continues to flourish.
  • Sustainability: An RV that's built to last a lifetime, not just in durability but also in its environmental footprint. Low-impact materials aren't just a choice; they're a commitment in these Living Vehicle models.

Feel intrigued?

You're not alone.

The idea of tailoring an RV that not only houses you in comfort but also factors in your sustainable lifestyle is revolutionizing the RV industry and how we think about travel and living spaces.

With a Living Vehicle, you're not just acquiring a travel trailer; you're investing in a lifestyle that values sustainability, innovation, and connection with nature.


Have you ever imagined tending to a lush garden atop your very own luxury RV?

EarthRoamer may bring that vision closer to reality.

Picture this: You cruising in an EarthRoamer XV-LTS, a beast built on the Ford F-550 chassis, known for powerful off-road capabilities, and looking up to your personal slice of green heaven.


  • Length: 29 feet
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Height: 12.5 feet
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2-6 individuals
  • Freshwater Capacity: 100 gallons
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Fuel Efficiency: Roughly 10-12 MPG

This luxury expedition vehicle is not only spacious but also packs an eco-friendly punch.

With a diesel engine designed for efficiency, you can travel responsibly.

And get this: Standard with a 1,320-watt solar array and the option to include a self-sustaining organic roof garden for your RV?

It's quite the dream!

Now, imagine your EarthRoamer equipped with:

  • A roof garden helping to insulate your RV
  • The opportunity to grow fresh herbs and veggies as you roam

While EarthRoamer currently leads with solar technology, the potential integration of organic roof gardens aligns with its ethos of sustainable, comfortable living anywhere.

Here's what's already powering your adventure:

  • Solar System: 1,600-watt on the roof
  • Battery: Massive 18,000-watt lithium for extended off-grid life

EarthRoamer crafts four-wheel drive, luxury RVs that are synonymous with sustainability and autonomy.

As EarthRoamer continues to innovate, could the integration of green roofs be the next step?

It would be a blend of luxury living and eco-conscious roaming.

Just imagine the possibilities awaiting on your next off-grid adventure — maybe picking fresh tomatoes for your salad right from your RV's roof garden as the sun sets over the horizon.

How's that for sustainable living?

Homegrown Trailers

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road in style, while also being kind to Mother Earth?

Homegrown Trailers might just be what you're looking for!

These charming handcrafted travel trailers not only boast a sustainable approach but also operate off-grid with solar power.

Sustainable Materials:

At the heart of Homegrown Trailers' design is the use of sustainably-sourced timber and non-toxic materials.

Imagine cozying up inside a camper that's kind both to you and the environment!

  • Non-toxic interiors: Azdel composite panels
  • FSC-certified wood: For a guilt-free, green journey

Solar Power Specs:

These trailers aren't just pretty; they pack a punch with renewable energy.

  • Solar panels: 600 to 800 watts
  • Battery capacity: 3.6-6.0 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion

Can you believe this eco-friendly house on wheels starts at a price of $37,000 for the on-grid package, while the off-grid version begins at $41,500?

Versatile Living Spaces:

Did we mention the space efficiency?

Transition your couch into a queen-size bed after a long day of adventure.

  • Base model (20 ft): Starts at $38,390
  • Larger model (24 ft): Begins at $41,530

Although Homegrown Trailers don't feature a roof garden yet, the brand's commitment to sustainable living can't be denied.

With renewable energy powering your travels, you're already contributing to a greener tomorrow.

So, are you ready to explore the wilderness without leaving a carbon footprint?

Homegrown Trailers invites you to embark on an eco-conscious escapade!

Dethleffs e.home Coco

Have you heard about Dethleffs e.home Coco, the innovative electric caravan?

Imagine pulling up to your favorite campsite with this cutting-edge trailer.

It's all about eco-friendly living, right down to where you'd ideally grow fresh herbs on the roof!

  • Electric Power: Equipped with a robust battery pack, the e.home Coco ensures that all functions, including its structure's electrically powered systems, run smoothly off the grid. Fancy a little twirl? It can perform a full standing rotation—and yes, there’s an app for that!
  • Solar Sustainability: The e.home Coco sports large solar panels on its roof. Coupled with the potential for an organic roof garden, it aligns well with a sustainable lifestyle. You soak in nature while your caravan harnesses the sun's power!

Here's a quick glance at what the e.home Coco offers:

  • Maneuverability via remote control
  • Electrically powered structure
  • Large on-board batteries for energy storage
  • Potential for solar energy collection

The e.home Coco, having been presented as a functional prototype, is not just an idea—it's the future inching closer.

With its blend of convenience and respect for the environment, it's perfect for those lengthy treks across scenic routes like the Alps.

So, are you ready to hit the road with a lighter carbon footprint and take sustainable living to new horizons with the e.home Coco?

Just picture yourself there, enjoying the ease of electric towing, the autonomy of solar energy, and the freshness from your very own roof garden.

What a dream!


Ever thought about tucking a little green oasis atop your mobile abode?

Let's chat about the Ecocapsule!

This nifty capsule is a powerhouse of sustainable features, neatly packed into an egg-shaped design that could sit pretty much anywhere your wanderlust takes you.

Imagine a roof garden to boot, turning your mobile nook into a moving slice of nature.

Fancy, isn't it?

Sustainable Features

  • Solar Power: Its surface is equipped with solar panels.
  • Wind Energy: There's a wind turbine whispering tales of renewable energy.
  • Potential for Roof Garden: While not in-built, you could certainly nurture a compact garden up top!

Mobility and Use-Cases

  • Mobile Office: Get work done with a view.
  • Research Station: Studying remote areas? Perfect hub!
  • Pop-Up Hotel: Ever dreamed of your own little retreat business?


  • Size: Just 4.5m in length and 2.4m wide, it's like a cozy nest that can be set down anywhere from a city rooftop to a remote beach.

Now, I'm not saying you could host a garden party up there, but with a bit of creativity, your roof could spruce up with some herbs or flowers.

Why not wake up to the sight of your very own green haven?

Plus, powering up with the sun and wind, you're kind of a superhero for Mother Earth.

Isn't that a win-win?

So, if you're mulling over an eco-friendly, adaptable, and downright unique way to live, work, or play, this little capsule could be just the gem you're looking for.

All tucked in an aesthetically pleasing package—the Ecocapsule is not just a home, it's a lifestyle statement.

Ready to join the eco-conscious nomads?

Eden's Creations RV

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road without leaving the joys of a garden behind?

Enter Eden's Creations RV – your mobile haven that merges sustainable living with the freedom of travel.

Imagine plucking fresh herbs right from your roof while parked amidst nature's best scenes.

Cool, right?

Features at a glance:

  • Organic Roof Garden: No mere decorative feature, the garden is designed to be both functional and sustainable.
  • Watering System: Utilizing greywater recycling, your mobile garden is always lush.
  • Solar Panels: Efficiency is key, and with solar power, you're always charged up for the next adventure.

Here's the scoop:

  1. Sustainability: With the push for greener living, Eden's Creations have crafted this beauty thinking of not just comfort, but also the planet. The RV's roof doubles as a nutrient-rich garden bed, ideal for growing vegetables and herbs.
  2. Self-Sustenance: Your RV's garden is watered by an innovative recycling system that reuses your greywater. That's right, the water from your shower and sinks nourishes your plants!
  3. Power: Solar panels aren't just about eco-friendliness, they're about independence. With these babies, you can power up your living space and keep your garden blooming, no matter where you park.

Why it's a game changer: This isn't just about traveling; it's about cultivating your own little ecosystem on the go.

Fresh produce?


Reduced carbon footprint?

You bet.

The Eden’s Creations RV is more than a vehicle; it’s a statement of living responsibly and joyfully.

Doesn't this sound like the perfect companion for your sustainable journey?

Note: The concept of RVs with roof gardens is currently in the proposal stage by some independent designers and not yet a market available product.

Sustainable RV Concept

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with all the coziness of home tagging along?

If that home includes a little slice of green heaven atop, you're thinking on the right lines.

Innovative minds—think students and savvy designers—are reimagining the RV lifestyle, and guess what's popping up?

Roof gardens!

Yes, you heard that right.

Roof gardens on an RV aren't just a pretty garnish; they're part of a sustainable future for travelers like you.

Here's the dirt on why this concept is driving a change:

  • Insulation: A layer of soil and plants is nature's blanket — keeping your RV cozy or cool, depending on the weather.
  • Air quality: Your mobile oasis isn't just for show. Plants scrub the air clean, giving you a fresh gulp of oxygen with every breath.
  • Local food: Fancy some fresh herbs or veggies? Pluck them right from your roof! It's farm-to-table dining with zero miles covered.
  • Biodiversity: These green roofs can be a haven for pollinators, bringing a buzz of life to each pit stop.

And let's be real, who wouldn't want a garden with a view that changes whenever you fancy?

While this is still a concept in the wheeling world, the seeds are sown.

With your passion for sustainability, you're not just part of the caravan but part of the inspiration that drives green innovation.

So, what d'you say?

Ready to nurture this idea into full bloom on the roads?

Custom RV Builds

Ever dreamt of stepping out of your RV onto a lush green garden?

Imagine growing your own veggies right on your rolling home!

Yes, you can quite literally take your green thumb on the road with a custom-built RV featuring your very own organic roof garden.

Now, customizing an RV for sustainable living isn't your everyday job.

These unique builds are tailored for the eco-conscious traveler who's looking for more than just a place to sleep.

You’re thinking, “What does it take to bring this to life?” It starts with a vision and often requires a specialist RV manufacturer to turn that dream into a reality.

Key Ingredients for a Custom Garden on Wheels:

  • Structure: The RV must support the extra weight of soil, plants, and water.
  • Water System: Efficient water conservation systems are vital for sustainability and plant growth.
  • Power: Solar panels are a popular choice to provide the necessary electricity to run any garden systems.
  • Materials: Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials ensure a healthier living environment, inside and out.

Are you worried about the practicality of such customizations?

Let's address that concern.

Tailoring an RV with a garden means installing strong yet lightweight materials to mitigate additional fuel consumption.

And guess what?

This kind of revolutionary build could also pump up your RV's resale value due to the growing demand for eco-friendly options.

Creating your own RV with an organic roof garden is a real commitment to both mobility and sustainability.

It’s a statement that you care for the environment and your wellbeing.

And while companies may not offer this off the lot, custom RV manufacturers are there to fulfill your green desires.

Remember, personalization is key.

Your traveling abode can be the perfect blend of luxury and eco-friendliness, all the while sporting a garden that's uniquely yours.

How's that for traveling in style?

Keep it green, keep it moving! 🌱✨

Eco-RV Concepts

Ever dreamed of harvesting your own veggies right on top of your home-on-wheels?

Welcome to the tantalizing world of Eco-RV concepts!

These are not your typical recreational vehicles; they're mini eco-havens on wheels.

Imagine an RV where the roof doesn’t just protect you from the elements, but also feeds you!

That's the promise of RVs with organic roof gardens.

They take sustainable living to new heights—quite literally.

Organic roof gardens on RVs are more than just a quirky feature; they embody a commitment to eco-conscious travel and living.

By growing your own greens, you not only cut down on your grocery runs, which saves fuel, but also enjoy the freshest meals on the go.

Here's the deal with these innovative structures:

  • Lightweight Soil: To keep extra weight at bay, special soil mixes or hydroponic systems are used.
  • Water Efficient: Drip irrigation or rainwater collection systems keep your garden lush with minimal water use.
  • Solar Synergy: Pairing solar panels with garden plots maximizes the use of space while capturing energy.

Here's a quick glance at what else an Eco-RV might offer:

Feature Benefit
Recycled Materials Reduces waste and promotes sustainability
Energy-efficient Appliances Lowers power consumption
LED Lighting Saves energy and lasts longer than traditional bulbs

And hey, who knows?

Maybe one day you’ll be trading tomatoes for a tour of a fellow RVer's rig.

It's all about that sustainable, community spirit with a dash of adventure!

So, have you got your green thumbs ready?

Your Eco-RV garden awaits!