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Key Takeaways

  • Fresh produce can accompany you on your travels with the right RV.
  • RVs can be equipped with gardens for a sustainable travel lifestyle.
  • The market offers a range of RVs that support onboard gardening.

Imagine hitting the road without leaving behind the joys of fresh, home-grown food.

With innovative RV designs, vibrant, lush interior gardens are no longer a stationary luxury.

You can now indulge in the harvest of fresh herbs and vegetables even while wandering the globe.

RVs are being outfitted with interior gardens, merging mobility with sustainable living.

Traveling doesn't mean compromising on fresh produce anymore.

You're about to discover the top RV models that cater to the green-thumbed nomads, turning motorhomes into moving Edens.

This article ensures you're informed by reliable insights and practical tips that can transform your travel experience.



Winnebago Forza

Ever imagined tending to a garden while cruising down the highway?

With the Winnebago Forza, your green thumb doesn't have to take a backseat!

This Class A RV, known for its cozy and modern amenities, pairs adventure with the comforts of home.

Space and Utility:

The Forza's generous interior space means you could easily set up a small hydroponic garden.

Picture yourself plucking fresh basil right by the dinette or snipping some chives for your morning omelet.

And with floorplans like the 34T, 36H, and 38W, you've got options:

  • 34T: Features a king bed and is 35'6" in length.
  • 36H: Available with a queen or optional king bed, complete with multiple sleeping arrangements.
  • 38W: Boasts bunks and measures 39'10".

How cool would it be to grow your veggies as you roam the country?

Your Forza could double as a tiny mobile greenhouse!

With up to three floorplans, the Winnebago Forza provides flexible sleeping and seating spaces, making the incorporation of an interior garden both practical and delightful.

Sleeping Capacity:

  • Sleeps 5-9 people, based on the chosen layout.

So, why not use that extra space?

Especially in the 38W, with its two full bathrooms and entertainment wall, imagine enjoying freshly plucked greens at your RV dinner table.

Moreover, feel the freedom of tailoring your Forza to your lifestyle, whether that's by upgrading to the StudioLoft Bed or choosing plush Primera furniture.

Travel, grow, eat fresh—could you ask for a better trip companion than the Winnebago Forza?

Tiffin Phaeton

Ever imagine harvesting your own fresh basil right inside your RV?

The Tiffin Phaeton lets you cultivate that dream into reality.

Known for its spacious and high-end interiors, the Phaeton is more than just a place to call home on wheels; it's a moving oasis for your green thumb.

Key Features:

  • Engine: Cummins L9 450 HP
  • Torque: 1,250 lb-ft at just 1,400 RPM
  • Interior Height: 7 feet – giving your plants room to grow
  • Living Space: Equipped with four slide-outs to maximize your indoor gardening area

Thinking about floor plans?

You've got four unique ones to choose from.

And let's not forget about the three chic interior decors to make sure your mobile garden feels as stylish as it is botanical.

  • Floor Plans: Choose from four
  • Interior Decors: Selection of three

Now, let's talk capacity.

Whether you're a solo gardener or you've got a family of budding botanists, the Phaeton doesn't skimp on seating.

Depending on the configuration, this luxurious liner comfortably accommodates your crew and your verdant companions.

Wondering about amenities?

Imagine a kitchen near your garden, making it a breeze to add fresh herbs to your dinner.

The Phaeton comes standard with upscale features that compliment your lifestyle, making it a seamless experience from garden to table.

  • Dining: Integrated areas for enjoying your freshly picked produce.

So why not add a dash of homegrown flavor to your travels?

The Tiffin Phaeton could be the fertile ground for your roaming garden dreams!

Newmar King Aire

Ever dreamed of growing your own fresh basil or parsley as you travel the country in your RV?

The Newmar King Aire could be the perfect setting for your interior garden on wheels.

With its luxurious 45-foot length and expansive windows, you have just the right amount of space and sunlight to nurture your plants.

Can you imagine plucking a ripe cherry tomato right off the vine in your very own mobile garden?

Key Features for Garden Lovers:

  • Abundant Natural Light: Large windows create an ideal environment for photosynthesis all day long.
  • Spacious Layout: Ample indoor space gives you the freedom to position small planters or hydroponic systems.
  • Luxurious Interiors: The elegant quartz countertops can double up as a stylish plant display area.

The King Aire's interior isn’t shy on luxury, boasting full-grain Italian leather furniture and quartz countertops—and guess what?

These surfaces become excellent spots for your herb pots or seed starters.

It becomes more than an RV; it's your serene, green, traveling culinary corner.

Imagine kicking back, relaxing on plush seating after a day’s drive, and reaching over to snip some fresh greens for your salad.

Fresh food is not only about the flavor; it's about the joy of growing it.

And the optional Wolf coffee maker?

Perfect companion for a fresh mint mojito.

Whether it's the first-of-its-kind walk-in pantry for storing your gardening supplies or the entertainment center to play your plants some soothing tunes—they’ve thought of it all.

Just don't forget to water your greens before setting off on your next adventure!

Forest River Berkshire

Ever thought you could have a rolling garden inside an RV?

With a Forest River Berkshire, you've got just the right amount of space to make it happen!

If you're dreaming of fresh veggies on the go, this luxurious Class A motorhome comes equipped with a spacious living area that's perfect for a mini greenhouse or creative planters.

  • Interior Space: The Berkshire offers a roomy interior, which means you have the flexibility to incorporate your own garden setup. Picture this: herbs hanging by the window, small tomatoes ripening by the kitchenette, or even a compact vertical garden opposite the cozy dinette!
  • Storage Solutions: Worried about where to keep your gardening tools and supplies? The Berkshire has got you covered with ample storage options. You'll find nooks and crannies for all your pots, soil bags, and watering cans.
Feature Details
Living Area Ample space for mini greenhouse
Storage Plentiful options for supplies
Fresh Food Grow your own on the move

Remember, the key is to maximize your space cleverly.

Vertical gardens are particularly good for this kind of project.

They're pretty trendy and hey, they're a fantastic space-saver!

Not to mention, they might just turn your Berkshire into the talk of the RV park.

Turning Dreams into Reality: It's easier than you think!

A few planters here, some grow lights there, and voilà – you're on your way to harvesting your very own travel-friendly garden.

All aboard the green machine!

Remember, your Berkshire RV isn't just a way to travel; it's a potential habitat for your leafy friends.

You're not just an RV enthusiast; you're a pioneer of the mobile garden lifestyle.

Does it get any cooler than that?

Entegra Coach Cornerstone

Imagine hitting the road with all the comforts of home, including your very own garden!

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Entegra Coach Cornerstone is the luxury motorhome that can make it happen.

Picture this: You're cruising in a vehicle that not only offers premier leather furniture and state-of-the-art amenities, but also the space you need to support a little green haven.

Why not utilize the quartz countertops for more than just meal prep?

They offer ample room to host a series of potted herbs or even a small hydroponic garden.

Imagine plucking fresh basil or parsley right in your RV's kitchen!

The 2024 Cornerstone model boasts premium features including:

  • Heated
  • Cooled
  • Massaging front seats

And it doesn't stop there.

Have you ever heard of the Firefly Multiplex system with a 10-inch VegaTouch?

It's tech-speak for a control system that could make managing your garden's environment a breeze!

Here's a quick peek at what the Cornerstone offers:

Feature Detail
Interior Touch Premium leather Crown Compass furniture
Comfort Climate controlled and massaging seats
Tech Convenience Firefly Multiplex system with VegaTouch interface
Year Models Available 2021, 2023, 2024

Don't you love the idea of fresh greens at your fingertips while you traverse the country?

No more pit stops for wilted supermarket salad!

Dust off that green thumb and turn your next road trip into a fresh food adventure with the Entegra Coach Cornerstone.

Monaco Signature

Ever dreamed of having fresh basil just a few steps away from where you cook, even while on the road?

The Monaco Signature could be your ticket to a homegrown salad even when you're miles away from the nearest supermarket.

Let's dig into the garden-friendly possibilities this luxurious RV offers.

Space for your Greens: Do you love the idea of slide-outs not just for extra elbow room but for a bit of greenery?

The Monaco Signature's large slide-outs provide an expansive space.

Picture installing planters right there, next to the windows where your herbs and veggies can bask in the sunlight.

  • Sleeps: 6
  • Length: 44 feet
  • Type: Class A Diesel

Your indoor garden won't just travel; it will travel in style.

Imagine relaxing on the road surrounded by the calming influence of your leafy companions, perhaps a sprightly tomato plant or a fragrant mint bush.

There's no compromise on comfort either.

The Signature has the amenities to make both you and your photosynthesizing friends feel right at home.

Fresh Water Tank Capacity 100.0 gallons
Sleeps 6
Length 44'

Busy planning your next meal with a pinch of freshly-picked rosemary?

Remember, your rolling oasis could be the envy of every RV park.

The Monaco Signature doesn't just move you from place to place; it brings your lifestyle and love for fresh, on-the-go meals with you.

Happy trails and even happier gardening!

Jayco Seneca

Hey, green-thumb road-trippers, have you ever dreamed of snipping fresh herbs or veggies right inside your motorhome while exploring the wild?

Let's explore how Jayco Seneca, a luxurious Super Class C RV, can support your fresh food needs on the go with its spacious interiors that are ripe for customization, like setting up a countertop hydroponic garden in the kitchen area.

Kitchen Space:

  • Ample counter space ideal for hydroponic setups
  • Full residential fridge to store your fresh greens

Seneca Features:

  • Built on a Freightliner® S2RV chassis with a Cummins® ISB 6.7L 360HP diesel engine
  • JRide® Premium for a smooth ride

Imagine waking up to the earthy smell of basil and the sight of ripe cherry tomatoes in your Jayco Seneca.

Imagine the satisfaction as you harvest your greens and toss them into your cooking pot.

Sounds tempting, right?

Model Insights:

  • 2024 Seneca offers a new Fossil interior design package
  • Price starts at $332,693

But wait – there's more than just a kitchen garden!

Your Seneca is not just a garden on wheels; it's your ticket to towing a bit of home with you, whether that's a car or even another trailer.

Towing Capacity:

  • Superior towing power without overloading

Get ready to stir up a fresh salad with your home-grown veggies in a kitchen that's big on space and style.

With the Jayco Seneca, you're not only taking a piece of luxury on the road, but you're also carrying a slice of home, greenery included!

How's that for a fresh take on road life?

Thor Motor Coach Tuscany

Have you dreamed about growing fresh herbs and veggies while on the road?

The Thor Motor Coach Tuscany might just be your perfect match!

With its spacious interior, you've got ample room to house a little green oasis.

Imagine waking up to your very own garden, even while you're miles away from home!

Why Tuscany for your mobile garden?

Let's dig into the details:

  • Open Floor Plans: The Tuscany models boast wide, refreshing floor plans. This means you can fit a neat freestanding garden without sacrificing your living space. Decorate your interior with greenery that's not just beautiful but practical too.
  • Ample Water Supply: With a 91-gallon fresh water tank, keeping your plants hydrated is a breeze. You'll love the convenience of not having to constantly refill the tank.
  • Climate Control: Tailor the environment for your indoor plants. With the Tuscany's robust climate control options, ensure your greens thrive in the perfect temperature all year round.

Imagine snipping fresh basil right from your RV's kitchen counter or plucking cherry tomatoes from a vine by the window.

With a Tuscany RV, your rolling home can support more than just travel dreams — it nurtures your garden ones too!

Quick specs for your reference:

  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 91 gal
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity: 51 gal
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 51 gal

Every inch of living space in the Tuscany is designed for comfort and utility — so go ahead, let your interior garden grow!

Your salads will thank you, and so will your taste buds.

Happy planting, and even happier travels!

Leisure Travel Vans Unity

Have you ever dreamed of growing fresh herbs or small vegetables while traveling in your RV?

The Leisure Travel Vans Unity might just be your perfect travel companion, blending luxury travel with a touch of home gardening!

Space Configuration: The Unity model offers a unique space-saving feature with its retractable Murphy bed design.

When the bed is tucked away, you suddenly have extra space that can serve multiple purposes.

Why not set up a compact, indoor garden?

Imagine the joy of picking your own basil or cherry tomatoes right inside your RV.

Interior Garden Potential:

  • Murphy Bed: Save space during the day
  • Flexible Area: Double up as a mini garden space

Comfort on Wheels: Leisure Travel Vans are known for their comfortable and luxurious interiors, ensuring that you don't have to sacrifice coziness for your green thumb pursuits.

Integrated Amenities:

  • Heating: Keep your plants cozy
  • Power Outlets: Use grow lights for nourishing your plants

On-the-Go Freshness: What’s better than enjoying meals with ingredients picked right from your living space?

With Unity’s versatile layout, your meals can get a dash of fresh even on the road.


Remember, while you’re soaking in nature's beauty from your RV window, a little patch of green inside can keep your meals vibrant and your spirits high.

Enjoy your travel and your gardening, all within the luxury of the Leisure Travel Vans Unity.

Happy travels and happy growing!

Airstream Interstate

Have you ever dreamed of snipping fresh basil directly from your compact garden right in your RV kitchen?

The Airstream Interstate might just be your perfect companion for fresh food on the go.

With its streamlined design, this Class B RV makes every inch count, including the kitchen space.

Why not add a mini interior garden to your Airstream Interstate?

Picture yourself rolling down the road with a little green oasis right behind your captain’s chair.

It’s compact, sure, but that just means your greens are always within arm’s reach!

Kitchen Features:

  • Counter Space: Just the right size for a small hydroponic garden.
  • Power Supply: Outlets to keep your garden's lights on.
  • Water Source: Easy access for watering your plant buddies.



No worries, either system can fit.

A bit of innovation and you're on your way to enjoying crisp, fresh lettuce at every meal.

With features like a .7 cubic foot microwave, a refrigerator, and freezer, you've got all the conveniences to complement your fresh produce.

Remember, with an Airstream Interstate, you're not just investing in a vehicle; you're investing in a lifestyle.

It's all about freedom, flexibility, and yes, enjoying a bit of luxury with your leafy greens.

Happy gardening and safe travels!