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Key Takeaways

  • Integrated entertainment systems are now common in RVs.
  • Latest RV models offer smart TVs in multiple rooms.
  • Selection varies from luxurious to pragmatic options.

Imagine hitting the road without missing your favorite shows or the big game.

The modern RV experience is all about the comforts of home on the go.

With the selection of RVs in 2024, finding one equipped with smart TVs and an entertainment system in every room is a breeze.

We know you value both adventure and relaxation, which is why we’ve scoured the latest models to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Whether it's the opulent Newmar King Aire with its state-of-the-art systems or the practical Coachmen Chaparral with smart TVs for all, we've examined what each offers to enhance your travel experiences.

Trust us to guide you to an RV that doesn't just take you places but entertains you every mile of the journey.



2024 North Point by Jayco

Ever dreamed of hitting the road without leaving behind the cozy comforts of entertainment?

If so, the 2024 North Point by Jayco might just be your dream come true.

Think luxury on wheels with all the high-tech frills!

Entertainment on the Go

  • JBL® Home Entertainment System: Get the party started or indulge in a movie night with an incredible sound bar and subwoofer setup.
  • 4K Smart TVs: Picture this—your favorite shows in stunning 4K resolution, and yes, they're smart, so all your beloved streaming services are just a click away.

Convenience meets Luxury

  • The living area isn't the only place with a TV. Want to catch the morning news right from bed? The bedroom's got its own 32-inch 4K Smart TV that promises a crisp display for all your media.
  • With that kind of tech around, you'll likely never want to leave your RV. And who could blame you?

Quick Stats:

  • Sleeps: Up to 10
  • A/C: Dual whisper quiet units
  • Unique: GE residential appliance package

Can you imagine having an on-the-road entertainment experience that rivals your living room?

With Jayco's 2024 North Point, it's time to stop imagining and start planning your next adventure.

Remember, it's not just an RV; it's a rolling entertainment hub that feels just like home, maybe even a little bit better.

So, where will you go first?

Tiffin Phaeton

Ever imagined where sophistication and tech meet on the road?

Let's talk about the Tiffin Phaeton, your home away from home that doesn't skimp on the tech goodies.

With the Phaeton, you'll find integrated smart TVs and entertainment systems in every room, ensuring that whether you're lounging in the living area or snuggling in for the night, top-notch entertainment is at your fingertips.

  • Living Room: A center of relaxation and social gatherings, it boasts a large flat-screen TV paired with a surround sound system to bring those movie nights to life.
  • Bedroom: Kick back with the comfort of your king-sized bed and enjoy your favorite shows on another splendid flat-screen TV.
  • Additional Features: Depending on the model, you might also find TVs conveniently placed outside for those starlit movie marathons or tailgating events.

But let's break down some specifics, shall we?

Here's a quick glance at what you can expect:

Room Entertainment Feature
Living Area Flat-screen TV, Surround Sound System
Bedroom Flat-screen TV, DVD Player
Outdoor (Optional) Exterior-mounted Flat-screen TV

Picture this: You've had a day of adventures, and now it's time to recharge.

What better way than by enjoying top-tier entertainment from the comfort of your luxurious RV?

And if you're concerned about space for your movie collection and gadgets, fret not.

The Phaeton caters to your storage needs with options like spacious closets and under-bed compartments to keep everything organized.

Remember, the Tiffin Phaeton is not just about where you can go; it's about the experience you get no matter where you're parked.

Ready for an upgrade in your traveling lifestyle that keeps you entertained across the miles?

The Tiffin Phaeton awaits.

Newmar King Aire

Have you ever dreamed of having a cinematic experience on wheels?

If you're nodding yes, let's talk about the Newmar King Aire—a veritable palace on wheels that brings the entertainment to you, no matter where you roam.

Living Area

  • Smart TV: Yes, that's right! A large smart TV is the star of the living area, perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows.
  • Sound System: Crystal-clear sound envelops you from a state-of-the-art system.

Bedroom Bliss

  • Why miss out on luxury when you're winding down? The bedroom also boasts its own smart TV, so you can fall asleep to late-night shows or wake up to the morning news.

Outdoor Entertainment

  • Smart TV: Imagine a tailgate with all the perks. Outdoor smart TV? Check.
  • Sound System: The King Aire brings the party outside with a robust sound system to enhance your viewing experience under the stars.

With a Newmar King Aire, you won't just be turning heads at the campground; you'll be inviting everyone over for movie night.

Each room's integrated system means you're never without premium entertainment.

It's like having a VIP ticket to every event, and the best seat is always yours.

So, on your next road trip, why settle for less when you can indulge in the finest Newmar has to offer?

With entertainment at your fingertips in every room, the journey might just outshine the destination.

Entegra Coach Cornerstone

Have you dreamed of taking entertainment on the road to a whole new level?

Well, the Entegra Coach Cornerstone might just be your ticket to an unparalleled experience in luxury travel with a modern twist.

Smart TVs & Sound:

  • Main Living Area: The beating heart of this RV's entertainment is the central living space. It's equipped with a large LED smart TV, perfect for catching up on your favorite shows or hosting an impromptu movie night.
  • Bedroom Comfort: Drift off to sleep or start your day with your favorite morning show, thanks to the smart TV right in your bedroom.
  • Exterior Entertainment: Not limited to the interiors; enjoy a breezy evening under the stars with an exterior entertainment center that includes its own LED smart TV.
  • Sound Systems: All paired with a robust Bose sound system that wraps you in rich audio, whether watching a movie or streaming music.

Tech Upgrade: Cleverly integrated into your entertainment experience is the Firefly Multiplex system that boasts a 10-inch VegaTouch interface for controlling various functions, making your life on the road just a bit easier.

Exclusivity in Details:

  • Heated, cooled, and massaging seats for the ultimate travel comfort.
  • The latest camera and radar systems, ensuring a safe journey alongside premium entertainment.

So, as you plan your adventures, imagine the possibilities of having a home on wheels with an entertainment system that rivals that of a modern living room.

Isn't it time you treated yourself?

Forest River Georgetown

Have you heard about Forest River's Georgetown series?

If you love the thrills of the open road but can't live without the comforts of home, then these RVs might just be your perfect travel companions!

Smart TVs Wherever You Look:

  • Living Area: Kick back and relax in front of the integrated smart TV.
  • Bedroom: Wind down with your favorite shows from the coziness of your bed, thanks to another smart TV.
  • Outdoor Entertainment Area: Why stay indoors when you can watch TV under the stars?

Features That Impress:

  • Precision Circuits Multiplex: This wireless technology allows you to control the entertainment system seamlessly.
  • The outdoor entertainment zone comes with a 40" LED TV, radio, and external speakers—talk about a party on wheels!
Area Entertainment
Main Living Area Smart TV with latest tech
Bedroom Smart TV for private viewing
Outdoor Entertainment LED TV with audio system

Imagine having a theater on wheels with seats that might just be comfier than your sofa at home.

We're not kidding—the Georgetown 7 Series, for instance, has theater seats with power recline, massage, and heat.

Hello, luxury!

Don't worry about running out of juice for your gadgets or entertainment system.

Some models, like the 5 Series, come equipped with a 115W solar panel with a controller.

So, you're all set for your next road trip, right?

The Forest River Georgetown is rolling out the red carpet for you, making sure you stay entertained in every room.

Because who said you can't have it all, even when you're miles away from home?

Heartland RV Big Country

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road with all the comforts of your home?

The Heartland RV Big Country series is here to make that dream a reality, especially when it comes to entertainment on the go.

Imagine having smart TVs and top-of-the-line entertainment systems in every room of your RV.

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?

The Big Country models come stacked with entertainment options:

  • Living Room: Kick back and get lost in your favorite shows on a 55" smart TV, perfectly positioned for optimum viewing pleasure. And hey, there's even a built-in 40" electric fireplace to set that cozy ambiance.
  • Bedroom: The relaxation doesn't stop at the living room. There's a smart TV waiting for you in the bedroom as well, ensuring you can enjoy lazy mornings in bed with a good movie.
  • Additional Areas: Fancy watching TV while you cook or dine? Some models have the option to include additional TVs in other areas, so you're never far from your beloved entertainment.

And get this, the Big Country isn't just a pretty face with televisions:

  • USB Charging Ports and Wireless Charging Stations: Stay charged up! Your devices will love the super USB ports and wireless charging options sprinkled throughout.
  • Multi-Seal Slide Room: Weatherproof and cozy, making sure your entertainment is never interrupted by pesky drafts or leaks.
  • Hydraulic System with Manual Override: Even the slide room is high-tech, but with manual override options, because who doesn't like to have a backup plan?

So, whether you're a TV fanatic or just love the option of having entertainment at your fingertips, the Heartland Big Country has got you covered.

Isn't it time you treated yourself to a smart and stylish adventure on wheels?

Keystone Montana

Have you heard about the Keystone Montana RVs?

These beauties aren't just a sight for sore eyes; they're packed to the brim with features that'll make any tech-lover swoon.

Check this out – there’s not just one smart TV inside, the Montana line offers multiple smart TVs throughout!

Let's break it down:

  • Main Living Area: Kick back and stream your favorite shows on a plush sofa with the included smart TV. It’s like having a theater on wheels!
  • Bedrooms: Privacy matters, right? Retreat to your sanctuary after a long day of adventure and catch up on late-night TV with the smart TV right in your bedroom.
  • Outside Entertainment: Why stay indoors when the weather is nice? The Montana line features an outside entertainment zone, complete with a TV and sound system for those starry movie nights or game-day cookouts.

Montana RVs from Keystone are famously known not just for their luxury but also for how they integrate technology to improve your travel experience.

Imagine controlling your entertainment system right from your phone; it's that easy!

Here's a quick overview:

Area Feature
Main Living Integrated Smart TV
Bedroom Personal Smart TV
Outside TV and Sound System for Entertainment

Isn't it great to know that wherever you roam, whether amid nature or tucked away in a cosy campground, your entertainment is just a remote-click away?

The Keystone Montana ensures that you're never too far from home comforts.

So, what's your next destination, and what will you be watching?

Thor Aria

Have you ever dreamed of having a full-blown entertainment experience while on the road?

Well, the Thor Aria might just make that dream a reality for you.

Let's dive into what makes it a multimedia haven:

  • Living Area: Kick back and enjoy your favorite shows on the retractable smart TV. It's like having a cinema on wheels – just pop some corn, and you're set for movie night!
  • Bedroom Bliss: After a day of adventure, watch a bit of late-night TV from the comfort of your bed. It's more than just a place to sleep; it's your personal relaxation zone.
  • Alfresco Entertainment: Why stay indoors when you can enjoy a movie under the stars? The exterior TV with a Bluetooth sound bar lets you take the entertainment outside. Perfect for tailgating or evening chillouts!

Each room creates its own unique ambiance, offering a seamless blend of style and technology.

No more squabbles over what to watch – with TVs in every room, everyone’s happy.

And for those wondering about connectivity options, Thor Aria has you covered with its integrated Winegard® ConnecT™ 5.0 Wi-Fi Extender + 5G & TV Antenna.

Whether it's working remotely or streaming the latest viral video, staying connected is a breeze.

Remember, this is not just about the journey but also about feeling at home every step of the way.

So, jump aboard a Thor Aria and let comfort and entertainment ride shotgun on your travels!

Winnebago Horizon

Have you ever dreamed of the ultimate road trip with all the comforts of your home entertainment system?

The Winnebago Horizon offers exactly that, combining luxury and technology in a sleek and modern design.

Wondering what sets it apart in the world of smart RVs?

Let's get into the details.

The Horizon is equipped with:

  • Integrated Smart TVs: Imagine kicking back after a long day of adventure and catching up on your favorite shows. With smart TVs located in the bedroom, you have on-demand entertainment right at your fingertips.
  • Exterior Entertainment: Who says TV time is restricted indoors? The Horizon boasts an outdoor entertainment center, complete with a TV and sound system for those starry movie nights.


  • Bedroom smart TV
  • Exterior TV and sound system

Isn't it impressive to have a luxurious, fully integrated experience as you traverse the country?

The Horizon ensures you stay connected and entertained in every room, making it a fantastic option for those who don't want to miss a minute of their tech-powered living.

Heading out on the road doesn't mean missing out on your home's entertainment conveniences anymore, thanks to the Winnebago Horizon.

So, why not make your next RV trip a fusion of adventure and digital leisure?

It's all about enjoying that home cinema experience, no matter where you park.

Coachmen Chaparral

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the open road without leaving the comforts of home entertainment behind?

Well, the Coachmen Chaparral might be just what you're looking for.

These mid-profile fifth wheels pack a hefty punch when it comes to integrated smart TV and entertainment systems.

What's Inside?

  • Living Area: An extra-large HD LED TV awaits, mounted on an articulating swing arm bracket, means you can angle the screen just right—no matter where you're lounging.
  • Bedroom Bliss: At the end of a long day of adventure, kick back with your favorite shows on another HD LED TV perfectly placed in the bedroom.

Wondering about extra spaces?

No need to worry.

The Chaparral's design allows for the addition of more smart TVs.

Have kids or guests?

The optional bunk room TV ensures everyone has a cozy spot for movie nights.

And for the outdoor enthusiast, an outside TV might just be the upgrade you're eyeing for those starry movie nights under the sky.

Remember, with the Chaparral, you're not just buying an RV, you're gearing up for experiences filled with comfort and convenience, paired with technology that travels with you.

So, are you ready to take entertainment on the road in style?