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Key Takeaways

  • RVs can be customized with unique features, such as indoor climbing walls.
  • Models with built-in fitness amenities help maintain an active lifestyle on the road.
  • Accessibility and comfort are top priorities in these adventure-ready vehicles.

Ever imagined scaling a climbing wall inside your RV?

Adventure seekers, feast your eyes on the latest trend in RV customization: indoor climbing walls.

These aren't your typical motorhomes; they're rolling outdoor enthusiasts’ dream stations, ready to take on any terrain.

You no longer have to stop at the nearest climbing gym to get your fix.

Various upscale RV models now come fitted with indoor climbing walls, perfect for keeping fit on the go.

This innovative feature transforms the standard RV into a roving adventure hub, offering a thrilling experience before you even step outside.

Embarking on an adventure shouldn't mean giving up your passions.

As an avid traveler and climber, imagine the convenience of a custom-built recreation vehicle that understands your unique lifestyle.

Expertly crafted with reliability and the ultimate outdoor experience in mind, these luxurious RVs blend the comforts of home with the excitement of the great outdoors, creating an unbeatable combination that's sure to exhilarate any adventure seeker.



Custom RV Conversions by Outside Van

Have you ever imagined hitting the road with your very own climbing wall inside your RV?

Outside Van can make that a reality!

Customization is their game, and they're darn good at it.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Personalized Designs: With Outside Van, you're not just buying an RV; you're creating your mobile dream home. Want a climbing wall to stay fit on the go? They've got you covered.
  • Adventure-Ready Features: It's all about the details. Built-in storage for your gear, solar panels, you name it – they tailor-make each van to suit your adventurous lifestyle.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: They've been at it since 2007, churning out about 100 conversions per year. That's a whole lot of happy campers!
  • Bespoke Builds: Every single van is a one-off. Think of a feature, and they can probably incorporate it into your design. An indoor climbing wall in your RV? Why not!

Here's a quick look at what Outside Van offers:

Feature Description
Custom Design Every aspect of the van is designed to your specs.
Adventure Accessories Options for gear storage, solar power, and more.
Personal Service Direct communication for a truly custom experience.

Their vans aren't just vehicles; they're a ticket to freedom on the open road.

Fancy waking up in a new wilderness every weekend?

That's what Outside Van specializes in – transforming travel dreams into polished, road-worthy reality.

Hang tight and climb on; your next adventure awaits in a custom-built RV!

EarthRoamer XV-HD

Ever fantasized about taking your love for climbing into the wild, rugged outdoors?

Picture this: you're navigating challenging terrains with the EarthRoamer XV-HD, your reliable partner in adventure.

Wouldn't you love that freedom?

Now, imagine this beast of a vehicle equipped with your very own climbing wall.

Although it wasn't designed with one in mind, the EarthRoamer XV-HD's spacious interior offers ample room for customization.

Adventure, meet luxury.

  • Base: Ford F-750
  • Sleeping Capacity: Comfortably sleeps six
  • Customizable: Yes, including potential for an indoor climbing wall

Crafted for off-the-grid experiences, it’s built on a robust Ford F-650 or F-750 chassis.

You've got guts in this ride, thanks to its 4WD capabilities and heavy-duty design.

It’s a fortress on wheels—hand built in Colorado—bringing the comforts of a high-end condo to the most remote landscapes.


Starting at $1.5 million, sure, it’s a big investment.

But think of the endless horizons you'll encounter, the roads less traveled you’ll conquer.

The memories?


  • Price Tag: Starting at $1.5 million (keep in mind, special add-ons will add $)
  • Hand Built: In Colorado
  • Drive: 4WD system for tough terrains

Whether you're planning an epic road trip or seeking a permanent nomadic lifestyle, the XV-HD makes both possible.

So gear up, get creative with the space, and keep your adventure spirits high.

With the EarthRoamer XV-HD, your wandering heart won't just feel at home; it’ll thrive.

Ready to create your adventure-on-wheels dream?

Sportsmobile Custom Builds

Ever dreamed of hitting the road and conquering cliffs right inside your RV?

Sportsmobile custom van conversions can make that a reality.

They’re not your ordinary RV builders; they turn vans into bespoke adventure rigs.

Imagine having an indoor climbing wall right there next to your bed.

Pretty cool, right?

Now, you might be thinking, “But what about space?” Well, these guys are magicians with square footage.

They craft conversions that tuck and fold everything into place, providing you with the comforts of home and the thrill of an indoor climbing wall.

Here's the lowdown on what you can expect:

  • Tailor-Made to Your Desires: You pick the features that fit your adventurous lifestyle.
  • Clever Use of Space: Expect multifunctional furniture and smart design to maximize every inch.
  • High-Quality Finishes: Because your rugged ride should still feel like a cozy den.

What makes these climbing walls something to talk about isn't just the novelty; it's how smoothly they integrate with other amenities.

Picture this: You wake up, stretch, and scamper up a wall before breakfast.

Now that's a morning routine!

Your 'home on wheels' isn’t just a spot to crash after a long day outdoors.

You’re getting a fully-equipped command center for all your wild escapades.

And hey, if you can scale a wall inside your RV, what can’t you do?

So, gear up, future road warrior.

Your Sportsmobile build awaits, ready to haul you, your gear, and your unbridled zest for adventure wherever the four wheels take you.

Ready to start this epic journey?

The road is calling!

ModVans CV1

Ever dreamed of hitting the road and bringing a taste of adventure with you?

Well, let me tell you about the ModVans CV1, a vehicle that could be your next home away from home and your ticket to freedom!

You see, the CV1 is not your typical camper van—it's a chameleon on wheels!

Thanks to its modular interior, you've got the freedom to tweak, switch, and install features to your heart's content.

Dreaming of an indoor climbing wall in your RV?

While it may not come standard, the CV1's flexible setup means you could make it happen!

Here's a quick rundown of what the ModVans CV1 offers right out of the gate:

  • 2 Large Beds: Rest assured (literally) after a day of climbing real rocks or your custom wall.
  • Seating for 7: Bring friends to spot you as you ascend!
  • Removable RV Components: Customize your space!

Imagine all that in a package that cleverly avoids the top-heavy trickiness of larger RVs.

You get a vehicle that's comfy even when Mother Nature throws a tantrum—high winds, sand, or mud.

Curious about size?

The roof stretches sky-high with an electric pop-up, housing a bed that's 48 x 78 inches.

That's almost 7 feet of space when extended!

Now, I get it, you're thinking about that indoor climbing wall.

The ModVans CV1 doesn't come with one built-in, but don't let that be a bummer.

The CV1 is pretty much a blank canvas on wheels, just begging for a touch of your own adventure-driven customization.

So, gear up, get creative, and start planning your mobile climbing haven—your adventures await!

Winnebago Revel

Ever dreamt of hitting the trails with everything you need packed in your trusty RV?

Well, the Winnebago Revel might just be your ticket to adventure!

Designed for those who like to tread off the beaten path, this camper van combines rugged capability with homely comforts.

Here's what you'll love:

  • An AWD turbo-diesel engine that doesn't flinch at rough terrain.
  • An off-grid power setup to keep your adventure running, even when you're miles from civilization.
  • The van's interior is a modern marvel, giving 6'3" standing height for stretching out.
  • Ample gear storage, including a garage under a bed that stows away at the push of a button.

Curious about tech specs?

The Revel boasts a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with a twin-turbo diesel engine delivering a hearty 332 lbs-ft of torque.

Plus, it handles like a champ with a smooth 9-speed automatic transmission.

And don't worry about the cold creeping in when you're camped out in the wild.

The Revel's tanks—gray water tank is insulated and heated, while the freshwater tank is nestled inside the cabin, safe from the chills.

Now, let's talk wheels: Rolling out with stock 10-ply Michelin all-terrains is impressive, but our adventure-seekers might opt for the performance upgrade with Method 701 Bead Grip rims and BF Goodrich T/A KO2 tires.

Ready for a bonus?

The standard drawbar hitch offers a substantial 5,000-pound towing capacity.

I know what you're thinking—what about climbing?

While the Revel doesn't come with an indoor climbing wall, there's a twist.

The spacious interior, especially that gear garage, can be rigged up to store all your climbing gear.

Imagine that!


  • The Revel's price has increased, now starting at around $175,000.
  • The upgrades and features ensure comfort meets capability, an essential blend for any RV aimed at explorers like you.

So, are you ready to conquer the great outdoors with the Winnebago Revel as your base camp on wheels?

Airstream Interstate Nineteen

Ever dreamed of hitting the road with all the comforts of home tagging along?

You might want to check out the Airstream Interstate Nineteen.

It takes the concept of a luxury touring coach, squeezes it into a nifty 19-foot package, and guess what?

You could even customize your rig to be adventure-ready with features like a small climbing wall!

Parked in a regular spot?

Yup, you heard that right.

The Interstate Nineteen's size means you can slip into a standard parking space.

No more struggling with oversized behemoths.

And it’s built on a Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis.

Fancy, right?

Here's a quick peek at specs that'll make any RV enthusiast swoon:

  • Engines: Options of 188 HP & 325 lbs torque or 211 HP & 332 lbs torque for the AWD
  • Transmission: Chill with a 7-Speed Automatic or a 9-Speed Automatic in AWD
  • Wheelbase: A tidy 144″ for easy maneuvering
  • MPG: Designed to keep your wallet happy

Now, let's talk interiors.

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen doesn’t skimp on luxury.

Picture yourself after a day's climb, chilling in a posh, comfy space that feels like a boutique hotel on wheels.

And here's a cool thing, if you opt for the E1 Package, you're upgrading to a robust off-grid setup.

Imagine being cozy in the boonies with your climbing wall just a step away.

So, ready to turn your adventure dial up a notch?

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen might just be your ticket to climber’s paradise – tiny, yet absolutely mighty!

Vanlife Customs Custom Builds

Ever dreamt of scaling heights within the cozy confines of your home on wheels?

Well, Vanlife Customs turns that dream into a reality.

How cool is that?

Outdoor enthusiasts, it's time to buckle up, because these custom builds are not just vans, they're a ticket to your epic adventures.

What does Vanlife Customs offer?

  • Tailor-made Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Ram ProMaster camper van conversions.
  • Features catered to outdoor lovers, which may include indoor climbing walls.
  • Personalized to fit the lifestyle of mountain bikers, climbers, hikers, and more.

Imagine starting your day grabbing breakfast from your custom kitchenette, then tackling a climbing session right inside your van.

Yes, that's the kind of innovative touch Vanlife Customs can bring to your van.

The Process:

  1. It begins with a detailed call to understand your unique needs.
  2. You'll be provided with an estimate ($150, later credited towards your build).
  3. A $5,000 deposit is required to kickstart the build process.

With a hands-on approach, they ensure every inch of your space is utilized efficiently – think fold-out beds, ingenious storage solutions, and gear-specific modifications.

It's all about creating a van that not only looks good but lives up to the rigors of your active lifestyle.

Customization doesn't end with the interior.

They fine-tune the van's performance and aesthetics to match your desires.

Picture your van sporting rugged tires and a striking paint job that turns heads every time you roll into a new campsite.

In a nutshell, Vanlife Customs doesn't just build vans; they craft a basecamp for your wildest ventures.

Ready to take the leap into a van that's as adventurous as you are?

Your very own, personalized van build is waiting.

Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV)

Ever dreamed of conquering the wilderness without leaving the comfort of a home-like space?

Well, you're not alone—and GXV is right up your alley!

Global Expedition Vehicles crafts some of the most rugged, customizable RVs on the planet.

And guess what?

They're spacious enough to fit some pretty unique features—ever thought of an indoor climbing wall in your travel rig?

Imagine scaling a wall in your own RV as you’re parked amidst stunning landscapes.

GXV can make that happen.

With their emphasis on customization, if you can dream it, they can likely build it.

Now, let’s talk about the kind of beasts GXV can offer:

  • Powerful winches—how does a hefty 16,500 pounds sound for getting you out of muddy pickles?
  • Overland safety comes with off-road LED lighting, ensuring you're not blindly navigating those treacherous terrains.
  • Thirsty? These vehicles can carry 90 gallons of freshwater, so your adventuring doesn't have to take a pause for a water break.
  • Efficiency is key with fuel use—after all, what's an adventure if you're constantly searching for a gas station?

Of course, it's not all about the grit—the GXV models are decked out with comfy interiors that can be tailored to your taste.

And should you choose to go eco-friendly, how does 1,325 watts of solar on the roof to power your necessities sound?

Charged for the challenge, right?

Prepare to redefine adventure with a GXV.

You've got the drive, they've got the wheels—and together, the wild's just an exciting day out.

Happy trails, and may your rock-climbing RV dreams come true!

Off Grid Adventure Vans

Hey, you!

Ever dream of hitting the road with everything you need rolled into one neat package?

Well, let's talk about Off Grid Adventure Vans, a company that gets your nomadic heart beating faster.

Imagine this: You've got your own custom van conversion, tailored for living off the grid.

But wait, it gets cooler.

Ever thought about indoor climbing walls in a van?

These folks can make it happen!

Here's the lowdown on these adventure-ready beasts:

  • They whip up elegant campervan conversions, designed and built for every kind of adventure.
  • Your van could pack a 26-gallon fresh water tank for those long, untethered journeys.
  • Want more? How about an "Indoor Half" Shower or an Outdoor Shower/Spray Away Hose? Yep, they've got those.
  • And when nature calls, there's a Thetford Porta Potti RV Toilet to answer.
  • Plus, ample Overhead Storage Cabinets line the driver's side for all your gear and knick-knacks.

Located out West?

Swing by their Delta, CO location at 5513 Colorado 348 and give these converted vans an up-close once-over.

But let's not forget what's under the hood.

These vans are ready to hit the road like, now.

You'll be on your next adventure before your friends even start packing.

So you're itching to join the vanlife community, right?

Give 'em a ring at 888-801-7456 or shoot an email to [email protected].

Your dream van—the one with that quirky climbing wall inside—awaits you.

No fluff, just pure, adventure-driven living.

Isn't it time you made those dreams a reality?

Outside Van Custom Builds

Hey there, adventure seeker!

Have you ever imagined hitting the road with your very own indoor climbing wall?

Well, Outside Van can turn that dream into reality.

They're the pros in customizing vans for all your wild escapades, and they've got a knack for knowing exactly what you need.

Are you the kind of person who loves to climb?

With Outside Van, you're not left clinging to dreams – they can actually embed a climbing wall right inside your home on wheels.

Imagine waking up, rolling out of bed, and practicing your grips before breakfast.

What Makes Outside Van Stand Out?

  • Adventure-Focused: These vans aren't just vehicles; they're your passport to freedom.
  • Customizable: Want a climbing wall? You got it. Or any other wild feature you can think of.
  • Quality: It's not just about looking good. These builds are meant to last.

Features for Climbers

  • Indoor Climbing Walls
  • Durable Materials
  • Innovative Design

Your van is more than just a space; it's a statement of your lifestyle.

With durability that stands up to your toughest adventures and innovation that keeps you on your toes (literally), Outside Van delivers both thrill and functionality.

Pulling in expertise since 2007, they know a thing or two about what makes an epic build.

Their vans promise to take you, and your climbing buddies, to the edge of possibility and back.

And yes, quality is the cornerstone of each build – they're practically challenging you to out-adventure them.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your gear, get your custom van fitted with that indoor climbing wall, and let's make those rocks jealous!

With Outside Van, the world isn't just your oyster; it's your climbing frame.