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Key Takeaways

  • RVs with extendable spaces combine adventure with home-like luxuries.
  • Outdoor entertainment features enhance the overall travel experience.
  • These RVs are designed for comfort, convenience, and enjoyment.

Imagine turning a cozy campfire gathering into a full-blown outdoor cinema experience.

That's the magic of RVs with extendable outdoor entertainment spaces.

They take the comfort of your living room into the great outdoors, blending adventure with the luxuries of modern technology.

Have you ever wished your RV’s comfort extended beyond its four walls?

These ingenious homes-on-wheels come equipped with extendable outdoor entertainment areas that justify their growing popularity among travel enthusiasts.

Traveling is about the freedom to explore, and these RVs are designed to amplify that freedom.

With high-quality sound systems, LED TVs, and sometimes even outdoor kitchens, they offer a perfect blend of nature and tech.

Trust us, the combination of panoramic views and your favorite show under the stars is an experience second to none.



Jayco North Point 387FBTS

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road in style, bringing all the comforts of home along for the ride?

Well, take a look at the Jayco North Point 387FBTS.

This model isn't just your average RV; it's a luxurious abode on wheels that extends your living space right into the great outdoors with its extendable outdoor entertainment space.

Fancy catching the big game or watching your favorite movies under the stars?

The North Point 387FBTS has you covered with its Tailgate TV option.

Just imagine a 39-inch TV tucked neatly in the cargo area, ready to make your outdoor viewings as thrilling as your adventures.

Noteworthy Specifications:

  • Starting Price: $110,775
  • Roof: Magnum Truss XL6 system with a 20-year warranty
  • Dry Hitch Weight: 2,785 lbs
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 14,525 lbs
  • Length: 42′ 11″

This fifth wheel from Jayco provides both safety and security on the road.

Thanks to the construction materials and sturdy build, the North Point stands out as a reliable home away from home.

Feature Description
Leveling Jacks Front Power / Rear Power
Flooring Type Varies for Kitchen / Living Area

Created to accommodate a variety of travel needs and group sizes, why not turn your journey into a party, a family gathering, or just a relaxing retreat with this feature-packed RV?

With a spacious design and key specifications aimed at ensuring compatibility with your towing vehicle, your escapades just got a high-definition upgrade.

Remember, the road is not just about reaching your destination — it's about enjoying every moment of the journey.

And with Jayco North Point 387FBTS, those moments just got a whole lot better.

Keystone Fuzion 424

Have you dreamed about an RV that blends comfort with outdoor fun?

Meet the Keystone Fuzion 424, a toy hauler that takes your "home away from home" to the next level.

With its innovative design, the Fuzion 424 turns heads and ensures you're the talk of the campground.

What's on the Outside?

  • Side Patio: Step out onto the side patio, where you'll find a cozy outdoor entertainment area. It's the quintessential spot for those evenings when you just want to chill out and catch your favorite show under the stars.
  • Blizzard Package: Specifically tailored for colder climates, the Blizzard Package means you don’t have to pack up once the temperature drops.
  • LED Lighting: Long-lasting LED awnings provide illumination and ambiance for your evening get-togethers.

What can you expect Inside?

  • Spacious Sleep: Comfort won't be an issue with the residential king bed at your disposal.
  • Ample Seating: Opposing sofas offer a place for guests to relax and enjoy.
  • Additional Sleeping Space: A loft with a bunk mat and a separate garage space ensure there's room for everyone.

Practical Comforts:

  • Two Power Awnings: Never worry about space or shade with the dual power awnings.
  • Multiple Baths: A full bath and a half bath add convenience for both you and your guests.
  • Utility Storage: Extra storage for all those essentials you need on your travels.

And guess what?

Your Fuzion 424 isn't just a pretty face.

The outdoor kitchen on select models means the party never has to be confined to the inside.

Want to bring along your motorcycle or ATV?

The 12' 6" separate garage has got you covered.

With every detail designed to enhance your adventure, this toy hauler ensures your outdoor experience is as luxurious as the indoor one.

So, ready to take your travels up a notch?

Grand Design Solitude 380FL

Have you ever imagined taking the comfort of your living room to the great outdoors?

The Grand Design Solitude 380FL makes that dream a reality.

With its available outdoor entertainment space, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows under the stars.

Picture yourself unwinding after a day of adventure with the exterior TV and speakers—talk about elevating your camping experience!

Key Features:

  • Outdoor Entertainment: Optional exterior TV and quality speakers.
  • Interior Luxury: Front living room, 1/2 bath for guests' privacy.
  • Finishings: High-quality materials that add a touch of pride to your RV.

Here's what you're getting with this fifth wheel:

  • Spacious Lounge Areas: Perfect for social gatherings or family time.
  • Accommodations: Designed to host kids and families comfortably.
  • Quality Design: Established in 2011, Grand Design RVs boast 30 years of industry expertise.

Specs at a Glance:

  • Manufacturer: Grand Design
  • Starting MSRP: $144,615
  • Type: Fifth Wheel
  • Ranking: #2 of 49 in the category
  • Location: Indiana
  • Company Leadership: Started by Don Clark, Ron Fenech, and Bill Fenech.

Whether you're hosting a movie night or enjoying a quiet evening with loved ones, the Solitude 380FL has got you covered.

Its well-thought-out design ensures that each member of the family has their own space while still feeling connected.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a home on wheels that doesn’t compromise on privacy and luxury?

That's the kind of experience Grand Design aims to provide with the Solitude 380FL.

Heartland Cyclone 4006

Looking for a home on wheels that brings the party outside?

The Heartland Cyclone 4006 has got you covered.

This isn't just any toy hauler; it's a mobile entertainment hub that takes open-air leisure to a whole new level.

Your Cyclone 4006 comes with a side patio that will make your neighbors at the campground green with envy.

Imagine kicking back on the extendable space, flipping through channels on the exterior TV, and grabbing a cold one from the mini-fridge—all without missing any of the outdoorsy action.

Notable Features:

  • Side Patio: Just think, your own private terrace. Room for chairs, a mini-fridge, and a TV—you've got the best seat in nature's theater.
  • Luxury Interior: When you step inside, the residential furniture and rich hardwood cabinets give you that homey feel with all the luxury trimmings.
  • Spacious Garage: Got gear? No problem. The large garage with secure tie downs is ready to store all your toys and tools.

Feel like a night of stargazing?

Perhaps you want to catch the big game while flipping burgers on the grill?

The Cyclone 4006 becomes your perfect backdrop for creating memorable adventures.

Quick Stats:

  • Manufacturer: Heartland RVs
  • MSRP: $165,099**
  • Exterior Features: Weather-proof ramp door, power cord reel, lots of storage

So you see, Heartland Cyclone 4006 is more than a toy hauler; it's your passport to enjoying the great outdoors with all the comforts of home.

Ready to elevate your road trips?

Your adventure on wheels awaits!

Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EL

Imagine yourself nestled in nature, but with all the luxuries of home.

The Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EL is designed to bring that vision to life, especially for those who love to entertain outdoors.

Have you ever wished for a space that combines the comfort of your living room with the freshness of the outdoors?

This RV may just be your answer.

The Cedar Creek Champagne Edition 38EL boasts an extendable outdoor entertainment space.

This isn't your average patio situation:

  • Outdoor TV: Ready for your favorite shows, the TV is set on a swivel arm so you can watch from just about any angle. Perfect for those evenings when you want to catch the game fireside!
  • 21-ft Power Retractable Awning: Shields you from the sun or light drizzle, making it comfortable to relax outside.

Weight and towing details are important, aren't they?

To ensure a safe journey to your next adventure, here are the crucial stats:

GVWR Hitch Weight UVW
18,000 lbs. 2,710 lbs. 14,429 lbs.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or new to the world of RVs, knowing these numbers is key for a smooth and worry-free experience.

The 38EL isn't just about the specs, though.

The Forest River Cedar Creek Champagne Edition is the epitome of outdoor enjoyment combined with the coziness of home.

It's thoughtfully designed to enhance your outdoor experience without compromising on comfort.

You get a sturdy build, an elegant layout, and the freedom to enjoy entertainment under the stars.

Isn't it time to elevate your outdoor living to the next level?

Tiffin Phaeton 40 IH

Craving outdoor entertainment during your road adventures?

The Tiffin Phaeton 40 IH has got you covered.

This luxurious Class A diesel motorhome is not just any RV; it's a home away from home that takes your entertainment outdoors with a stylish extendable feature.

What's so special about it?

Well, imagine you've set up camp amid the most picturesque scene nature has to offer.

Instead of being cooped up inside, the Phaeton invites you to relish these moments with an exterior flat-screen TV, complete with a soundbar.

This entertainment hub isn't just tacked on; it's seamlessly integrated into the sidewall of the slide-out, ensuring your viewing experience is as classy as your surroundings.

Key Highlights:

  • Entertainment System: Exterior flat-screen TV with soundbar
  • Integration: Neatly contained within slide-out sidewall
  • Visibility: Perfect for gatherings or cozy nights under the stars

Now, let's talk convenience.

This model knows the value of space and comfort, featuring:

  • Spacious interior with multiple slide-outs
  • Ultra-leather seating for the ultimate relaxation
  • Dual bath sinks, because morning routines shouldn't be a battle for sink space
  • A residential-sized refrigerator, so stock up on those snacks!
  • Two sofa beds and a comfy queen bed in the private master suite

So, whether you're tailgating or unwinding in the great outdoors, the Tiffin Phaeton 40 IH makes sure the party follows you, with all the comforts of home right by your side.

Enjoy the fresh air, share laughs with friends, and make those special moments even more memorable.

Isn't it about time your RV matched your love for the open road and fun?

Entegra Coach Anthem 44B

Have you ever imagined taking the comfort of your living room entertainment outdoors while on an epic road trip?

Well, with the Entegra Coach Anthem 44B, that dream becomes a reality!

This Class A motorhome isn't just a way to travel; it's a way to enjoy luxurious living on the go.

Here's why you'll adore the Anthem 44B:

  • Outdoor Entertainment: Imagine kicking back under the stars while your favorite movie plays on a 43-inch LED TV, complete with a soundbar. The Anthem 44B makes this possible with its extendable outdoor entertainment center.
  • Interior Elegance: Don't worry; the luxury doesn't stop outside. Step inside to find high-end finishes, including hand-laid porcelain tile floors and custom wood cabinetry.

Here's what you'll find in this deluxe RV:

Feature Description
Exterior TV Size 43-inch LED
Sound System Integrated soundbar
Interior Materials Premium leather Crown Compass furniture; porcelain tile floors
Climate Control Heated seating options for driver and passenger

When you're not lounging outside or marveling at the interior, you'll be cruising in comfort with top-of-the-line ride components designed to make your travels smooth and enjoyable.

Whether you're parked by the lake or nestled in a mountain retreat, the Entegra Coach Anthem 44B ensures that luxury and comfort follow wherever your journey takes you.

Isn't it time you treated yourself to the upgrade you deserve?

Winnebago Vista 29V

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with all the comforts of home, plus a little extra pizzazz for when you’re parked up enjoying the view?

The Winnebago Vista 29V is your ticket to luxury and convenience on wheels.

Let’s peek at what makes this RV a standout option for your traveling escapades!

Outdoor Entertainment

Who can resist the charm of an alfresco movie night or grooving to your favorite tunes under the stars?

The Vista 29V has got you covered with its optional Tailgate Package.

Check out what’s included:

  • Outdoor kitchen: Perfect for those BBQ parties or whipping up an omelet with a view.
  • Exterior TV: Catch the game or a film without stepping inside.
  • Stereo system: Pump up the jams and add rhythm to your outdoor adventures.

Specs & Features

The Vista 29V is more than just a party on wheels; it's designed for comfort and ease:

  • Engine: Robust 7.3L PFI V8
  • Chassis: Dependable Ford F53
  • Towing Capacity: A sturdy 5,000 lbs.

Manageability is key!

With advanced technologies like a rearview monitor system, you’ll maneuver this Class A gas motorhome like a pro.

Inside, the flexible floorplans cater to your needs, whether that’s extra sleeping space or a cozy area to unwind.

So, what's the starting price for this portable palace?

Prices begin at $146,872, offering a striking balance of luxury and value.

Considering you’re getting a top-notch entertainment suite that follows you wherever you roam, the Winnebago Vista 29V is a deal that’s hard to beat.

Ready to create lifetime memories with a motorhome that has everything, including the kitchen sink... outside?

The Vista 29V is just waiting for you to turn the key!

Thor Outlaw 38MB

Ever wished your RV could match the comfort of your home patio?

Meet the Thor Outlaw 38MB, your answer to luxury and adventure rolled into one.

This Class A motorhome is no ordinary RV; it's designed to bring outdoor entertainment to a whole new level!

Have you imagined watching the big game or your favorite movie under the stars?

Well, the Outlaw 38MB has got you covered.

It boasts an exterior 39-inch TV complete with a sound system in the patio deck area.

This mobile entertainment haven allows you to enjoy the pleasures of a dynamic audio-visual experience while basking in the great outdoors.

Wondering about spaces for rest?

Thor ensures that comfort isn't compromised.

Here’s what you can expect inside:

  • Two cozy queen beds
  • A convenient cab-over bunk

But let's get back to the unique highlight: the 7' 2" x 8' 4" patio deck.

This extendable space is the heart of social gatherings, where you can host friends or simply unwind.

To help you visualize better, here are the quick specs in a handy format:

Feature Description
Exterior TV 39-inch with sound system
Beds Two queens + cab-over bunk
Patio Deck 7' 2" x 8' 4"

Remember, this toy hauler is designed for those who dare to break the mold of traditional motorhomes.

With the Thor Outlaw 38MB, you don’t just travel; you carry a slice of home wherever the road takes you.

So, pack up, set out, and let your journeys be as lively as your destinations with this unparalleled RV!

Newmar Canyon Star 3927

Ever dreamed of hitting the road without leaving the comforts of home entertainment behind?

The Newmar Canyon Star 3927 might just be your ticket to that dream!

This Class A motorhome not only provides a spacious interior but also an extendable outdoor entertainment area.

And we're talking about a proper setup that could make any tailgate party jealous!

Here's what you get:

  • Exterior Entertainment: Prep your popcorn, because there's a Samsung 32-Inch LED TV and radio ready to amp up your outdoor gatherings.
  • Garage Feature: The 3927 isn't just a leisure coach; it's a toy hauler as well. This means extra space for you, maybe your Harley, or those souped-up mountain bikes. But, why stop there? The garage also doubles as an entertainment hub with TV and radio hook-ups.


  • Engine: 340 horsepower B6.7L Cummins, housed in a Freightliner MC chassis.
  • Entertainment Essentials: Two Wheel Chocks in the garage to keep your bikes steady while you chill.

Isn't it impressive how Newmar has managed to blend rugged functionality with a touch of luxury?

So whether you're in the mood to relax inside or mingle with friends outside, the Canyon Star 3927 ensures your leisure time is well spent.

Can you imagine settling down to your favorite show under the stars?

Just remember, though, while it sounds like an RV from the future, it's ready for you right now.

So, don your adventurer's hat, and let's get rolling!