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Key Takeaways

  • Animal print RV interiors offer a bold twist on mobile living.
  • Luxury RVs are embracing animal prints as part of their design.
  • Such designs elevate the travel experience by merging style with adventure.

Ever imagined your RV with a wild touch?

Imagine stepping inside your motorhome to find a luxurious safari waiting for you, with interiors swathed in exotic animal prints.

As adventurers and style aficionados seek to infuse their traveling abodes with both comfort and flair, the trend of animal print interiors in RVs has been roaring to life.

Bold patterns and vibrant textures can turn a mobile home into a chic, rolling retreat.

Who says safaris can only happen in the wild?

Open the door to sophistication and nature by bringing the essence of the Serengeti to your RV’s interior design.

When it comes to traveling in style, an RV with an exotic animal print interior does more than just transport you from place to place; it can transport your senses to the heart of the jungle or the expanses of the savanna.

With a variety of luxury RV models embracing this trend, you're in for a road trip unlike any other—where every mile is a stride through the wild.

Whether you fancy the majesty of a lion's mane or the understated elegance of zebra stripes, these mobile living spaces cater to your boldest design dreams.



Airstream Classic

Have you ever daydreamed about hitting the road with all the luxuries of home, but with a twist of wild flair?

Let's talk about the Airstream Classic, where you're not just buying an RV; you're stepping into a lifestyle.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill travel trailer.

Picture this: A queen or twin beds nestled in a bedroom adorned with exotic animal prints – think chic leopard spots or zesty zebra stripes that you can customize to your taste.

Now, what's size got to do with it, you ask?

With a length of 33 feet and 3 inches, the Airstream Classic’s not too big, not too small – it's just right.

It’s a portable palace on wheels equipped for full-time living with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds and room for up to five sleeping beauties.

Feature Airstream Classic 33FB
Length 33 feet 3 inches
GVWR 10,000 pounds
Sleeping Capacity Five

Imagine winding down with a book in your hands, ambient light dimming by your trusty cZone Control Panel, the only thing missing is a roaring fireplace.

Discover the luxury of spacious floor plans that range from 30 to 33 feet—all while you're surrounded by amenity-rich living spaces crafted for those long-term adventures or that well-deserved getaway.

And with every inch designed with comfort in mind, you're always in your element, whether you're in the middle of the wilderness or parked at a scenic overlook.

So, ready to infuse some exotic sophistication into your travels?

Your Airstream Classic awaits, folks – buckle up!

Newmar King Aire

Have you ever imagined hitting the road in a rolling palace?

Imagine no more!

The Newmar King Aire could bedazzle you with luxury that's as wild as it can get.

Ever thought of exotic animal print interiors in an RV?

The King Aire makes it possible.

With options to customize your upholstery and decor, you could be lounging amidst zebra stripes or tiger patterns as you blaze across the country.

Not just pretty on the inside, this beast boasts a 600 horsepower engine to take you wherever your heart desires with ease.

And when I say "beast," I'm referring to this majestic motorhome, not a real jungle animal!

Now, let's talk customization:

  • Exterior Options: Choose from 10 eye-popping, full-paint Masterpiece Finish™ options.
  1. Traditional and contemporary styles available.
  • Interior Décor Packages: Four lavish packages to pick from.
  • Floor Plans: You've got four to choose from, including two new layouts introduced in 2023.

Did you catch that?

Each King Aire spans a grand 45 feet in length.

That's a lot of room for those exotic prints, right?

Shopping for your dream RV at places like Transwest?

You'll find the King Aire there, being described as Newmar's most opulent offering.

It's not every day you find an RV that pulls out all the stops!

If your dream has an address, why not the driver's seat of a 2023 Newmar King Aire?

Buckle up for the journey of a lifetime, surrounded by the wild luxury of animal prints that could rival any jungle king's lair.

Fleetwood Discovery LXE

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road with the luxury of exotic animal prints enveloping you?

Well, let me tell you about the Fleetwood Discovery LXE.

You can customize this beauty with interior designs that scream unique — yes, including those wild animal prints you love!

Why settle for ordinary when you can travel extraordinarily?

The Fleetwood Discovery LXE is more than just horsepower and a gorgeous chassis.

It offers:

  • A Freedom Bridge® chassis for exceptional driving quality
  • BrakeSync supplemental braking system for your safety

And get this, space isn't an issue with its full-pass through exterior storage with LED lighting — perfect for all your adventure gear!

Interior Details:

  • 84" interior ceiling height: Because nobody likes to feel cramped.
  • Polished solid-surface countertops
  • Hardwood cabinet doors and drawers: Bringing that homey feel on the road.

The master suite, oh the master suite!

It has a large wardrobe with a chest of drawers and full-length mirrors.

Let's not forget the approx. 170 sq. ft of storage in the master suite.

That's right, no need to leave your favorite outfit behind.


You bet!

Want a touch of the wild side with zebra or leopard prints?

Just say the word, and they'll whip up an interior that'll make you feel like you're on safari every single day.

So, picture this: You, cruising down the highway, with the power of a well-crafted machine, wrapped in the interior luxury of the Discovery LXE that's tailored just for you.

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

It's time to make that dream a reality.

Tiffin Allegro Bus

Have you ever dreamt of cruising the open roads in a mobile oasis that mirrors your unique style?

Let's talk about the Tiffin Allegro Bus, not just your average RV, but a movable feast for the eyes with customization that can include exotic animal prints on the interiors.

How wild is that?

Picture this: You're navigating the byways in a 2024 Allegro Bus.

It's not just the smooth ride on the PowerGlide Chassis or the cutting-edge safety features that make this RV a rolling fortress of security – it's the pure, unadulterated luxury.

Imagine sinking your feet into heated porcelain tile floors (a yes in cold weather!) after a day exploring the great outdoors.

Now, get a load of these numbers: interior height at a lofty 83 inches and matching interior width of 96 inches.

Spacious much?

You bet!

And the options!

If size matters to you, choose from floor plans up to 45 feet.

Bathroom options have you covered whether you revel in simplicity or thrive in a 'bath and a half' scenario.

  • Cabinet colors: Exquisite hand-crafted options.
  • Interior decors: From the subtle to the bold, including those chic animal prints.

And if you're looking for more evidence this RV is a beloved brand, just dip into the pool of rave reviews from Tiffin enthusiasts.

Each journey in the Tiffin Allegro Bus promises not just a change of scenery but an elevated living experience that moves you, both literally and figuratively.

So, why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Your next adventure awaits in a motorhome that answers the call of the wild with as much enthusiasm as you do.

Just imagine the stories you'll tell!

Winnebago Horizon

Have you ever dreamed of taking the wild with you on your road trips?

Well, with the Winnebago Horizon, it's like you're bringing a piece of the safari home!

Picture this: you're cruising in your Winnebago Horizon, but instead of the usual RV interior, you're surrounded by exotic animal prints.

Yes, you read that right!

Winnebago offers the option to deck out the Horizon's interior with patterns that'll make you roar with excitement.

  • Model Variants: You can choose from different floorplans, including a massive 42-footer with a TAG axle, or a slightly more compact 40-footer. Both options come with the robust Winnebago’s Maxum Freightliner chassis and have horsepower ranging from 400-450 HP thanks to the Cummins diesel engines.
  • Award-Winning Design: The Horizon isn't just another RV; it's an award winner! It was crowned as the 2018 "RV of the Year" by RV Business, largely due to its innovative design approach.

Winnebago has designed the Horizon to break away from traditional RV designs.

You get an exterior that ditches the swirls and patterns for a sleek, modern look.

And the interior?

Well, it's not just about the animal prints.

The Horizon features:

  • Bold Interiors: Rounded corners, shiny laminates, and huge windows that bring in the beauty of the outside world.
  • Customization Options: Fancy a zebra-themed lounge or a tiger-striped dinette? Say no more. They've got you covered.

Do you feel excited about turning heads at the campground?

The Winnebago Horizon might just be your ticket to a wild adventure.

Just imagine stepping into your RV, and instead of the usual look, your friends are greeted by the king of the jungle's print.

Who wouldn't want to safari-like that?

Thor Motor Coach Tuscany

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road with a touch of the wild?

Imagine lounging in a space that's as untamed as the destinations you're exploring.

With Thor Motor Coach's Tuscany, you can do just that.

Wrap yourself in luxury with custom interiors adorned with exotic animal prints that scream adventure.

Why settle for standard when you can go bold?

Think zebra stripes or leopard spots bringing your RV's interior to life.

It's not just about the aesthetics though; it's about the feel.

Imagine the soft textures under your fingertips as you relax after a day of exploration.

The Tuscany series checks off all the boxes for a high-end motorhome:

  • Spacious Floor Plans: Enjoy the freedom of wide-open living spaces. It's roomy, it's functional, and it feels just like home.
  • High-End Amenities: From polished porcelain tile to custom furniture, every detail ensures comfort.
  • Power and Performance: With the strength of a Class A diesel motorhome, the Tuscany is as powerful as it is beautiful.

Let's not forget the practical side:

  • Locate a Dealer: Easily find where you can get a closer look at this beauty.
  • Floor Plans and Options: Dive into the specifics with brochures and spec sheets.
  • Customization: Tailor this rolling masterpiece to reflect your personal style.

So, have you thought about what your Tuscany would look like?

The road is calling, and the Tuscany is ready to answer with a roar of elegance and a splash of wilderness!

Entegra Coach Cornerstone

Have you ever imagined hitting the road in a motorhome that combines both luxury and a walk on the wild side?

With the Entegra Coach Cornerstone, your dreams can take a leap into reality.

Take a seat—literally, because we're talking about an interior that can boast exotic animal print designs, tailored just for your taste.

How's that for adding a roar to your road trips?

So, what's all the hype about these beasts of the road?

  • Luxury on Wheels: The Cornerstone isn't just a treat for the eyes; it's the pinnacle of opulent living. We're talking premium leather, folks, with an option to add that zebra or leopard print that gives it that exotic touch.
  • Incredible Craftsmanship: You're getting the best of the best in terms of construction. These motorhomes are some real sturdy cats!
  • Top-Tier Comfort: Looking for a throne on the move? Heated, cooled, and massaging driver and passenger seats are available to make your journey as smooth as the purring of a kitten.
  • Power-Packed Performance: It's not just about the looks—the Cornerstone reigns in the 605HP engine category, a true king of the motorhome jungle.

Year after year, this model has clawed its way to the top, becoming the #1 selling coach in its class.

Just like a majestic lion stands at the top of the animal kingdom, the 2025 Cornerstone continues its reign, boasting both the roar of power and plush luxury.

Curious about the tech?

The Firefly Multiplex system with its touchscreen interface is sure to impress.

And who says a beast can't be graceful?

The quietest riding experience is partnered with the best handling you could ask for.

Now, imagine yourself behind the wheel of an Entegra Coach Cornerstone.

Picture that tiger stripe interior, the open road ahead, and nothing but adventure on the horizon.

Sounds quite tempting, doesn't it?

American Coach Eagle

Ever dreamed of hitting the road with style that's straight out of a magazine?

Let's talk about the American Coach Eagle, a true emblem of luxury RV travel.

With its customizable options, have you ever wondered about decking out your interior with exotic animal prints?

Imagine this: sumptuous seats wrapped in zebra stripes, panels in sophisticated leopard spots, and accent pieces reminiscent of a jungle safari.

It's all within reach with the Eagle's penchant for intricate customizations.

  • Engine: Boldly power through scenic routes with a Cummins® ISX15, roaring with 605 horsepower.
  • Transmission: Allison 4000 Series™ six-speed, ensuring a smooth ride as you coast from coast to coast.
  • Comfort: The most inviting driver and passenger seats around — tired of stiff backs and numb legs? Say goodbye to those road trip woes!
  • RV Types Available: Whether you're a solo adventurer or a family fun squad, choose from an array of models like the 38J, 40 EVS, 40 VF, or 40J.

Curated to maximize your comfort, the American Eagle puts the grand in grand tourer.

Dive into their lavish RV selection — the choice is as vast as your travel dreams, whether it’s fresh off the lot or pre-loved charm you're after.

Need an expert's pointer?

Check out YouTube reviews and walkthroughs for the lowdown on floor plans like the elegant 45K.

And remember, your adventure calls for an interior as wild and free as your spirit.

American Coach Eagle could be your ticket to the ultimate escape — so, are you ready to take the wheel?

Note: Remember to browse through user reviews to gauge real experiences, ensuring your decision is well-informed!

DRV Mobile Suites

Ever fantasized about cruising the highways with a touch of the wild decorating your living space?

Imagine pulling into the RV park and your home-on-wheels is the talk of the town, thanks to its exotic animal print interior.

Well, it's not just a dream!

DRV Luxury Suites lets you infuse your Mobile Suite with that safari vibe.

Wondering how wild it can get inside one of these luxurious RVs?

Think zebra stripes on your dinette chairs or maybe some leopard spots accenting your lounge area.

Now, don't worry about feeling like you're on an eternal safari; the designers know the art of subtlety.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty:

  • Construction: With high-end materials and craftsmanship, these RVs are built to last, handling both rugged terrains and diverse climates.
  • Customization: Let your inner designer run wild; whether it's tiger stripes or python patterns, you get to decide how exotic your interiors are.
  • Comfort: Despite the adventurous decor, comfort is king. The plush furnishings and high-tech amenities ensure you're living the luxe life, even in the middle of nature.
  • Awards: The DRV Mobile Suites 41FKMB was a "must-see" model in 2021, making waves in the RV scene.
  • Noteworthy Details: A robust suspension system ensures a smooth ride; no coffee spills even if you're traversing the Serengeti (or just bumpy backroads).

Every detail counts in the DRV Mobile Suites, from the capacious storage for your safari gear to the well-appointed kitchen where you could whip up a feast fit for a king (of the jungle, perhaps?).

So, ready to channel your inner wild side in style?

Your luxe, print-infused rolling residence awaits!

Foretravel Realm FS6

Ever dreamed of hitting the road in style, enveloped by an air of the exotic?

The Foretravel Realm FS6 could be your ticket to roam the country while wrapped in the opulence of exotic animal prints.

Imagine lounge areas and bedrooms as a canvas for your wildest design fantasies!

Let's talk specs, shall we?

Beneath the stunning façade, the Realm FS6 is built on a robust Spartan K4 Chassis— yes, that means stability and durability are a given.

We're looking at a 605 HP Cummins X15 Engine which peaks at 1,800 RPM.

That's some serious muscle for your adventures.

  • Engine: Cummins X15, 605 HP
  • Transmission: Allison 6 Speed MH 4000
  • Torque: 1,950 ft/lbs. @ 1,200 RPM

Got gadgets?

You betcha!

With Cummins Connected Diagnostics and Valid Air Suspension with VDC Control, modern tech keeps you humming smoothly.

And setup's a breeze thanks to the HWH Four Point Hydraulic Leveling Jack System.

So, where does your wild side fit into this?

The customization options!

Inside, there's room to let your creative spirit run free.

Picture this: leather seats with cheetah spots, or how about a zebra-striped backsplash in your mobile kitchen?

With a canvas this broad, the only limit is your imagination.

Oh, and if you're worried about safety, the Spartan Safe Haul system and a three-stage engine brake ensure you're as secure as can be on winding mountain passes.

To sum it up, Foretravel's Realm FS6 isn't just any RV—it's a roaming abode that can mirror your exotic dreams.

Aesthetic aside, you're backed by top-tier performance and tech.

Picture yourself steering this wild beauty, and tell me that isn't one exhilarating thought!