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Key Takeaways

  • RVs with built-in telescopes enhance the camping experience.
  • Advanced features marry comfort with celestial observation.
  • These vehicles offer a luxurious and educational stargazing experience.

Have you ever wished your RV came with a sky-high view?

Imagine parking at the perfect, remote spot and unlocking a world of celestial wonders right from the comfort of your motorhome.

Stargazing enthusiasts, rejoice!

The latest RV designs include built-in telescopes, allowing you to observe the stars from locations uninhibited by light pollution.

Your home on wheels is your gateway to the cosmos.

Sophisticated RV models now boast integrated telescoping observation decks, turning any campsite into an astronomer's paradise.

It's all about bringing the heavens a little closer to you.

Trust us; we understand the allure of the night sky.

That’s why we’ve scanned the universe of RVs to bring you those that go the extra mile.

With lavish interiors and high-tech scopes, these homes on wheels are not mere vehicles—they're your personal portals to the stars.



EarthRoamer XV-HD

Ever dreamed of stargazing in the most remote locations without sacrificing comfort?

The EarthRoamer XV-HD is your ticket to the stars, customized just for you!

Imagine pulling up to a secluded vista, extending your built-in telescope, and scanning the cosmos in luxury.

Why is the XV-HD perfect for stargazing?

It's built on a rugged Ford F-750 chassis, making it a true off-road beast.

Did you know it's handcrafted in Colorado to marine-grade standards?

That's right—this RV isn't playing around!

Let's talk specs:

  • Engine: 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 turbo-diesel
  • Transmissions: TorqShift HD six-speed automatic
  • Horsepower: 330 HP
  • Torque: 725 lb-ft
  • Drivetrain: 4WD with user-selectable transfer case for getting through rugged terrains.

And the amenities!

The details are impressive:

  • Customizable telescope mount: For your starry adventures.
  • Off-grid capabilities: Solar panels and battery banks let you wander without worry.
  • Marine-grade build quality: Durable and reliable for your peace of mind.

Heard about the price tag?

It's a cool $1.5 to $1.7 million, depending on your customizations.

Think of it as a marine-grade, terrestrial yacht.

So, if you've got the budget and the desire for unparalleled stargazing experiences, why not let the EarthRoamer XV-HD be your luxury basecamp among the stars?

Happy exploring, space rangers!

Airstream Classic

Have you ever dreamt of combining the luxury of modern living with the thrill of exploring the cosmos?

Say hello to the Airstream Classic, your perfect companion for stargazing escapades.

This isn't just any travel trailer; it's a ticket to the galaxy, letting you marvel at celestial wonders without leaving the comfort of your temporary home away from home.

Why settle for a regular RV when you can enjoy the view from large, panoramic windows specifically designed for stargazing?

Imagine kicking back in a plush recliner, a warm cup of cocoa in hand, as you peer out to observe Orion's Belt or the Milky Way.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

  • Luxurious Interior: Transform your stargazing into a posh experience.
  • Comfortable Amenities: Furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioners optimized for your needs.

Wait, it gets even better!

For the practical-minded among you, the Airstream Classic is reported to start at $191,500 in the 2024 lineup with features that blend the best of both worlds – RV travel and astronomy.

Built with winterization in mind, you're also covered during those chilly nights when the stars are just too good to miss.

Grabbing a telescope and adding it to an Airstream is like adding sprinkles to your favorite sundae – it just makes everything better.

Whether you’re an amateur astronomer or just love a good view of the night sky, the Airstream Classic is tailored to enhance your stargazing experience while ensuring you’re as snug as a bug in a rug.

Ready to hitch that telescope and hit the road under the stars?

Winnebago Boldt

Have you ever dreamed of tracing the Milky Way or spotting the rings of Saturn from the comfort of your own mobile observatory?

The Winnebago Boldt could be your cozy companion for those starlit adventures.

You might be wondering, "Is it spacious?" Absolutely!

With its thoughtfully designed floorplans, there's enough room to carry a portable telescope for your stargazing needs.

Why choose the Boldt for stargazing?

Its energy-efficient systems and the diesel-powered engine make it a reliable choice for those off-grid spots where the skies are clear and the stars are bright.

Here's what's on offer:

  • German-inspired Design: Named after Alexander Von Humboldt, the Boldt is all about exploration.
  • Energy System: Equipped with the Pure3 Advanced Energy System.
  • Spaciousness: Ample storage to stow away telescopic gear and all your essentials.
  • Comfort: A blend of comfort and innovation, tailor-made for the weary traveler.
  • Chassis: Mercedes-Benz® VS30 chassis for a smooth ride under the stars.

You won't be left wandering about the price tag either.

Starting at $199,064, it's an investment into countless nights of cosmic wonder.

No dealer search stress, either—the Boldt is available as DEALER STOCK ONLY, meaning you can find one at your closest authorized reseller.

Imagine setting up camp in a secluded spot, unfurling your telescope, and unlocking the secrets of the universe—all with the Boldt as your trusty sidekick.

Ready to become an astrotourist with your very own Boldt?

Leisure Travel Vans Unity

Have you ever dreamed of stargazing from the comfort of your own RV?

Meet the Leisure Travel Vans Unity, a Class C motorhome that combines luxury with comfort, making it the ideal home-on-wheels for astronomy buffs like you!

Imagine this: You're parked in a secluded spot far from the city lights.

What's next?

You grab your telescope and set up right inside the Unity, thanks to its flexible interior.

With the windows offering ample natural light by day and a view of the stars by night, it's like your personal observatory on wheels!

  • Base Price: $196,380 USD
  • Seatbelts: 2
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Exterior Storage: Up to 29 ft³ (820 l)

What makes the Unity a standout for a serene stargazing experience?

Well, the Unity is crafted on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis, ensuring a smooth ride to your perfect stargazing spot.

And once you're there, the three-piece dry bath and Leisure Lounge System ensure that you're comfortable, whether you're scouring the night sky or sipping hot cocoa on a chilly evening.

You'll be glad to know the Unity is not only about leisure and views.

It's anchored in safety with features like Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist, to name a few.

Securing your mobile sanctuary is a breeze at campgrounds, or if adventure calls, why not opt for a bit of boondocking in remote locales?

In essence, the Leisure Travel Vans Unity could be your ticket to the stars.

It's not just a motorhome; it's your passport to countless nights under the celestial wonders, all cozy and snug!

Grab your telescope, and let's embark on a stargazing journey beyond your wildest dreams.

How's that for a slice of the interstellar pie?

Thor Motor Coach Sequence

Have you ever imagined a mobile stargazing sanctuary?

Meet the Thor Motor Coach Sequence, your new best friend for those nights when the cosmos calls you.

With its spacious interior and large windows, the Sequence is practically begging you to bring along a telescope and get lost in the stars.

Now, let's talk about powering your nighttime adventures.

Thanks to its solar power system, you won't have to worry about running out of juice when you’re tracking constellations.

Isn't it great to have the sun charge your RV during the day so you can enjoy the night sky later?

  1. Key Features:
  1. Spacious interior for hosting stargazing equipment
  2. Solar power system for off-the-grid trips
  3. Large windows perfect for night sky viewing

Ever been in an RV that felt like a home away from home?

That's the Sequence for you.

It's got creature comforts that turn a vehicle into a cozy retreat.

And when you're parked under the vast night sky, these comforts mean you can stargaze in style and warmth.

Don't you hate it when your mobile data runs out just as you find the perfect stargazing spot?

The Sequence's Winegard® ConnecT 2.0 4G/Wi-Fi/Digital TV Antenna ensures you’ll have the connectivity to download star maps, stream astronomy podcasts, or even share your celestial finds on social media.

Why choose the Sequence?


This RV blends the need for modern amenities with the timeless thrill of stargazing.

It's ideal for keeping you charged, connected, and comfortable while you enjoy the universe's grand show.

So, pack your telescope and let the Thor Motor Coach Sequence guide you to the galaxies!

Coachmen Galleria

Ever daydream about a getaway where you can gaze at the stars from the comfort of your own space?

Well, Coachmen's Galleria might just be the ticket.

Picture yourself nestled in a luxury RV, strolling over to your portable telescope for a mesmerizing stargazing session.

This isn't just any Class B motorhome—Coachmen and Mercedes have teamed up to craft a vehicle that's a perfect blend of quality and comfort.

Let's talk specs, shall we?

The Galleria is built on a 3500 Mercedes Sprinter extended platform, which means you get both space and stability.

And with the "Blue TEC" turbo-diesel engine, you're looking at some clean, efficient travels.

Isn't it nice when you can enjoy the open road and be kind to the environment too?

Inside the Coachmen Galleria:

  • Embroidered adjustable headrests await you and your fellow travelers for those long drives.
  • Swivel seats—yes, that's right, 180 degrees of movement for the front and second row captain chairs. Talk about a dynamic living space!
  • Power/Heated front captain chairs—because comfort is key when you're journeying across the country.

You'll find that the Galleria is pet-friendly and has a cozy setup that includes a variety of seating options.

Now, about your telescope: The Galleria's ample storage makes it simple to bring along and set up your stargazing gear.

Not to mention, its advanced power systems are just what you need for powering your equipment during those starry nights.

Commit these numbers to memory: The 2023 Coachmen Galleria has a hefty price tag with an MSRP of $220,907, but it's the essence of luxury in a compact size.

Ready to start your astronomical adventures with this beauty?

Roadtrek Zion

Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to gaze at the stars from the comfort of your own RV?

The Roadtrek Zion is your ticket to the cosmos.

With its open concept and customizable interior, setting up a telescope becomes a walk in the park—or should we say, a gaze in the galaxy?

Why is the Zion a stargazer's dream?

It's simple:

  • Versatile Space: The floor plan is like a canvas for your adventuring needs. With plenty of room, your telescope can easily be accommodated whether you're parked by the lakeside or nestled in a mountain's shadow.
  • Solar Power: With the Zion, you're backed by a robust 400-amp/hour lithium battery system which can be charged with solar energy to power all your gear, including that telescope for night watching.
  • Large Windows: The importance of a clear view cannot be overstressed. Large windows in the Zion serve up a panoramic view of the sky, making your stargazing sessions delightfully immersive.

Picture yourself: After a day of exploring, you retreat to your Roadtrek Zion, grab a warm drink, and aim your telescope out of the generously-sized windows or set up outside under the vast night sky.

With zero setup hassle, you're ready to explore the universe.

Remember, great adventures begin with reliable companions and the Roadtrek Zion, with its 3.6L V6 engine and 9-speed transmission, promises to be just that.

This Class B motorhome challenges the norm, providing both maneuverability and homey comfort.

And so, fellow stargazing enthusiast, whether you're planning your escape now or contemplating tomorrows, the Zion whispers a promise of countless nights under the stars.

Wouldn't you agree it's the cosmic chariot you've been looking for?

Hymer Aktiv

Have you ever longed to gaze at twinkling stars from the cozy confines of an RV?

Well, the Hymer Aktiv might just be your dream observatory on wheels.

Picture yourself nestled inside this compact yet cleverly designed Class B RV, surrounded by all the comforts of home while you stargaze through a built-in telescope.

Why is the Hymer Aktiv perfect for you, the stargazing enthusiast?

It's all in the details:

  • Length: Just over 19.5 feet
  • Width: Nearly 7 feet
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 30 gallons
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 9350 lbs
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): 11,500 lbs

These numbers mean you're getting a mobile stargazing platform that's both snug and spacious where it counts.

Did you know the Aktiv's bed is a work of engineering magic?

You've got nifty underbed storage to stash all your celestial charts and astronomy gear.

And those cabinets?

Perfect for your star atlases and snack supplies.

The Aktiv takes 'smart use of space' to a whole new level, making no compromise on your comfort.

Ever fretted about light pollution interfering with your cosmic contemplation?

Worry not.

The Aktiv's blackout nightshades ensure that when the lights go down, your celestial show begins in pitch-perfect darkness.

And let's talk about breathability – those pop-out windows provide ample ventilation, making sure you stay cool as you chart constellations.

Adding to its ease of use, the location of the refrigerator is optimized so you can snooze with your head in just the right spot, setting you up for an evening of comfortable stargazing.

Let's not forget the efficient power systems that keep you charged and ready for nights under the skies.

In a nutshell, the Hymer Aktiv gets you snug and set for that serene slice of the night sky, making every stargazing adventure one to remember.

How's that for a stellar getaway?

Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4

Hey there, fellow stargazer!

Have you ever dreamt of whisking away to secluded spots and gazing up at the night sky enveloped in cosmos?

Well, the Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4 might just be your trusty sidekick on that adventure.

Why's that, you ask?

It's because it's more than your average camper – it's a rugged, go-anywhere haven that pairs perfectly with a portable telescope for those stellar views.

At first glance, the Mode 4x4 impresses with its off-road chops.

Imagine rolling over rocky landscapes and stubborn terrains, all while knowing your cozy nest awaits inside.

Need some more thrilling details?

  • Interior Height: Stretch out with a 6'3" clearance!
  • Wheelbase: A solid 144' means a balanced ride.
  • Ground Clearance: A generous 9.5" to the differential gets you over those pesky obstacles.
  • Tank Capacities: 21 gallons of fresh water and a 24-gallon grey tank.
  • How about continuous hot water? Yep, it's got that too!

Now, let's talk about your potential rooftop buddy.

With the ability to add an observation deck, your nights are about to get astronomically better.

Imagine an unfettered view of the Milky Way, with you perched atop your Storyteller, hot cocoa in hand and a telescope pointed towards infinity.

Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

This isn't just about the van though; it's also about the community you'll join.

Storyteller Overland plays host to meetups and courses, which means you'll be camping and star-searching with a bunch of like-minded explorers.

After all, the stars somehow shine brighter when you're sharing the moment, don't they?

So gear up, grab your telescope, and let the Storyteller Overland Mode 4x4 take you closer to the heavens than ever before.

Ready for a cosmic encounter?

Newmar King Aire

Have you ever longed to gaze at the stars from the comfort of your own luxurious motorhome?

Imagine having a built-in telescope mount right in your RV!

The Newmar King Aire isn't just a motorhome; it's a rolling observatory for stargazing aficionados like you.

  • Do you crave the finest leathers and quartz countertops in your travels? The King Aire delivers with full-grain Italian leather and super-polished quartz surfaces.
  • Ever dreamed of a walk-in pantry in an RV? The King Aire floor plan 4596 makes it a reality!
  • What about an optional Wolf coffee maker for that perfect cup as you wait for the stars? Check!

Stepping into the King Aire is stepping into a world of luxury.

It's designed to cater to those who accept nothing but the best.

This isn't your average RV; it's a 600 horsepower haven of sophistication.

  • Amenities? You're covered. Think of heated steering wheels for those chilly mornings.
  • Comfort and control? Absolutely. With an exclusive steel superstructure for improved stability, this motorcoach is a fortress on wheels.

Now, about the actual stargazing experience!

The King Aire can be tailored to include a telescope mount, ensuring your view of the cosmos is as grand as your living quarters.

Just picture it: a clear night sky, a cozy spot in your luxury RV, and the universe above you—served up with a side of unparalleled comfort.

Ready to explore the stars from the road less traveled?

Newmar King Aire can take you there – and beyond.