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Key Takeaways

  • RVs today offer built-in art galleries featuring local artistry.
  • Art-centric mobile living spaces combine culture with adventure.
  • Custom designs present functional art displays on the go.

Imagine hitting the road with a roving art exhibit in tow.

Ever thought of combining your love for RV travel with a passion for art?

Sleek RVs now double as mobile art galleries, showcasing local artists' works wherever your journey takes you.

It's the ultimate way to merge adventure and culture.

Your home on wheels can now be a haven for creativity, featuring built-in galleries displaying stunning artworks.

From functional Airstream studios to the spacious galleries in the Thor Motor Coach Outlaw Toy Hauler, these ten RVs offer an immersive art experience while providing all the comforts of home.

We're not just talking about pictures hung on a wall.

These RVs have been intricately designed with collaboration from artists, transforming every journey into an unfolding exhibition.

With spaces like the Winnebago Horizon and the Airstream Interstate Nineteen, art lovers can now traverse the country while being surrounded by inspiring pieces that rival stationary galleries.



Airstream Art Studio

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with your art?

Well, Airstream's got you covered with their unique concept of mobile art studios.

Picture yourself cruising in an Airstream travel trailer, but with a twist—it's not just for camping; it's a rolling art haven!

These custom RVs are what happens when you mix the classic American Airstream with a splash of creativity.

They're decked out with spaces specifically designed to exhibit art, and boy, do they make a statement.

Imagine parking up and inviting people to browse your gallery—on wheels!

Key Features:

  • Built-in Art Galleries: Your very own mobile exhibition space.
  • Partnerships with Artists: Collaborations that bring unique visions to life.
  • Traveling Exhibitions: Show your work from coast to coast.

Now, let's talk specifics.

These Airstreams are crafted with artists in mind, transforming the traditional RV experience into something truly picture-perfect.

Picture this:

  • A cleverly designed interior space for showcasing art.
  • Partnering with local artists to create a traveling canvas.
  • Easily accessible art whether parked in the wild or the heart of the city.

These Airstream Art Studios become a fusion of home, workspace, and gallery.

Plus, it's Airstream's renowned quality ensure your precious pieces stay safe on the journey.

Ready to start your adventure and share your art with the world?

Hitch up your trailer, and let's hit the road in style!

Thor Motor Coach Outlaw Toy Hauler

Ever imagined hitting the road with your own moving art exhibit?

The Thor Motor Coach Outlaw Toy Hauler turns that dream into a rolling reality!

Known for its unique blend of comfort and versatility, this toy hauler can easily transform its generous garage space into a sophisticated art gallery on the go.

Why choose Outlaw for your art adventures?

Let's take a peek:

  • Spacious Garage: Need room for sculptures, paintings, or installations? The Outlaw's garage space is ample, with the potential to showcase a variety of artistic works.
  • Floor Plan Options: Ranging from 30 to 38 feet, tailor your mobile gallery to the size of your collection.
  • Sleeping Space: After a day of sharing culture, rest up in the distinct sleeping quarters—a blend of practicality and style.

Featuring a hearty 4x4 turbo diesel engine, the Thor Outlaw provides the muscle to haul more than just art.

Whether you're traversing city streets or exploring untamed landscapes, this Ford® Super C motorhome has the power to take you and your mobile art exhibition anywhere.

Got toys?

The Outlaw doubles as a traditional toy hauler.

But if art's your passion, the flexibility to convert the space to feature local artists as you travel sets the Outlaw apart.

Imagine the stories you'll tell and the people you'll meet!

Interested in the finer details?

At a starting price of $287,850, you're investing in a lifestyle, the thrill of discovery, and the joy of sharing beauty across every mile.

Transform the Outlaw into a haven for art enthusiasts and a beacon of creativity.

Isn't it time your travels became as expressive as the artwork you adore?

Winnebago Horizon

Have you ever imagined combining the thrill of the open road with the sophistication of an art gallery?

The Winnebago Horizon might just pique your interest.

With its luxury features and modern aesthetics, this RV has become a canvas for creativity for art-loving travelers like you.

Why exactly is the Horizon your potential mobile art gallery on wheels?

Let’s zoom in:

  • Sleek Interiors: The Horizon's design boasts clean lines and minimalist charm, providing a neutral backdrop for vivid artworks.
  • Spacious Walls: Your traveling exhibition needs room to breathe, and the Horizon's wall space offers that in spades.

Transform your Horizon into an art sanctuary:

  1. Select your pieces. Pick local artists' works that speak to you.
  2. Customize the layout. Designate areas for feature installations or rotating exhibits.
  3. Light it right. Opt for adjustable lighting to highlight your mobile collection.

With the Horizon’s customizable features, fitting an art gallery into your RV isn't wishful thinking—it's a reality.

Imagine pulling up to a stunning vista and enjoying local art inspired by the very scene outside your window.

Don't just travel; celebrate the places you visit by becoming a roving ambassador for local artistry.

Remember, the best part of this adventure is sharing it with others.

So why not invite fellow travelers for an art show at your next pit stop?

With the Winnebago Horizon, art and adventure are no longer mutually exclusive—they're a perfect pair.

Now, who said road trips can't be classy?

Newmar Dutch Star

Hey there, road art enthusiast!

You've got a penchant for combining the freedom of the open road with the elegance of art, right?

The Newmar Dutch Star could be your dream canvas.

Imagine cruising through the countryside with your own rolling gallery.

Let's get into what makes this RV so special for art lovers like you!

Features & Specs:

  • Chassis Options: Choose between Freightliner® or Spartan®.
  • Engine: A robust 450-horsepower diesel with 1,250 lb./ft. of torque.
  • Lengths: Options ranging from 38 to 43 feet.
  • Floor Plans: Pick from 8 diverse layouts.

Ever thought about having a chic art showing right in your living space?

Inside, you'll step onto a tile floor which provides a sturdy and stylish foundation for your interior design and art pieces.

The attention to detail in the Dutch Star's interior is nothing short of a masterpiece.

With hardwood raised panel doors and decorative wall art as a part of the mix, your mobile gallery will feel nothing less than exquisite.

Customize the space to your taste; maybe hang a series of landscape paintings acquired from local artists in each new city you visit?

Art Display Tips:

  • Use the wallspace above the sofa and dinette for featured pieces.
  • Smaller works? Consider the bedroom and bathroom for intimate viewings.
  • Lighting is crucial! Make sure to highlight your art with the right fixtures.

Remember, showcasing local art as you travel not only personalizes your space but supports the art community.

The Newmar Dutch Star gives you the luxury of living in an artful ambiance combined with the thrill of exploration.

Happy travels, and may your RV be as expressive and vibrant as the places you visit!

Forest River Berkshire

Have you ever dreamt of waking up to a new masterpiece every morning, as you journey across the country?

With the Forest River Berkshire motorhome, that dream is practically your reality.

Imagine cruising in a vehicle that's not just a mode of transport but a rolling exhibition of local artistry!

Why just display your favorite pieces when you can keep discovering more?

The Berkshire presents a spacious and elegant canvas for your roving art gallery.

Picture this: glossy hardwoods and plush furnishings creating the perfect backdrop for stunning visuals.

The roomy interiors scream 'gallery', don't they?

Here's the scoop:

  • Triple slides: More slides mean more space, and more space means more art!
  • King Bed: Even the bedroom could be an art haven (just make sure not to lean on the artwork when you hit snooze).
  • Residential Refrigerator: Keep your snacks cool while you gallery hop from your couch to your dinette.

And let's be real, the idea of a fireplace just below a dazzling display brings a cozy ambience that your local art gallery might envy.

Plus, with a practical pull-out countertop extension, hosting a traveling art show for your new campground friends is as easy as pie.

Don't forget, the Berkshire isn't shy on details; with sumptuous decor and attention to detail, every corner can become a story of its visual journey.

Isn't it cool to think you could be wandering through the forest one day and showcasing a painting of the very scene the next?

With a Berkshire, you're not just on an adventure—you're a mobile patron of the arts!

Get ready to inspire and be inspired, right from the driver's seat.

Tiffin Allegro Bus

Have you ever dreamed of taking the beauty of an art gallery with you on the open road?

Imagine your very own moving exhibition, featuring stunning pieces from local artists no matter where your travels take you.

Well, with the Tiffin Allegro Bus, that dream can become a reality!

Why the Tiffin Allegro Bus?

  • Space: The interior of the Allegro Bus is like a blank canvas, offering ample room for display screens and artwork. Its floor plans up to 45 feet in length mean you’ve got the 'walls' to showcase some serious creativity.
  • Customization: With its four unique floor plan options, you can tailor the space to suit your mobile gallery vision. Want to stand out with a bold layout? Or perhaps a more traditional gallery flow? You're the curator here!

Luxury Meets Creativity: This isn't just any RV; it's a luxurious and comfortable space designed to make the long stretches of road feel like a breeze.

As you display local artistry, enjoy the Tiffin Allegro Bus's high-end features such as:

  • Built-in Eclipse module for remote operation
  • Wi-Fi options like Starlink Pro for unlimited satellite internet

Crafting your gallery on wheels?

Keep these Tiffin Allegro Bus specs in mind:

  • Length: Ranging from 37' 5" to 45'
  • Bathrooms: Choose from one or a bath and a half
  • Floor Plans: Four options to find your perfect fit

Don't just travel; inspire and be inspired!

As you roll from coast to coast, your Tiffin Allegro Bus can bring art to every corner, making every stop an opportunity to share beauty and connect cultures.

Ready to hit the road and spread the love of art?

Your new gallery on wheels awaits!

Fleetwood Discovery LXE

Have you ever imagined taking the comfort of an art gallery on the road with you?

With Fleetwood Discovery LXE, that dream can become your reality.

This posh RV isn't just about taking you places; it's about bringing sophistication and culture right along with you.

Why settle for looking at the same old scenery inside your motorhome?

Your walls can display an ever-changing exhibit of local artists as you travel.

Fleetwood Discovery LXE's upscale interior is not just spacious; it's a blank canvas, literally!

The natural wall spaces can be converted into mini art galleries, isn't that neat?

  • Spacious Interior: Perfect for showcasing art.
  • Customizable Walls: Design your own on-the-go gallery.
  • Modern Design: Complements your artistic taste.

You'll adore the freedom it gives you to express your aesthetic flair.

Whether you're a fan of abstract paintings or traditional landscapes, you can curate your collection to match your mood or your destination.

Will it be sunsets by the sea this week or vibrant cityscapes?

You pick!

Here's the kicker: You don't have to trade comfort for style.

Fleetwood Discovery LXE also boasts luxurious features that ensure you travel in ease, with premium amenities at your fingertips.

And when it comes to entertainment, you have more than just visual art to enjoy with their array of options from a fully-equipped kitchen to entertainment systems.

So, ready to hit the road and showcase some fabulous art?

Your personal rolling gallery awaits in the form of the Discovery LXE.

What would be the first piece you'd showcase?

Remember, there's more to explore, and your artistic journey is just beginning.

Happy trails, and happier curating!

Airstream Interstate Nineteen

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with all the comforts of home and a moving display of beautiful artwork?

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen could be the stylish RV you’re looking for.

This luxurious Class B motorhome isn't just for travel; think of it as your personal mobile art gallery!

Why choose Interstate Nineteen?

  • Dimensions: At a neat 19 feet in length, it fits comfortably into standard parking spots, making it a breeze to bring your roving art exhibit to unexpected places.
  • Interior: The classy cabinetry and Corian® countertops offer a minimalist backdrop, perfect for highlighting local artworks.
  • Functionality: A spacious bathroom and a large, comfortable bed ensure you live in comfort while showcasing your art collection.

Can you imagine waking up surrounded by inspiring art and then sharing it with others as you sip your morning coffee?

With the Airstream Interstate Nineteen, you’ve got a flexible space that can become an intimate venue for art lovers.

Key Features:

  • Sizeable bed area for relaxation
  • High-end finishes add class to your gallery
  • Efficient use of space for art displays
  • Built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis, renowned for its reliability and performance

And when it's time to set up for an exhibit, you'll appreciate how easily this RV maneuvers, even into tight city spaces.

So, ready to travel with a touch of culture?

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen might just be your ticket to a moving masterpiece!

Leisure Travel Vans Unity

Have you ever fantasized about cruising the countryside with your very own rolling art exhibit?

Imagine showcasing an array of captivating local art right inside your mobile abode.

The Leisure Travel Vans Unity turns this dream into a reality, offering a luxurious yet customizable space perfect for art enthusiasts on the go!

Why settle for traditional gallery visits when you can have an ever-changing backdrop for your favorite pieces?

With the Unity, you can:

  • Admire artworks nestled between sleek wood cabinets and plush furnishings—talk about traveling in style!
  • Transform the Unity's versatile interior to highlight sculptures, paintings, or photographs.
  • Dazzle your guests with the 40" Pop-up TV that can double as a digital gallery display.

Here's a quick look at some specs that make the Unity stand out:

Feature Description
Chassis Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500
Sleeps 2
Seatbelts 2
Exterior Storage Up to 45 ft³ (1,267 liters)
Engine 2.0-L Turbocharged I-4 Diesel
Transmission 9G-Tronic Automatic
Safety Features Active Lane Keeping, Brake Assist, Attention Assist

Isn't it brilliant to have a comfy retreat that not only takes you places but also gives you the opportunity to delight in inspiring art?

And let's not overlook the Unity's commitment to safety with features like Active Lane Keeping Assist.

Your masterpieces are protected, just like you.

Is the Leisure Travel Vans Unity your next canvas for adventure?

Imagine having a tailored, elegant space where beauty and functionality meet, allowing you and your guests to engage with art unlike ever before.

Get ready to hit the road and let your inner curator shine!

Roadtrek Zion

Have you ever imagined showcasing your love for art even while zipping along the highways?

Picture this: a Roadtrek Zion, not just any standard Class B motorhome, but your personalized, roaming art gallery!

Why choose the Zion for your artistic adventures, you ask?

Well, it's like a Swiss Army knife for the road-savvy artist.

The open concept floor plan is a blank canvas, perfect for displaying locally-sourced artwork.

Plus, it's built on a RAM Promaster 3500 159" EXT Van chassis with a 3.6L V6 engine, meaning you’ve got reliability with a zesty 9-speed transmission to get you to each exhibition on time.

Consider the Zion's manageable size — not too big, not too small.

This makes parking in urban art districts a breeze.

And though it might seem compact, the interior is astonishingly adaptable.

You can curate a charming little gallery inside, making use of built-in features such as:

  • Ample wall space for hanging paintings or photographs
  • Flexible storage options for sculptures or ceramics
  • Lighting systems to highlight your artwork

On the tech side, there’s the Firefly coach control system, allowing you to monitor your mobile gallery conditions easily, ensuring your art stays in pristine condition.

Plus, modern conveniences like GPS Navigation, and media connectivity via Android Auto and Apple Car Play add just the right modern touch to your mobile art haven.

Remember, in a Roadtrek Zion, you're not just embarking on another trip; you're bringing creativity and culture to every corner you visit.

Isn't it thrilling to think that your next masterpiece could be discovered in a parking lot in Paris, Texas, instead of Paris, France?

Now, that’s a story worth sharing, don’t you think?