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Key Takeaways

  • Solar and wind power offer independence from traditional energy sources for RVs.
  • Modern RVs can be fully equipped with solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Renewable energy solutions in RVs are both eco-friendly and cost-effective over time.

Imagine a life on the road with no fuel stops, no electrical hook-ups, just the freedom of the sun and wind powering your home on wheels.

Sounds liberating, doesn't it?

You’re no longer tethered to the grid with a solar and wind-powered RV.

These green machines offer the promise of long-term savings and the allure of eco-friendly travel.

Ever wonder how reliable solar and wind power can be for your mobile abode?

You're in good company.

Many adventurers and road-warriors are turning to RVs that utilize solar panels and wind turbines to meet their energy needs.

These renewable energy sources provide a self-sufficient solution that's not only kind to your wallet over time but also to Mother Earth.

Dive in with us as we explore rigs that are leading the charge in sustainable travel.

You'll be surprised at what's available, and how this responsible choice can add to your adventure, not limit it.



EarthRoamer XV-HD

Have you ever dreamed of a home on wheels that harnesses the power of the sun and wind?

Let's talk about the EarthRoamer XV-HD, your eco-friendly fortress of freedom.

Under the hood, this beast boasts a 6.7-liter Ford Power Stroke turbodiesel V-8 engine, but what's truly jaw-dropping is its green power capabilities.

Here's what makes it a titan of the off-road world:

  • Solar Panels: Look up, and you'll find a sprawling 2,100 watts of solar panel array. Whether you're parked in the Mojave or chilling by the Rockies, those rays are turning into usable, clean energy.
  • Battery Power: This isn't just AA batteries; we're talking a mammoth self-charging 20kWh battery bank. It's the electric heart pumping life into your gadgets and essentials, all without a plug in sight.
  • Wind Power: On request, wind turbines can twirl into action, giving you that extra juice when the sun clocks out.

But wait, there's more!

EarthRoamer didn't just stop at power:

  • The XV-HD claims its throne atop a Ford F-750 chassis, giving it that brawny posture on any terrain.
  • Space is no issue, with an interior so roomy you could tango in it. Onboard, you'll find marine-grade build quality—because your RV should withstand more than a drizzle.

Finally, it's a reservoir on wheels with a 250-gallon water tank and a 115-gallon fuel tank—because who likes to stop?

Imagine the feeling of never having to find a power outlet again, all while reducing that carbon footprint.

With the EarthRoamer XV-HD, you're not just traveling; you're pioneering a future where the open road and sustainability go hand in hand.

Now, isn't that a dream worth pursuing?

Living Vehicle PRO

Have you ever wanted to cut ties with the grid, but still live in total comfort?

Enter the Living Vehicle PRO, a game-changer that meshes luxury with self-sufficiency.

It's got a solar-powered heart that keeps you energized wherever you roam.

Curious about what makes it tick?

Let's dive in!

Imagine your home being powered by the sun, day in and day out.

The PRO isn't just an RV; it's a solar powerhouse.

With a whopping 47.66 kWh energy capacity, your appliances will hum smoothly without a care in the world.

And double the inverter power?

That's right, your coffee maker and microwave can run simultaneously without a hitch.

But what if the sun takes a day off?

No worries!

The PRO is prepped with integration for a wind turbine.

Mother Nature's whims won't put a damper on your adventures.

Plus, an optional generator is there for that extra peace of mind.

Feature Specification
Solar Energy Capacity 47.66 kWh
Inverter Power Double standard amount
Off-Grid Capability ✅ Continuous
Wind Turbine Optional Integration
Generator 5.5 kW (optional)
Starting Price $349,995

Need some numbers to impress your pals at the campfire?

The innovative tech cradled in the PRO's chassis is comparable to what you'd find in a high-end electric vehicle.

Yup, we're talking automotive-grade lithium technology.

So whether you're looking to scale mountains, cross deserts, or just escape the urban jungle, the Living Vehicle PRO beckons.

It's more than an RV; it's your off-grid palace on wheels.

Ready to make a power statement?

Winnebago e-RV

Have you ever dreamt of cruising in an RV that sips sunshine for breakfast?


Meet the Winnebago e-RV, your new travel buddy.

This eco-friendly chariot is paving the future for sustainable travel with its all-electric appetite.

Key Features:

  • Solar Power: With the sun as its main energy source, it flaunts solar panels on the roof. Soak in those rays!
  • Electric Drivetrain: Say goodbye to gas stations and hello to electric charging with the Ford E-Transit-based powertrain.
  • Innovative Energy Management: When you're nestled in the woods, the e-RV's power systems work magic to keep you lit and cozy.

Curious about the perks of going green?

Here's the scoop:

  • Zero Emissions: Oh, the places you'll go without leaving a trace of carbon!
  • Silent Running: Listen to the birds, not your engine; tranquility is your travel mate.
  • Off-Grid Capabilities: Tuned into nature but not tuned out. Your gadgets stay charged up, even when you're out there exploring the wild yonder.

Remember, while it's a solar powerhouse, the e-RV can twirl with the wind by integrating wind power for that extra energy boost.

It's the perfect tag team!

Jam-packed with energy-efficient tech and designed for your comfort, the e-RV by Winnebago might just be the trailblazer rolling you towards tomorrow's adventures.

Could the open road get any sweeter?

I think not! 🌞🚐💨

Bowlus Terra Firma

Ready to hit the road with the sun as your co-pilot?

Let's talk about the Bowlus Terra Firma, a travel trailer that's making waves with its solar savvy.

Starting at $285,000, this beauty isn't just a rolling luxury condo; it's a testament to eco-friendly travel.

Ever fretted over battery life?

Worry no more, as the Terra Firma boasts a Bowlus Power Management System.

This means you've got the juice to keep your journey going even when plugs are nowhere to be found.

Now, how about solar power?

The Terra Firma can absorb up to 480W with optional solar panels.

Think about it—that's enough to keep your lights on, fridge cold, and gadgets charged, all with the power of the sun.

  1. Standard features:
  1. Advanced air and water filtration systems
  2. Pet-friendly accommodations
  3. Energy-efficient appliances

Need to stay off-grid but not ready to give up A/C?

No stress!

The Terra Firma has got your back.

And, for a touch of home—or maybe even a bit of spaceship—you get a five-inch touch screen display to monitor your power system.

If you're itching for more solar input, a 120 W portable solar panel fits snugly in your closet.

Need more?

Just twin it up for a total of 240 W.

What's more, the Terra Firma isn't just about roughing it with luxury.

It's about journeying sustainably, and who says you can't splurge a bit on living well while being kind to Mother Earth?

Eager to lounge under massive skylights or indulge in pet-friendly features?

The Terra Firma makes sure all family members, on two legs or four, live in ultimate comfort, and let's be real, who doesn't want that?

Off Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0

Have you ever dreamed of roaming the unbeaten path, all while harnessing the power of the sun and wind?

The Off Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0 is built just for that.

With its solar power system, you can say goodbye to traditional energy worries and hello to sustainable travel.

This isn't your ordinary trailer:

  • Construction: Imagine a body of aluminum strong enough to handle the elements, all mounted on a 4-inch C-channel steel frame. It's powder-coated for extra durability.
  • Clearance & Departure Angle: With 21 inches of ground clearance and a 50-degree departure angle, it's adept at tackling rough terrain.
  • Energy Solution: The standard solar panels keep you powered up. Want more? You've got the option to add wind turbines!

Inside, you'll find comforts that defy the rugged exterior.

A queen-size bed ensures a good night's sleep, while plenty of storage space means you can carry all your must-haves.

And get this, the kitchen comes with a dual burner cooktop and a 55L fridge.

Want numbers?

The base price sits at $34,750.00 for a set-up that turns heads and conserves energy.

It's all about letting you stay off-grid longer, pushing boundaries, and making memories.

Are you ready to embark on an adventure where only the sun and wind guide you?

The Expedition 2.0 could be your ticket to that dream!

Airstream Classic

Looking to hit the open road without leaving a hefty carbon footprint?

You're in luck!

The Airstream Classic is no ordinary RV; it comes with a punch of green power.

With an optional setup of solar and wind energy systems, you can lounge in luxury while staying friendly to our planet.

Curious about the specifics?

Let's dive in.

First off, you've got the solar system.

Imagine catching the sun's rays with an expansive solar panel array designed to fuel your wanderlust.

We're not just talking about a couple of panels either.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a robust system that's just perfect for your off-grid adventures.

What about when the sun ducks behind a cloud?

No problem!

The addition of wind turbines means you can keep charging, even when the weather doesn't play ball.

And with energy-efficient appliances inside the Airstream, you're using what you're generating super effectively.

It's about making the most of what mother nature offers, right?

But I hear you asking, "Where does all that energy go?" Straight into a large battery bank, my friend.

This isn't just any battery setup; it's designed to keep the lights glowing and your gadgets charged for the long haul.

Let's recap:

  • Solar Power System: Customizable and powerful.
  • Wind Turbines: Optional, for that extra energy kick.
  • Efficient Appliances: Because every watt counts.
  • Large Battery Bank: For energy storage that lasts.

Power up your Airstream Classic, and you're ready for eco-friendly travels that don't tether you to the grid.

Sounds like freedom on wheels, doesn’t it?

Keep rolling sustainably, my friend! 🌞💨🚌


Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road in an RV that harmonizes with nature?

EcoRoamer might just be the adventurer's solution you're looking for!

This house-on-wheels takes going green seriously.

Imagine you're planning a globe-trotting journey with minimal environmental impact.

The EcoRoamer is built with this mission at its core.

Recycled parts?


Thriving on renewables?

Absolutely—thanks to its 2kW solar panels, you're set to harness the sun's energy.

And let's talk about the muscle: a biodiesel engine.

It's not your everyday RV engine, as this one runs efficiently on B100 biodiesel.

Now, you could wonder about mileage—well, despite a hefty driving weight of 34,000 pounds, it manages about 6.5 miles per gallon.

But fear not, because the two fuel tanks can carry up to 130 gallons!

That's plenty to get you from cozy campfires to secluded scenic vistas.

But that's not all; the off-grid power isn't just a dream.

Picture yourself surrounded by nature, not a power line in sight, and still enjoying all your gadgets and comforts, thanks to a robust battery system.

Plus, the energy-efficient appliances ensure you spare resources without sparing the experience.

It's like having the cake and eating it too, right?

So grab your map, pin your destinations and let the EcoRoamer take you there with a touch of eco-friendly class.

Who said you can't enjoy modern comforts while being kind to the planet?

This RV begs to differ!

SylvanSport VAST

Have you heard about the SylvanSport VAST, the rolling marvel of modern eco-friendly trailers?

It's not just another boxy-shaped camper – it's a true bundle of innovation in a compact, towable package.

Decked out in a lively bright green, the Vast captures eyes and imaginations wherever it parks.

But hey, let's talk about what makes this camper stand out, especially for you eco-conscious adventurers out there!

First up, solar power.

The VAST comes with 800W of solar panels, turning sunshine into your personal power grid.

Charge up the built-in lithium-ion battery system and keep your gadgets going without a hitch.

  • Solar panels: 800W
  • Battery: Lithium-ion

Inside, it's not just about sustainable living; it's about comfort too.

Imagine waking up in one of the two actual queen-sized beds, stretching out, and then peering through the massive tilt-open windows – it's like bringing the outdoors in, without the bugs.

Want to bring your kayaks, bikes, or even a small motorbike?

The VAST has an expansive gear garage, accessible via a large rear hatch.

Store all your essentials without ever feeling cramped.

And if you're really looking to cut the cord from traditional power sources, there's the option to integrate wind power with your setup.

Now, isn't that something?

To sum it up real quick:

  • It's an eye-catcher with functionality at its heart.
  • You can wake up in a queen-sized bed.
  • Charge devices with the sun, and maybe even the wind.
  • Stash all your adventure gear without a space worry in sight.

What started back in 2004 as a vision to make the outdoors more accessible has evolved into this beauty.

The SylvanSport VAST is a game-changer for nature lovers who don't want to leave a trace.

Ready for your next eco-conscious road trip?

Happier Camper HC1

Looking for a way to hit the road without leaving a carbon footprint?

The Happier Camper HC1 might just be the travel companion you've been dreaming of!

Introduced in 2015, this nifty little trailer has been turning heads with its stylish design and eco-friendly power options.

Do you love the sun?

Well, the HC1 loves it too!

With the solar package, you can catch some rays to power up.

Imagine this: a solar panel on the roof soaking up the sunshine, feeding a battery that keeps your adventure energized.

You can charge phones, power a small fan, or keep the lights on for a cozy evening read—all with the clean energy from the sun.

But wait—there's more!

Here's the clincher: the option to integrate wind turbines.

That's right, with a little bit of engineering magic, you could harness the power of both sun and wind, taking off-grid living to the next level.

Let's talk about comfort.

Inside this retro-modern beauty, you'll find a modular set-up that'll make you feel like a Tetris master.

Want a queen-sized bed?

You got it.

How about flipping that space into a dining area when mealtime rolls around?

Just a few moves and voila—a place to enjoy your grub.

In case you're a numbers person, here's one for you: Prices start at $24,950.

A small price to pay for the versatility and eco-friendliness you get in return.

And if you're picturing yourself at a gorgeous national park, say Joshua Tree, imagine spending three blissful nights there, powered solely by renewable energy.

So, what do you think?

Could the HC1 be your ticket to guilt-free road trips and endless outdoor fun?

Let's make Mother Nature proud and set sail for sustainable adventures!

Taxa Outdoors Cricket

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road with all the comforts of home while also being kind to Mother Nature?

The Taxa Outdoors Cricket is your gateway to an eco-friendly adventure.

Imagine a travel trailer that not only turns heads with its NASA-inspired design but also keeps your gadgets powered with the sun and wind.

Weighing in at a mere 1,800 pounds, Cricket is a cinch to tow for most SUVs including the Subaru Outback.

It's designed to bring you close to nature without leaving a hefty carbon footprint.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Solar Power System: Stay charged with Cricket's integrated solar panels.
  • Wind Turbine Compatibility: For added eco-power, you have the option to harness the wind.
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances: Make use of on-board amenities without the guilt.
  • Compact Design: It's as space-efficient as a mini space station!

Cricket's compact yet rugged exterior is perfectly paired with a versatile interior.

The starting price of $34,500 reflects the quality and innovation packed into this habitat.

Plus, if you're keen on customization, you can build and price your very own Cricket, making it truly yours.

So why settle for the ordinary when you can have a unique, sustainable travel companion?

Whether you're planning for weekend getaways or long-term explorations, the Taxa Outdoors Cricket ensures you're ready for the journey while keeping your eco-conscious heart happy.

Ready to embark on that long-awaited road trip with a clear conscience?