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When your pop-up camper’s canvas has damage, you should know all the details on replacing it, including how much it costs on average to replace it.

Pop-up campers can see a lot of wear and tear with their fabric component being constantly folded in and out of the main compartment. When it comes time to replace it, you might not know where to start looking.

The truth behind the cost of replacing your camper’s pop-up canvas is:

  • Professional recanvassing, it can cost from $900-$2000
  • The cost depends on many factors
  • There are also installation fees
  • You might want to consider different fabric types

Replacing the canvas on your beloved pop-up camper is a big decision. You’ll need to know the average cost, the alternative repair, and what you can do to prevent damage and extend the lifetime of your canvas in the future.

Below we have created a guide using canvas repairman’s advice and fellow camper owner’s experiences in replacing pop-up canvas.



What is the Cost of Replacing a Pop-Up Camper’s Canvas

Pop-up campers are a great alternative to their larger, full-sized counterparts. These towable recreational vehicles (RV) are convenient for storage and transport and offer versatility in adventure travel.

There is one component key to pop-up campers that will need to be repaired or replaced with regular wear and tear; the canvas walls.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace The Fabric On My Camper

The price to replace the canvas on your popup trailer will cost between $800-$1500 depending on:

  • The material quality and type
  • Whether you are using an old canvas for a template
  • The manufacturer and model
  • Newer models may cost more

Additionally, you may opt to mail in your old canvas for maximum accuracy, which could cost up to an additional $300. Installation fees are also sometimes not included in the cost depending on the company.

Finally, you will have to decide whether you need the entire canvas replaced or just a panel or two.

How Do You Know It’s Time To Replace The Canvas On Your Camper

You might just be the type of owner who makes regular improvements on your camper RV and when things start to look a little worn and aesthetically less shiny and new, you will replace your canvas.

However, if you are looking for a sign that things are about to go south and want to avoid an untimely rip or hole in your canvas while you are in the great outdoors, here are some things you should look for.

  1. Your canvas zippers are starting to separate.
  2. Seals are becoming brittle and breaking.
  3. You took your camper out of storage and noticed mold and mildew buildup.

While there is a chance that a repair or wash might fix up these problems short-term, you don’t want to risk a disaster on your next trip and should eventually seek repair if the canvas is reaching old age.

What Kind Of Canvas Do You Use On a Pop-Up Camper

There are two materials commonly seen used in campers due to their durability and weatherproofing abilities: cotton and linen. It is a durable plain woven fabric that has a tight twill weave.

What Other Fabrics Are Worth Considering For Pop Up Campers

There are other fabrics that are commonly used in popup campers that can also be swapped for each other should a replacement be merited. Vinyl, canvas, and a combination of the two are the most used. Canvas gives a classic look but even a lot of touching can reduce the waterproofing due to the oils of our skin. Canvas also doesn’t crack in extreme weather.

Alternatively, vinyl is great at waterproofing and resists mildew, but because it doesn’t breathe as well as canvas, will cause moisture to build up on the inside. Vinyl can resist cracking up to -20F. Running a heater on the inside will keep the material pliable and help incidences of cracking.

What To Know To Get The Most Out Of Your Pop Up Trailer Canvas

If you have already made the $10.000 to $20,000 payment a new camper costs or even the $2,000 - to $10,000 a used one costs, then you’ll want to take care of your investment.

How To Prevent Damage To Your Canvas

To prevent damage to your canvas on your pop-up camper, there are a few preventative measures to ensure its long life.

  1. Perhaps the most important measure you can take to ensure the canvas’ lifespan is to air it out entirely between trips. Never close a damp or wet canvas into the camper. Even partially wet surfaces can cause mold and mildew. This is the number one reason the canvases need to be replaced.
  1. If you have a kitchen inside your camper, there is more opportunity for the interior of your canvas to be compromised. Be sure to deep clean the inside of the canvas between trips.
  1. Apply a vinyl coat protectant like Kiwi Heavy Duty Water Repellent. This will keep water out and protect its overall longevity while still allowing the fabric to breathe. Silicone bonds create a barrier and repel mildew and mold as well.
  1. When you first get your trailer, “water down” or let a good rain hit the canvas. This will help solidify the material and allow the fibers to tighten upon drying, making it even more waterproof.
  1. Check seams regularly upon purchase, before traveling, and while on the road. Bring a repair kit to patch this up in a pinch.

DIY Canvas Repair On a Pop-Up Camper

If you have decided it’s not yet time to replace your camper canvas and instead want just to do some repairs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you need a patch replaced, measure carefully and allow one additional buffer inch before ordering fabric. Then, order twice as much material as the repair should be made both inside and out.

If the damage is in a corner area or where two pieces of fabric join together, consider consulting a professional repair person.

Locate the right repair kit. Canvas repair kits come in all types, including canvas, vinyl, and window screen material. An owner's manual should tell you the exact type of material needed and may provide a manufacturer's repair kit.

Be sure your canvas is clean and dry before you begin repairs and that the damaged area has been cleaned free of threads or grime before proceeding.

Finally, you will need to restore the weatherproofing of the restored area with a protective coat of canvas water repellent.

Where to Purchase Pop-Up Camper Canvas Replacements

Camper canvas replacement can be found with many professional services. These are a few recommended by other weekend warriors.

Fabricover offers an easy interface to figure out the exact cost for your canvas when you put in VIN, make, or model. They also offer free shipping in the United States.

Bear Creek Canvas is one of the most reputable canvas replacement options in the market. They have a straightforward pricing structure and are generally the most economical out of many of the choices out there. They will also make a custom template out of your old canvas.

Popup Parts is a company that provides, as the name entails, many replacement parts for your camper including the canvas. They use materials made in the USA of high standard and service a wide variety of make and models.