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Key Takeaways

  • North Carolina’s natural beauty makes it a prime place for RV parks.
  • Four Paws offers the best RV camping in NC for dog owners.
  • Camp Hatteras offers ocean views at a fair price.
  • With proper safety practices, RV living can be rewarding and low-risk.

If you're searching for the ultimate RV parks in North Carolina, your search ends here! From game rooms to nature trails - these spots have it all.

Our favorite RV parks in North Carolina are:

  • Ocean Waves Campground
  • Camp Hatteras RV Resort
  • Raleigh Oaks RV Resort & Cottages
  • North River Campground
  • Four Paws Kingdom Campground
  • Waters Edge

As seasoned travelers, we have invested significant amounts of time seeking out the ideal parks to meet your family's RV camping needs. From lounge spots to outdoor grills and everything in between, our years of expertise give us insight into what it takes for an amazing RV park experience.



North Carolina RV Parks

For those who are veterans of RV travels or just beginning their recreational vehicle journey, North Carolina offers an abundance of beautiful and affordable places to park your rig.

With a plethora of spectacular outdoor activities, you'll be sure to find something for everyone at these marvelous RV parks.

North Carolina offers an idyllic setting for rest and relaxation with its picturesque parks, majestic mountain peaks, Atlantic coastline, and breathtaking landscapes!

If you're an RV enthusiast after the ultimate outdoor excursion, look no further than one of these parks! Here, you can delight in a variety of amenities, from top-of-the-line North Carolina BBQ joints to rejuvenating swimming pools, not to mention more woodsy activities such as hiking trails and hunting.

Ocean Waves Campground

Experience the charm of a family-run park.

This park is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful vacation away from it all. With its small size and low lot capacity, guests can expect an intimate experience.

Quick Facts

  • Address: 25313 Highway 12, Waves, NC, 27982
  • Number of lots: 72
  • Types of lots: Back-in and Pull-through sites
  • Price per night: $60-$70+
  • Available utility hookups: Water, sewer, electric (50amp and 30amp)
  • WiFi and mobile data rating: Excellent

What Sets this RV Park Apart?

With its unbeatable beach access, this North Carolina RV park is the perfect destination for a seaside vacation.

This campground is an excellent choice for those who favor convenience and comfort.

The power, water, and sewer services are all in great condition - ensuring you have everything necessary to stay comfortable.

Additionally, the concrete sites provide ample space and remain level due to excellent maintenance practices by staff.

Why Do Regulars Keep Coming Back to this RV Park?

With an impressive roster of long-time guests, this park has proven itself to be an underrated gem.

Many have been visiting year after year for over two decades - an impressive testament to the quality of service offered here!

If you head 30 minutes north, the historic town of Kitty Hawk awaits, with many restaurants and shops.

Things to Consider

  • There are a variety of dining experiences in the area if you're willing to drive.
  • This park offers wonderful 3-mile biking trails.
  • The pool is available for use in the summer months and is kept very clean.
  • When planning a trip to this Ocean Waves, book tickets in advance. Despite its modest size, the destination remains popular at peak times.

Camp Hatteras RV Resort & Campground

Discover a natural treasure of North Carolina that offers 1000 feet of oceanfront for your ultimate beach holiday.

Relax at the pool or marina, or take advantage of the dog park to get out into nature with your furry friend.

Quick Facts

  • Address: 24798 NC-12, Waves, NC, 27968
  • Number of lots: 400
  • Types of lots: Back-in and Pull-through
  • Price per night: $70-$110+
  • Available utility hookups: Water, sewer, electric (full hookups)
  • WiFi and mobile data rating: Excellent

What Sets this RV Park Apart?

Camp Hatteras is well maintained; management is highly praised for its excellent service!

The friendly staff provides quick responses to queries, making check-in a breeze with convenient online reservations available.

And should you need any supplies during your stay, never fear; the camp store has all of the essentials covered.

Why Do Regulars Keep Coming Back to this RV Park?

For a day of relaxation and breathtaking sunsets, the sound side of the park is just what you need.

Don't forget to stop by The Dough Shack, highly recommended by regulars, for the most delicious doughnuts.

Visiting the beach with your furry friends can be a great adventure! Dogs are permitted on the beach!

Bring along two or four-legged companions to create unforgettable memories of playing in the sand and soaking up some sun.

Things to Consider

  • If you want to take advantage of the stunning ocean views, make sure your RV or camper sits high so it can look over the high sand dunes. Otherwise, booking a spot on the first row up against the beach may leave you disappointed with what's in sight!
  • Campers should be mindful when strolling around the campground barefoot; there are burrs in the area. Burrs are small and sharp seeds that attach themselves to clothing or bare skin.
  • Take some time to visit the Cape Hatteras national park.

Raleigh Oaks RV Resort & Cottages

With Amish cottages, an array of recreational facilities, and luxurious amenities - such as a swimming pool, hot tub & billiard room – your stay will be nothing short of memorable.

Quick Facts

  • Address: 527 US Hwy 701 S, Four Oaks, NC, 27524
  • Number of lots: 102
  • Types of lots: Back-in and Pull-through
  • Price per night: $40-$70
  • Available utility hookups: Electric, sewer, water (full hookups)
  • WiFi and mobile data rating: OK/Poor

What Sets this RV Park Apart?

Campers will love the easy access to I-95 and its peaceful, picturesque atmosphere.

This well-maintained park offers spacious sites with prime views in a clean environment.

Plus, you can relax knowing that each RV has plenty of space from its neighbors for ultimate privacy.

Why Do Regulars Keep Coming Back to this RV Park?

Situated in an outstanding location, this establishment offers a bevy of recreational activities to ensure that you'll have fun.

Unwind in the swimming pool or hone your skills at miniature golf on their nine-hole course; challenge friends and family to billiards on one of two available tables.

An event center is also conveniently located here, allowing for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries!

Things to Consider

  • For eager shoppers, a convenient outlet located nearby will satisfy all retail needs.
  • Consider taking the back roads in Raleigh for an easier drive around the area; this route is likely to provide an alternate path with less highway congestion.
  • Visit Barefoot's Country Store & Grill for a great meal.

North River Campground

Located in the heart of nature, this park is an excellent destination all year-round.

Enjoy full hookup sites with river access for boaters and a massive fishing lake.

Don't worry about having to leave the campground for any reason; there's plenty on-site, like a pool and a selection of food.

Quick Facts

  • Address: 256 Garrington Island Rd, Shawboro, NC, 27973
  • Number of lots: 69
  • Types of lots: Back-in and Pull-through
  • Price per night: $35-$55+
  • Available utility hookups: Water, sewer, electric (50amp and 30amp)
  • WiFi and mobile data rating: OK

What Sets this RV Park Apart?

This campground is a great choice for outdoor adventurers looking to bring their pets along.

The infrastructure and maintenance are top-notch, with friendly staff always at the ready should you need assistance.

Plus, delicious food options like pizza and wings make sure your stomach will be just as happy during your RV camping stay! Meals always show up fresh and hot.

Why Do Regulars Keep Coming Back to this RV Park?

Weekdays at this destination offer a tranquil, low-key setting. Weekends get more lively and crowded.

With plenty of excursions available nearby and easy access to RV sites with alternating one pull-in and one back-in space, settling in and maximizing your time is simpler here than at many other North Carolina RV parks.

Things to Consider

  • This park is situated in an isolated locale that offers a peaceful environment due to its lack of noise.
  • North River welcomes families with children, as well as beloved pets.
  • Regulars suggest carrying cash for smaller purchases at the camp store.

Four Paws Kingdom Campground

Note: This campground is seasonal between March 17th and November 30th and has a minimum age of 18 for visitors.

Dog owners will find plenty of activity options at this western North Carolina RV vacation spot.

The whole place is like a big dog park. It is, without a doubt, one of the best RV parks in North Carolina for dogs.

A private pond allows for swimming, while agility courses offer a great way to exercise and have fun with their pup.

Additionally, the large open space offers ample room for roaming free-range throughout the day - guaranteed to tire out your pet come bedtime!

Quick Facts

  • Address: 335 Lazy Creek Rd, Rutherfordton, NC, 28139
  • Number of lots: 41
  • Types of lots: Back-in and Pull-through
  • Price per night: $40-$70 for RV lots
  • Available utility hookups: Water, sewer, and electric
  • WiFi and mobile data rating: Poor

What Sets this RV Park Apart?

Campers with canine friends can now enjoy a stress-free stay at this campground, as dogs are welcome everywhere - bathrooms included.

There is also ample opportunity for pup play and socialization with other visitors in a safe, clean outdoor environment featuring all of the glory of Western North Carolina.

Why Do Regulars Keep Coming Back to this RV Park?

Four Paws isn't just pet-friendly; it's pet-focused. They even have regular events.

One popular event is Barktoberfest, where you can sample delicious German cuisine while being entertained.

Keeping with the dog-centered services, this RV campground provides a convenient on-site solution for keeping pets clean and presentable with its complimentary dog wash and grooming stations.

At this location, you have full access to their fenced-in area.

Additionally, some RV sites offer an attached space for your dogs plus picnic tables for the humans; food options are also available through delivery services provided by the park.

Things to Consider

  • A convenient nearby town offers shops with all the necessities within a short drive.
  • Avoid an unexpected slip by bringing sturdy hiking shoes when trekking through damp hiking trails - the added grip will help you stay surefooted on slippery leaves.
  • Local wineries abound and offer a unique opportunity to explore the region's viticulture.

Waters Edge

Experience the stunning scenery of Bogue Sound, just a short drive away in Newport, North Carolina.

Waters Edge is the perfect place to take in stunning sunrises or romantic sunsets; located on Highway 24 and just a few minutes away from local beaches and towns, you won't see many RV campgrounds like it in North Carolina! Come explore its pier today.

Quick Facts

  • Address: 1463 Highway 24, Newport, NC, 28570
  • Number of lots: 86
  • Types of lots: Back-in and Pull-through
  • Price per night: $50-$70+
  • Available utility hookups: Water, sewer, electric (full hookups)
  • WiFi and mobile data rating: Great mobile, no wifi on the campground

What Sets this RV Park Apart?

Visitors can expect lush grounds with a recently renovated pier at this attractive, meticulously maintained RV camping trip locale.

In addition to its many amenities, the area offers community firepits and seating for those looking to relax or enjoy outdoor conversations.

Primarily designed as a haven for RV owners and long-term guests alike, it is an ideal destination all year round for RV rentals, too.

Why do Regulars Keep Coming Back to this RV Campground?

At this family-owned RV campground, peace and quiet are the norm.

With many permanent sites available and an adult environment with a fairly low number of kids and families, it’s perfect for a romantic getaway or relaxing retreat with friends.

Make the most of this isolated sound front park area for a truly serene experience.

Things to Consider

  • When planning your RV camping trip, consider bringing multiple sewer hoses for RV hookups - larger rigs may require up to three to establish sewer connections.
  • Military members can take advantage of exclusive discounts at this RV camping spot.
  • Make some quick visits to the nearby towns of Fort Macon and Beaufort.

Can You Park an RV on the Street in North Carolina?

No, it’s not allowed to park an RV on any public street in most cities in North Carolina.

You can park on private property with the owner's permission, but you must follow all applicable laws and regulations when doing so.

Some cities may have additional ordinances in place regarding vehicle parking. Be sure to check with local authorities for more information on a case-by-case basis.

There are plenty of amazing RV campsites in North Carolina; whether you’re looking for a pet-friendly spot or a serene, sound front view, you shouldn't have trouble finding somewhere safe and legal to park your rig.

Can You Live in an RV Park Year Round in North Carolina?

Yes, you can live in your RV year-round at an RV park in North Carolina if the park offers long-term site rental. RV camping stays over 180 days require special park policies.

Many parks offer seasonal or long-term stays and make a great home base.

However, there may be restrictions on living at RV sites depending on local zoning laws.

It’s important to check with the city and county before deciding to stay for a prolonged period; park owners do their best to keep their offerings in line with regulations, but it's always smart to check.

In addition, some parks require payment for utilities such as water and electricity - so make sure to factor these into your budget when planning an extended stay in RV campgrounds.

Where Does the Blue Ridge Parkway Start in North Carolina?

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469-mile scenic route that starts in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Cherokee, North Carolina, and ends at the Shenandoah National Park.

This winding road takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region and provides access to a state park or two and many outdoor activities like rock climbing.

Safety Tips for Sleeping in an RV in North Carolina

In the case of an overnight stay at a place that isn't one of the best RV parks in North Carolina, it is critical to practice personal safety.

Here are some 100% necessary steps to take to stay secure while RV camping:

  1. Be mindful of your surroundings wherever you go. Before parking for the evening, take note of where you are and watch out for any potential risks.
  2. Make sure to always lock your RV doors and windows when away from the vehicle or inside of it, as well as tucking the keys out of sight. This is a great way to keep your vehicle safe and secure!
  3. Plan ahead and make sure you have emergency supplies at the ready in case the unexpected happens during the night. Have a flashlight, first aid kit, extra batteries, and a spare tire conveniently stored away to help you get through any crises, such as running out of gas or getting stuck in the mud.
  4. Before settling down somewhere less traveled, let someone you trust know your location, final destination, and estimated arrival time. Check in with them after waking up and a second time once you arrive. If you stay out late into the night, periodically texting or calling this individual is highly encouraged for added security!
  5. Carrying basic tools, such as jumper cables and other roadside necessities, can be incredibly helpful in the event of a flat tire or dead battery. This way, you don't need to depend on outside help that could arrive too late - especially during night hours.
  6. Before you hit the hay in your vehicle/RV, make sure that all lights are switched off to protect against battery drainage; it's a dangerous situation if overlooked.