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Key Takeaways

  • The most fuel efficient RVs are the Winnebago Travato 59G, Thor Palazzo 33.5, RoadTrek Zion, Thor Motor Coach Tiburon Sprinter, Winnebago Paseo, and Damon Intruder.
  • Class B motorhomes are the obvious choice if gas mileage is the number one priority. But they are smaller and more compact, so they won’t work as well for larger families.
  • To get better RV gas mileage, drive with cruise control on, check the tire pressure, and pack lighter.

RVs are trendy and a lot of fun, but fuel costs can add up quickly. We recommend looking for the most fuel-efficient RVs to avoid increasing costs.

Class B RVs are typically known to be the most fuel-efficient models. But this is not always true, and we have listed the most fuel efficient RV options below.

  • Winnebago Travato 59G
  • Thor Palazzo 33.5
  • RoadTrek Zion
  • Thor Motor Coach Tiburon Sprinter
  • Winnebago Paseo
  • Damon Intruder

Fuel efficiency is one of the most critical factors for RV owners. The most fuel-efficient models will help save money and reduce costs spent moving around. Below, we will explain the RVs with the best gas mileage and other fuel-saving tips.



8 Most Fuel Efficient RVs (Best Options)

RVs are not known for being the most fuel-efficient vehicles, but some of the best options do prioritize the budget-minded user to reduce costs and increase expected gas mileage. The RV's construction and class determine this.

The class B RV is typically the most fuel-efficient but is not always feasible because they are small. We have ranked the eight best options below to help readers understand the most fuel-efficient RVs and how to save money on gas.

1. Winnebago Travato 59G - Class B

Winnebago Travato 59G
Winnebago Travato 59G

The Winnebago Travato 59G is a Class B motorhome with a durable Ram ProMaster chassis. It runs on a 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine and a six-speed automatic transmission.

According to the manufacturer, the Travato 59G has good gas mileage of around 18-22 miles per gallon. Driving conditions, speed, and vehicle weight can all impact fuel efficiency, but this is widely considered one of the best options.

RV Specifications

Exterior Dimensions: 21’ x 6.75’ x 9.33’

Wheelbase: 13.25’

Fuel Economy: 18-22 MPG

Fuel Capacity: 24 gallons

Towing Capacity: 3,500 pounds

What Sets This RV Apart

Because this is a class B RV, it’s not quite as spacious as other options. It would be a difficult option to rely on for longer journeys with guests.

It has compact sizing, an independent lounge area, and excellent performance features to help with fuel efficiency. It’s also built with roof and sidewall insulation, heated tanks, and upgradable insulated windows.

Benefits of the Winnebago Travato 59G

  • Versatile and works as an RV or daily driving vehicle
  • Highly efficient with solid seating options inside
  • Easily maneuverable for entry-level RV drivers
  • Flexible interior storage options

Drawbacks of the Winnebago Travato 59G

  • Limited interior space for more than four guests
  • Smaller fuel tank capacity

2. Thor Palazzo 33.5 - Class A

Thor Palazzo 33.5
Thor Palazzo 33.5

One of the most impressive and luxurious RVs on the market is the Thor Palazzo 33.5. This state-of-the-art RV offers many features, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy their travels in style with optimal gas mileage.

The interior of this model boasts beautiful furnishings and high-end appliances designed for maximum efficiency. This includes LED lighting, solid surface countertops, an electric stove, and a residential refrigerator.

Plenty of storage compartments are scattered throughout, so we can easily store all necessities without taking up any additional room. The interior has a set of 27”x74” bunk beds and a 60” x 80” queen master bed.

RV Specifications

Exterior Dimensions: 34.11’ x 12.1’ x 8.5’

Wheelbase: 17.4’

Fuel Economy: 13 MPG

Fuel Capacity: 90 gallons

Towing Capacity: 10,000 pounds

RV Performance & Fuel Efficiency

The Palazzo 33.5 RV offers good fuel efficiency, making it a more cost-effective option for long road trips. Owners of this RV can expect about 13 MPG, which is industry-leading among other Class A models.

When we consider the 30,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight and 10,000 pounds of towing this RV can handle, it’s easier to understand how solid this fuel economy is. It’s also easier to maneuver than some larger Class A motorhomes.

What Sets This RV Apart

This RV is equipped with a 90-gallon fuel tank, smaller than other class-A models. But because it rides efficiently, we can expect about 1,170 miles from each full tank.

Everything about this RV is built for longevity. It’s hard to find an RV of this size better equipped for the budget family looking to take a long trip while saving money on food storage, fuel, etc.

Benefits of the Thor Palazzo 33.5

  • Spacious interior with plenty of seating and sleeping areas
  • Comfortable, high-quality seating
  • Good storage options
  • High-end equipment and appliances
  • Above average fuel efficiency for a Class A RV

Drawbacks of the Thor Palazzo 33.5

  • Expect to pay a hefty price tag upfront to buy this RV
  • Smaller fuel tank than expected

3. RoadTrek Zion - Class B

RoadTrek Zion
RoadTrek Zion

The RoadTrek Zion is a lightweight, Class B RV offering impressive features and specifications to make your camping experience first-rate. Owners of this RV can expect 21 miles per gallon when hitting the open road too.

It has a sleek exterior design with its aerodynamic profile, stylish lines, and wraparound windows. The interior is cozy, but lacks space like some of the larger alternatives. But this is the ideal option to save on fuel costs.

We have also heard from many satisfied customers that this RV can get up to 25 MPG on highways. This will drop when changing terrains or taking this rugged vehicle off-road.

RV Specifications

Exterior Dimensions: 20.9’ x 9.5’ x 6.11’

Wheelbase: 13.25’

Fuel Economy: 21-25 MPG

Fuel Capacity: 24 gallons

Towing Capacity: 3,500 pounds

RV Performance & Fuel Efficiency

This RV has a shorter length than usual, so it’s more practical for daily driving needs. It also has an excellent fuel economy of 21-25 MPG, so filling up every week won’t break the bank.

Be aware of the limited interior spacing. It’s not suitable for long journeys because of the smaller gas tank and limited sleeping and seating spaces inside.

What Sets This RV Apart

The open interior design concept is a unique selling point. Despite the lack of size, the interior of this RV has an automatic propane heating system, power sofas, interior storage compartments, and reliable appliances.

Overall, the practicality of this RV is the primary reason why we rank it so high. The fuel economy is best in class and it’s an easy vehicle to drive and maintain.

Benefits of the RoadTrek Zion

  • 5-year unlimited mile warranty
  • Versatile handling for off-road and on-road terrain
  • Top-notch fuel economy
  • Compact sizing with a spacious, open interior

Drawbacks of the RoadTrek Zion

  • Not the best storage capacity
  • High price
  • Limited tank capacity

4. Thor Motor Coach Tiburon Sprinter - Class C

Thor Motor Coach Tiburon Sprinter
Thor Motor Coach Tiburon Sprinter

The Thor Motor Coach Tiburon Sprinter is one of the best class C motorhomes and provides an array of amazing features worth mentioning.

It has a great combination of luxury, spaciousness and convenience. As far as design goes, this Sprinter RV looks elegant and classy with its streamlined body shape and modern interior amenities.

The exterior is made of lightweight aluminum alloy which makes it easy to tow behind any vehicle. On the inside, there is a dinette with plenty of seating for up to 6 passengers plus a large bed and sleeping arrangements that can accommodate five people comfortably.

RV Specifications

Exterior Dimensions: 25.67’ x 11.17’ x 7.5’

Wheelbase: 14.19’

Fuel Economy: 20 MPG

Fuel Capacity: 26 gallons

Towing Capacity: 5,000 pounds

RV Performance & Fuel Efficiency

Most importantly, this RV offers great fuel efficiency thanks to its amazing MPG rating of 20 miles per gallon – helping reduce costs whenever you travel long distances. This is aided by the high-performance V6 engine.

It’s also equipped with a 5,000 pound hitch for towing needs. The Mercedes Benz safety package is also a notable performance feature because of the active braking, lane-assist, wet wiper system, and distance regulator.

What Sets This RV Apart

This RV is ideal for those looking for a quality recreational vehicle without sacrificing too much financially speaking. The Rapid Camp+ multiplex system also takes traveling long distances to a new level.

The upgraded air ride suspension helps with ride comfort and gas mileage too. Between the compact sizing, agility on the road, and spacious interior it’s hard to find a better Class C RV with this type of fuel economy.

Benefits of the Thor Motor Coach Tiburon Sprinter

  • Modern interior design
  • Compact and maneuverable sizing
  • Amazing fuel efficiency
  • Well-equipped with everything needed for a long distance adventure

Drawbacks of the Thor Motor Coach Tiburon Sprinter

  • Limited sleeping and seating
  • Smaller tank capacities

5. Winnebago Paseo - Class B

The Winnebago Paseo has an estimated gas mileage of 15-17 MPG. This is considered excellent for the class. It also has a unique interior space for large sleeping arrangements with modern amenities and features.

Its cabin design and excellent performance makes it perfect for traveling in style with plenty of amenities and features. The long wheelbase also provides excellent handling even on rough terrain.

RV Specifications

Exterior Dimensions: 22.1’ x 9.1’ x 7.4’

Wheelbase: 12.33’

Fuel Economy: 15-17 MPG

Fuel Capacity: 25 gallons

Towing Capacity: 5,000 pounds

RV Performance & Fuel Efficiency

This RV is available in a few different floor plan styles, but overall it’s a high-performing because of the Ford 3.5L Ecoboost V6 engine and 310 horsepower.

Even with this power, it does well to provide a solid 15-17 MPG. It won’t rank as high as some of the other class B models mentioned but it’s impossible to make a list of the best RVs without mentioning this one.

What Sets This RV Apart

Technically, this RV is called a Class B. But it’s truly a Class B + because it’s larger and more capable than most Class B models, but provides better driving efficiency and fuel economy than any Class A model.

It has a similar design to many of the best camper vans. Everything is built and furnished by Ford, and it stands as a durable, heavy-duty option with daily driving capabilities.

Benefits of the Winnebago Paseo

  • Excellent interior space
  • Handles with precision and tons of power
  • Plenty of seating and sleeping areas for passengers

Drawbacks of the Winnebago Paseo

  • Less than stellar fuel efficiency compared to other RVs this size

6. Damon Intruder - Class A

The Damon Intruder is a fuel efficient RV and ranks as a Class A motorhome. But don’t expect industry leading gas mileage. It does well to rank near to top among all Class A RVs so we wanted to mention it in our rankings.

We estimate this RV provides between 7.0-8.5 MPG on average. This seems low, but when you take a look at the vehicle’s size and the features that come along with it, it won’t be a surprise.

RV Specifications

Exterior Dimensions: 36.1’ x 11.7’ x 8.6’

Wheelbase: 19.0’

Fuel Economy: 7-8.5 MPG

Fuel Capacity: 75 gallons

Towing Capacity: 5,000 pounds

RV Performance & Fuel Efficiency

This is an older RV but we still love the efficiency it provides for a vehicle this big. The 8.1L Vortec has excellent power, acceleration, and durability.

Expect amazing comfort because of the interior space too. It’s equipped with all necessary appliances, water tanks, etc.

What Sets This RV Apart

This RV comes with three slides to open up the interior for more space. This helps when hosting guests to create more sleeping spaces.

Benefits of the Damon Intruder

  • Massive interior with plenty of space
  • Above-average Class A fuel mileage
  • Multiple slides to extend the RV’s size

Drawbacks of the Damon Intruder

  • Older RV with less modern features

Which Class Is The Most Fuel Efficient RV?

It’s possible to find more efficient RVs despite their class, but it’s unlikely. The RV class is a primary factor for overall gas mileage, including class A, B, and C RVs and motorhomes.

Class A

The Class A motorhome is larger and much less fuel efficient than any model. They are expected to get roughly 6-10 mpg, which is lower than all other RV types.

This is primarily because of their size and available features. They are equipped for longer journeys with massive fuel tanks to achieve long-distance riding without needing to refill and constantly make fuel stops.

Class B

Often referred to as camper vans, the Class B motorhome is the clearcut winner for adventurers interested in the best RV gas mileage. We can expect about 18-22 mpg, with some high-end models providing up to 25 miles per gallon.

This RV style also has a sleek build and compact sizing, so getting better mileage while traveling is much easier. Typically, the front end of this RV has a slant, so it’s more aerodynamic with less wind force and resistance to impact speed and vehicle drag.

However, this is not always an option for larger families. They cannot travel in a class B RV because there is less space and insufficient storage and weight capacity. But generally, this is the most fuel efficient class of RVs.

Class C

The Class C motorhome is more of a traditional RV. It tends to have a slightly lower average MPG, but this depends on the sizing and the model. The estimated industry average is 8-15 MPG.

However, there are some great options with enough sleeping space closer to 17-20 MPG. This is not the traditional gas guzzler RV and acts like a more fuel efficient travel trailer instead.

We have noticed the smaller sized models with diesel engines provide the better gas mileage too. This is not always the case with diesel vehicles, but this class gets great gas mileage.

Tips For Better RV Fuel Efficiency & Gas Mileage

Other than choosing one of these fuel efficient options, there are a few things to try on the road to help get the best mileage.

Using Cruise Control

Cruise control is typically available on all RVs and it’s a smart and savvy way to save fuel once we get on the highway. It’s estimated that cruise control saves 7-14% more fuel because the vehicle maintains a consistent speed.

Checking Tire Pressure

Next, check the tire pressure on the RV. Low tire pressure causes fuel to burn faster and it’s estimated that for every 1 PSI lost in tire pressure, the vehicle burns about 0.4 % more fuel.

It may not seem like a lot, but after a 3-6 PSI drop it can become significant. Fill up tires to the desired PSI levels before any long journeys.

Packing Lighter

The weight inside an RV will instantly impact handling, speed, and, most of all, the expected miles per gallon. For example, the new modern hack to save on fuel is to buy a fiberglass RV instead of an aluminum one.

Pack as light as possible to save on fuel, even though this is much easier for solo travelers than families. They are much lighter, meaning they use less fuel while driving. But the lighter an RV, the better the fuel efficiency.