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Key Takeaways

  • Modular campers provide customizable space options.
  • Features range from expandable sections to adaptable interiors.
  • They cater to varying family sizes and travel needs.

Ever wished your camper could grow with your family?

Modular campers are here to save your road trips!

The best modular campers offer superb adaptability to fit any family size, from cozy two-person weekenders to spacious abodes for the whole gang.

With the rise of innovative designs like Happier Camper's Adaptiv system, camping has taken a leap into customization.

These campers provide a level of flexibility that means you don't have to worry about space as your family expands or your needs change.



Happier Camper HC1

Have you ever imagined a travel trailer that changes as quickly as your plans do?

Meet the Happier Camper HC1, where style and adaptability are the keys to a versatile journey.

With its unique Adaptiv™ modular interior, you're the designer of your adventure home.

A grid system lies at the heart of the HC1.

This innovative feature allows you to customize the arrangement for sleeping, seating, or storage – all in a snap!

Check out how you can play around with this revolutionary design:

  • Sleeping configurations: Choose a studio setup with a camper queen, or opt for other configurations like a full size or two short twins.
  • Seating options: Craft the interior to offer spacious sitting arrangements for your family or guests.
  • Storage solutions: Need room for your gear? Rearrange the modules to maximize storage space.

But that's not all, the HC1 isn't just smart on the inside.

It brings a classic vibe with retro-modern aesthetics that will turn heads.

Here are the quick facts:

  • Starting Price: $24,950
  • Modular Floor: A 3x5 grid system
  • Door and Hatch: Wide entry door and a large rear hatch
  • Exterior Features: Iconic wheel fenders and timeless design

Aren't you curious to see how this charming, customizable camper could fit your lifestyle?

Imagine the fun you'll have tailoring the HC1's interior for every new trip.

Who knew flexibility could look so cool and feel so cozy?

Safari Condo Alto R Series

Looking for a camper that's as flexible as your family's needs?

Say hello to the Safari Condo Alto R Series, where smart design meets family adventure.

Imagine a camper that's light enough to be towed by your compact car or small SUV—yes, really!

With a featherweight of 1,991 lb (903 kg), road trips just got a lot easier.

Ever worried about squeezing a camper into your garage?

The Alto R Series has got you covered with an electric retractable roof that lowers its profile when not in use—talk about a clever innovation!

Besides having a cool, sci-fi feel, this roof makes the camper more aerodynamic, which in turn, will have you saving bucks on fuel.

Wondering about space?

Check this out:

  • Compact Design: Snug enough to fit in most garages.
  • Aerodynamics: Shape developed in a virtual wind tunnel—impressively efficient.
  • Weight: Only 1,867 lb dry, so say goodbye to those gas-guzzling concerns!
  • Suspension: Rides on an independent Flexiride suspension for smooth travels.

And let's not forget, with a design that slashes drag coefficient by a whopping 75% compared to traditional travel trailers, your ride will be as smooth as it is efficient.

The interior is modular, so whether you're bringing along your whole clan or just a special someone, the space adapts to meet your needs, not the other way around.

Charming, adaptable, and oh so towable—the Safari Condo Alto R Series is waiting to join your family's memories.

Ready for adventure?

Your camper sure is!

Beauer 3X

Ever dreamt of hitting the road without leaving the comforts of home?

Meet the inventive Beauer 3X, a camper that brings the phrase 'home away from home' to life.

With this French marvel, you don't have to leave space or comfort behind.

Interested in how it works?

Imagine pressing a button and watching your camper stretch out like morning yoga – that's the Beauer 3X for you.

It uses a telescopic concept to expand two additional modules, shifting from a cozy caravan to a spacious abode, with up to 300 square feet of living area.

Key features of the Beauer 3X:

  • Exciting Expansibility: It goes from a modest 43 square feet to a generous 300 square feet in just 60 seconds.
  • Comfortable Capacity: Easily accommodates a party of six for those family adventures or get-togethers with friends.
  • Technical Specs: At its core, you'll have a 230-volt fridge to keep your drinks and food fresh (just be sure to be at a campground or have a generator handy!).

What's the catch?

No daunting setup or arguments about who has to do the heavy lifting.

You can relax knowing that setting up camp becomes part of the vacation magic itself.

Dimensions and Utilities:

Attribute Measurement
Unexpanded Size 43 square feet
Expanded Size 300 square feet
Sleep Capacity Up to 6 people
Voltage 230V for fridge

It's the small touches that count, like being able to chill a bottle of champagne as you settle down in the great outdoors.

Remember though, the Beauer 3X might not be the grandest luxury trailer, but it's the smart home on wheels that revolutionizes the road trip experience with efficiency and adaptability.

TrailManor 2922 Series

Have you heard about the TrailManor 2922 Series?

It's like a Swiss Army knife for camping!

This innovative travel trailer is built for those of you who have a knack for comfort and an eye for convenience.

Let's talk numbers, shall we?

When you're cruising down the highway, the 2922 Series measures a compact 22 feet in length.

But don't let that number fool you.

Once you've settled into your camping spot, it expands out like a charm to a spacious 29 feet.

Talk about having room to stretch!

Here's what you can expect:

  • Towing Length (Closed): 22'
  • Open Trailer Size: 29'
  • Storage Length with Swing Hitch: 19' 10"

Family Friendly?


With its capacity to unfurl, you can bid farewell to crammed spaces.

It’s designed with the family in mind, giving you that extra space you're often wishing for.

Key Features:

  • Expansive living area
  • Easy to tow and store
  • Full-size beds: Count 'em, zero. But do you really need them when you can stretch out like a starfish in all the extra space?
  • Queen-size beds: Surely, who wouldn't want to sleep like royalty?

Curious about the price tag?

The MSRP starts at a pretty reasonable $35,420.

For a ticket to mobility and family adventures, that's a value hard to beat.

Look, whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a family looking to bond under the stars, the TrailManor 2922 Series adapts to your needs without breaking a sweat.

Why settle for less when you can have your own kingdom on wheels?

ModVans CV1

Have you heard about the ModVans CV1?

Imagine hitting the open road with a vehicle so adaptable, it shifts from being your camping haven to your daily driver without breaking a sweat.

That's the CV1 for you – a chameleon in the world of campers.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Accommodation: Swap roles between a camper, a family-friendly van, or a practical cargo vehicle. How cool is that?
  • Seating and Beds: Safe seating for up to 7 people and not one, but 2 large beds to ensure a good night's sleep.
  • Modular Components: The interior is a playground of modularity. Need more space or different functions? Just add or remove components.
Capacity Configuration
Sleeping 4 adults comfortably
Seating Up to 7 passengers
Modularity Removable RV components
  • Kitchen and Toilet: Complete with a kitchen and toilet, so you’re always ready for those spur-of-the-moment adventures.
  • Four-Season Functionality: Designed to tackle any season, the CV1 is as ready for a winter wonderland escape as it is for a summer beach fest.

Modular Adjustments:

  • Pop-up top for extra space.
  • A reliable power system featuring a 2,000-watt pure sine inverter.

Want to take it off-road?

No problem.

ModVans offer an aftermarket 4WD option, transforming your CV1 into an all-weather warrior—just tack on an extra $13,000.

Ever grumbled about top-heavy vehicles?

Say hello to better stability with the CV1's ingenious design.

Though substantial in size, it holds its own against high winds and tricky terrain alike.

And, get this: Prices start at $89,000.

With customization options galore, the CV1 can flex to fit your needs and wallet.

Whether weekday commutes or weekend getaways, ModVans CV1 is your ticket to freedom on wheels.

Isn't it time you redefined road tripping?

Opus OP 15’ Hybrid Caravan

Have you ever daydreamed about hitting the road with the whole family and not worrying about space?

Meet the Opus OP 15’ Hybrid Caravan – your family's home away from home.

Dimensions & Capacity:

  • Travel Mode: L 257" x H 106" x W 83"
  • SetUp Mode: L 280" x H 120" x W 154" (with kitchen extended)
  • Ground Clearance: 14 inches

This off-road champion doesn't just look tough; it's built tough with a fully galvanized and welded chassis.

Plus, it comes adventure-ready with an impressive 63 gallons of fresh water capacity.

Adaptable Interior:

  • Convertible lounge
  • Bunk beds for extra sleeping areas

Whether you've got a bunch of little adventurers or a few big ones, you'll find space for everyone with a cleverly designed interior that shifts with your needs.

The windows offer an airy feel and plenty of ventilation – because who doesn't love a fresh breeze?

Specs at a Glance:

  • Dry Weight: 5159 lbs
  • GVWR: 6393 lbs
  • Towing Length: 15 feet
  • Interior Height (roof open): 6 feet 5 inches

Cooking becomes a breeze with a kitchen that slides out for more room when you need it.

And with tanks holding 17 gallons of gray water and 10 gallons of black water, the OP 15’ is as self-sufficient as they come.

So, hitch up and hit the road – your family's next epic story awaits with the Opus OP 15’ Hybrid Caravan.

Lance 2185 Travel Trailer

Hitting the road with your family?

The Lance 2185 Travel Trailer could be your go-to home away from home.

Picture this: a travel trailer that not only sleeps seven but does so without cramping your style.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, let's take a peek at why this model is creating a buzz.

With its walk-around queen-size bed, the adults in the family can enjoy their private retreat.

And for those days when you want more space to hang out, the queen bed can be swapped out for a convertible sofa-bed.

That's some serious flexibility!

Here's the kicker for larger families or those who love extra space:

  • Triple bunk beds line the aft wall, providing comfy spots for kiddos or extra guests.
  • A "Super-Slide" dinette not only seats five but also transforms into additional sleeping space for two.

Want to know the best part?

All this functionality is wrapped up in a stylish package with a sophisticated interior—giving you the elegance and efficiency you crave on the road.

Worried about weight?

The Lance 2185 is designed to be lightweight, so your SUV or pickup truck should handle it like a champ.

And for the tech-savvy, this travel trailer boasts modern technology enhancements that set it apart in the world of RVing.

So, buckle up your seatbelts, pack your bags, and get ready to create unforgettable memories with a travel trailer that adapts to you and your family's ever-changing adventures.

Jayco Jay Feather Expandable

Ever thought about taking the whole gang on a road trip and worrying about where everyone will sleep?

Worry not; the Jayco Jay Feather Expandable is like a magic box of comfort—it grows with your family!

Perfect for families of all sizes, this travel trailer is a chameleon of sorts.

With its expandable design, you can easily accommodate everyone from the little tykes to Uncle Bob who decided to tag along at the last minute.

Imagine this: you pull up to your campsite, and within minutes, your compact trailer transforms.

Tent end beds pop out seamlessly, offering cozy sleep spaces without eating up your living area during the day.

Here's the scoop on what makes it stand out:

  • Versatile Sleeping Spaces: Front and rear tent end beds.
  • Flexible Dining: A dinette that reconfigures to your needs—game night ready or mealtime space in a pinch.
  • Ample Storage: Bring your gear, your comfort items, and maybe that extra-large teddy bear because there's room!
Sleeps up to Length Weight
10 24' 0" - 36' 1" 4,775 - 6,970 lbs.

Did I mention you’ll be rolling on 16-inch Goodyear American-made tires?

That's right, safe and prepared are the middle names of the Jay Feather.

With a 55-gallon fresh water tank to boot, you can literally take the comforts of home wherever you roam.

The Key Features:

  • Expandable Design: Tailors to family size.
  • Custom Frame: Supports both on and off-road adventures.
  • Self-Adjusting Brakes: For a smooth, worry-free journey.

Above all, isn't it great to have a travel trailer that adapts to you and not the other way around?

Whether you're a family of four, six, or you're bringing along a couple of extra friends, the Jayco Jay Feather Expandable has got your back—ensuring everyone’s got their own nook for the night.

Now, who's ready for an adventure?

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite

Ever dreamt of hitting the road with the whole gang but worried about being cramped up?

The Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite has got your back!

This travel trailer is pretty much a "Honey, I shrunk the RV" miracle, giving you all the comforts while staying light enough for easier towing.

Imagine this: You're parked in a picturesque campsite.

What's next?

Time to turn this cozy chariot from travel mode to snooze central.

With Murphy beds and convertible dinettes, you can switch from daytime fun to nighttime serenity in a snap:

  • Murphy bed: Saves space during the day; full bed by night
  • Convertible dinette: A spot to munch your meals, then transforms into extra sleeping space

Let's talk numbers for a minute.

Folks have praised the 2023 Model, especially the 25BRDS, with its clever double bunks – a real win for the kiddos.

Afraid you'll trip over your gear?

Worry not, the pass-through storage door under the bunks is a space-saving wizard.

And with a build that nods to boondocking, adventure is calling your name louder than ever.

The 25FBS model?

It's a star, flaunting a versatile floor plan with sturdy build materials that make you feel at home anywhere.

And the 2020 25FBLS isn't shy either.

With ample storage, a spacious bathroom, and a comfy living area, complete with theater seating, it has received rave reviews, averaging a 4.8 out of 5.

Massage and heating in a camper, can you believe it?

Who knew a trailer could adapt like a chameleon to your family's size?

With the Flagstaff Micro Lite, you're ready for stories around the campfire, with a guarantee of snug dreams when the stars come out.

No oversized truck needed; your family adventures just got a whole lot sweeter.

Now tell me, where to next?

Airstream Flying Cloud

Have you ever daydreamed about hitting the road with your entire family but wondered if there’s a camper that can adapt to everyone's needs?

Well, the Airstream Flying Cloud is a dream come true for families like yours who love to travel without leaving the comforts of home behind.

Why consider the Flying Cloud?

It’s as versatile as campers come, flexing to fit your family, big or small.

Want to hear some details?

Of course, you do!

  • Family-Friendly Designs: With a variety of floorplans and sleeping configurations, including bunk models, this travel trailer caters to families of all sizes.
  • Build Quality: Based on customer feedback, the build quality gets a nod with a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars, suggesting durability for those endless memories on the road.
  • Livability and Comfort: And hey, it's comfortable too! Rated at 4.8 for livability, it’s practically a rolling five-star hotel.

Whether you're eyeing the 23-foot model or need the additional space of the 30-foot version, the Flying Cloud ensures you and your crew can stretch out and relax.

Prices start at $78,900, but with all these perks, it sounds like a worthy investment, doesn't it?

Models Offered: 5 lengths | 14 floorplansSizes: 23 feet - 30 feetSleeping Capacity: Up to 8 depending on configurationPrice Range: $78,900 - $102,400 to start

So, next time you're plotting your family’s outdoor adventure, remember the Airstream Flying Cloud—it's pretty much like bringing your cozy home along for the journey.

Isn’t that a comforting thought?