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Key Takeaways

  • Mobile homes today can mirror beloved film and TV interiors.
  • These customized spaces offer a unique blend of nostalgia and travel.
  • Meticulous craftsmanship brings on-screen homes to life on the road.

Who hasn't fantasized about stepping inside their favorite TV show or movie?

Imagine sipping coffee in the Central Perk or unwinding at the end of the day in a hobbit hole from "The Hobbit".

Well, the lines between screen magic and real-life comfort are blurring as we introduce a lineup of mobile homes that bring iconic movie and TV show interiors into your travels.

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in your favorite on-screen home—even on the go?

Now, you can.

From 'The Shire' tiny house to a 'Star Trek'-inspired camper, these creations are not just homes on wheels; they're fan tributes you can actually inhabit.

You're in for a treat because these aren't your run-of-the-mill RV makeovers.

We'll take you behind the curtain to explore mobile homes that are as close as it gets to stepping onto a film set.

Each bespoke build showcases careful craftsmanship and attention to detail that has become the hallmark of true fan dedication.

You can trust you’re getting the real deal; these interiors are meticulously crafted to mirror their fictional counterparts.



The Shire Tiny House (The Hobbit)

Have you ever fantasized about snuggling up in a hobbit hole, just like those in "The Hobbit"?

The Shire Tiny House transforms that dream into a reality with its movie-inspired interior that brings the charming world of hobbits to life.

Picture yourself opening a wooden round door, just like Bilbo's, and stepping into a mobile home where every corner is packed with the iconic details from the movies.

  1. Design: Earthy and whimsical with rustic wooden interiors
  2. Size: Compact, yet comfortably accoutred with modern amenities
  3. Location Highlights:
  1. Surrounded by 1.7 acres of forest in Pawling, New York
  2. Available for rent in Southern Maine
  3. A hobbit-themed community in Tennessee

The feats of small yet great-hearted adventurers inspire the living space.

Vaulted ceilings and a custom-built hearth create an enchanting ambiance, a perfect blend of fantasy and homeliness.

Check out these stats:

  • Space: Over 200 square feet
  • Features: Includes a loft and high-speed internet

Whether you are looking to get in touch with nature or escape modern life, these tiny homes nestled in places like the Mountain Shire offer a cozy retreat.

I mean, how often do you get a chance to live out a storybook dream with crafted arched doorways and snug interiors?

Each tiny house is named to fit the fantasy theme, adding that magical touch to your stay.

Feeling like a hobbit yet?

You ought to be!

The Shire Tiny House doesn't just give you a place to stay; it offers an immersive experience into a beloved, timeless tale.

Harry Potter-Inspired Camper

Ever dreamed of sleeping in the wizarding world of Harry Potter?

Well, pack your cloaks and wands because there's a magical experience on wheels just for you!

Imagine stepping into a camper that's been transfigured into your very own Hogwarts dorm room on the go.

This Harry Potter-Inspired Camper isn't your average Muggle's RV.

It's designed to whisk you away to a place where the spells and enchantments of J.K. Rowling's universe come to life.

With gothic arches and dark wood paneling, the interior screams Gryffindor common room, doesn't it?

And the decor?

It's like it's been curated by Dumbledore himself:

  • Authentic-looking props that could fool even the sharpest of Snitches.
  • Velvet drapes and candles that flicker (without the fire hazard, thanks to a bit of Muggle tech magic).
  • A selection of potions bottles and spellbooks that could make Hermione jealous.

But it's not just about looking the part.

This camper is fitted with all the modern comforts, so after a day of adventures, you can snuggle up in a bed that rivals the coziness of the Hufflepuff dormitory.

And here's a fun fact: There's even a slide that you can use to enter, just like the wondrous tents at the Quidditch World Cup!

So, you don't need to travel to a film set or a theme park to get your Harry Potter fix.

For a starting price of $120/night, you can live out your Hogwarts fantasy and create memories that would even impress Moaning Myrtle.

Ready for a truly enchanting getaway?

Just remember, No-Maj camping has nothing on this spellbinding experience!

Friends-Themed RV

Hey there, Friends fan!

Have you ever fantasized about kicking back in Joey and Chandler's recliners or sipping coffee at Central Perk?

Well, picture this: a Friends-Themed RV that lets you live out your '90s sitcom dreams on wheels.

This mobile home is like a cozy hug from a good ol' friend, packed with nostalgic details that'll make any fan's heart flutter.

Imagine walking into an RV splashed with the purple and turquoise that scream Monica's apartment.

The walls are adorned with iconic quotes and the shelves are stacked with memorable trinkets from the show.

There’s even a "frame" around the peephole on the door – how's that for a detail?

But what's a Friends experience without that iconic orange couch?

Yep, there's a mini version right in the lounge area, perfect for those impromptu photo ops.

And who wouldn't want to whip up a tasty sandwich in a kitchen inspired by Monica's culinary haven?

Don’t worry; we promise not to judge if your culinary skills aren’t quite on her level!

Here’s what you’ll find inside this rolling piece of nostalgia:

  1. Lounge Area
  1. Mini Central Perk couch
  2. Coffee table with an eclectic mix of Phoebe’s quirky art and books
  1. Kitchen
  1. ’90s retro-style appliances
  2. Monica-approved cooking utensils (neatly organized, of course)

As for sleeping, you'll nestle down in a bedroom that channels Rachel's chic style.

And for that ultimate Friends touch, your roadside stops are guaranteed to attract fellow fans, giving you a perfect opportunity to ask, "How you doin'?"

Ready for a road trip that feels like a cozy nostalgia trip?

This Friends-themed RV is the rolling escape that will keep you smiling mile after mile, especially when you find yourself humming "I'll Be There For You" down the open road.

So, who's up for a road trip to Vegas, a la Ross and Rachel?

No impromptu weddings guaranteed, though!

Mad Men-Inspired Mobile Home

Ever dreamt of living in a space that whisks you away to the glamorous world of the 1960s?

Imagine stepping into your mobile home and finding yourself on the set of "Mad Men"!

Picture this: sleek lines, bold patterns, and a cocktail in hand after a long day.

Picture yourself in a Mad Men-Inspired Mobile Home.

Let's set up your living room.

Think walnut wood paneling paired with a teal blue sofa.

Add a touch of chic with an italicized Eames chair, and for that extra '60s flair, scatter around a few geometric-patterned throw pillows.

The lighting?

Brass sconces strategically placed to give off that warm, golden glow.

Your dining area isn't just a place to eat, it's a scene straight out of Sterling Cooper's office.

A sleek, circular table surrounded by minimalist chairs — maybe a tulip table with matching seats?

And overhead, a Sputnik chandelier that begs for attention without overpowering the room.

Remember, colors and textures are your best friends.

Deep reds, avocado greens, and mustard yellows?

Yes, please!

Opt for velvet and tweed textures to truly capture the era's essence.

A mobile home allows for a unique blend of cozy and compact, so every item should serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

|- -|- -| | Materials | Typical Items | | Walnut | Paneling | | Brass | Lamps, Fixtures | | Velvet, Tweed | Furniture Cover |

Step into your mini home office.

A mid-century desk with slender legs and a vintage typewriter to the side, perhaps?

Keep it simple, sleek, and oh-so-Draper.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know the brass fixtures and warm wood tones were a nod to mid-century modern's love for natural elements merging with man-made designs?

It's all about bringing that understated elegance into your snug abode.

You've got your eye for design and your thirst for nostalgia, so go ahead, transform your mobile home into a "Mad Men" masterpiece.

Who wouldn't want to live in a space that's both a fashion statement and a throwback to an iconic era?

Keep it classy and remember, less is more in design and in your mobile getaway.

Stranger Things-Themed Trailer

Ever felt like you’re just one string light away from entering the Upside Down?

Well, you might have your chance with a Stranger Things-themed mobile home.

Imagine stepping into a trailer that takes you back to the neon-lit, nostalgia-filled era of the '80s, complete with vintage decor and props that'll have you looking for demogorgons.

First off, let's talk specs:

  • Size: A cozy space packed with old-school charm.
  • Bedrooms: Enough to host the Party – think Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas.
  • Decor: Every corner is a nod to the series with iconic posters and memorabilia.

Are you ready to lounge like it's 1984?

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find inside:

  • The walls decked out in wood-paneling harking back to Joyce Byers’ living room.
  • Neon lights that hum with mystery, casting a glow on the meticulously chosen furnishing.
  • A collection of retro toys and games, including a vintage TV set, exactly what you’d expect in a true fan’s hideaway.

But it’s not just about looking the part, right?

This mobile home is about immersiveness.

You'll step onto a shaggy carpet and feel the Stranger Things world envelope you.

The scent of popcorn and the sound of a cracking walkie-talkie?

Could be your imagination, or just part of the magic.

Now, you might be thinking: "Is this as close as I can get to Hawkins without actually breaking into a parallel dimension?" Let me tell you, with the attention to detail in this place, it’s pretty darn close.

Get your cameras ready, because every corner is worth a snapshot.

And yes, there's no Demogorgon hiding in the closet – we checked!

Downton Abbey-Inspired RV

Have you ever fancied living like the Crawleys, nestled in the grandeur of the early 1900s?

Well, now you can!

With the Downton Abbey-Inspired RV, opulence rolls into your driveway, combining the comfort of modern living with the elegance of Highclere Castle.

Don your best attire and let's explore your soon-to-be mobile estate.

Interior Grandeur The living space is nothing short of majestic, featuring:

  • Rich fabrics like velvet and silk that drape the windows and furniture.
  • Dark wood finishes on intricately carved paneling and furniture.
  • Classic patterns and textures for that authentic period feel.

Elegance is in every detail, from the brass light fixtures to the china displayed in the cabinet, evoking those grand dinner parties you've swooned over on screen.

Modern Conveniences Worry not; your mobile manor comes equipped with:

  • State-of-the-art kitchen appliances, hidden behind period-appropriate paneling.
  • A flat-screen TV that retracts into a faux bookcase when not in use.
  • Climate control, because who says you can’t enjoy the golden age without modern comforts?

Picture yourself sipping tea amidst the lavish surroundings, or perhaps penning a letter at the antique writing desk.

Fancy a whirl around your RV to the sound of a gramophone?

We’ve thought of that too.

It's all here, just on wheels.

In reality, "Downton Abbey" portrays the splendor that few can call home, but with this RV, you're as close as one can be without a title.

So, why not indulge in a bit of nostalgia and elegance?

After all, who wouldn't want a taste of the aristocracy, even if it’s just for a weekend getaway?

Game of Thrones-Inspired Camper

Ever dreamt of ruling from your very own Iron Throne?

While I can't promise you dominion over the Seven Kingdoms, what I can offer is a glimpse into a Game of Thrones-inspired mobile home that'll make you feel like Westeros royalty, even on the go!

Design & Ambiance: Imagine stepping into your camper and being embraced by an interior that spells medieval elegance.

We're talking about faux stone walls that scream 'Castle Black' and bold, rustic furniture reminiscent of Winterfell's iconic dining hall.

Isn't it just like living in your favorite TV show?

  • Colors & Textures: The color palette here? Think Winterfell meets Highgarden, a combination of subdued, earthy tones with splashes of green and gold for that opulent Tyrell touch.
  • Decor: And for that authentic touch, you’ve got sigil-adorned cushions and a map of Westeros to plot your next vacation.

Practicality Meets Fantasy: It's not all for show, though.

Every piece inside is chosen for its functionality because as we know, in the world of Game of Thrones, one must always be prepared.

The Night's Watch could learn a thing or two about comfort from these memory foam mattresses, don't you think?

So, grab your goblet of wine (or grape juice, I don't judge), lay back on your fur-lined bed, and let the tales of dragons and direwolves whisk you away.

And remember, when winter comes, you'll be cozy and snug, ruling over the highways and byways from the throne of your very own mobile kingdom.

Who needs a castle anyway when you have a camper this royal?

The Great Gatsby-Inspired Mobile Home

You've just stumbled upon a time capsule on wheels: The Great Gatsby-Inspired Mobile Home!

Imagine stepping into a space that transports you to the lavish parties thrown by Jay Gatsby himself.

With a nod to the Art Deco flair, you'll find yourself surrounded by the geometric elegance and metallic finishes that scream Roaring Twenties.

  • Art Deco Decor: Bold geometric patterns coupled with shiny chrome and glass.
  • Lavish Fabrics: Think velvet and silk draping with fringe tassels that dance as you move.
  • Glamorous Details: Mirrored surfaces to catch the light and vintage posters to whisk you away to an era of jazz and rebellion.

Ever wanted to lounge like the literary icons of yesteryear?

Your mobile home's lounge is a homage to Gatsby's iconic library, with rich mahogany walls and plush emerald seating.

And speaking of seating, your dining area features a classic 1920s lacquered table, perfect for a sparkling soirée or a quiet drink reflecting on Fitzgerald's prose.

What's a Gatsby space without a bit of glitz?

Your bedroom is adorned with a bold, king-sized bed that features a brass headboard, ready to envelop you in layers of luxury bedding, echoing the excess of the age.

Finally, who could forget those legendary Gatsby parties?

Your mobile home comes equipped with a built-in bar, modeled after the speakeasies of the era, ensuring you're always ready for guests willing to jazz up the night.

With spaces crafted to conjure the glamour and recklessness of the Gatsby lifestyle, you're not just buying a mobile home; you're claiming a slice of the Jazz Age.

So, ready to be the talk of the town?

The Brady Bunch-Inspired RV

Have you ever dreamed of stepping into a slice of classic TV?

Picture this: You're hitting the road, but the ordinary won't do.

You yearn for something groovy, something that screams '70s nostalgia.

Well, grab your bell-bottoms because The Brady Bunch RV is here to bring that dream to life!

This mobile home isn’t just any old camper; it's a rolling tribute to America's favorite blended family.

The interior?

A kaleidoscope of bold oranges, flashy greens, and patterns that'll make you feel like you're on the set of the show.

It’s a perfect blend of functionality and nostalgia.

  1. Interior Highlights:
  1. Groovy Palette: Splash of avocado green and burnt orange
  2. Retro Patterns: Wallpaper and textiles that mimic the show’s set
  3. Vintage Furnishings: Authentic period pieces for that '70s feel

Each section of the RV channels a different part of the Brady household.

Remember the kids' Jack-n-Jill bathroom and that iconic floating staircase?

They’re all inspirationally incorporated into this compact space.

Plus, modern amenities ensure that this home-on-wheels is as comfortable as it is cool.

Now, let’s talk numbers.

The actual Brady Bunch house, located in North Hollywood, was recently valued at a whopping $5.5 million.

But fear not!

You don't need millions to bask in the Brady splendor.

This RV lets you live the nostalgia without breaking the bank.

So, are you ready to take a trip down memory lane?

The road is calling, and The Brady Bunch RV is the ticket to a retro escape.

Welcome to your very own mobile piece of TV history—it's time to create some groovy memories of your own!

Star Trek-Inspired Camper

Ever dreamed of exploring the cosmos in your very own Starship Enterprise?

Well, engage your imaginations, because now you can hit the road in a camper that’s straight out of a Star Trek episode!

This Star Trek-inspired mobile home embraces the iconic look of the much-loved series, making every journey a space adventure.


  • Length: 19 feet
  • Dry Weight: 2,972 lb
  • GVWR: 4,200 lb
  • Interior Height (when open): 7 feet, 10 inches

When you step inside, it's like you've been beamed into Star Trek's universe.

The interior is a tribute to the sleek, minimalist design of the Enterprise.

Fancy yourself a captain?

You’re in for a treat, as this camper features high-tech gadgets that'll make you feel in control of a starship!

Interior Features:

  • Modernist Architecture: Angular beauty that's not just for show
  • Smart Design: Spaces designed to maximize coziness and functionality
  • High-Tech Gadgets: At the touch of a button, control your environment

Featuring an angular beauty inspired by modernist architecture, every inch of this camper has been meticulously designed for form to meet function.

Now, doesn't the idea of traveling with all the comforts of the future excite you?

This isn't just any camper – it’s like having a tiny piece of the cosmos that's with you every mile of your epic journey.

So, why not live out your sci-fi fantasies and boldly go where no camper has gone before?