There is nothing more satisfying than being out on a road trip and waking up in the morning to a nice hot cup of coffee, but how do you make coffee in an RV?

If you love a good cup of joe and want to ensure that you are well-caffeinated when on the road, then having a coffee system in place within your RV is going to be a must. However, you may need to get more creative with how you approach making your coffee in your RV than you would at home.

To make coffee in an RV without using your battery, you can utilize any of the following methods: french press, percolator, pour-over, or instant coffee powder. However, if you have a powerful battery or generator with you, a drip coffee maker is always a great thing to have on the road.

For so many Americans, coffee is a way of life and the idea of even going a day without a cup can seem unbearable for some. Many folks looking to hit the road tend to get excited about their trip but end up falling into a panic when they realize that they have not thought of how they are going to approach making their coffee. The good news is that there are plenty of great ways that you can make coffee in an RV. So, you will not have any issues getting your caffeine in when on the road. However, you may find that one coffee-making method suits you better than another, as some people have different taste preferences. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at how to make coffee in an RV in more detail.

After extensively researching how to make coffee in an RV, I have been able to come up with a number of different ways to get the job done. My research has taught me that there are a lot of different ways of making coffee in an RV, which can be decided based on how you like your coffee made.



Making Coffee in an RV

When it comes to traveling around the United States, there is really no better way to do it than to get in your RV and hit the open road. With a country as vast as ours that is filled with stunning landscapes all over, it only comes naturally to do it in the comfort of your very own home on wheels. Now, given that RV travel essentially means taking your home with you wherever you go, you are going to want to make sure that you have all of the comforts of home with you for your journey.

These days, there are a lot of state-of-the-art RVs driving around that have all sorts of different luxurious features. However, we have found that just about every RV still does not have a built-in coffee maker in it. With that being said, many of us still proudly prefer to use our old-school RVs, which certainly do not have a standard method for making coffee. This results in a lot of people having to think outside of the box when it comes to their cup of joe.

If you are like most people, you have probably got a standard drip coffee machine at home, which you have grown quite accustomed to. Although it would be great to utilize it for making coffee in your RV, you will find that just about every drip coffee machine out there is going to overload your battery, which means that you are going to either need to think of something more conventional.

Drip coffee machines may certainly be the standard for a lot of folks these days but this was certainly not always the method that we used for making coffee. You will find that there are plenty of old-school methods out there that can make a fine cup of coffee that will be perfect for your RV trips. In addition, there are also some new and improved options for those of you that want to stay with the times. Let’s dive right into how to make coffee in an RV.

French Press

If you want a fantastic cup of coffee while on the road, you really can’t go wrong with a french press! This is a very straightforward method for making coffee and you can do so without ever needing to hook up to your RV’s battery.

There are a ton of different french press coffee makers on the market and any one of them will get the job done just fine. However, you may find that some are more suitable for RV camping than others. Some french options are designed to have aesthetic appeal and may be made primarily out of glass and quite exposed. These are great for having around the house, but for an RV - you should consider something that is a bit more durable, as it is likely to get banged up at some point.

One of the best types of french presses that you can get will be made out of stainless steel like this one. A french press with a stainless steel exterior is going to be perfect for RV camping - no matter how rugged your adventure is. Having a french press of this size will ensure that you get at least 4 cups of coffee per refill and it will stay insulated as well.

This method is incredibly easy to use and all that you need to do is open up the top lid and remove the plunger. Next, you can pour your coffee grounds inside of the french press - enough for the number of cups of coffee that you want to make. Then you need to fill the french press with boiling water and then add the plunger to the top. I would recommend giving it a couple of minutes to soak up the grounds before plunging it down. Once you have plunged the french press, your coffee is good to go and you can enjoy a nice cup in your RV.

Pour-over Coffee

For some people, drip coffee is really the only way to go, but a traditional drip coffee machine is simply not a viable option for most RV campers. However, pour-over coffee is going to be the next best thing.

This method is the answer for drip coffee lovers, as it essentially uses the same method - just without a big power-consuming machine. You can find a great option like this one for an affordable price and they are extremely easy to use.

The great thing about a lot of well-designed pour-over coffee makers is that they do not rely on disposable filters in order to be used. They feature a reusable filter that you can wash after each coffee session, which is not only more practical and sanitary, but it is also more eco-friendly, which can be especially great when you are camping.

To use a pour-over coffee maker, simply place your filter on top of the apparatus and then fill it with your beans - a medium-coarse grind should be just fine for this method. Then, simply pour boiling water slowly over the top of the ground beans and let your pour-over coffee maker do the rest as it drips into the receptacle.


Having a percolator with you on camping trips is a classic way of making coffee when on the road. This is a great method for making coffee and it comes out fantastic if you do it right.

When browsing for percolator coffee makers, you are likely to see a handful of different options available. This is one of the appeals of percolators as you can achieve different kinds of coffee depending on the type that you get. Some large percolators will make a cup that resembles a coffee that would be made with a french press.

Whereas other percolators are more commonly associated with espresso-style coffee like this one. This is going to be the best option for those of you that love the taste of espresso but never thought it would be possible to have it while camping in an RV. Although this does not quite match up to the taste and aroma of an espresso machine - for a coffee on the road, it is a game-changer.

You will want to approach making your coffee with a percolator with a little more care and consideration. Unlike the other options that we mentioned so far, to make coffee with a percolator, you are first going to need a stovetop or heating surface.

Open up your percolator and fill the compartment up with beans that have been ground fine for an espresso taste. Next, you are going to want to fill the bottom section with cold water. When you place the percolator on the heating surface, try not to put it on too hot and instead keep it at medium-high heat. Once you see the coffee start to gently splash up, you will know that it is finished.

Instant Coffee Powder

Now, when the idea of instant coffee is mentioned, a lot of coffee snobs tend to cringe. This is certainly not the method you want to go with if you want the best cup of coffee possible, but if you need a cup and you do not have any other means - this is hands down the easiest option that you have available to you.


Instant coffee can be a lifesaver if you are in a pinch or if you simply enjoy the taste. You can find instant coffee at virtually every supermarket that you go to, which makes it very accessible - regardless of whether you are planning your trip or already on the road.

In addition, instant coffee is as cheap as it gets, as you can buy yourself a pack for as little as $5, which is perfect for the budget traveler. However, the best thing about instant coffee powder is how easy it is to make. Unlike every other coffee-making method that we mention, the only things that you really need for this kind of cup of joe are hot water, a mug - and instant coffee of course!

Simply pour your favorite instant coffee powder inside of your cup and add hot water. It does not get more simple than that!

Drip Coffee Machine

If you like drip coffee and simply can’t live without it, there is always a way to ensure that you have it with you in your RV. For the most part, you will find that the standard 12V battery of an RV is not enough to power most drip coffee machines - unless you have made some custom innovations to your vehicle.

However, it is quite common for many people who travel with a generator when they are RV camping - especially if it is long-term. If that is the case, then there is no reason that you cannot take your beloved drip coffee maker with you along for the ride.

A standard generator will give you more than enough power to use your drip coffee maker, which means that you can have your coffee the way that you like it - no matter where you are. With that being said, this is certainly not the most practical way to make a cup of coffee when you are on the road, as it requires a lot of additional devices and appliances to be carried around.


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