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There are few things as frustrating or annoying as an illegally parked vehicle, but is there a way to get rid of an RV parked on the street?

Vehicles parked in residential streets may be there legally or illegally, and you need to act accordingly. If an RV has a breakdown or has a permit to park in front of a neighbor's house, then there is not much that you can do.

RVs can be parked anywhere on public roads for up to two years if it has a valid RV Parking Permit displayed. You have to report RVs that you find obstructive to your local sheriff or appropriate designate stating your grounds for wanting the vehicle removed.

If the vehicle displays a valid permit, you can still lodge an objection that your local sheriff must consider and may allow the permit to be revoked. Several grounds for RV parking permits to be revoked if the proper channels are followed.

Be patient and reasonable with an RV owner with a legitimate problem they are working on resolving. If you see that the RV is not parked legally and the owner is not making haste with the repair and removal, you have to take some measured steps. Let's have a look at what you can do.



Having An RV Parking Permit Revoked And The RV Removed

If you have an RV parked on your street that is causing a problem for you and your neighbors, you can have the RV removed by reporting the matter to your local sheriff or police station and stating the factual basis for your request.

Even when the RV has a valid parking permit displayed on the windscreen, you can still lodge an objection that has to be considered by the local authorities, which may result in the cancellation of the permit and the removal of the RV.

Here are some guidelines for getting rid of an RV parked on your street:

  • The original RV parking permit may be revoked if grounds exist that would have allowed the authorities to deny the original permit.
  • The RV has deteriorated to a state of disrepair and is a public nuisance.
  • The RV inhabitants are creating a disturbance in the neighborhood in how they are using the RV.
  • The RV has become permanently inoperable and is mechanically broken down.
  • Authorities must have at least issued two parking citations despite the RV displaying a valid parking permit.
  • Electrical cords and extension cords, water, and sewerage hoses are running across or the roadway or sidewalk from any property on a public street.
  • There is evidence of a sewer connection to the RV or that the RV owners dump their waste onto public or private land other than at a designated RV dump.
  • There is evidence that the RV is being used for human habitation. Local authorities may prohibit this.

Private property owners have the right to lodge their objection with good reasons why the RV parking permit should be revoked and the vehicle be removed from its parked location. Work with your local sheriff or police authorities and be patient.

The constitution affords all US citizens the right to sleep outside and not be discriminated against. As a private or public property owner, you also have rights, but you are forced to follow due process to get rid of RVs parked on your street.

Take pictures or videos on your phone to present as evidence of your complaint. Help the Sheriff or Police authorities have sufficient evidence to revoke a parking permit and issue at least two parking citations.

The RV owner has to be treated fairly and allowed to have his RV repaired or towed to a repair shop or find new authorized legal parking for the RV. Once the authorities believe that a fair warning has been issued to the owner, they may instruct a towing service to have the RV removed and taken to a vehicle pound.

Plan Your RV Vacation And Book Overnight Parking

Parking your RV in a residential or public street is allowed in most cities but only for loading, unloading, or short-term repairs. You have to ensure that your RV is not blocking the roadway or preventing pedestrians from using the sidewalk.

Don't' head off on your trip without having a clear road map and plan for overnight stays. Ensure that you also identify alternative places to park or overnight in case of breakdowns. Make bookings at RV parks or state camping grounds ahead of arrival.

It is also well worth taking some roadside assistance and towing insurance ahead of your trip. Unforeseen breakdowns do happen, and you do not want to be stuck on the side of the road without assistance.

There are some great mobile applications that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet to help you to plan and book overnight stays.

Most of these apps are free, but you can get more information and services by joining as a subscriber. RV Life Pro will give you a free 7-day trial or sign up for an annual subscription for as little as $49.

You will get a guaranteed payback just in fuel cost savings as RV Life Pro will help you plan your route and guide you to avoid steep mountain passes, low clearances, bridge weight limits, or other restrictions along the route.

The application will also help you find safe places to park your rig every night. The mobile app can also function offline when you are in areas without cellphone coverage. The app will help you find campgrounds and places of interest across the entire continent of North America.

Make your RV Adventure a memorable one for all the right reasons. Book your stays in advance in campgrounds, state parks, national forests, and national parks with the peace of mind that you will be deemed a welcome visitor.

Traveling through towns and cities, be mindful of the negative perceptions that may exist against RVs and the homeless issue. Even if you have an older RV or camper, ensure that your rig is well maintained and that you have all the permits and documents needed to prove ownership and roadworthiness.

Homeless people are a major concern in many places, and both parties have politicized the issue. Make sure that you comply with local ordinances and keep your RV clean and well maintained to avoid being targeted.