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Key Takeaways

  • The Coachmen Freelander 22XG, Jayco Melbourne, and Winnebago Outlook 31N are the three best Class C RV floorplans.
  • Ideally, look for a floor plan with excellent interior space and a queen bed for optimized sleeping arrangements.
  • Other solid class C RV options include the Forest River Sunseeker and Minnie Winnie 26T.

When planning a road trip or considering full-time RV living, choosing the right floor plan in a Class C motorhome can make all the difference.

The best class c motorhome floor plans are the Coachmen Freelander 22XG, Jayco Melbourne, Winnebago Outlook 31N, Forest River Sunseeker, and Minnie Winnie 26T. Class C RVs are compact and built on a truck or van chassis with enough interior space for long-term family travel.

Some of the best floor plans cater to couples, families, or those traveling with friends. In this guide, we explore top Class C RV floor plans that stand out in terms of space utilization, amenities, and flexibility for travelers with different preferences. Each of these motorhomes has been carefully reviewed and tested for accuracy too.



5 Best Floor Plans For Class C Motorhomes

With various options available, it's essential to find the perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and style to meet your travel needs.

Class C motorhomes offer versatility and comfort for long road trips and weekend getaways. Features like convertible sleeping spaces, spacious living areas, and well-designed kitchens can make the experience more enjoyable.

Ultimately, the best Class C RV floor plan for you will vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. Exploring a variety of layouts and configurations will help you find the perfect model that suits your travel aspirations.

Always take the time to browse Class C models. There are plenty of options, like the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. We ranked our top five options based on the build quality and features below.

1. Coachmen Freelander 22XG

Coachmen Freelander 22XG
Coachmen Freelander 22XG

The Coachmen Freelander 22XG is a popular choice for those looking for a compact yet feature-packed Class C Motorhome. From its spacious floor plan to its modern features, this model offers a comfortable and delightful travel experience.

Motorhome Specs

The Freelander 22XG is built on a Ford 450 chassis, with a wheelbase of 158 inches and a GVWR of 14,500 lb. This is a spacious and versatile vehicle and one of the best RV floorplans.

It boasts a solid towing capacity, a Murphy queen bed, and a compact master bedroom. Sporting an exterior length of 24'3" and standing at 10'11" tall, it offers plenty of room without being overwhelmingly large.

  • Wheelbase: 158"
  • GVWR: 14,500 lb
  • GCWR: 22,000 lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 55 gals.
  • Exterior Length: 24’ 3"
  • Exterior Height: 10' 11"


  • Certified Green Construction
  • Azdel composite sidewalls
  • CrossFlex PVC polyester reinforced roof material
  • The compact design allows for easier maneuverability and parking


  • Expensive pricing
  • Storage can be somewhat limited compared to larger models

2. Jayco Melbourne

Jayco Melbourne
Jayco Melbourne

The Jayco Melbourne is another class C RV with excellent storage space and a sturdy truck chassis. This is an ideal choice for long-distance driving and offers plenty of features for modern RV enthusiasts.

The 2023 Melbourne floor plans also include three designs to choose from. All three class C RV floorplans can be used for small families.

  • 24L - Sleeps up to 4, Length: 25' 2"
  • 24R - Sleeps up to 5, Length: 25' 2"
  • 24T - Sleeps up to 4, Length: 25' 2"


This class C RV is durable and spacious. It has a smaller fuel tank size but the payload capacity is excellent. Below are some of the key specifications.

  • Length: 25' 2" - 25' 2"
  • GVWR: 11,030 lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 24.5 gals.
  • 7-speed automatic transmission


  • Compact size for easy maneuvering and parking
  • Well-designed interiors that maximize living space
  • High-quality construction and materials by Jayco
  • Bunk beds & plenty of sleeping space


  • Limited floor plan options compared to larger RVs
  • It may be too small for larger families or groups

3. Winnebago Outlook 31N

Winnebago Outlook 31N
Winnebago Outlook 31N

The Winnebago Outlook 31N is popular for full-time RV living, especially for families with children. This Class C motorhome offers plenty of space and convenient features, making it an excellent long-term option.

The larger floor plans can sleep up to six people. The design is similar to the Thor Motor Coach and Gulf Stream Conquest designs. But we would recommend this Winnebago floor plan because of the competitive price, overhead bed, diesel engine, and twin beds.


  • Exterior Length: 24'8" - 31'11"
  • Exterior Height: 11’
  • GCWR: 18,500-22,000 lb
  • Wheelbase: 158"-220"


  • Private master bedroom
  • Spacious bathroom
  • Lots of space for families with children
  • Priced affordably
  • Five well-appointed floorplans


  • Below-average factory warranty

4. Forest River Sunseeker

Forest River Sunseeker
Forest River Sunseeker

The Forest River Sunseeker is a popular choice for those looking for a Class C motorhome with versatile floor plans and unique features. We love this class C RV because of the multiple floor plan and trim level variations.

This includes the following vehicle models:

  • Sunseeker Classic
  • Sunseeker LE
  • Sunseeker MBS
  • Sunseeker TS


The Forest River Sunseeker offers a variety of floor plans to suit various needs and preferences. Some specifications to consider include the following:

  • Exterior Length: 24 to 32 feet
  • Exterior Height: 11’ 3”
  • Tow Capacity: 5,000 to 7,500 lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 55 gals.
  • Wheelbase: 182”
  • GVWR: 14,500 lb
  • GCWR: 22,000 lb


  • Reliable and durable construction
  • One of the largest class C RV models you can find
  • Spacious sleeping areas
  • Heavy-duty tires


  • Limited off-road capability due to low ground clearance

5. Minnie Winnie 26T

Minnie Winnie 26T
Minnie Winnie 26T

The Minnie Winnie 26T is a fantastic option for road trippers who enjoy luxury and space. It features two twin beds in the back that can be converted into a king-size bed, allowing for ideal sleeping arrangements.

This is an excellent choice for those who prefer compact Class C RVs under 30 feet. It boasts an adaptable floor plan with a slide-out for extra living space and a practical kitchen and bathroom layout to optimize functionality.


  • Wheelbase: 158"
  • GVWR: 14,500 lb
  • GCWR: 22,000 lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 55 gals.
  • Exterior Length: 24’ 3"
  • Exterior Height: 10' 11"


  • Spacious interior
  • Comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to six people
  • Well-equipped kitchen with appliances
  • Separate bathroom and shower for added convenience
  • Good fuel efficiency for an RV of its size
  • Maneuverable and easy to drive on the road


  • Limited headroom in certain areas of the RV
  • Limited cargo carrying capacity compared to larger RVs

What To Look For In The Best Class C Motorhome Floor Plan

Looking for a class C RV is not easy. Here are some of the key things to look for to ensure to find the best floor plan.

Space Utilization

The most effective floor plans make the most of the available space to ensure a pleasant and comfortable living experience. A well-designed floor plan should include ample storage, functional living areas, and easily accessible amenities.

Sleeping Arrangements

Full-time RVers require comfortable sleeping options. We’ve highlighted some options, including queen-sized beds, spacious overhead bunks, and convertible dinette or sofa beds.

Ideally, you should find a floor plan with a master bedroom and a queen bed that includes alternative sleeping options. This is the ideal interior design to maximize space.

Kitchen Amenities

A well-appointed kitchen is vital for full-time RV life. Look for floor plans that include a decent-sized refrigerator, three-burner stoves, and a microwave or oven for all your cooking needs.

Bathroom Facilities

Preference for bathroom facilities can vary, so choosing a floor plan that suits your needs is important. Split bathrooms allow multiple people to use the facilities simultaneously, while a full bathroom creates a more traditional home-like experience.

Personal Preferences

Every RVer's needs and preferences are different. Keep your specific requirements in mind when selecting the perfect floor plan. Remember, what works for one person may not be ideal for another.

If you have a larger family, look for a class C RV with enough space for each passenger. Smaller families can opt for cheaper and less spacious interiors.