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Key Takeaways

  • Floating RVs offer a hybrid travel experience on land and water.
  • These vehicles mix RV comfort with the capability of a boat.
  • They come in various styles, fitting diverse tastes and needs.

Ever wondered if your RV could swim?

Imagine if your next camping trip could include lakeside views from on the lake itself.

That’s right, let’s talk floating RVs!

Dreaming of an adventure that takes you from the road to the waves?

Floating RVs blend the thrill of boating with the comforts of home on the road, making them the ultimate vehicles for water-based escapades.

You’re in good hands here, as we dive into the world of amphibious motorcoaches and multipurpose campers that promise land and water travel.

From the luxurious Terra Wind that cruises smoothly on calm waters to innovative campers like the Sealander that doubles as a boat, we've got the scoop on the coolest options for your aquatic adventures.

Trust us, we're about to expand your horizons on how and where your RV can go!



Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach

Ever dreamed of transitioning from a scenic road trip to a tranquil lake adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your home on wheels?

The Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach has got your back!

Imagine cruising on the highway at 80 mph and then casually taking to the waves at a comfortable 7 knots.

It's not science fiction, it's the Terra Wind.

Now, let's talk specs for you aficionados out there.

This baby is 42.5 feet long and 102 inches wide, perfectly sized for both land and lake travel.

Concerned about weight?

At a GVWR of 33,000 pounds, it's heavier than your typical school bus but still lighter than a city transit bus.

Plus, it can even handle 4-foot waves and winds up to 40 mph.

Safety and luxury aren't mutually exclusive here.

Inside, the customization possibilities are as vast as the open water.

Want a leather sofa or marble countertops?

You can tailor everything from the flooring to the cabinetry.

It's not just an RV; it's a floating palace.

And guess what?

That bespoke elegance on water can be yours, with the model shown priced at about $1.2 million.

So, are you ready to channel your inner adventurer with a twist of opulence?

With the Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach, you'll have a seamless transition from land lover to lake lounger.

Happy travels—wherever your journey may take you!


Have you ever dreamed of combining your love for camping with the joy of boating?

Well, the Sealander might just be your next great adventure buddy.

This nifty little caravan transforms into a boat, giving you the freedom to navigate both land and water with ease.

Imagine this: you've found the perfect lakeside spot.

With the Sealander, all you need to do is back it into the water, detach it from your vehicle, and voilà!

You're ready to sail away.

At just about 900 pounds, the Sealander is a breeze to handle, and thanks to its waterproof chassis of reinforced plastic and fiberglass, it's durable too.

But how fast can it go?

Expect a leisurely pace of about 5 MPH on water, perfect for a serene day out on the lake.

And when you're done exploring, settle in for a night beneath the stars, enjoying the camper's cozy amenities.

Now, let's talk details:

  • Electric Motor: Silent cruising at your fingertips.
  • Battery & Water: It comes with an 80 AH gel battery, a sink with a 13-liter capacity, and a 16-liter shower tank.
  • Size Matters: On land, it’s a compact 13 feet – but on water, it blossoms to 15.2 feet.

And the best part?

The Sealander starts at just under $20,000.

That's German engineering dedicated to your thrills and spills – on a budget.

Sure, it's no speedboat, but the Sealander's charm isn't about the rush; it’s about unwinding in the most unique way possible.

So, are you ready to make a splash on your next outing?

Caravanboat Departure One

Ever dreamt of a road trip without leaving the comforts of your home—and wanted to float on a serene lake?

Well, say hello to the Caravanboat Departure One, where land meets water in one seamless adventure package.

It's a quirky and ingenious blend, perfect for travel aficionados who revel in both the asphalt and the waves.

So, what’s the scoop on this unique vessel?

Imagine the freedom of combining your caravan with a motorized houseboat.

That's exactly what the Departure One offers!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find aboard this amphibious marvel:

  • Sleeps Four: Room for you and your fellow adventurers.
  • Efficient Kitchenette: Whipping up a meal is a breeze.
  • Bathroom Onboard: Yes, with a WC and a shower.
  • Solar Powered: Twin solar cells mean you’re kind to Mother Nature.
  • Covered Terrace: Savor the view with some shade.

The XL Premium version stretches to a generous 8 meters (26.2 feet) in length, slightly up from the 7 meters (23 feet) of the standard model.

Even when empty, it weighs about 1,800kg (3,968 lbs), so make sure your vehicle can handle this beauty.

Really, who wouldn't want to dock beside a picturesque riverside after a day on the road?

It's an all-in-one solution for the restless spirits and the free-hearted.

And while you might wonder if living the nomad lifestyle could cost the Earth, it's really quite reasonable.

Your grand floating caravan runs on solar power!

Planning the next big getaway yet?

Just imagine the stories you'll tell with a Caravanboat Departure One.

It's not just a holiday; it's an experience.

Keep an eye on it; it might just redefine travel for you.

Are you ready to sail the asphalt seas?

FloatWing by Friday

Have you ever daydreamed about drifting gently on a lake with all the comforts of home tagging along?

Meet FloatWing by Friday, your ticket to wet and wild escapes!

Want a mobile home that floats?

You got it!

FloatWing is designed with versatility at its core.

With sizes ranging from a snug studio of 300 square feet to a spacious 560-square-foot three-bedroom model, your aquatic retreat is just an order away.

Here's the scoop on what makes the FloatWing buzz:

  • Modularity: Like building blocks for the water, you can customize this floating home to match your adventure's scale.
  • Self-sufficiency: Fancy being off-grid? This gem generates its power and can stay afloat without land support for months!
  • Compact Design: It can fit neatly into two standard shipping containers — making transport a breeze.
  • Pricing: Depending on your chosen luxury level, prices range from $105,000 to $260,000.

Not only does FloatWing bring freedom to your doorstep, it packs it with elegance.

Inside, you'll find modern amenities to ensure your water-based adventures are cozy and convenient.

Always dreamed of waking up to the gentle lap of water?

With the FloatWing positioning system, pick your view and anchor down.

Imagine navigating through calm waters, a different scene outside your window every morning.

That's the FloatWing lifestyle — freedom, comfort, and movement, seamlessly blended.

So, are you ready to set sail on your floating RV experience with FloatWing by Friday?

Dive into the details, pick your model, and hey — don't forget to wave at the landlubbers as you cruise by!


Have you ever pictured yourself pedaling down a serene pathway and then seamlessly gliding into a tranquil lake without changing vehicles?

Meet the Z-Triton, a brainchild of the innovative Latvian company Zeltini, an amphibious wonder that offers an unparalleled adventure by seamlessly blending three experiences into one robust machine.

It’s literally a triathlon of travel: land, water, and shelter.

Imagine cruising around on an electric cargo bicycle, but wait, that’s just the start.

The Z-Triton transforms into an electric boat when you encounter a picturesque body of water.

At the end of a long day of exploring, it serves as your personal tiny camper.

Not too shabby for something that started as your ride into nature, right?

Features of the Z-Triton include:

  • Electric Motors: Two 250W that keep you moving on both land and water.
  • Solar Panels: Green energy to power up your adventures.
  • Accommodation: Roomy enough for two to sleep comfortably.
  • Storage Space: Carry all your essentials hassle-free.

And before you ask—yes, it’s fully electric.

Charging the Z-Triton is an eco-conscious breeze, thanks to the onboard solar panels.

With a home on the wheels and a boat in the hull, this is not just about trips; it’s about sustainable and unique outdoor experiences that leave a small footprint but a big impression.

Function Description
Bicycle Electric cargo bike
Boat Electric boat mode
Camper Compact living with hard-top

Cost-wise, it’s a deal that might make your wallet hesitate—but only for a second.

Priced around $16,250 USD, it's an investment in an adventurous lifestyle.

Who needs separate gear when you can have an all-in-one package?

Ready to make lifelong memories with a splash of innovation?

Z-Triton is your ticket to the great outdoors, no matter the terrain.

Amphibious Motorhome by Dobbertin HydroCar

Have you ever dreamed of an RV that can splash into a lake with the ease of a duck?

Let's talk about the Dobbertin HydroCar - not your average landlubber motorhome.

Imagine investing a decade and a cool million in creating an amphibious vehicle that refuses to be bogged down by traditional road trips.

  • Price Tag: $1 Million USD
  • Development Time: 10 Years

On Terra Firma: With its articulated sponsons (think side pontoons with a serious job!), this nifty RV promises stability and extended land travel.

When air meets water, a flick of a switch brings those sponsons down, prepping you for aquatic adventure.

  • Sponsons: Articulated for land and water
  • Terrain Switch: Easy as pie!

Water Woahs: Here's a splash of honesty - initial water tests showed the HydroCar was a bit front-heavy.

But with a few tweaks, this craft aims to glide more smoothly, seeking that elusive plane stance on water.

It's a work in progress, true, but isn't that part of the fun?

  • Buoyancy Challenges: Addressed with ingenuity
  • Modifications: Ongoing for that perfect float

Inside, it's all about compact comfort.

Your essentials are covered, but with the added bonus that your living space can float!

It's like your cozy den decided to take a swim.

And with a length of nearly 13 meters, it's spacious enough to forget you're actually in a vehicle that can conquer land and water alike.

  • Interior: Essential amenities in a compact space
  • Length: 12.9 meters (42.3 feet)

So, are you ready to take "home on the road" to a whole new level?

With the Dobbertin HydroCar, your adventure doesn't stop at the shore, it starts there!

WaterCar Panther

Ever wanted to sail into the horizon after a long drive without a hiccup?

Well, you can quite literally take to the waters with the WaterCar Panther.

Imagine cruising along the highway, then next thing you know, you're skipping over waves - all without changing vehicles.

Sounds like a dream, right?

The Panther is the brainchild of WaterCar, and it's a vehicle that transforms from a car to a boat with just a push of a button.

It's designed to handle both land and water with ease and efficiency.

Here's what makes it the perfect ride for your next water-based adventure:

  • Amphibious Ability: Equipped with a transition capability to switch from driving to boating mode.
  • Design: It sports a jeep-like appearance, combining an adventurous look with functional versatility.
  • Miles on Land and Water: You get 681 miles of use, which brings plenty of range for your explorations.

Packing for a weekend by the lakeside?

The WaterCar Panther can be decked out with your essential camping gear.

It might not replace your full-fledged RV for long-term living, but for short-term stays, this sporty number could be your ticket to an epic mini-break.

What sets the Panther apart is the fun factor.

Who wouldn't want to turn their journey into an impromptu sailing trip?

While the pricing may raise eyebrows—it starts at $185,000—can you really put a price on the versatility and sheer joy of owning a vehicle that runs on both land and water?

In terms of customization, you're spoiled for choice.

The interior and exterior can be tailored to your taste, and you can add practical add-ons like fishing rod holders or advanced navigational tools such as sonar or GPS systems.

To wrap it up, the Panther XL blends in the best of both worlds for the adventurers who yearn for flexibility without the fuss.

Could this be your next big thrill?

If the call of the water is strong with you, this amphibious wonder might just be your perfect match.

Gibbs Aquada

Ever dreamed of cruising down the highway and then heading straight into the lake without skipping a beat?

Meet the Gibbs Aquada, your potential ticket to making that dream a reality.

Imagine hitting over 100mph on the tarmac and then switching to a splash-worthy 30mph on water.

Who said you can't have the best of both worlds?

What sets the Aquada apart isn't just its dual capabilities—it's how effortlessly it adapts.

No need for a lengthy transformation; the Aquada shifts from land to water mode in a mere six seconds.

Think of it as your highway-to-hydro hero!

  • On Land: Speeds exceeding 100mph
  • On Water: Capable of over 30mph

Engine Specs: At the heart is a mid-mounted Rover 2.5-liter V6 engine paired with a bespoke water-jet engine.

Whether you're revving up on the road or gliding across the waves, you’ve got 175 horsepower at your command.

Statistically speaking, the ability to tow a water skier behind this amphibious beast underscores its power and versatility.

Who needs a garage full of toys when the Aquada is an adventure capsule for both land and sea escapades?

Think about this: a road trip no longer ends at the shore's edge.

Unshackle from the usual path and venture where roads and tides intersect.

Isn’t it time to add some splash to your dash with the Gibbs Aquada?

Amphibious RV by Amphicoach

Ever dreamed of an RV that can splash into a lake as easily as it rolls down the highway?

Meet the Amphicoach—the ultimate answer for your land-and-water travel desires.

Fancy a sunrise over the waves after a night under the stars?

Here's how the Amphicoach makes that possible!

First off, let's chat about what's under the hood—or should we say, the hull?

This RV isn't just any motorhome; it's a dual-threat, tackling winding roads and calm waters with confidence.

No need to pack up and change vehicles; your floating home effortlessly transitions from asphalt to aqua.

Now, let's sneak a peek inside, shall we?

It's like stepping into a movable luxury condo, deck with:

  • Residential-sized appliances for whipping up your favorite meals
  • Marble countertops giving that touch of elegance
  • Teak wood cabinets rounding off the yacht-like vibe
  • Spacious slide-out rooms to stretch your legs

Imagine hosting a cozy dinner or simply unwinding as waves lap gently at your sides, not a care in the world about the depth beneath.

Smooth-water cruising is this RV's sweet spot, but remember, it's happiest away from the high seas—two- to three-foot waves, tops, please!

Starting at a figure that can make your wallet wince, around a cool $1,000,000, it's a splurge-worthy adventure pod.

Sure, it's no impulse buy, but can you really put a price on the freedom to roam between road and ripples?

So, what do you say—ready to take the plunge into amphibi-ous adventures?

Just picture you, at the helm of your very own roaming oasis.

Land, water, and the envy of every RV park and marina, all in one.

Amphibious Camper Van by CAMI

Ever thought about cruising in your very own home on both highways and serene lakes?

Meet the Amphibious Camper Van by CAMI—a true hybrid marvel letting you do just that!

What's this innovation about?

Imagine a cozy living space that not just wheels you down the road but also captains you across the calm waters.

This isn't your typical motorhome.

With the capabilities of an RV and a boat, you get the best of both worlds.

Whether it's road tripping or a float-cation, you're set for an epic adventure!

Here's what the inside scoop looks like:

  • Living Area: Outfitted to keep you comfy with all the necessary trimmings—think bed, kitchenette, and yes, even a shower!
  • Performance: She handles both terrains, thanks to a motor and rudder ready for waters and wheels for land.
  • The Wow Factor: You can catch fish right off your motor coach. How's that for fresh dinner?

On the technical side, CAMI constructs these vehicles meticulously to ensure your safety and comfort no matter the surface you traverse.

Fancy a floating palace?

While it's a posh pick for sure, it’s a splurge that could just redefine your wanderlust dreams!

Are you geared up to mark the start of your most versatile journey ever?

This Amphibious Camper Van by CAMI could be your ticket to escapades that most can only scribble on their bucket lists.

So, who’s ready to navigate the tarmac and the tides? 🏞️🚐