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Key Takeaways

  • Rear kitchen layouts in fifth wheels can provide more spacious dining and better entertaining options.
  • One of the main drawbacks to a rear kitchen layout is the “bounce” on the road.
  • Most big fifth wheel brands will have a rear kitchen layout option which can be viewed on a virtual tour.

You're ready to buy a fifth wheel, but the floorplan choices are overwhelming. A rear kitchen front bedroom setup may be just what you need and here’s why.

These are the best options for a fifth wheel with a rear kitchen layout.

  • Jayco North Point
  • Forest River Flagstaff
  • Forest River Arctic Wolf
  • Keystone Arcadia
  • Northwood Arctic Fox Grande Ronde
  • New Horizons Majestic
  • Dutchmen Yukon

When looking at fifth wheel layouts, there are a variety of setups with varying advantages from the location of storage space, to the size of bedroom and living areas, and even optional slide outs. There is one layout that many recreational travelers find especially appealing and that is a rear kitchen configuration. Let’s look at the best options for rear kitchen layouts as well as the pros and cons of this setup.



What is a Fifth Wheel

A fifth wheel trailer is a special type of towed recreational vehicle often hitched to the back of a pickup truck. This unique trailer style combines the comfort and storage space of a regular camper with the towing capabilities of a larger RV. This gives better flexibility to use different vehicles or to separate it when needed.

Fifth wheel trailers can provide an excellent option for those who don't have a regular tow vehicle capable of hauling large vehicles, but still want the added comforts that come with an RV. They are typically roomier than travel trailers and offer more privacy, making them ideal for longer trips or bigger families.

Traditional Fifth Wheel Floorplans

Like most classes of RV, the fifth wheel will have several layouts to choose from depending on the brand.

With various floor plans to choose from, it is possible to find a fifth wheel tailored exactly to one's needs. Some of the most common floor plans include bunkhouses with separate sleeping spaces, larger kitchen-dining rooms, and rear entertainment units complete with built-in media systems.

Those preferring more bedroom space can opt for models that feature master suites with full bathroom amenities and plenty of storage options. Now when first time buyers usually think of RVs they picture the classic walk into the kitchen or living space and towards the back to find the bedroom area.

However, there is a spin on this where the arrangement is flipped to accommodate travelers to certain advantages which we’ll discuss below.

How to Decide

Deciding on a fifth wheel layout can be a difficult decision, as it will have to suit your lifestyle and travel preferences.

Think about how many people you plan to carry with you in your fifth wheel and how much storage space you need. It's important to ensure that the length is suitable for the type of vehicle you plan to tow it with, as well as any regions or highways that require trailers to adhere to specific size requirements.

Consider things like the slide out options, kitchen placement, seating capacity, bathroom options, lighting choices, and overall design style.

With so many different layouts available today it can be overwhelming trying to decide but by taking into account these features and researching your options, you'll be able to find a fifth wheel layout that gives you years of happy travels ahead.

The best way to decide on your preferred layout is to:

  • Determine the function of your Rv (family, couple, short term, long term)
  • Tour as many layouts as possible.
  • If needed, take a “virtual tour.”

Regarding the last tip, General RV has a great virtual showroom to check out various layouts. However, ideally you’ll experience a walkthrough in person.

The Best Fifth Wheels With Rear Kitchen

A fifth-wheel with a rear kitchen set up is a great choice for avid RVers. The rear kitchen offers many advantages, especially in smaller units, as it eliminates the need to move around awkwardly when prepping meals or operating appliances.

It also gives the living area more space since much of the traffic associated with food prep stays confined to the kitchen. The robust countertop provides plenty of room for preparation while still having access to all the essential cupboards, drawers and storage compartments so everything is within reach.

With this setup, campers can easily move from kitchen to dining area without worry of bumping into each other. For those who want to entertain or cook extensively when camping, a fifth-wheel with a rear kitchen set up could be perfect.

Combining industry professionals and RV user feedback we’ve determined these to be the current best options for a rear kitchen fifth wheel layout.

Jayco North Point 380RKGS

Jayco North Point 380RKGS
Jayco North Point 380RKGS
  • Virtual Walk Through
  • Optional 18 cu. ft. fridge or queen bed for space saving.
  • Double pull out extension dining table.
  • Theater seat
  • Tri-fold sofa

The rear kitchen layout combines convenience, comfort, and style. This fifth wheel provides an unbeatable extended term traveling experience. Whip up a gourmet meal in the dream kitchen featuring two slide-outs for maximum space, residential appliances (including a massive 21 cu. ft refrigerator), plus seating at the breakfast bar with friends.

Gather around together in front of the fireplace as you watch your favorite shows on a 50" Smart LED HDTV with JBL home entertainment system - that's right: theater level sound right from your own RV! Revel in luxury amenities like storage under interior steps for shoes and outer entryway leading out to relax underneath both side awnings.

Forest River Flagstaff 526RK

Forest River Flagstaff 526RK
Forest River Flagstaff 526RK
  • 3D Walk through
  • Fireplace
  • Tri-Fold Sofas
  • Ceiling fan
  • 76" Slide Out Height in Living/Kitchen
  • LED TV with upgraded sound system
  • Theater seating
  • Water purifier

The Forest River Flagstaff is a great rear kitchen layout option. It’s a perfect couples fifth wheel with a private front bedroom with queen sized bed, and a second entry from the bathroom to bedroom.

One of the many benefits of the Flagstaff is that the kitchen is built with a chef in mind with plenty of counter space and cabinets,and a ceiling fan to keep air moving with the AC off. A vaulted interior ceiling gives a roomy effect in the living room. This model is available in half ton or three quarter ton.

Forest River Arctic Wolf 261RK

Forest River Arctic Wolf 261RK
Forest River Arctic Wolf 261RK
  • 3D walk through
  • Deluxe theater seating
  • Free standing table and chairs
  • Walk in pantry
  • 6.4’ all slide rooms
  • Electric fireplace

The Forest River Arctic Wolf rear kitchen layout keeps storage and comfort as priorities. Seating benches come with built in storage as well as basement storage. An 80” queen sized bed will have you feeling like you're in a hotel instead of an RV.

In addition, exterior refinements include a deluxe outdoor kitchen. The inside rear set kitchen includes a “black out” kitchen appliance package, free standing dinette chairs with storage, ample cabinets for pots and pans, and an extra large pantry.

Keystone Arcadia 3550MB

  • 3D walk through
  • 16 Cu. Ft. 12-Volt "Solar Friendly" Refrigerator
  • Flip-up work station in kitchen
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Residential California king bed

The Keystone Arcadia is as close as you’ll get to a residential style rear format kitschen in a fifth wheel. Luxury amenities like a king sized bed, theater seating with heat and massage, a 50” HD TV, and 48” fireplace, make this a palace on wheels.

The rear kitchen has a deep bowl farmhouse style sink, custom solid wood cabinetry, and flip up butcher block working station to name a few of the residential class design elements. A wine rack completes the feel that this is more a vacation home than a fifth wheel.

Northwood Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 27-5L

Northwood Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 27-5L
Northwood Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 27-5L
  • 3D walk through
  • Wide body floorplan
  • Freestanding table with chairs
  • Two Tri-fold sofas
  • Ample counter space
  • Furion Cooking Suite

The Northwood Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 27-5L rear kitchen layout is the perfect marriage of luxury, comfort, and utility. It features a totally enclosed underbelly with an insulated tundra flex suspension system to keep out the elements and minimize road vibration.

Interior appointments such as an 18 cubic foot refrigerator, a 3-burner stovetop range, and a spacious single bowl stainless sink make cooking meals wherever you find yourself an easy and enjoyable experience.

The residential-style sofa offers plenty of room for relaxation and entertainment, while several large windows provide plenty of natural light during the day and views of nature at night.

New Horizons Majestic M40RKS

New Horizons Majestic M40RKS
New Horizons Majestic M40RKS
  • Rear kitchen floorplan
  • 50” Samsung TV
  • L-shaped couch for entertaining
  • Full U-shaped kitchen work space
  • Optional wood scraped flooring

The New Horizons Majestic M40RKS is the ultimate rear kitchen floor plan. With an abundance of counter space and storage, this layout is designed to make cooking and entertaining a breeze.

The full range oven and cook top are conveniently placed, while the 18 cubic foot fridge and double-door pantry keep all your ingredients fresh and nearby. Plus, no more rearranging the furniture for mealtime.

The genius eat-in bar area can be adjusted for both dining or entertaining, enabling you to easily accommodate family and friends. Featuring upgraded residential appliances as well as real hardwood cabinetry, it’s easy to see why this is one of the top RV layouts on the market today.

Dutchmen Yukon 399ML

  • Virtual Tour
  • 7” tall slide out ceiling height
  • 18 Cubic Feet RV Gas/Electric Refrigerator
  • Leather reclining seats
  • Double sinks
  • Optional 40” fireplace
  • Optional washer/dryer prep

The Dutchmen Yukon 399ML rear kitchen layout is a great choice for those RVers looking to maximize the living space of their RV. The spacious living area is set up with multiple slides to give campers a roomy interior, while the full rear kitchen setup offers all the amenities desired in an RV.

Features included in the kitchen are an oven, stovetop, microwave and plenty of counter space. There's also plenty of storage and shelving for dry goods so you don't have to keep packing and unpacking your items when you're on the go.

Whether you are tailgating for football season or want to spend more time camping and less time at rest stops, the Yukon 399ML rear kitchen layout will meet all your essential needs and beyond.

What Are the Advantages to Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheels

When it comes to outfitting a fifth wheel trailer, having a rear kitchen layout can be incredibly beneficial.

  1. This floorplan allows for more privacy in the bedroom area, as well as greater square footage overall in the living space due to its design.
  1. Moreover, with this type of setup, it is easier to access the kitchen appliances and storage directly from outside the vehicle.
  1. The living space is more open and accessible for entertainment and creates an organic flow into the kitchen.
  1. Rear situated kitchens in fifth wheels tend to have generous counter space and are ideal for campers who cook and entertain a lot.
  1. It also allows for increased ventilation around the kitchen area during warm weather months and long stays.

All these features make a rear kitchen layout preferable for those looking for an uncomplicated but comfortable camping experience inside their fifth wheel trailer.

What Are the Disadvantages to a Rear Kitchen Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel RVs offer a considerable amount of living space and amenities, but having a rear kitchen layout can have its drawbacks.

  1. First, it's difficult to manage traffic when the kitchen is located where people enter and exit the RV. Having to maneuver around someone while they're trying to prepare or cook food in a kitchen can be both awkward and inconvenient.
  1. Additionally, having an RV with the kitchen at the back may limit usage of certain features such as the refrigerator, or possibly even prevent you from bringing certain items like a grill along on your trips.
  1. Rear kitchens will have more “bounce” while on the road which may mean you just need to lock all appliances down and have good storage options to accompany this layout.
  1. Having to secure everything before hitting the road can increase your breakdown time when you are ready to hit the road.
  1. In some configurations, with rigs with slides, parts of the kitchen may not be as accessible unless slides are opened. This can make things like grabbing a snack during a stop more complicated than usual.