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Key Takeaways

  • A Ford F-150 can tow a limited selection of fifth-wheels.
  • Towing capacity for a fifth-wheel uses GVWR, pin weight, and max payload capacity.
  • Jayco, Coachmen, and KZ make good fifth-wheel options for many half-ton trucks.
  • Maximum towing capacity isn’t the whole story considering the F-150 truck specs.

Wondering if your Ford F-150 can tow a 5th wheel? Get all the details on the fifth-wheel towing capacities of America’s favorite pickup.

Yes, a Ford F-150 can technically tow certain 5th wheels. The maximum towing capacity for the current models range from 8,200 to around 14,000 lbs, and a max payload of up to 3,315. The 5th wheel's hitch weight and GVWR will determine if your F-150 can tow it safely.

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Ford F-150 5th Wheel Max Towing Capacity

The Ford F-150 is the most popular and iconic half-ton American pickup truck.

Its smart trailer tow connector and affordable max towing capacity make it one of the best half-ton trucks for towing capability when it comes to small to medium tow trailers.

Most half-ton trucks are not enough to tow a 5th wheel, no matter how good the max trailer tow package.

Whether or not your Ford F-150/other half-ton truck and desired 5th wheel RV are a match depends on towing capacity, payload, GVRW, and the hitch weight.

3/4 ton trucks and bigger will always do a better job towing 5th wheels than half-tons like the Ford F-150, but it's doable.

5th Wheel Towing Capacity Terms for Beginners (Pin Weight and More)

  • Towing Capacity: Max towing capacity is the maximum amount of weight a vehicle can safely tow behind it. When it comes to pickup trucks, this number typically ranges from 6,000 to 14,000 pounds depending on the manufacturer and model. (This is different than payload!)
  • Maximum Payload: The maximum payload capacity of a truck is the total weight that can be safely added to the cargo area or truck bed in addition to its empty weight.
  • GVRW: The GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) refers to the total weight of a vehicle, including the cargo, passengers, and accessories.
  • 5th Wheel Hitch: A fifth wheel hitch is a type of towing device used to connect a fifth wheel trailer to a tow vehicle. It consists of a large, U-shaped block that is mounted in the bed of the tow vehicle and connects to the fifth wheel trailer via a kingpin.
  • Hitch Weight: Hitch weight, also known as pin weight, is the amount of weight a 5th wheel trailer's tongue places on the hitch it is mounted to. This will be roughly 15% of the 5th wheel's total weight.

So, if you have a Ford F-150 and want to know if it can pull a 5th wheel safely, understand these key terms and do the math to make sure it meets the necessary max towing specifications.

But most of all, always take into consideration your own comfort level and driving skills when fifth-wheel towing.

If you’re ever in doubt, consult a professional to ensure your safety and that of those around you on the road!

What Size 5th Wheel can a Ford F-150 Pull/Half-Ton Truck?

The Ford F-150 can tow a 5th wheel recreational vehicle, but it is not recommended for a larger fifth-wheel RV, even with the max trailer tow package.

This table details the max trailer weight in pounds for each pickup model with different types of towable trailers in Ford's 2023 line:

Conventional 5th-Wheel Gooseneck
Super Duty Pickup 30,000 lbs 35,000 40,000 lbs
F-150 Pickup 14,000 lbs 14,000 X
F-150 Lightning 10,000 lbs X X
Ranger 7,500 lbs X X
Maverick 4,000 lbs X X

With this info straight from Ford, deciding whether or not your 5th wheel is a good choice is easy. It may even inspire you to consider a more powerful truck.

It’s clear that the Super Duty Pickup will open up the whole world of 5th-wheel RVs, while the Ford F-150 is severely limited.

In the end, choosing a fifth-wheel towing vehicle is all about finding the right balance of comfort, power, and safety.

What is the Difference Between a 5th Wheel and a Conventional Trailer?

5th wheel trailers are typically larger than travel trailers and require a pickup truck for towing.

Instead of being anchored to the ball mount on the back of the truck, 5th wheels are secured directly to the truck bed.

They also provide more luxurious amenities and greater storage load capacity due to their increased size.

On the other hand, travel trailers tend to be less expensive and have a wider range of sizes available, making them more accessible for those on a budget.

Additionally, they are usually lighter than a 5th-wheel trailer, meaning they can be towed by smaller vehicles.

Overall, it is important to consider your needs when deciding between a 5th-wheel trailer and a conventional trailer.

Lightweight Fifth Wheel RVs for Ford F-150 and Half-Ton Trucks

If you’re looking to purchase a 5th wheel RV and are worried your Ford F-150 won’t be able to handle it, there are some lightweight 5th wheel models available.

These are some of our favorites that are low-weight limit friendly.

Always check your pickup's stats from the owner's manual against the specs of any fifth-wheel trailer before purchasing!

Coachmen Chaparral Lite (25RE Floorplan)

If you're looking for a lightweight, aerodynamic fifth-wheel RV that can be towed by a half-ton truck, the Coachmen Chaparral Lite is a perfect choice.

This RV offers plenty of space and comfort without sacrificing performance.

The exterior is designed to provide great aerodynamics and reduce drag, while the interior features modern amenities such as comfortable seating, a full kitchen, and plenty of storage.

With its lightweight construction and easy towing capabilities, the Chaparral Lite is ideal for weekend warriors or snowbirds looking for an RV that's both reliable and comfortable.

Towing Stats

  • GVWR: 9,800 lbs
  • Hitch Weight/Pin Weight: 1,115 lbs
  • Cargo Weight Capacity: 2,527 lbs
  • Length: 29 feet 10 inches
  • Width: 96 inches

Jayco Eagle HT (24RE Floorplan)

The Jayco Eagle HT is a lightweight and easy-to-tow fifth wheel, perfect for your next adventure.

From its shorter profile and lighter construction that allows it to be towed by today's smaller pickup trucks like the F-150, to its spacious living area complete with modern amenities, the Jayco Eagle HT is sure to provide a comfortable home away from home.

Towing Stats

  • GVWR: 9,995 lbs
  • Hitch Weight/Pin Weight: 1,480 lbs
  • Cargo Capacity: 1,935 lbs
  • Length: 29 feet 1 inch
  • Width: 97 inches

Durango Half-Ton (D230 Floorplan)

KZ's Durango Half-Ton 5th wheel offers the ideal combination of lightweight construction and generous floorplan selection, with every model weighing under 12,000 lbs - perfect for anyone looking to tow with a half-ton truck.

This fifth wheel features double slide-outs, a spacious full bath, an 18' power awning with LED lights, and a queen bed.

It also has lots of storage and tons of additional features to make your journey more enjoyable.

The Durango Half-Ton is designed to provide lightweight travel with all the comforts you need while on the road.

Towing Stats

  • GVWR: 9,000 lbs
  • Hitch Weight/Pin Weight: 1,200 lbs
  • Cargo Capacity: 1,740 lbs
  • Length: 26 feet 9 inches
  • Width: 96 inches

Is It Better to Tow a Fifth Wheel With a Dually?

Yes, it is better to tow a 5th wheel with a dually.

A larger truck will handle a fifth wheel better than a half-ton; there’s no way around the physics of pin weight, trailer weight, and maximum towing capacity.

Towing fifth-wheel trailers with a dually is often the best option.

A dually, or dual rear wheel truck, has two sets of wheels on each side of the rear axle, increasing the rear axle weight rating and the overall ability to handle the trailer weight and pin weight of a fifth wheel.

This provides more stability and better weight distribution when towing trailers like a fifth wheel.

It also allows for heavier loads to be towed safely.

When considering whether or not to tow a fifth wheel with a dually, it's important to consider the size and weight of your fifth wheel as well as the capabilities of your truck.

If you have an older model truck, you may need to upgrade in order to safely tow a fifth-wheel trailer.

Additionally, if your fifth wheels of choice are too large or heavy for your truck, you should opt for a larger truck like a max towing package dually with larger towing capacity and a heavy-duty payload package in order to ensure safe and secure transport.

Can a Ford F150 tow a 5th wheel? Technically, yes, it’s just not ideal.