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Key Takeaways

  • Fireplaces in campers provide warmth and comfort on cold travels.
  • Modern RVs offer fireplaces with luxury and practicality in mind.
  • Selecting the right camper involves balancing amenities with personal needs.

Imagine warming your toes by the fire, even when you're miles into the snowy wilderness.

It's the epitome of comfort on the go — a camper with a fireplace.

Traversing frosty landscapes doesn’t mean giving up the cozy ambiance of a hearth.

Select RVs fitted with fireplaces offer you a warm oasis right within your mobile abode.

You can trust this roundup to steer you through frostbitten travel blues.

It’s grounded in research and real-world recommendations, promising you a snug journey no matter the destination or the chill outside.



Keystone Montana 3121RL

Craving a bit of warmth for your winter travels?

Let the Keystone Montana 3121RL wrap you up in cozy comfort, complete with a built-in electric fireplace.

Imagine winding down after a day of snowy adventures with the flickering ambiance of a 5,000 BTU electric fireplace.

Not just a pretty feature, it truly makes the space feel like home.

But there's more to this fifth wheel than just its hearth.

This home-on-wheels is designed to cater to your every need.

Key Features:

  • Living Area: Spacious with residential features, including the electric fireplace.
  • Seating: You've got options! Relax on a hide-a-bed sofa or power Thomas Payne theater seating.
  • Entertainment: A 50" LCD HDTV perfectly positioned to view from the snuggly seating.


  • Bedroom Bliss: A king bed with storage underneath awaits in a private bedroom.
  • Closet Space: A generous front closet with a built-in clothing hamper keeps dirty clothes out of sight.

The Keystone Montana 3121RL is not shy on luxury or convenience.

Everything's been thought of, from the elegant design to practical touches like the hamper for those muddy hiking clothes.

Heading out for a winter escapade?

You'll want to keep this fifth wheel on your radar.

Because honestly, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up by the fire—even when you’re on wheels?

Forest River Sierra 379FLOK

Fancy a winter escape with all the coziness of home?

Picture yourself in the Forest River Sierra 379FLOK, where you can stay toasty with a flickering fireplace in your own front living area.

Isn't that a warm thought?

This model isn't just about warmth, it's about spacious luxury.

You've got a full wall of windows to gaze out as you sip your morning coffee, and when the evening rolls in, the ambiance of a gentle fire adds that special touch to your adventure.

Features of the Sierra 379FLOK:

  • Fireplace: A central feature for a cozy, inviting living space.
  • Innovative Front Windshield: Natural light during the day, stargazing at night.
  • Exterior Kitchen: For those who love to cook under the stars.


  • Hitch Weight: 2,568 lb.
  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): Enough to handle all your needs.
  • Slideouts: Designed for maximizing space.

Want to catch the game or enjoy a movie night?

The 50" TV conveniently rises up for your viewing pleasure, ensuring you won't miss a play or a scene.

And when it's time to hit the hay, rest easy.

The master bedroom suite is situated on the main deck, offering ample headroom and comfort.

The Sierra is more than just a pretty space—it's practical too.

It has a payload capacity of 2,681 lbs and can be your perfect camping companion for those chillier months when you yearn for the warmth of home on the road.

Want to live it up outdoors?

That standard outside kitchen is bound to be your favorite hangout spot.

Remember, it's not just about the destination.

In a Sierra 379FLOK, the journey becomes a delightful experience, no matter how cold it is outside.

Grand Design Solitude 310GK

Looking for a homey retreat on wheels to keep you snug during your winter escapades?

The Grand Design Solitude 310GK might just be the plush haven you're after!

Let's unwrap what makes this camper a cozy nook, shall we?

Warmth on Wheels:

At the heart of its charm, you'll find a snazzy fireplace included in the Solitude's residential living package.

Imagine chilly evenings transformed as you bask in the glow and warmth of your very own fireside.

It's comfort that moves with you!

Towable Luxury:

Towing weight: Feeling anxious about lugging a heavy trailer?

Breathe easy—you can hitch this beauty to your half-ton truck, thanks to its lightweight design.

Room with a View:

Windows and design: Frameless tinted windows not only offer you a panoramic view of your natural surroundings but also add an air of elegance with the high-gloss gel coat sidewalls stretching a generous 101 inches in width.

Built for All Seasons:

The Solitude 310GK is not just any fair-weather friend—it comes armed with a package that includes:

  • A 35K BTU high-capacity furnace
  • An enclosed and heated utility center
  • Insulation tailored for year-round adventure

Each detail of the Solitude ensures that, no matter where you roam or how the temperature dips, you're enveloped in the comfort you deserve.

So, are you ready to hit the road and make memories by the fireside, in your very own Solitude 310GK?

Your winter wonderland awaits!

Jayco North Point 387FBTS

Have you ever imagined cuddling up by a fireplace as the snow gently falls outside?

You totally can, even on the road with the Jayco North Point 387FBTS.

This fifth wheel is the epitome of luxury and coziness rolled into one, making winter travels a delightful experience.

Key Features:

  • LED Fireplace: A charming addition that not only heats your space but also creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • Warranty: The seamless roof material comes with a substantial 20-year warranty.

Isn't it fantastic to have a strong and secure roof above your head?

With Jayco's commitment to safety, you're looking at one solidly built fifth wheel.

And get this, they haven't skimped on luxury either.

The inside feels just like a home—thanks to standard features like the MORryde® StepAbove™ entrance steps with strut assist that welcomes you in.

And let's talk about that LED fireplace with an electric space heater.

Not just for show, it'll keep you toasty on those chilly nights, adding a magical glow to your home on wheels.

Exterior Equipment:

  • 3x 40 lb. propane bottles
  • 102 in. wide body construction
  • 12 in. structural steel I-beam

These specs aren't just numbers; they're your ticket to a peaceful, worry-free retreat after a day of exploring frosty landscapes.

So, if you're looking for a winter home that goes where you go, the Jayco North Point 387FBTS is the one to beat.

Can you already feel the warmth of the fireplace and the comfort of having such a well-constructed travel companion?

Heartland Bighorn 3870FB

Imagine pulling up to a snowy campsite, stepping into your RV, and feeling the instant warmth of a cozy electric fireplace.

With the Heartland Bighorn 3870FB, this can be your reality during chilly winter travels.

Key Features:

  • Full Front Bathroom: Indulge in the spaciousness of a full-sized bathroom, complete with elegant amenities and ample storage.
  • Electric Fireplace: Need to shake off the cold? The built-in electric fireplace in the living area isn't just for show; it radiates warmth, creating the perfect spot to curl up with a hot drink and your favorite book.
  • Spacious Interior: There's room to stretch out, with a thoughtful layout designed for comfort and practicality.

Why Choose The Bighorn 3870FB?

  • It's about the little luxuries in life, and the Bighorn delivers with its high-end finishes and extra comforts.
  • The half bath offers convenience for guests, keeping your main bathroom private.
  • A variety of floor plans ensure you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Whether you're traveling solo or bringing along company, the Heartland Bighorn 3870FB makes sure you're well-equipped for those crisp winter adventures.

Can't you just picture settling in for the evening, the flames of your electric fireplace flickering while snowflakes dance outside your window?

It's not just a camper; it's a winter retreat on wheels.

Coachmen Chaparral 392MBL

Who doesn't love the idea of curling up by the fireplace as the snow falls outside?

The Coachmen Chaparral 392MBL offers just that—coziness on wheels!

Imagine yourself nestled in the roomy living room, basking in the warmth of your very own fireplace.

Why choose the Coachmen Chaparral 392MBL for your winter travels?

Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Homey Features: The fireplace is a central feature in the spacious living room, perfect for those chilly evenings.
  • Sleeping Capacity: With roomy bedroom suites, you'll have a comfortable night's rest after a day of winter adventures.
  • Storage Space: Enormous storage solutions ensure you can bring all your cozy winter gear without cramping your style.
Specification Detail
MSRP $55,293
Type Fifth Wheel
Sleeps Varies by layout
Price Dealer Invoice Pricing

It's the little things, like a warm fireplace, that make winter travel in an RV feel like a snowy retreat rather than a cramped excursion.

And with the 392MBL’s well-thought-out design, you've got both adventure and tranquility at your fingertips.

So, are you ready to explore winter wonderlands from the comfort of your Coachmen Chaparral?

Palomino Columbus 329DV

Ever dreamt of cozy winter travels with all the comforts of home?

The Palomino Columbus 329DV might just be your dream come true.

Picture yourself nestling into plush power theater seating after a brisk day exploring, the warmth of a fire gently filling the room from your built-in fireplace.

That's right, this fifth wheel isn't just rugged; it's an invitation to snuggle up and unwind.

Here's the scoop on this little gem:

  • Entertainment: A 50" LED TV placed across your personal fireplace, offering you a cinematic experience right in your camper.
  • Sleeping Space: Got company? The 329DV features a 50/50 split sleeper sofa for your guests.
  • Kitchen: Prep your hot cocoa or a full-blown meal in a larger kitchen with island space, ready for your winter feasts.
  • Size: A smaller floorplan that doesn't compromise on space where it counts—meaning more room for living.

With models available from 2024 and prior, finding this cozy abode on wheels is a cinch.

The 329DV is ideal for those weekend getaways or longer winter journeys.

Imagine whipping up a bowl of chili in that residential kitchen as the snow falls outside—homey touches for the wayfarer's soul.

Plus, the roomier bedroom and bathroom means you'll freshen up in comfort, ready for the next day's adventure.

Are you ready to embrace winter travel like never before?

The Columbus 329DV awaits, fellow traveler!

Dutchmen Astoria 3173RLP

Who doesn't love snuggling up by the fireplace, especially when you're on the road in the winter?

In the Dutchmen Astoria 3173RLP, you'll find just that—a cozy 40" fireplace to keep you toasty.

Imagine unwinding after a day of adventure, watching the flames dance.

Sounds perfect, right?

Key Features:

  • King Size Bed: Stretch out in luxury with ample space.
  • Large Shower: Refresh in a spacious, comfortable shower.
  • Storage: Ample storage for all your travel essentials.
Specs Details
Length 35' 11"
Height (with AC) 12' 2"
Shipping Weight (Avg.) 10,016 lbs
Hitch Weight 2,299 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: Bring along 1,984 lbs of gear for your journey.

Not only does the interior scream comfort, but you also get a highly functional floor plan commonly seen in 5th wheels.

You don't have to worry about the build quality either, as owners report satisfaction with the construction and included appliances.

This rig isn't just about the creature comforts; you've got practical features sorted too.

A generous fresh water capacity ensures you’re well-supplied on longer trips.

Plus, with a hitch weight that maintains stability on the road, you're all set for a smooth ride.

Did you think you'd be sacrificing modern conveniences for this homey feel?

Think again!

The Dutchmen Astoria 3173RLP marries the coziness of a winter lodge with the mobility of a top-notch traveler's RV.

So, are you ready to hit the road and stay warm, wherever you may roam?

CrossRoads RV Volante 3861BL

Imagine yourself nestled in a camper, snow falling gently outside, with the warm glow of a fireplace illuminating the space.

The CrossRoads RV Volante 3861BL lets you turn this cozy scene into reality, creating a winter wonderland retreat wherever you choose to park.

Key Features:

  • Spacious Interior: You won't believe the amount of space inside. The Volante has a thoughtfully designed interior, perfect for those evenings when all you want to do is curl up and watch the snowflakes drift down.
  • Fireplace: At the heart of its cozy ambience is the stylish fireplace. It's not just a focal point — it's the soul-warming centerpiece that sets this camper apart from the rest.

Living Space:

  • Ample Seating: Kick back and relax. There's plenty of room for you and your travel companions to lounge comfortably.
  • Entertainment Options: Whether you're in the mood for movies or board games, the living area is designed to host your winter evenings perfectly.

Don't you hate feeling cramped?

The Volante 3861BL knocks that issue out of the park with its high profile construction, giving you the headroom you crave and the feeling of a much larger space.

Appliances & Construction:

  • Stainless Steel Appliances: The kitchen shines with modern elegance. Your meals become a breeze to prepare, thanks to the high-quality appliances at your fingertips.
  • Painted Front Cap: You'll be arriving in style, too. The painted front cap isn't just durable against the elements; it looks sharp.

Want storage?

You got it.

This camper knows that winter travel means extra gear, and it's ready to store it all with ease.

In short, the CrossRoads RV Volante 3861BL isn't just a means to travel; it's a cozy haven on wheels, ready to make your winter journey a delight with every snowy mile.

Highland Ridge RV Open Range OF314RLS

Have you ever dreamt of a winter wonderland escape, wrapped in warmth despite the snow outside?

The Highland Ridge RV Open Range OF314RLS can deliver exactly that dream with its inviting interior and cozy fireplace, a perfect companion for chilly evenings.

Living Space & Amenities

  • Fireplace: Yes, located in the main living area.
  • Width: 100-inch wide-body construction.
  • Ceiling Height: Higher than many competitors, providing a spacious feel.

Key Features

  • 100" Wide-Body Frame
  • Spacious Living Area

Construction & Design

  • Quality: Prioritized from the bottom up.
  • Weight: Designed to maintain a reasonable weight without compromising on space.

Price Point

  • Starting Price: Around $62,093 for the 2020 model year.

When you step into the OF314RLS, the spacious interiors immediately catch your eye, made possible by the 100-inch wide-body construction.

Can you picture yourself lounging by the fire, enjoying your favorite book as the snow gently falls outside your panoramic windows?

The ceiling is set higher than what you'd find in many other models, giving you a sense of openness that's often craved when living on the road.

This fifth wheel doesn't just look good; it's built strong and with quality materials from the ground up.

While size and features are abundant, weight is still kept in mind, ensuring a balance between luxury and practicality.

Starting at around $62,093 for the 2020 models, your winter travels in the Open Range OF314RLS are not only cozy but also feel just like home.

Imagine yourself ending each adventure-filled day warming up by your very own fireplace—how's that for a home away from home?