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If you intend to rent an RV, you need to be informed about the parking space. So, how much does it cost to rent an RV space? This article will answer this.

How much do you pay to rent an RV space? What factors influence the cost of an RV space? What is the difference between a public campground and an RV park? What is the monthly rate of renting an RV space in different places in the US? We will provide the answers to these questions.

The cost of renting an RV space will vary with different places. Typically, on each night, a low-level spot will cost about $20 to $40, an average RV space will cost you $60 to $ 80 and a luxury RV space will cost you about $120 to $150.

The article will take a closer look at how much an RV space costs, the different factors that influence the cost of renting an RV space, and the cost of renting RV spaces in different places in the US. So, if you want a budget for how much you want to spend, the article will guide you with all the answers you need.

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When you have an RV, you need to know that every public or private space you decide to park will cost you. This cost will either be high or low depending on various factors. Looking for an RV space is not hard because they have sites available on the internet. However, if there are many RV spaces to choose from, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, a good way is to note them down and research them to make the right selection. When you find a suitable RV spot, share your location and the area you are interested in going to.

The cost of renting an RV space

The cost of renting an RV space will range in different places. The low–level RV spaces can charge between $20 to $40 per night, while the luxury RV spaces can charge between $80 to 100+ every night. There are different factors you should consider before renting an RV space. They include:

Access to amenities

One of the things to look at when you consider renting a VR space is the access to amenities. The more the amenities, the more you will have to pay. It will raise the cost.


The cost of renting an RV can rise or fall depending on the season. If there is a high demand for people to rent RV space, the cost rises. The cost falls when a few people want to rent these spaces. Additionally, weather seasons can also influence the cost of renting an RV space. The cost can be higher or lower in winter than in summer.


An RV space in an area that is more expensive will charge a higher cost than an RV located in a less expensive area. Additionally, locations that have beautiful and unique sceneries will charge will also charge higher than a plain RV space.

Period of living

Some RV parks will charge high prices to people planning to stay for a more extended period, while other RV spaces will provide monthly discounts if you stay for an extended period.

Number of people

Some RV spaces will charge according to the number of people present. The more people, the higher the cost.

Sale tax

Some states have no tax sales, and others do. If the state decides to apply tax to RV space, you will have to factor in this extra cost.

Campgrounds vs. RV packs: what is the difference

You can pack your RV in two main places. They include;


There are two categories of campgrounds. They include;

Private campground

Individual people or companies own private campgrounds. Most private campgrounds belong to the RV park category because of the ability to provide sites for different types of RVs.

Public campgrounds

Under the department of natural resources, the Ministry of Land manages public campgrounds. They are less expensive than RV parks. It is because public campgrounds have basic amenities that are cheap. You will pay between $45 and $50 for a night in a public campground, depending on the access to amenities. For a campground that does not offer basic amenities such as water and electricity, you can pay between $15 to $25 per night.

RV parks

Individual people own most RV parks. They are more expensive than public campgrounds because of the access to luxurious suites that offer more amenities like swimming pools and bathtubs. For an average RV park, you can pay between $30 to $60 every night. Some RV parks will offer you discounts when you book in advance. It can save you  $15 to $20 every night.

The cost of renting RV spaces in different states in the US

The monthly rates keep on changing year after year. The best way to know which state you want to visit is to research the various RV spots and parks present, check the monthly fees they charge and choose the one that fits your budget. Different states in the US rent RV parks and campgrounds. They include;


Alabama is known to have a wide variety of VR spaces to rent. The best parking spaces will charge you between $350 to $ 600 every month. Most VR spaces and camping grounds will allow you to go and have fun with your pets. Alabama spaces also offer access to a nearby lake where you can go for fishing activities.


The RV spaces and campgrounds are more expensive in California than in Alabama. You will pay a monthly fee that will range between $400 and $800. Some of the RV spaces present do not offer the option to pay every month, and therefore, it is possible to go and stay for a long time. California has a lot of camping grounds reaching about 150 RV spots.


In Colorado, you cannot rent most RV spaces for a month. It is suitable for short-term living. The few RV spots that accept monthly payments will charge you  $450 to $600. Colorado also allows you to go with your pets.

North California

North California offers popular and comfortable RV spots to rent. The top ten best VR spaces will require you to pay between $500 and $1,200 every month.


In this state, most RV spots do not accept monthly fees. Therefore, it is suitable for living for a short-term period. The spots have beautiful scenery where you can relax and enjoy.


The top  RV parks in Florida will charge you four different night rates per season. The cost during summer can be higher or lower than in winter. During spring, the cost ranges between $90 and $120 per night. Other RV parks will charge $600 or lower if you stay for six months. In Florida, your monthly fee will be high or low depending on the RV spot you choose and the present type of amenities.