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Driving an RV can be stressful, even if you can drive large vehicles. Hiring a driver may be a solution. How much does it cost to hire an RV driver?

Sometimes, driving a large RV can be fun - you might not mind driving for a few hours to get to the campground. However, driving across the whole country in a large vehicle is different. That could make you miserable long before you reach your destination.

You can hire a driver for $25 to $100 per hour. You will have to pay them more than a little money if they drive for many hours. While it is not cheap, an RV driver can save you from distracted driving and potentially getting in an accident.

Some people also rent rather than own a recreational vehicle. For about $1000 or $2000 per day, you can rent a luxury RV with a driver.

Normally, I like driving my RV around and don't need a driver. However, there was a time when I needed to get my RV somewhere and was much more stressed than usual. Since I was under so much stress, I decided to hire a driver.



Professional Chauffeurs are Expensive

Unfortunately, a professional driver is not cheap. Many people can afford professional drivers, but that doesn't mean they are not expensive.

The company needs to pay their drivers, their drivers' meals, their drivers' hotel rooms, and more. They also have to pay for insurance. This means they have to charge a lot of money to make a profit.

Having someone drive your RV for 24 hours can cost $500, $1500, or more. This is at least inclusive - you won't have to pay extra for their meals or anything else.

Hotel Costs are Included

Your RV driver won't need to use the bedroom in your RV. Hotels are usually available, and they will rent a room each night. The cost of this is included in the total daily cost the company charges.

If it is not possible to find a hotel in that area, the driver will not need to sleep in one of your RV bedrooms. They can sleep on your couch instead.

Possibly, some cheaper RV drivers that are not professionals and are not working for major companies will sleep in your RV. This is not what licensed and trusted professionals do.

Professional Chauffeurs Get Paid Breaks

When you hire a driver by the hour, you will have to pay them for the whole time they are with you, even if they are not driving. When they stop for a meal, you will have to pay for the time it takes. You can also pay your RV driver to set up your RV at the campsite.

How Long Can an RV Driver Drive For?

An RV driver can drive for up to 11 hours per day according to labor laws. Any more than that is not allowed, so there is a limit on how far you can go per day. You will have to make it a 2-day trip if you need to travel a long way.

Depending on how fast they can legally and safely go, they can go a long way in 11 hours. About 500 or 700 miles in one eleven-hour day is realistic. Traffic can be unpredictable, so it may end up taking one day longer than you expect it to.

Not all drivers drive for 11 hours per day, especially not multiple days in a row. Many drivers will only drive for eight or ten hours and then need a full night's sleep. Don't overestimate how many miles your driver will cover each day.

Do You Need Insurance?

No, although it is a good idea to have it anyway. If the driver gets in an accident, the company's insurance will cover it. However, it is good to have your own insurance on top of that to be extra sure you get a good settlement if an accident occurs.

Look into what insurance your company offers. Sometimes, your company will offer insurance for accidents but not for mechanical failure. Make sure you know what insurance-related risks you are taking if any.

While the company might insure you for a lot of damage (for example, a policy might cover damage up to $250,000), it may not be enough if you have an expensive luxury RV. Make sure that your personal or company insurance is enough to cover an unlikely accident that destroys your RV.

Will an RV Driver Smoke in Your Vehicle?

No, workers, in general, are not allowed to smoke in vehicles. A company will very likely not tolerate any RV driver smoking in a customer's RV.

Do RV Drivers Know How to Take Care of An RV?

Yes, professional RV drives working for reputable companies are trained to identify and solve problems with your RV. For example, they will check the fluids and watch out for any signs of malfunctions. If they notice anything is wrong, they will take care of the problem rather than ignore it and keep driving.

Do You Have to Pay for Gas?

No, gas is usually included in the total cost. While RV chauffeur companies charge a fair bit of money, they often don't charge you for any extras. The daily or hourly cost usually covers everything.

Will a Driver Pick Up People in Different Locations?

Yes, RV drivers will pick your family members up at different locations if you pay them to do this. You can ask them to pick you or your family members up at any location you want - at someone else's address, beside a particular business, at the airport, or anywhere else.

You might be renting an RV and not only hiring a driver. In that case, how far away the rental company is matters. They will charge extra if they have to bring the RV a long distance to you.

Do You Tip Your Driver?

Yes, you are supposed to tip your driver about 10% of the total cost. Sometimes, you may even be required to tip them. Be generous if you got along with your driver and they did a good job.

The Time of the Year Matters

Professional RV driver companies are busier some times of the year than others. If there are too many customers and not enough drivers, companies can charge extra.

The summer months are more expensive than the rest of the year. Around the fourth of July may be an expensive time to hire an RV driver. Labor day weekend is another holiday when a lot of people go camping and an RV driver might not be available or might be more expensive.

Look for Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Trusted Companies

Since RVs, especially motorhomes, are so expensive, you need to trust whoever you are working with. Look for an established company that has been in business for decades. Look for more than a few positive reviews posted somewhere other than the company's website.

Don't try to save money by hiring anyone you can't trust. If you hire someone who is not a professional RV driver to take your RV across the country, something could go very wrong. Spend what is necessary to get your RV to where you need it safely.

Drivers Tend to Be Experienced

Drivers usually have more than a little bit of driving experience. They are trained, they must pass tests, and they have whatever special licenses they need. Most companies will give you a driver capable of handling such a large vehicle safely.

Hiring An RV Driver Can Be Worth It

Not everyone is always up for driving a large vehicle a long way. Sometimes, it would be too difficult and would ruin your vacation. If you hire an RV driver, you can relax and enjoy your vacation instead of making your stress worse.