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No one likes suddenly realizing that they will have to repair something. How much does it cost to repair a slide-out on a camper?

Slide-outs can make a small camper more spacious, but they break sometimes. They might get stuck, or the electric or hydraulic parts might fail.

It costs about $500, and it can cost up to about $2000. If you are very lucky, the problem will be so small that it will cost almost nothing. Sometimes, something as little as replacing a fuse can get your slide-out working again.

You may also need to replace or repair the slide-out floor, which is usually not expensive. If you maintain your slide-out properly, you might avoid repairing it. Clean the debris off of the top of it, and occasionally inspect and lubricate the machinery.

A few years ago, the slide-out on my camper stopped working. It turned out to be a problem with the hydraulics, which cost $500 to fix. It is common for it to cost about $500 to fix a slide-out.



What is a Camper Slide-Out?

A camper slide-out adds a bit of extra room to a small camper. When you are driving and towing your camper, the slide-out will be pushed into the camper. However, after you set up camp, you can pull the slide-out out of your RV.

This allows you to expand the size of your RV when you set up camp. You can have a fair bit more living space if your camper has a slide-out. Some RVs have two slide-outs.

How Do Slide-Outs Work?

Usually, a slide-out is motorized. Some of the time, you have to pull it out manually, but you can usually push a button and have it work.

Usually, an electric motor powers an RV slide-out. You can access it from your control panel. Some slide-outs use a hydraulic system.

Why Do Camper Slide-Outs Break?

Slide-outs break in several different common ways. One of the most common ways is for the motor to stop working properly. The motor might be broken, displaced, worn out, or in some other way compromised.

Battery Failure

Sometimes, a bad battery can prevent your camper slide-out from working. This is not as expensive to fix as a problem with the motor. Even if your battery isn't working, you may be able to open your slide-out manually.

An Object Can Obstruct Your Slide-Out

When you move your slide-out in and out, there is a chance an object could get stuck in it. Even with a working motor, this will prevent your slide-out from opening or closing.

Thankfully, you may be able to fix this problem yourself. If you can identify that a foreign object is causing the problem, you can probably remove it yourself without having to pay anyone.

If your motor is straining to work but your slide-out won't budge, turn the motor off. You don't want to damage the motor by overloading it.

The Switches May Fail

Thankfully, faulty switches are cheap to fix. Replacing a switch costs anywhere from $5 to $100. Even if you have to hire an electrician to do it, they will be able to do it quickly and cheaply.

The Hydraulic System May Fail

If the hydraulic system on your slide-out fails, it may be more expensive to repair. This is a more serious problem, comparable to a broken motor, so it usually won't be cheap to fix.

The Gearbox May Fail

If the gears in the gearbox are broken, you may have to pay more than $800 to fix the problem. Some RVs are harder to fix than others, and some repair shops are more expensive.

What If the Slide-Out Works, but Moves Slow?

Thankfully, this is usually just inadequate lubrication. If the slide-out still doesn't work properly after you add lubricant, there must be another problem.

Check to see if the slide-out is aligned with the track properly. If everything seems to be fine, there might be something wrong with the motor.

What if it Won't Close All the Way?

Usually, the position of the slide-out needs to be adjusted. The slide might be bumping against the ceiling when you try to close it completely. This isn't always easy to fix, and you may need to talk to a professional.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Slide-Out Floor?

A lot of the time, it will only cost $100 to repair or replace a slide-out floor on a camper. It can cost more than that, but it is thankfully a cheap repair. You can easily find a carpenter who will get the job done quickly.

Estimating the Cost of Fixing the Floor

If you know a little about how long carpentry takes, you might be able to estimate the cost yourself. First, measure everything to see how much wood it will take. Then, figure out how many screws it will take.

Finally, you can estimate how long it will take. You might end up with a reasonably good guess of the total cost of labor and materials.

If you don't have much money right now, you can save by doing the work yourself or asking your friend to do it and returning the favor later. You can also do some but not all of the work yourself. For example, you could rip out the old floor yourself but have someone else install a new floor.

RV Slide-Out Maintenance

Briefly inspecting and maintaining your slide-out once in a while will keep it working properly. If there is a problem, you want to notice it right away.

Maintenance is cheap and easy, repairs can be time-consuming or expensive. Maintenance now can save you from repairs later on.

When you open your slide-out, look at the tracks to see if anything is wrong. Listen for any unusual sounds, keep the slide-out lubricated, and make sure the seal is intact. Inspect the area around the slide-out and ensure that no gaps appear when you pull it out all the way.

Check the Roof of the Slide-Out

You should also look at the roof cover to make sure it doesn't have any holes. Water leaks are serious, so don't let any water leak into your RV this way.

You should also brush off the roof of your slide-out before you slide it back in. If you slide it back in when there are leaves or water on top, that can cause problems. Push it back in slowly.

Check the Machinery

Unless you have a manual slide-out, you need to check and maintain the mechanism. Look at the moving parts and make sure everything is working properly.

If you find any debris, remove it. Clean everything and add lubrication. You need to check the parts occasionally whether you are using an electric or hydraulic system.

Maintain the Seals

Maintaining the seals at the sides is one of the most important parts of RV slide-out maintenance. If the seals fail, water will leak into your RV. Keeping your RV level can prevent leaks, but the most important thing is to make sure the seals were installed properly and are still in good condition.

Don't Exceed the Weight Limit

Any RV slide-out has a weight limit. You can't put too much weight on a floor that goes outside of your RV, or it will bend down and be damaged.

Thankfully, most RV slide-outs are sturdy and can handle a lot of weight. You don't have to be very careful with them. Sitting on a couch on your slide-out may be fine, and it might be able to handle more weight than that.

The usual weight limit is 600 to 1500 pounds, and it can be higher than 1500 pounds. Larger and more expensive RVs often have slide-outs with very high weight capacities.

Do You Have to Put Anything Under Your Slide-Out?

Usually not. A slide-out is designed to support a reasonable amount of weight without you putting anything underneath it. If your camper's slide-out requires additional support, make sure you always provide it.