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If you are camping in an RV or driving it all over the country, you must empty your black water tank periodically. How much does it cost to dump RV waste?

You can sometimes dump your waste for free. For example, you might be staying at a campground where dumping is included in the total cost you pay. In other cases, you will have to pay money each time you dump your waste.

If you have to pay anything, dumping your black water tank at a campground costs about $25. If you have a membership at Flying J's or a similar truck stop, it will cost $10. Professionals will pump your tank for around $100.

Getting a professional to empty your tank is a good idea if you have a lot of extra money. You can also legally dump the waste at home if you dispose of it properly.

I usually dump my RV waste for free or for a small fee. At the campgrounds I stay at, there is usually no additional fee for dumping waste.



Have Dumping Fees Increased Recently?

Some dumping stations that cost only $5 until very recently now cost $10. There are some costs in running a dumping station, so the fees have to cover these costs before the owners can make a profit.

Some inconsiderate RVers use dumping stations improperly. They might make a mess and then abandon it without reporting it. They might also dump waste improperly and cause a clog that requires a plumber to fix it.

When an RVer does something wrong at a dumping station, the owner has to pay to fix the problem. These costs have led to dumping station owners raising the prices.

You Might Be Charged By Hose Length

Sometimes, the cost to dump your RV tank depends on your hose length. You may be charged a few dollars per foot of hose length at some RV resorts.

What Does a Professional Service Cost?

No one likes dumping RV waste, so you might hire someone to do it for you. Professionals will usually only charge $70 to $100 for the service, so many people prefer this option, although the costs do add up.

Can You Dump RV Waste at Home?

Yes, you can dump your tank at home. If you have a septic tank, it is perfectly legal to empty your RV waste into it. To get it into the septic tank, you can either pump it into the toilet or pump it into a pipe that leads to the toilet.

Don't use a bucket - that is far too time-consuming and gross. Get a pump instead. If you buy a macerator pump, the pump will break up large pieces of waste so it won't clog your toilet.

It costs about $100 to $500 to buy a macerator pump. However, it can still save you money in the long run, depending on what fees at campgrounds cost.

Tips for Emptying Your Tank

There are a few small things to keep in mind to make sure everything goes smoothly. Make sure the size of the hoses is compatible, check your hose for kinks before you use it, and do everything carefully.

Can You Empty Your Tank Too Often?

Yes, it is possible to empty your tank too often. If you empty it unnecessarily frequently - something like once every four days - waste will get stuck to the walls. This can lead to bad smells, just like not emptying your tank often enough does.

You are not supposed to dump your tank when there is too little liquid in it. If there is enough liquid when you dump the tank, the waste will be eliminated completely.

How Often Should You Empty the Tank?

About once a week or once every two weeks is about right. You may run into problems if you empty it much more or much less often than that. Not every RV is the same - a larger tank won't have to be dumped as often.

You Can Use a Water Hose to Clean Your Tank

Before you clean out your black water tank, you might put a water hose into your toilet to clean off the walls. While softer waste passes out of your black water tank easily, harder waste can get stuck. A water hose can break up harder waste and let it pass out of your tank more easily.

This works best if you use the hose both before and after you clean out your black water tank. Two of the biggest causes of problems with your tank are solid waste that won't break up and waste clinging to the walls.

Can You Tell When the Tank is Full?

Usually, telling when the tank is full is as simple as reading a meter. A modern RV tank has sensors inside of it, so you can easily tell how full it is. An RV owner isn't likely to have a black water tank that doesn't have sensors.

However, these sensors don't always work properly. Waste sticking to the sides of your tank may make the sensors malfunction, and they can malfunction for other reasons.

How Can You Tell How Full the Tank is Without Working Sensors?

You can often tell by the sound of liquid moving around in your tank when you move your RV. If it is too full, it will sound that way. Odors are also an indication that your tank is too full.

If a splashback occurs, the tank is obviously too full. You should not ignore your tank until you need to empty it right away. Instead, make sure you empty your tank early.

Some RV service stations are more expensive than others. If you have to dump your tank immediately, you will end up using a more expensive service station. Keep in mind that you will have to dump your tank more often if there are more people in your RV than usual.

How is a Black Water Tank Different From a Grey Water Tank?

A black water tank contains sewage. A grey water tank contains water used for dishes and laundry - it is not drinkable, but it is less dirty than what is in your black water tank. There is also a freshwater tank containing drinkable water.

What Do RV Dump Stations Offer?

RV dump stations are sometimes very basic and only offer somewhere to park and somewhere to dump your waste.

Don't push your luck with how far your hose will reach. Don't pull on it! If your hose comes apart, it will make a huge mess, so park close to the dumping area and leave some slack in the hose.

Do Locals Get Better Prices at RV Dumping Stations?

Sometimes, locals can use dumping stations for free or pay different rates. This is seen as fair because many RVers only enter a town to use a dumping station and not to buy anything or use any other services.

It may seem unfair that you are charged extra if you don't live nearby. However, the extra fees do keep as many dumping stations in business as possible. You wouldn't want a lot of dumping stations to become unprofitable and close.

What Equipment Do You Need to Dump Your Tank?

You can't use a waste dumping station without a sewer hose kit. Use a proper sewer hose, don't dump your waste with a different kind of hose instead. You can run into all sorts of problems if you use the wrong kind of hose.

You should not even store your sewer hose in the same place as you store your fresh water hose. Don't let the two get near each other.