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Pop-up campers aren't cheap to own and maintain. They entail numerous pricey repairs, with recanvassing being among the most costly.

But, how much does it exactly cost to replace canvas on a pop-up camper?

Well, if you're looking for a rough estimate, I'd say that you could expect to pay anything from $900 to $1,500 for a professional recanvassing. Although, this pricing can vary depending on the size of the canvas and the type of material.

Plus, if any specialized seam work is needed, such as for zippers or windows, the price of canvassing could also increase. A lot goes into determining the costs of replacing canvas on a pop-up camper. For example, some companies could offer bulk canvas deals. Meanwhile, other specialists would already have a canvas ready, basing their price on labor, materials, and installation.

As a result, I have compiled this guide to help you through these confusing prices. It'll help cover everything you need to know about recanvasing, knowing how to keep your canvas clean, and similar frequently asked questions. So continue reading to learn more.



How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Canvas On A Pop-Up Camper?

Many factors play into determining the total cost to replace a pop-up camper. To begin with, you would have to consider how much of the pop-up camper is having its canvas replaced. If it’s not all of it, you have to measure the size of the replacement and then determine whether any seam work would be needed.

You can then determine whether it’s worth doing it yourself or having a professional recanvas your camper for you. If you’re replacing all of the canvas, you need to understand that a few other factors could impact the price.

That said, most campers you'd come across would cost pretty much the same. The only differences would be their specialized sizes and design aspects for the canopy and wing.

Likewise, the amount of canvas used would also differ between trailers. Other than just the model and manufacturer, each camper’s recanvassing cost is impacted by its individualistic design.

This often results in older pop-up camper designs costing up to $1,000 for an entire recanvasing. However, more modern designs can be closer to $1,500 or more.

When Would You Need To Recanvas Your Pop-Up Camper?

Before deciding the exact costs to replace a pop-up camper, it’s worth considering why and when you would need to re-canvas.

For example, if your pop-up camper is brand new, it should make sense to take some time before you even need to think about recanvassing.

Although, if you brought a second-hand camper or have had one for some time, you may need to consider a replacement. The following are a few indications your pop-up camper needs a recanvassing:

  • Your pop-up camper isn't kept dry when it's not in use
  • You’ve recently undergone an accidence, and you’ve damaged your camper’s canvas
  • If your pop-up camper has been frequently used, it may succumb to some wear and tear
  • You notice the camper’s canvas seals and zippers are separating or breaking
  • There’s a mold buildup which doesn’t go away even after a thorough cleaning

Bear in mind that this list doesn't cover every instance you would need to recanvas your camper. These are just some of the more common problems you might come across. If you want to save on costs, there are plenty of precautionary steps to take.

Canvas Cleaning Tips

Several methods ensure that camper canvases have a durable lifespan. So, if you're looking for techniques for DIY enthusiasts, the following are a few tips you could follow:

  • Kitchen use can usually make your canvas really dirty from the inside. So, if you want to safeguard your camper’s wellbeing, I recommend not only cleaning it from the outside but, it would also be necessary to clean it from the inside.
  • Your camper should always be dry before closing it down. This is because wet pop-up campers can damage the circuitry of wind blowers.
  • Sometimes aridity is equally as harmful as moisture. In particular, you can expect your canvas's longevity to be affected by extended exposure to the sun.
  • Leaving harsh chemicals on your camper can also damage it. As a result, try to avoid using violent cleaning agents. Try to stick to just mild soap and water. Upon finishing, you can just apply a vinyl finish to the canvas to make it look neat.
  • Finishes can either be a spray or a vinyl coat finish. This doesn’t really damage the canvas unless it’s used regularly. So as long as you don’t use it frequently, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Can You Repair The Canvas On A Pop-Up Camper Yourself?

Knowing how much it costs to replace canvas on a pop-up camper, you might be wondering if you can DIY the repair.

If it's just a few minor issues, this may be possible. You can probably just patch up those areas without needing to replace the entire canvas.

Additionally, if the issue is more localized, such as zippers needing replacement or seams coming apart, you could probably replace the canvas at a fraction of the cost. In fact, you can even repair rips in the canvas as soon as they appear. If you only have a few issues, you can hold off replacing the whole canvass by a season or two.

DIY vs. Professional Replacement

Depending on the method, the differences in costs to replace a canvas on a pop-up camper can vary a lot.

In particular, you can expect a DIY pop-up canvas replacement to cost about $150 to $300, depending on the quality of materials and the type of camper. Meanwhile, a specialist could get the job done in a couple of hours but for $400 to $500.

As a result, you might prefer a DIY canvas replacement. But, if you're new to pop-up campers and haven't done this before, it's worth knowing that you wouldn't be able to compete with the timing, method, and the result of a professional. In fact, most first-time DIYs can take up to 2 to 3 days for a recanvassing project.

Over time, as you gain experience, you can usually speed through the process in only 5 to 7 hours. Plus, you’d be able to do this while saving a considerable amount of your hard-earned money.

But to be fair, I'd like to mention that a professional recanvasing specialist would come with insurance. This means that you’d always be guaranteed your money back if they don’t fix the canvas properly. This would save you time and energy at the cost of higher charges.

What about Repair Kits?

There are numerous DIY kits available on the market if you’re going DIY to save on the costs of replacing canvas on a pop-up camper. These would include all of the needed supplies for repairing your roof yourself.

Although, you need to know that these kits are usually specific to the model and matching pair. Keeping this in mind, you should buy kits knowing they're large enough to cover the damaged area. If the issue is too much to deal with, some larger holes might still need a professional repair.

What Kind Of Canvas Should You Use?

With the costs of replacing a canvas on a pop-up camper out of the way, it’s about time we dive into the various styles your pop-up camper can have. These vary according to the materials used during production, with some materials offering classic looks while others are more post-modern.

Two of the most predominant materials used for pop-up campers are vinyl and cotton canvases. And they each have their own benefits, some pop-up campers even incorporating materials from both designs.

Likewise, different fabrics would have various properties that would be more useful during some seasons than others. For example, if you live in an area with frequent rain, you might consider investing in a vinyl-paneled pop-up camper. This material is more resistant to heavy rainfall, drying up much faster than traditional cotton canvases.

Furthermore, vinyl is also more lightweight and thinner than traditional cotton. This entails a greater risk of tearing or ripping. Meanwhile, cotton canvasses are more heavy-duty, coming in various thicknesses and offering protection and durability against the elements. And like vinyl, it can also be treated as a water-resistant coating. However, you need to sufficiently dry the camper out after a downpour to avoid any mildew and mold.

How To Maintain Your Pop-Up Canvas?

A crucial contributor to your canvas' good and long-lasting state is its cleanliness. You need to remember that a clean canvas is properly maintained. This would help promote a longer lifespan.

Furthermore, when storing your camper, I recommend checking that it's clean and always dry. Damp campers can drastically decrease the chances of your trailer living a long life.

I also recommend trying to clean while your camper’s drying. This would save time, making the process less tedious. You should pay particular attention to kitchen stoves- they tend to get easily dirty with frequent use. But you can clean them right up with a mixture of water and soap. This can readily clean your canvas, ensuring the durability doesn't decrease.

Another good tip is to try to make your canvas waterproof. Even if you come across pooling issues, the water would just stream down. And if the canvas ends up sucking up water, you’d easily be able to tell the waterproofing coating died.

In short, waterproofing your canvas is the next best step to ensuring your camper's wellbeing. It can keep it intact while guaranteeing that the canvas lasts long before it needs replacement.

How To Repair Your Torn Canvas On A Pop-Up Camper?

It’s not easy to fix a tear on a canvas. It’s a costly process that needs to be done right to avoid risking further damage.

Though it may be easy to sew up tears, this wouldn’t result in a long-term solution. This is because simply sewing a canvas would compromise its water resistance. Not to mention, it wouldn’t be hard to undo the stitches.

While repairing the damaged section, there are also just a few things you’d need to consider. For example, you would first need to acquire a canvas piece that can be cut according to the size of the hole needed to be patched. This means you'd prefer to keep your canvas patch somewhat larger than the damaged area. You’d also need to keep some glue and spray-on waterproof coating.

And when you have all of the materials on you, you should measure the tear again to make sure the canvas patch is in the right size (approximately an inch larger than the damaged area). You should then attempt to cover the damaged area within the interior with an adhesive – leaving it out to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

While your glue is drying, I recommend going back to your spare canvas sheet to cut out another patch. This should roughly be the same size as the exterior. And once the inside patch is bonded to the canvas, you can patch the damaged area again.

Finally, once you've glued it all together, leave it standing overnight to guarantee a strong fix. The last stage only entails waterproofing. And you can do this by simply applying waterproof spray on either side. Instead, you could also opt for wax.

How long do pop-up campers last?

Considering the costs of replacing canvas on a pop-up camper, you'd want your pop-up camper to last pretty long.

As a result, you might be glad to know that these recreational vehicles can actually last for 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance and care. There are even methods to increase its duration, such as some of the cleaning tips I mentioned earlier. With the right steps, you can almost guarantee that you’ll have a camper many years before a replacement.