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Key Takeaways

  • Solo travel is made seamless with well-designed compact campers.
  • Functionality and comfort are prioritized in camper interior designs.
  • Reliable guidance helps maximize your small space efficiently.

Ever dreamt of hitting the road solo in a home on wheels?

The call of the open road is irresistible, especially when you can carry your comforts with you.

In a compact camper designed for solo travelers, you're not just buying a vehicle; you're securing your ticket to freedom and adventure.

These interiors are crafted to ensure you never feel cramped, balancing coziness with functionality.

You're smart to consider your options, and we've done the legwork to provide a reliable guide.

We know that every inch counts in a tiny space, so trust us to steer you through the best interior designs, making every trip memorable and every square foot count.



Winnebago Solis Pocket

Ever dreamed of hitting the road alone, with a home on wheels that fits both urban landscapes and wild, remote places?

Say hello to the Winnebago Solis Pocket.

It's like the Swiss Army knife of camper vans; compact yet filled with everything you need.

  • Comfort and Versatility: Fancy a cozy nap or some downtime? The nifty Murphy bed unfolds into a comfy resting spot. By day, it tucks away smoothly, converting into a practical sofa. You've got your own mobile lounge!
  • Breathe In the View: The rear doors swing wide to welcome in a breeze and light—I mean, who needs a balcony when you've got the great outdoors?

Here's what's cooking in the kitchenette:

  • A stove to whip up your favorite dishes on the go
  • Essential storage to keep your snacks and ingredients
  • A fridge to chill both your food and post-hike beers

And let's not forget the significant detail—storage!

You'll find plenty of nooks to stash your gear, from hiking boots to laptops.

Oh, but what about showering?

Well, the Pocket has cleverly tucked away a rear wet bath.

It's a compact van life game-changer.

While Winnebago has made sure the Solis Pocket is up for all-season adventures, they always remind users to follow winter guidelines.

After all, nobody wants frozen pipes, right?

Priced starting at $149,005, it's not just a camper but an invitation to explore, work, or simply chill in your own portable retreat.

Imagine where you could go with this van as your trusty sidekick.

The open road is calling—will you answer?

Airstream Basecamp

Have you been bitten by the travel bug but don't want to leave the comforts of home behind?

Meet the Airstream Basecamp, your next travel partner for those solo adventures or cozy getaways with a significant other.

Picture yourself hitting the road with this small yet mighty travel trailer in tow.

Why's it so awesome, you ask?

Well, despite its compact size, the Basecamp maximizes every inch of interior space.

Here's what's waiting for you inside:

  • Convertible Dinette/Bed Area: Flexibility is key! Your dining area transforms into a comfy sleeping space. So, whether you need a spot for your morning coffee or a cozy nook for stargazing dreams, it's all here.
  • Kitchenette Essentials: You've got what it takes to whip up a storm. A stove, sink, and fridge to keep your treats cool.
  • Wet Bath Functionality: No midnight dashes to the campsite bathroom. It's all here in your own private wet bath.

Worried about the drive?

No need!

The Basecamp is lightweight and a breeze to hitch up to your vehicle.

So easy, in fact, you might forget it's back there! (But hey, please don't.)

This tough little number isn't just built for sunny days and clear nights.

Its durable aluminum structure means it's ready to tag along to the snowy slopes, too.

And at seven feet wide with an interior height just a smidge over six feet, you'll have plenty of room without feeling crammed.

The Basecamp comes with a 21-gallon freshwater tank and a 24-gallon combo tank for gray and black water, so you can venture off the beaten path.

Ready to roll?

With the Basecamp, your adventure starts the moment you hitch up.

Let's get out there and make some memories! 🚐✨

Hymer Aktiv

Have you ever dreamt about hitting the open road with all the comforts of home snugly fit inside your vehicle?

Let me introduce you to the Hymer Aktiv, a Class B camper van that turns this dream into a reality—especially for you solo travelers out there!

What's inside?

Just step into this cozy getaway on wheels and find yourself amidst an ingeniously arranged interior.

Need a nap or a spot to kick back?

The rear bed has got you covered—literally.

Not only does it provide a comfy sleeping area, but it can also transform into a lounge for those relaxing moments.

Talk about flexibility!

Here's the nitty-gritty on what makes this camper a sweet ride:

  • Sleeping/Lounge Area: Multi-functional bed that doubles as a seating area.
  • Kitchenette: Fully equipped with the essentials, so yes, you can whip up your favorite meal.
  • Wet Bath: Compact yet complete, because who says you can't stay fresh on the road?

But wait, there's more.

This little gem doesn't skimp on storage despite its size.

There are cabinets below the sleeping area perfect for stowing away your adventure gear.

Plus, the underbed storage is like a hidden treasure chest for all those extras you can't leave behind.

Imagine navigating through busy cityscapes or serene backroads with ease.

The Hymer Aktiv’s ultra-compact build doesn't just shine in the looks department; it’s also a breeze to drive.

Are you ready to find your ultimate travel partner?

Because the Hymer Aktiv just might be the one.

It's got the function, the fashion, and let's not forget—a little bit of that European flair ready to join you in your solo expeditions! 🚐✨

Pleasure-Way Tofino

Ever pictured yourself hitting the road alone with everything you need neatly packed?

Well, cue in the Pleasure-Way Tofino, your trusty companion for solo exploration.

With its savvy design, no corner is wasted and you’ll find yourself comfortably cruising with just the essentials.

Imagine popping up the roof of your Tofino.

It’s not just for show – it's your gateway to extra space!

Beneath it lies a cozy sleeping area, perfect after a day of adventure.

And if you’re wondering about legroom during the day, the pop-top means you won't have to crouch or hunch – stand tall, my friend!

Key Features:

  • Pop-top Roof: Adds extra headroom and a sweet sleeping spot.
  • Convertible Sofa Bed: Your living area by day, snug bed by night.
  • Kitchenette: Compact but mighty, fit for whipping up road trip snacks.
  • Storage: Ample room to tuck away your gear.

Your on-the-road lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up comfort.

The Tofino boasts a 17'9" length chassis, packing a punch with its dual sleep zones and storage that defies the camper's compact size.

And let's not forget technology; with a 10-inch touchscreen control panel that keeps track of your journey and battery levels, you’re always in command.

Let’s get down to business – moving around in this camper is a breeze on its Ram ProMaster 1500 chassis.

Known for reliability, it’s the muscle behind the Tofino’s charm.

So, you ready to hit the road and make the most out of your solo travels?

The Pleasure-Way Tofino is much more than a camper – it’s your mobile basecamp for adventure, your ticket to freedom, and your partner in seizing the travel day!

Roadtrek Zion

Hey there, solo traveler!

Ever dream of hitting the open road without leaving the comforts of home behind?

Let's check out the Roadtrek Zion, your potential ride-or-park companion.

Imagine a road trip where you call the shots—no need to find hotels or miss a home-cooked meal.

The Zion's interior is a masterpiece of design crafted for folks like you.



Missing essentials?

Not a chance!

You've got a rear power sofa that magically transforms into a comfy bed when the stars come out.

Need to whip up some pancakes or a steamy cup of joe?

Your kitchenette is equipped and ready for your culinary adventures.

And for those days when you're covered in nature's dirt-jacket—a convenient wet bath awaits.

Flexibility is the name of the game with the Zion's open layout.

Think about the possibilities:

  • A quick nap on the sofa or a full-blown sleep marathon? Your call.
  • Hungry for a sandwich or a three-course meal? Your kitchen's got your back.
  • And who needs a reservation when you have a bathroom on board?

You see, the Zion is not just a means to get from A to B—it's a trusty travel buddy tailored to your wandering essence.

It scales down the hassle while scaling up enjoyment, because true freedom is about enjoying every mile and every stop with ease.

Now, start planning where you and Zion will chase the next sunrise, okay?

Coachmen Nova

Ever dreamed of hitting the road with just the essentials and a touch of home comfort?

Well, you might just fall for the Coachmen Nova - a Class B motorhome that's gained quite a reputation among solo travelers.

Why, you ask?

Let's dive in!

Imagine having a cozy sleeping spot that flips from twin beds to a king-size oasis at your whim.

That's the kind of flexibility you get with the Nova, ensuring that after a day of adventure, you can stretch out and recharge with ease.

But sleep is just one part of the equation, right?

Now picture this: You're hungry after some scenic explorations.

The Nova's kitchenette is there to save the day!

Equipped to let you whip up a tasty meal, you've got the conveniences of home in a space that's designed to make every inch count.

And yes, it comes fully fitted — talk about a dream for those who love to cook on the go!

Need a quick refresh?

The wet bath concept provides you with all the privacy and functionality you need to stay clean and comfortable, condensing the fundamentals into a smart space without cramping your style.

Here's a quick rundown of what makes the Coachmen Nova a gem for you, the solo traveler:

  • Compact layout: Every aspect is carefully thought out to use space efficiently.
  • Convertible beds: Options are always great, especially when they involve sleep.
  • Practical kitchenette: Because good food shouldn't need a full-sized kitchen.
  • Wet bath: Clean up and chill out, all in your personal compact haven.

Who knew roughing it could feel this good?

Coachmen Nova did, and it sure seems like they've tailored this motorhome to tick all the right boxes for you.

So, are you ready to get behind the wheel of your next adventure companion?

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with everything you need in a sleek, compact package?

Leisure Travel Vans Wonder could be the ideal travel buddy for your solo adventures!

With its chic design and practical functionality, it's like Leisure Travel Vans cracked the code for the ultimate travel freedom.

Let's talk sleeping arrangements.

You get a nifty Murphy bed that folds down over a sofa—super space-efficient, right?

By day, you've got a cozy spot to chill with a book, and by night, it transforms into your restful haven.

It's all about making the most of that interior space.

Now, onto the essentials for the foodies out there.

A kitchenette that's got all you need to whip up tasty meals on the go.

Have dietary restrictions or just love cooking your own meals?

No problem, this set-up's got you covered.

Here's a cherry on top for you: the dry bath.

It means no more soggy toilet seats from shower spray; everything stays dry when it's supposed to.

Pretty smart, right?

But wait, we've got more numbers for you.

This van isn't just about style; it's got storage to boast too—an impressive up to 68 ft³ (that's also 1,926 liters for the metric folks) of exterior space to stash all your gear.

Remember, this isn't just any camper—it's a Leisure Travel Vans Wonder, designed to turn your lone-wolf trips into experiences filled with ease, efficiency, and some serious style.

So, ready to get your hands on the wheel of this game-changing vehicle?

Escape 17A

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road alone, but you're not keen on the idea of lugging around a massive RV?

Imagine your cozy little nook on wheels; the Escape 17A might just be the ideal companion for your solo adventures!

This neat package is a no-frills affair that won't leave you wrestling with a behemoth every time you turn a corner.

  • Weight: The 17A is light as a feather, figuratively speaking, of course! With the ability to be towed by your trusty SUV or small truck, you won't need to trade in for a monster pickup just to move around.
  • Layout: Picture yourself winding down in a permanent bed at the front, after a day of exploring. The four-person dinette at the rear isn't just for dining; it magically transforms into your bed at night. Quite the nifty trick, isn't it?
  • Kitchenette: Preparing meals on the go has never been easier with your small kitchenette. It's just what you need to whip up some hearty meals to fuel your travels.
  • Wet Bath: Yes, it's compact, but the included wet bath means you're not sacrificing your comfort and convenience while on the road.

Here's the kicker: because there's no full onboard bathroom, you've got more living space.

Neat, right?

Additional Features:

  • Removable Power Cord
  • Surge-protected Electrical Management System
  • LED Lighting
  • Exterior Outlet with 12V/USB

Your solo trek doesn't mean skimping on modern necessities either.

With a 200W solar panel and a 1500W inverter, you can stay charged and connected even off-grid.

The fiberglass build gives you durability without the added weight, making the Escape 17A your reliable road buddy that's easy to maintain and hard to damage.

When seeking simplicity, convenience, and portability, you've found your match!

Have you started planning your solo journey yet?

Scamp 13’ Deluxe

Have you ever dreamt about hitting the open road all by yourself with a home hitched to your vehicle that has just what you need?

If that's a yes, let me introduce you to the Scamp 13’ Deluxe, a charming little travel buddy built for solo travelers like you.

With just the essentials, this fiberglass beauty is a dream to tow.

It stands at a total length of 13 feet, making tight camp spots a breeze to maneuver into.

Inside, you'll find a convivial dinette area that transforms into a comfy bed when night falls, ensuring your day ends just as adventurous as it began.

The Scamp 13’ boasts an interior height of 6 feet 3 inches, so you can stretch out without bumping your head.

Preparing meals on the road?

No problem!

The kitchenette's got you covered with just enough space to whip up your favorite on-the-go meals.

Plus, there's a 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator to keep your snacks chilled.

And here's the real kicker, this mini castle on wheels includes a wet bath.

That's right, no more midnight dashes to the camp facilities!

Traveling light doesn't mean skimping on comfort.

You'll also find the insulation is top-notch (R15), so whether you're setting up camp in the heat of the desert or under the canopy of a misty forest, you'll stay comfortable.

So, why not make your solo travel dreams a reality with the Scamp 13’ Deluxe?

It's like they say, good things come in small packages—and this little trailer proves just that.

NuCamp TAB 320

Have you heard about the NuCamp TAB 320?

It's a teardrop camper that has made a huge splash in the world of solo travelers.

Imagine pulling into a campsite with a camper that feels like a cozy extension of your adventurous spirit.

That's the TAB 320 for you!

The interior of the TAB 320 is ingeniously designed to maximize space and functionality.

No inch goes to waste.

  • U-shaped Dinette: This clever feature transforms into a snug bed when the stars come out. Comfortable? You betcha!
  • Kitchenette: It may be small, but it packs all you need to whip up a tasty meal after a day of exploring.
  • Wet Bath: Who said you can't have a little luxury on the road? Freshen up without having to make a dash to the campsite restrooms.

The teardrop shape isn't just for show, you know.

It's part of what makes this camper a breeze to tow.

That aerodynamic design means your car won't be guzzling fuel, and you'll be zipping along without a care.

So, why is the TAB 320 a top pick for you, the solo traveler?

Its size is perfect for when it's just you, your tunes, and the open road.

Plus, it's light enough to be towed by most cars, which means setting off on a whim is totally on the cards.

Don't take it from me—this camper is loved for its:

  • Lightweight Design: Easy towing is a promise.
  • Compact Size: Can fit in the most picturesque spots.
  • Efficient Layout: Enjoy the essentials without feeling cramped.

Ready to join the ranks of happy TAB 320 campers?

This little home away from home could be your ticket to the carefree, mobile lifestyle you've been dreaming of.

Happy camping!