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Key Takeaways

  • Select RV WiFi booster devices that provide extended coverage.
  • Choose a WiFi extender that is primarily used for outdoor adventures.
  • It is important to select a WiFi booster with a directional antenna.

Weak WiFi signals can be frustrating, right? Fortunately, you can use RV WiFi boosters to enhance your experience.

The best WiFi boosters are  NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX6120,  the SuperBars RV Cell Phone Signal Booster, AMAKE Super Boost Range Extender, Bearifi Bear Extender, and Google WiFi System AC 1200, among others.

I have been to several camping sites, hence a proper understanding of the frustration that comes with a poor internet connection. This prompted me to research the best WiFi range extenders that I would like to share with you today. So keep on reading to learn more about the best campsite WiFi boosters.



Which Are The Best RV Parks WiFi Boosters?

Selecting the best WiFi boosters for RVs is essential. Considering the internet speed and frequencies supported by the RV WiFi booster is equally important.

WiFi booster speed(Mbps) Dual-band (GHz)
NETGEAR RV EX6120 1200 2.4 &5
SuperBars RV Cell Phone Signal Booster 1200 0.7 &1.9
Bearifi Bear Extender 1200 2.4 &5
Google WiFi system AC 1200 1200 2.4 &5
AMAKE Super Boost 300 2.4
KING WiFiMax 1167 2.4 &5

1. NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX6120

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX6120
NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX6120

The WiFi Extender EX6120 is among the best RV WiFi boosters due to its exceptional functionality.


It has wireless standards, IEEE 802.11ac, to help you determine the functioning of the WiFi you are connected to. I noticed that the WiFi booster covers a wide area, close to 1200 sq. ft, making it ideal for large RV parks.

The RV WiFi booster has two buttons. It has a WPS button that makes installing RV WiFi boosters easier and a switch button to turn it on and off.

The WiFi booster guarantees data security since it is protected using WPA (WPA2-PSK) and WEP. I used the USB cable port to connect to mobile devices I had at the campground.

The weight of the WiFi Extender EX6120 is 0.22 lbs. Furthermore, it has a 1-year warranty.


I highly recommend the WiFi booster since it ensures a reliable internet connection in RV parks that have free WiFi. Its connection to smart TVs is superb, you will get to enjoy clear images from the Television.

Arguably, it has a long range signal acquisition of close to 1200 square feet. This ensures that you have an internet connection even at the far ends of the camping group, where it was previously difficult to reach.

Slow internet speed negatively impacts your camping expedition. The WiFi booster increases the signal strength of the existing wireless networks for fast browsing.

What Sets it Apart

The major factor that ensures the WiFi Extender EX6120 stands out is its Fastlane technology. This ensures that it can use dual frequencies to create a high-strength connection for your devices.

In addition, it has a gigabit Ethernet port that enables you to connect wired devices. For instance, you can connect to your gaming machine when playing with your friends at the campsite.

Furthermore, the RV WiFi booster is manufactured with a compact design. This ensures that it doesn't occupy a lot of space in your tent.

Another factor that makes the RV WiFi booster competitive in the WiFi extender market is the ease of setting it up. You can use your browser or mobile app for a simplified tutorial on how to set up the RV WiFi booster.

Recent Updates

One of the newest security features is pre-authentication command injection. I used this feature in a cable modem router.

Recently, I created a NETGEAR support account that I used to get a replacement for the WiFi booster. The good news is that the technical team is available 24/7 to respond to all your concerns.

Also, I used the network name, security, encryption type, and security password to connect to the WiFi. This was very helpful since the wireless network was not listed in the "networks available"


  • It is an ideal solution if you want an affordable WiFi range extender.
  • Because it is compatible with wired devices, the booster provides greater flexibility.
  • It is a dual-band WiFi booster that allows you to connect multiple devices.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to set up.
  • The WiFi extender provides maximum speed and prevents buffering.


Usually, the WiFi extender system is set away from the main router. This lowers the signal strength, resulting in an unreliable WiFi network.

Who Should Use the RV WiFi Booster?

It is ideal if you are experiencing a weak WiFi signal in some parts of the RV park. In addition, it is a suitable solution if you want to extend the coverage of your wireless network to areas where it is nonexistent.

Where to Buy the RV WiFi Booster

There are various retailers who sell the extender both online and in-store. Check it out on Amazon or Walmart.

2. SuperBars RV Cell Phone Signal Booster

SuperBars RV Cell Phone Signal Booster
SuperBars RV Cell Phone Signal Booster

This is a dependable option if you want a cellular data signal amplifier for your mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. RV WiFi booster attains this by amplifying the existing WiFi signal.


The RV WiFi booster has a gain of between 50 and 60 dB. This refers to how much the extender amplifies the outside WiFi signal.

Its coverage area is determined by a number of factors. I noticed the number of internal antennas and the strength of the external signal matter.

Normally, it covers up to 3500 square feet. Also, I was able to connect mobile devices since it has a USB cable port.

I used an AC/DC power adapter to power the WiFi booster. Alternatively, you can use a 12-volt power source.


I strongly believe it is the best RV WiFi booster for a strong campground network connection. It enhanced my camping experience by boosting internet access.

The booster has three major components that promote its performance. I noticed that it uses the outdoor antenna to get hold of the existing signal.

Additionally, I found out that it has an amplifier to amplify WiFi signals, and an internal antenna to relay them to your device.

What Sets it Apart

It is uniquely distinguished from competitors due to various reasons. For instance, the high-gain external antennas enable it to reach cell towers that are miles away

In addition, it is an easy-to-install WiFi booster, I had internet access a few minutes after arriving at the campsite.

Recent Updates

I was able to monitor the performance of the  WiFi booster remotely. You only have to download the WiFi Booster’s mobile app to monitor the signal strength of the WiFi.

Furthermore, I used the premium cell range booster to create a strong network connection on multiple devices.


  • It is relatively cheap compared to other WiFi boosters.
  • It promotes the device’s battery longevity because it doesn't have to work harder to maintain a strong WiFi signal.
  • It ensures faster internet speed and a strong network connection.


The booster is susceptible to weather damage since it uses an outdoor antenna. Normally, the antenna is fixed on top of the RV.

Furthermore, it heavily depends on external signals. This means that you will not have stable internet access if you are camping in a remote area where signals don’t exist.

Who Should Use it?

The WiFi booster is ideal for use by campers who like camping in remote areas. It has a WiFi repeater kit that is installed in a wireless router to create a strong WiFi signal.

Typically, you can benefit from this RV WiFi booster if you live in or travel to a remote area and want to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Where to Buy it

I purchased the RV WiFi booster from a camping retailer that sells RV signal boosters. I also noticed that the WiFi booster is available on Amazon and eBay.

3. Bearifi Bear Extender

Bearifi Bear Extender
Bearifi Bear Extender

Are you searching for a high-power WiFi booster to use miles away from the router? Search no more since the WiFi booster got you covered!


It uses various encryption protocols for security, namely, WEP, WPA, WPA 2, and WPA-Enterprise.  Additionally, its compatibility with a wireless router is superb to help you access a strong WiFi network.

I limited the power supply for the RV WiFi booster to 5 volts. Also, I realized that the RV WiFi booster allows connection to multiple devices that use a USB cable.

The WiFi booster has an ethernet port. This port helps you to connect your devices to get an internet connection directly from WiFi boosters.


This is one of the best RV WiFi extenders that increase the WiFi signal in outdoor spaces. It boosts the existing WiFi networks and ensures strong connection in RV parks that have no WiFi signal.

It rained while at the camp, and I didn't have to worry about dropped calls. I comfortably enjoyed the free WiFi since the WiFi booster is weather resistant.

What Sets it Apart

The device is uniquely known for its compatibility with multiple devices. It provides a stable connection when paired with Mac OS, and Android devices.

Also, it stands out in the market because it has a long range signal acquisition. It ensures a stable connection miles away from the router.

Recent Updates

Initially, it was only compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. But following the launch of macOS, Bearifi has released an OS X 10.9 Mavericks update.

This is an initiative to support all the customers and models and help them stay connected.


  • The device is lightweight, you can carry it anywhere in the campsite if you have to use the WiFi network on the go.
  • It supports multiple devices and ensures a strong WiFi connection.
  • Its compatibility is top-notch, so you don't have to worry whether it is compatible with existing WiFi routers.


Compared to other WiFi range extenders, this device can be quite pricey, causing a strain on your budget. Also, installing the WiFi booster can be challenging, especially if you lack technical skills.

Who Uses it

During my stay at the RV park, I used this WiFi extender to boost the existing internet connection.

Basically, it is ideal for people who spend most of their time outdoors and require a strong internet connection.

Where to Buy

I got the WiFi booster from the official Bearifi website. During the search for an affordable store, I noticed that it is also available in Walmart and Amazon.

4. Google WiFi System AC 1200

Google WiFi System AC 1200
Google WiFi System AC 1200

Google WiFi system is a flexible WiFi extender that ensures a reliable internet connection. This WiFI booster uses multiple WiFi points to prevent buffering.


This is the best wireless signal booster that uses wireless standards, IEEE 802.11ac, and IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n. Additionally, I got to enjoy a wide coverage of close to 2500 sq. ft.

It boasts multiple antennas that enhance its overall productivity. I noticed that the WiFi extender uses WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, and WEP security encryption.

The ethernet ports on the range extender allow you to connect to the WiFi more easily, making it one of the best WiFi boosters. I realized that ethernet connections provide a strong WiFi signal.

Additionally, the WiFi booster for RV has an outdoor antenna. I found out that it uses a directional antenna to ensure WiFi signals are available on all corners of the campground.


The WiFi booster has digital assistant features that help you manage the WiFi network connection. This feature has also made it easier to set up the network and improved its overall functionality.

The RV WiFi extender system should be at the top of your camping list essentials. After installing the WiFi, I could stream at a high internet speed on my Mac OS.

However, I used a WiFi repeater kit installed in the wireless router. It helps boost the existing internet connection.

What Sets it Apart

Unlike other WiFi boosters, I was able to create a mesh network that helped in extending the coverage.

Also, it allows users to customize the settings to their liking.

Recent Updates

The superb WiFi booster for RVs has numerous recent features. For instance, WPA3 is the latest security encryption tool.

Also, it is one of the RV park WiFi systems fitted with dual-band WiFi extenders. Dual frequencies help you create a reliable internet connection.


  • It minimizes interference, thus optimizing the network’s performance.
  • The RV WiFi booster is fitted with family-friendly features, it has parental controls to limit children’s access to the device.
  • It is movable to different positions on the campground without losing connection.
  • It has a Google Home app that helps you manage the device with ease. It helps you determine network usage, troubleshoot problems, and change the settings.


If multiple devices are connected, you will likely experience network congestion. In addition, it does not have advanced features such as VPN support, thus limiting its usefulness.

Who Should Use the RV WiFi Booster?

This is a perfect solution in RV parks that previously had weak public WiFi signals. In addition, you can use it to create a mesh network that provides a better internet connection compared to a single router.

Where to Buy the Rv Wifi Booster

The WiFi booster is available in numerous online stores. If you want a fair deal buy them from Amazon or Best Buy.

5. AMAKE Super Boost WiFi Range Extender

AMAKE Super Boost WiFi Range Extender
AMAKE Super Boost WiFi Range Extender

AMAKE Super Boost is the best WiFi extender for RV if you want to expand the WiFi signal range of a wireless network. You can also use it to boost its strength if the internet signal is poor.


Its specifications include wireless security (WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK) to ensure your data is safe. To run optimally, the device operates at a voltage of 100–240 volts AC.

Other specifications include two advanced external antennas to grab weak WiFi signals, strengthen it, and make it more useful.


Generally, the WiFi extender provides good signal strength and covers a wide area. However, its performance is based on the type of router you are using and the distance between the router and the extender.

If you prefer android devices, this range extender allows you to use the campground WiFi and mobile hotspot at the same time.

What Sets it Apart

The WiFi booster has gained a space in the market due to its high-gain antenna, which ensures advanced signal-boosting ability. In addition, it is different from competitors due to its user-friendliness in extending the coverage.

Recent Updates

The latest version of the WiFi extender is designed to work with a powerful directional WiFi antenna. Also, you can connect it to a modern router which is better than a traditional WiFi router.

I realized that its modern routers have ethernet ports that you can use to create an ethernet connection and connect to the WiFi network.

Furthermore, it has a good signal strength that helps you identify the best spot with ease during setup. Installing WiFi boosters has been made easier thanks to the upgraded user interface.


  • It helps eliminate the dead zone in the campsite to ensure you have a strong internet connection in all the corners.
  • The Wi-Fi extender supports multiple gadgets to ensure you enjoy connection from all the gadgets. This is an added advantage if you are camping with a group.
  • It amplifies the WiFi signal to promote access miles away from the position of the existing router.


Purchasing this RV WiFi booster is relatively expensive compared to other models on the market.  Also, the WiFi extender system may not be compatible with the existing router, leading to a weak WiFi signal.

Who Should Use it

Undoubtedly, there are other WiFi networks available in the campground. This is the best RV WiFi extender system if you want to eliminate interference from other wireless networks available within your range.

I got to enjoy a reliable internet signal throughout the camping period.

Where To Buy It

I got the WiFi from Amazon at an affordable price. I also realized that the WiFi booster for RV is available in other stores like Walmart.

6. KING WiFiMax Range Extender

KING WiFiMax Range Extender
KING WiFiMax Range Extender

KING WiFiMax Extender is the ideal wifi booster if you want to boost your existing wifi network.


The WiFi booster has amazing specifications to ensure a long range signal acquisition for your mobile devices. It is a dual-band RV WiFi extender that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

The frequencies increase the internet speed, especially in campgrounds where the WiFi signals are weak. I also realized that the RV WiFi booster has multiple antennas that use the beaming technology to create strong WiFi signals.


Based on performance, this is one of the best WiFi boosters thanks to the King WiFi app. The King WiFi app provides a simple guide on how to connect to the existing WiFi network in just a few steps.

Additionally, the WiFi booster has a king kf1000 falcon antenna, an external antenna that you mount on top of an RV. King kf1000 falcon antenna then collects WiFi signals up to 2.4GHz.

I found the WiFi booster for RVs very useful. It allowed the use of a USB cable to connect multiple devices.

What Sets it Apart

It is one of the few wireless signal boosters I found in the WiFi extender market.

Recent Updates

The WiFi signal booster has a King WiFi app that I found helpful in installing the range extender.

Additionally, it has the King kf1000 falcon antenna. I later realized this is a directional WiFi antenna since it ensured a unidirectional flow of signals.


  • It offers high internet speed when live streaming.
  • The RV WiFi booster provides a wide WiFi network coverage miles away from the router.
  • Installing RV WiFi boosters is easier, I just followed the simple steps on the King WiFi app.


I realized that the WiFi booster is relatively expensive.

Who Uses it

Outdoor activities are boring if the campground WiFi has a weak internet signal. This makes this device a preferable RV WiFi extender if you go camping in such places.

I stayed at the campground for an extended period, and I can attest this is the best WiFi booster for longer camp stays.

Where To Buy it

Amazon sells the WiFi extender at a fair price.