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Key Takeaways

  • Retro campers merge '60s flair with today's comforts.
  • Choices vary from intimate teardrops to spacious trailers.
  • Authenticity and modern functionality go hand-in-hand.

Time travel in style?

You bet!

Imagine hitching up to a camper that takes you back to the swinging '60s.

Ready for a blast from the past, right on the open road?

These retro campers with '60s decor combine vintage charm with modern amenities, making nostalgic travel a luxurious reality.

You're in the driver's seat of your own time machine, choosing a camper that's a nod to the past but equipped for the journey ahead.

From authentic retro styling to state-of-the-art conveniences, each camper brings its own slice of the '60s, ensuring your travels are groovy in every sense.

With attention to detail and a passion for nostalgia, our selections promise an authentic throwback experience that you can trust to make your road trips unforgettable.



Airstream Globetrotter

Have you ever wanted to hit the road and feel like you've been transported back to the swinging 60s?

The Airstream Globetrotter is your time machine on wheels.

Picture this: you're cruising down the highway, and behind you is this shining beacon of nostalgia, a true throwback to the era of peace, love, and rock 'n' roll.

What makes the Globetrotter stand out?

Well, for starters:

  • Mid-Century Modern Interiors: It's like a chic living room that rolled right out of a 60s sitcom.
  • Vibrant Accents: Bold colors that pop and bring life to the streamlined design.
  • Retro Furnishings: Functional yet stylish, giving you that authentic vintage experience.

Envision yourself cooking in a kitchen that's decked out with a period-appropriate gas stove and built-in lighting.

It sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

And let's not forget modern comforts—you won't sacrifice convenience for style.

Many Airstream Globetrotters maintain creature comforts like electric generators and full-hookup capability, blending the best of both worlds.

Now, say you're at a vintage camper rally, admiring rows of these beauties.

You might come across a 1968 Globetrotter, well-preserved and proudly showcasing its original interior.

We're talking about a functional bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower—not something you'd find in every travel trailer from that decade!

Got a taste for the finer things with a side of retro charm?

With listings showing them at prices like $54,900 or appraisals up to $43,600, it's clear these vintage marvels are valued pieces of history.

Just remember, owning a '60s Airstream Globetrotter is not just buying a camper; it's embracing a lifestyle.

Are you ready to be the talk of the campsite with your rolling piece of Americana?

Looks like it's time to get your groove on and go Globetrotting!

Happier Camper HC1

Ever felt like taking a trip down memory lane while adventuring into the great outdoors?

Well, the Happier Camper HC1 combines that nostalgic '60s decor with the versatility of modern design.

This tiny but mighty travel trailer is a throwback to simpler times with its funky retro styling—think cool, bright colors and those classic rounded shapes that make you go 'wow!'

Picture this: you're cruising with the HC1 behind your car, and heads are turning.


Because this camper isn't just any old trailer; it's a modular masterpiece.

With the Adaptiv® interior system, you have the power to customize your space on the fly.

Need a bigger bed or an extra table?

No problem!

You can rearrange the inside to fit just about any layout you can think of.

Here's what else you get with the Happier Camper HC1:

  • Portability: Lightweight enough to tow with most cars.
  • Flexibility: The Adaptiv® system lets you switch up your layout as you wish.
  • Retro Vibes: A design that captures the essence of the '60s with a modern twist.

And let's talk features!

It has a huge rear hatch and a wide entry door, which are not just practical; they also add to that classic look alongside the curvy wheel fenders.

No doubt, with a starting price of $49,950, the HC1 isn't just about nostalgic looks—it's a functional piece of art.

It's perfect for those impromptu weekend getaways, longer road trips, or even as a business venture on wheels.

So, are you ready to hit the road with a camper that boasts of yesteryear charm and today’s convenience?

The Happier Camper HC1 might just be the travel buddy you've been looking for.

Riverside RV Retro

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road with all the charm of the 60s but none of the hassle?

Meet the Riverside RV Retro series.

Imagine cruising into a campground with a travel trailer that turns heads, featuring curvy lines and an aesthetic so vintage, you’ll feel like you’ve time-traveled!

Designed to capture the essence of the swinging 60s, the Riverside Retro sports bold pastel exteriors and interiors that wouldn't look out of place in a hip 60s diner.

Picture yourself stepping onto classic black and white checkerboard flooring and using retro-styled appliances—all with the benefit of modern technology and conveniences.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Customization Options: Starts with the exterior, and you get to choose from a variety of sizes. Go small with micro campers or full-on with a 28' Bunkhouse.
  • Towing Made Easy: These lightweight trailers can be towed by a range of vehicles, including your Small SUV, Jeep, Van, or even a ½ Ton truck.
  • Modern Features: Despite their retro look, these trailers boast modern amenities like a 13.5K A/C, 12 Volt Power Converter, and Gas/Electric Water Heaters.

Could there be anything cooler than combining iconic style with contemporary comfort?

So, whether you're a nostalgia enthusiast or just someone who appreciates a good blend of old and new, the Retro by Riverside RV could be the perfect traveling companion.

And hey, with a setup like this, every pit stop becomes a photo op!

Get ready to make memories (and maybe a few instant fans).

Shasta Airflyte Reissue

Remember those charming canned ham trailers that dotted the highways in the '60s?

Well, get ready for a blast from the past because Shasta has brought back their iconic 1961 Airflyte in a limited reissue.

You're probably wondering, what's so special about this retro revival?

Let's dig in!

Design & Style:

  • Exterior: You'll spot this beauty from a mile away with its distinctive wings and vintage charm.
  • Woodwork: Inside, you're greeted with rich birch wood interiors, so authentic you might feel like you've stepped into a time machine.
  • Upholstery: The retro aesthetic continues with period-correct upholstery, delighting even the most nostalgic travelers.

Oh, and guess what?

They've only made 1,941 copies.

Why 1,941, you ask?

It's a nod to their founding year, adding that extra touch of sentimentality for travel buffs and collectors.

Features & Specs:

  • Weight: At roughly 2,270 pounds, it's a breeze to tow.
  • Storage: Despite its classic look, there's no skimping on storage.

Whether you're swooning over the 16′ or setting your sights on the 19′ model, prices kick off at a reasonable $16,995.

It’s a small price to pay for a ticket to the golden age of travel, don't you think?

Perfect for those weekend getaways or cross-country adventures, the Shasta Airflyte reissue meets the call for modern functionality while staying true to its roots.

It's not just a camper; it's a statement piece on wheels.

Ready to hitch up and hit the road?

Your retro journey awaits!

Scamp Trailer

Ever imagined yourself hitting the open road with a bit of the swinging '60s for company?

Well, let me paint a picture of the Scamp Trailer – your time capsule on wheels.

These cute-as-a-button travel companions offer a reliable fiberglass body to keep you dry and a customizable interior that's ready to showcase your retro flair.

Why choose a Scamp Trailer?

Picture this: you've got a compact, easy-to-tow frame that doesn't skimp on durability.

Travel light without worry.

Fiberglass construction?

Check. '60s-style polish?


And that interior – a blank canvas waiting for your vintage touch.

Now, imagine decking out your Scamp with options like:

  • Checkered flooring (classic, right?)
  • Polished wood cabinets (oozes vintage charm)
  • Formica countertops (nothing screams '60s quite like Formica)

For a personal twist, throw in a vinyl record player to spin some classic tunes.

You'll practically smell the nostalgia – wait, that might just be the pine air freshener swaying to the Beatles.

The best part is Scamp Trailers are about as user-friendly as they come.

You don't need a beast of a vehicle to tow these lightweight lovelies.

More than just a place to sleep, it’s a statement – a nod to simpler times that anyone can appreciate, especially when every highway turns into a trip down memory lane.

Ready to join the ranks of happy campers relishing the past?

All aboard your new (old) Scamp Trailer!

Can you hear the '60s calling your name?

Timeless Travel Trailers

Ever dreamt of hitting the open road with all the charm of the '60s but none of the hassle?

You’re in luck!

Timeless Travel Trailers is your go-to for that authentic retro vibe combined with today's amenities.

Picture this: your very own refurbished Airstream decked out in true '60s splendor.

Imagine wood paneling that whispers stories from the past, coupled with textiles that scream 'groovy'.

These aren’t off-the-shelf solutions; we’re talking custom refurbishment here.

Think bespoke, think unique, think the envy of the camper park!

  1. One-of-a-kind Decor: Custom interiors featuring:
  1. Genuine wood paneling
  2. Period-appropriate fabrics

But hey, it's not just about looks; these trailers are revamped to ensure they're roadworthy.

You get the reliability of a modern trailer, ready to embark on new adventures.

Isn't that a sigh of relief?

And let’s face it, practicality is key.

With Timeless Travel Trailers, you get the perfect blend of form and function.

Think of the satisfaction as you pour a drink from your vintage-style fridge, or the comfort of sleeping on a bed that’s just the right mix of retro design and modern-day comfort.

So, are you ready to be the talk of the campground with a trailer that's got more style than a vinyl record collection at a thrift store?

Start planning your trip down memory lane with a Timeless Travel Trailer.

It's not just a journey; it's a throwback to an era of excitement and elegance.

Buckle up; it's going to be a fabulous ride!

Bowlus Road Chief

Ever dreamt of hitting the open road with a hint of vintage flair?

Well, then you might just fall head over heels for the Bowlus Road Chief.

It’s like someone took a sprinkle of '60s retro charm and generously poured it into a luxury camper.

Remember those sleek, shiny travel trailers that looked like they were part jet?

We're talking that level of cool.

The Bowlus Road Chiefs aren't your average camper - they're a nod to the classic 1930s design, with an aluminum exterior that gleams like an airplane fuselage.

But don't let the exterior fool you.

Inside, you’re greeted with interiors that blend nostalgic vibe with modern comfort.

The finishes are retro-inspired, with luxurious touches that'll make you feel like you're traveling in a first-class time capsule.

Here’s the scoop on these beauties:

  • On The Road Model: Starts at a cool $137,000.
  • Endless Highways Model: Prepare to invest at least $185,000 for this roadworthy luxury.

These trailers are for travelers who want more than just a place to sleep.

They're for those of you who appreciate craftsmanship and detail.

And while we're at it, let's talk options.

Bowlus makes sure you can make this space your own with features galore.

Price tags aside, owning a Bowlus is like joining an exclusive club where style meets adventure.

So, if you’ve got some coins to spare and are itching for a road trip with style, the Bowlus Road Chief could be your next ticket to freedom.

Who said nostalgia comes cheap, right?

Dub Box USA

Have you ever wanted to hit the road with all the charm of the 60s but none of the hassle of a half-century-old vehicle?

Well, Dub Box USA might just be your groove.

Picture the iconic VW Bus, synonymous with the free-spirited 60s, but with the reliability and convenience of today's technology.

It's a retro camper's dream!

Imagine pulling up to a campsite with a Dub Box in tow.

It's a head-turner, for sure, with that classic nostalgic shape.

But what's inside is even cooler.

Want your interior to shout 'flower power'?

No problem.

Opt for vibrant patterns and colors that'll take you right back to the era of peace and love.

Customization is key with these little beauties, and you can deck out your Dub Box to match your style.

  • Inspiration: Classic Volkswagen Type 2
  • Custom Interiors: 60s decor, bright colors, vintage patterns
  • Functionality: Mix of retro look and modern amenities

But it's not just about good looks.

Your retro haven on wheels has all the modern trimmings to make your road trips rad and comfortable.

We're talking about high spec features and parts, so you can chill out knowing your cool caravan is also sturdy and well-built.

When was the last time you heard "cool" and "caravan" in the same sentence?

Well, get used to it because with Dub Box USA, it's the norm.

And while you can't put a price on awesome memories, knowing that you'll be creating them in a camper that's built to last is pretty sweet too.

So, ready to roll with a blast from the past that will last?

Dub Box USA is your ticket to ride—in style.

Little Guy Trailers - MyPod

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with all the charm of the 60s right in your camper?

The Little Guy MyPod is a delightful mash-up of retro vibes and modern convenience, perfect for the nostalgic traveler.

This little teardrop wonder comes with a silver shell that's just waiting for you to splash it with your 60s inspired designs.

Picture this: psychedelic curtains, a turntable playing vinyl records, and an interior popping with color—sounds groovy, right?

What's under its quaint hood?

Well, within its 11.5 feet length and 5 feet width, the MyPod boasts practically all you need.

Space might be compact—around 3.08 feet headroom inside—but it's well equipped:

  • Entertainment Center: To keep the tunes rolling!
  • 12V/110 Power: For all your gadgets and gizmos.
  • Window Shades: For when you need a little privacy.

But how does it fare for size and weight?

Here's a handy breakdown:

Dimension Size
Length 11.5 ft
Width 5 ft
Interior Height 3.08 ft
Dry Weight Check with the seller

The MyPod is pretty lightweight too.

You won't need a gas-guzzler to tow this little guy around!

If you’re a facts enthusiast, note that the MyPod is a hit, ranking as #1 out of 5 in the Little Guy Travel Trailers lineup for 2023.

And with its customizable interior, adding a roof rack for extra gear or choosing a white exterior is a breeze.

Now, grab your bell-bottoms and your zest for travel—your '60s road adventure awaits with the MyPod!

Just imagine parking at a lakeside and enjoying the serenity—comfort and nostalgia packed into one genuinely hip little trailer.

How's that for a trip down memory lane?

Vintage Overland Trailers

Have you ever daydreamed about hitting the open road with a touch of the past tagging along?

Let's chat about Vintage Overland Trailers, your ticket to a nostalgic journey with modern perks.

Why go vintage?

Because you deserve an escape that's as unique as you are!

These are not your run-of-the-mill trailers; they're meticulously handcrafted beauties that ooze retro charm.

Picture this: wood paneling, fabrics that whisk you back to the 60s, and that sweet marriage of form and function.

  • Hand Crafted? Absolutely! Each trailer from Vintage Overland is tailor-made with a keen eye for detail.
  • Retro decor? Check! You'll find interiors decked out in true 60s style to satisfy your nostalgic cravings.

Now, let's talk durability.

These trailers are constructed to join you on many adventures, forging memories for years to come.

And yes, they look fabulous, but they're also rugged, ready to tackle those 4x4 roads with confidence.

What makes them stand out?

It's the combo of vintage vibes with the innovation of the 21st century.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’d be getting into:

  • Uncompromised vintage aesthetic
  • Modern comforts and technology
  • A collector-quality creation to call your own

Fancy yourself a caravan designer?

The folks at Vintage Overland would be thrilled to collaborate and turn your ideas into reality.

Your very own teardrop trailer, with a dash of the past, is just a decision away.

So, why not craft your own slice of the 60s and hit the road with style?

Your nostalgic venture awaits!