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Key Takeaways

  • Adventure meets mobile living with campers that have climbing walls.
  • These specialized campers offer comfort, functionality, and climbing fun.
  • They signal a growing trend among outdoor enthusiasts for adventure-ready vehicles.

Imagine a home that travels with you, complete with your very own rock climbing wall.

Yes, it's a thing!

Adventure-seekers and rock climbing enthusiasts are finding innovative ways to fuse their love for the outdoors with the convenience of mobile living.

Imagine the thrill of scaling a climbing wall after waking up in the heart of nature, all within a few steps from your breakfast nook.

Owning a camper with an outdoor climbing wall opens up a unique world of possibilities for adventure and outdoor activities.

This isn't just a weekend getaway; it's a lifestyle choice that speaks to freedom lovers and thrill-seekers who want to keep their climbing passions alive while on the road.

You're not just buying a vehicle; you're investing in a traveling base camp equipped for escapades.

Recognizing the growing trend, custom designers and RV manufacturers are creating exceptional campers that cater to your adventurous spirit.

These rigs, ranging from luxurious RVs to skillfully converted buses, are designed to maximize comfort and functionality, enabling climbers to take on challenges across various terrains without ever leaving home comfort behind.



Furrion Elysium RV

Have you ever imagined taking your love for climbing on the road with you?

The Furrion Elysium RV makes this fantasy a reality, boasting not just luxury living but also a deployable outdoor climbing wall for when you want to stretch those muscles amidst nature.

Picture this: You pull up to your favorite campsite, set up your portable climbing challenge, and reach new heights right beside your mobile abode.

Key Features:

  • Luxury Size: At a majestic 45 feet in length, 8 feet wide, and a sky-scraping 13 feet 6 inches in height, space is hardly a concern.
  • Climbing Wall: Adventure-ready, the RV offers a built-in climbing wall to keep you active and entertained.
  • Rooftop Helicopter Pad: Above, a helicopter landing pad awaits, because why not arrive in style or explore the surroundings from the sky?

High-End Amenities:

  • Hot Tub: After a climb, nothing beats relaxing in the rooftop hot tub.
  • Kitchen & Entertainment: Includes a full kitchen and not one but three 75-inch TVs.

The interior is as impressive as the exterior, with technological advancements seamlessly integrated for comfort and convenience.

You could say, it's a luxury hotel suite on wheels – complete with thrilling outdoor features.

Isn't it incredible how your passion for climbing doesn't have to stay behind when you hit the road?

The Furrion Elysium RV isn't just about where you go; it's about the experiences you can have once you get there.

Making every destination a thrilling adventure is just a climb away with this innovative camper.

Ready to scale the heights of luxury RV living?

Custom Adventure Truck by Hawk Engineering Inc

Have you ever daydreamed about scaling a climbing wall while out in the wild, surrounded by nature's serenity?

Hawk Engineering Inc turned that fantasy into a roaring reality.

Imagine a robust military 6x6 truck, reimagined as your ultimate adventure base—the centerpiece being an exhilarating outdoor climbing wall.

Let's break into what this beast offers:

  • Base Vehicle: A military 6x6 truck, giving you the grit to tackle the toughest terrains.
  • Climbing Wall: Positioned on the rear for an adrenaline-packed workout with a view.
  • Custom Build: Tailored to meet the cravings of any outdoor enthusiast.

This isn't just a camper; it's a salute to freedom and fun.

It's got the torque to maneuver those pesky rocky passes and the amenities to keep you cozy once the day's escapades are done.

Imagine waking up to the sun cresting over a mountain ridge.

You step outside, your hands already itching for a climb.

In minutes, you're on the wall, pulling yourself up while the wilderness watches.

With this set-up, everywhere you park is an opportunity to push your limits.

Here's the breakdown of what you're looking at:

Feature Description
Base Customized 6x6 Military Truck
Climbing Wall Rear-Mounted
Engineering Hawk Engineering Inc Custom Design
Adventure Ready Built for Off-Road and Overlanding

It's not just about muscle and might; this adventure truck is about tailoring the thrill of climbing to the journey's rhythm.

Could this be the ultimate conversation starter at your next campsite?


The only question is, are you ready to climb the ladder of off-road exploration, literally?

Omni Adventure Van

Have you ever imagined scaling a rock face before breakfast?

If that's your kind of morning routine, the Omni Adventure Van might just be the rig of your dreams.

Packed with features, it's designed for thrill-seekers who aren't willing to part with creature comforts even on the wildest of adventures.

The exterior of these adventure beasts, often built using a Mercedes Sprinter or a Ford Transit, isn't just for show.

Picture this: you wake up to the soft chirping of birds, step outside, and there it is—a compact climbing wall attached to your van.

It's not a full-sized gym wall, but it's more than enough to get the blood pumping and fingers strengthened for the day ahead.

Here's what you typically find inside:

  • A cozy sleeping area that converts into a seating space
  • A functional kitchenette for whipping up your favorite meals
  • Essential storage for gear, food, and personal items

Imagine these perks outdoors:

  • An attachable awning for shade
  • Exterior lights for late-night climbing sessions
  • A custom-built mini climbing wall for practice or play

Remember, we're talking about a custom setup, so think of the possibilities!

Modify your space with personalized gear racks or even a small bouldering area to truly make it unique.

With the Omni Adventure Van, your wild heart doesn't have to compromise on the wild.

Who said a home on wheels had to be conventional?

Not us!

After all, it’s your adventurous spirit that turns a van into an Omni—boundless and unrestrained.

Ready for the next climb?

Your Omni Adventure Van surely is!

The Power Station by Outside Van

Fancy a unique blend of adventure and luxury in your camper?

Well, let me introduce you to The Power Station, a customized 4x4 Mercedes-Benz 170 3500 Sprinter by Outside Van.

It's almost begging, "Isn't it time for an off-grid getaway?"

Imagine this: You're parked near a towering cliff face, and your own personal climbing wall unfolds from the side of your camper.

Now, while this Power Station model doesn't come standard with a climbing wall, it's not a stretch to envision one incorporated into its sturdy and flexible design, especially considering Outside Van’s proficiency in custom builds.

This beauty comes packed with off-grid capabilities critical for your adventures.

Want specifics?

You got it:

  • Custom Interior: Tailored to outdoor enthusiasts with a luxurious finish.
  • Convertible Spaces: Maximizing both comfort and utility.
  • Under Bed Storage: Slide in your gear without a hassle.

Why not amp up the experience with a climbing wall on your camper?

Sure, it's not your typical feature, but that’s the beauty of custom work — it's all about what you want.

Imagine the stares and nods of approval at your ingenuity from fellow climbers.

The Power Station already artfully combines luxury with off-grid functionality, so further personalizing it with a climbing apparatus is perfectly within reach.

Could this be the ultimate base camp for your vertical pursuits?

It sure has the makings of one, with a cozy cabin vibe ready to embrace you after a long day of conquering peaks.

So go ahead, sketch that dream camper with a climbing wall.

You’re limited only by your imagination!

Custom School Bus (Skoolie) Conversion

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with all the comforts of home, plus an adventurous?

Converting a school bus into a tiny home on wheels, affectionately known as a 'Skoolie,' offers just that—and for climbers, the sky's (or rather, the bus's height) the limit!

Why Add a Climbing Wall?

Adding a climbing wall to your Skoolie isn't just a pipe dream.

It’s practical.

Imagine parking amidst nature’s splendor and practicing your bouldering skills right there.

For safety and a solid challenge, outfitting your Skoolie with a climbing wall that overhangs at 10-30 degrees allows for a controlled fall onto your crash pad.

Materials Matter

When you’re on the move, durability counts:

  • Holds: Weather-resistant and varied in size
  • Structure: Strong backing to support the holds
  • Safety: Adequate padding below

Construction Tips

  1. Framework: Build a robust frame to ensure your movable climbing haven can withstand travel stresses.
  2. Weatherproofing: Make sure your construction materials and the wall itself can stand up to the elements.
  3. Assembly: Consider foldability for ease of transit and to minimize drag.

Remember, a climbing wall addition requires thoughtful planning but can be a rewarding DIY project.

And don't forget about the standard Skoolie conversion essentials: plumbing, electrical work, and interior furnishings.

With creativity and some elbow grease, your Skoolie can transform into the ultimate nomadic climber’s retreat.

Happy climbing, and even happier traveling!

Custom Tiny House on Wheels

Have you ever imagined living the adventure every day, climbing right outside your tiny home?

Custom tiny houses on wheels are taking this dream to new heights with exterior climbing walls!

Imagine waking up, sipping your morning coffee, and then stretching out on your own climbing wall.

Sound exciting, doesn't it?

Tiny home builders are crafting these innovative homes to be as unique as your lifestyle.

With a custom tiny house on wheels, you have the freedom to steer your life towards unparalleled adventure.

Here's what to consider when having yours made:

  • Structure: Make sure your tiny home has a sturdy frame, capable of supporting the weight of a climbing wall.
  • Material: Pick materials that will withstand the elements, especially if you plan on traveling to various climates.
  • Features: Decide on whether you want bouldering routes, overhangs, or just a vertical climb to match your expertise.
  • Safety: Always consider the necessary safety equipment like crash pads and harness anchor points.

Why a climbing wall on a tiny house?

Well, it not only saves space inside your home but also gives you that outdoor thrill, without needing to hit up the local gym or drive out to the crag.

Plus, it's a fantastic conversation starter and an absolute magnet for climbing buddies.

Let's look at a quick rundown:

  • Mobility: Pick up and go whenever you wish. Your climbing wall goes with you.
  • Customization: Work with tiny house experts who understand your climbing passion.
  • Utility and Fun: A climbing wall is a great way to stay fit and have fun.

So, grab your chalk bag, pull on those climbing shoes, and embark on your tiny house journey that literally lets you reach new heights right from your doorstep!

Your next adventure is just a step (and a climb) away.

Custom Toy Hauler Conversion

Have you ever imagined your toy hauler doing more than just carrying your gear?

What if it could transform, like a grounded Transformer, into your very own outdoor climbing wall?

It's not as far-fetched as you might think!

Why Settle for the Standard?

Toy haulers are all about bringing the comforts of home to the wild outdoors.

But let’s crank that up a notch.

Owners of models like the Keystone Raptor are taking customization to new heights—literally—by turning their rear ramp doors into climbing walls.

How's it Done?

  • The ramp is reinforced to ensure safety and durability.
  • Custom holders and climbing holds are attached.
  • Consideration for foldability and portability is a must.

A Tailored Adventure

  • You decide the difficulty of your climbing wall.
  • It’s your choice of climbing holds and design.
  • Make it a colorful and exciting feature of your camper.

By opting for a custom toy hauler conversion, you’re melding thrill with function.

Not only does your hauler carry your beloved bikes, ATVs, or kayaks, but it also doubles as a thrilling activity station when you're parked.

Imagine the convenience and the crowd you’ll draw at your campsite with something as cool as a climbing wall.

Getting Started

  • Start with a durable toy hauler, like the Raptor.
  • Check with a professional for structural integrity.
  • Choose materials that withstand the elements.

Remember, safety first!

Always consult with a professional for any structural modifications.

EarthRoamer XV-HD

Have you ever imagined taking your home on the road and scaling new heights—quite literally?

Let's talk about the EarthRoamer XV-HD, a beast of an expedition vehicle that could be your next basecamp for outdoor adventures, even those that take you vertical.

Dimensions & Design:

  • Chassis: Ford F-650/F-750 platform
  • Engine: 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbodiesel
  • Transmission: TorqShift HD six-speed automatic
  • Drive: 4WD with a transfer case
  • Weight: Built to carry significant weight

The XV-HD's robust size becomes evident with its Ford F-750 base, ensuring there's plenty of room for customization—think a climbing wall on the exterior!

While not a standard feature, the potential for this addition is as vast as the open road you'll travel.

  • Sleeping Capacity: Accommodates up to six people
  • Amenities: Includes high-tech and luxury features for off-the-grid living

Your roaming home boasts the latest technologies to keep you comfortably off the beaten path.

And while climbing wall installations are up to personal customization, isn't it exciting to think you could?

Capability & Comfort:

  • Off-Road Performance: Designed for remote travels
  • Home Comforts: Full kitchen, bathroom, and plush sleeping areas

Imagine after a day of scaling your custom climbing wall, you step into a space that has all the comforts of home.

This is where EarthRoamer stands out.

High-end finishes, space for your crew, and the ability to stay out there longer where the views are unmatched.

If you're intrigued by the idea of an adventure-mobile that's as ready for action as you are, the XV-HD is a solid base to build upon.

Do you see yourself conquering both terrains and walls with this vehicular titan?

Custom Overland Trailer

Ever imagined taking your climbing passion on the road?

With custom overland trailers, you can do exactly that!

Picture this: after a day of exploring the wild, you unfurl an outdoor climbing wall right on the side of your trailer.

Sounds like a dream?

Not anymore!

Trailers Ready for Adventure

  • Heavy-duty Construction: These trailers are built to handle rough terrain.
  • Versatile Features: Adapt your trailer for different outdoor activities.
  • Climbing Wall: Add a foldable climbing wall for an adrenaline rush anywhere.

Key Specifications

  • GVWR: 7000 pounds, means you can haul all your gear without a worry.
  • Curb Weight: Around 2000 pounds when empty, so your vehicle can tow it comfortably.

Tailoring Your Experience Your trailer can be a blank canvas.

Customize the inside with sleep and storage solutions, then amp up the outside with racks and, of course, that climbing wall.

Not only do these trailers offer a place to rest, but they also keep the thrill alive even when parked.

Companies like Backroads Overland Co. emphasize quality and customer satisfaction, promising a durable, tailormade adventure home.

Imagine hitting the most scenic spots with all the comforts and your personal climbing challenge just steps away from your bed!

Why settle for the ordinary when your trailer can be as rugged and ready as you are?

Take your outdoor adventures up a notch—literally!

Adventure awaits, will your trailer be ready?

Boulder Breaker by DoItYourselfRV

Ever dreamt about scaling heights on your own time, at your own pace?

Imagine waking up to a crisp morning in your camper, sipping a hot coffee, and gazing out at a custom outdoor climbing wall awaiting your daily ascent.

Meet the Boulder Breaker, the camper that dares to dream as high as you climb.

What's the Boulder Breaker?

It's not just a camper; it's your own portable bouldering gym.

Whether you're a seasoned climber or a curious newbie, this RV revolutionizes outdoor adventures.

Picture this: an RV fitted with a robust, weatherproof bouldering wall, where each hold beckons you to test your skill.

Here's what you'll find:

  • A Durable Climbing Surface: Designed to withstand the elements.
  • Dynamic Holds: Every grip and crimp is placed strategically for maximum challenge and versatility.
  • Safety First: High-quality crash pads ensure a soft landing every time. knows your wanderlust doesn't pause for bad weather, and neither does Boulder Breaker.

The RV's climbing wall is treated to repel rain, sleet, and snow.

Whether you’re parked in the sun-soaked deserts or the misty mountains, Boulder Breaker has got you covered.

The beauty of this beast?

  • Sleek design that doesn't compromise on space.
  • Easy setup – spend your time climbing, not climbing walls with frustration.
  • A community of DIYers always ready to share mods and tips.

Fancy bouldering before breakfast?

No drive, no lines, no fuss.

With Boulder Breaker, you're always just a few steps away from your next personal best.

It's more than an RV; it's a ticket to a vertical playground that moves with you.

Ready to climb on?