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Key Takeaways

  • Full-wall retractable screens bring the cinema experience to stunning outdoor settings.
  • Our selection is based on extensive research and covers a range of impressive features.
  • Trust in our expertise for a reliable guide to your ultimate on-the-go viewing space.

Imagine bringing the silver screen to serene landscapes, merging movie nights with starry skies.

Ever thought of a cinema that rolls with you?

Adventure awaits, and with these campers featuring full-wall retractable screens, your viewing pleasure is now as panoramic as the great outdoors.

You're in safe hands when it comes to selecting the perfect camper for your traveling cinema dreams.

Backed by comprehensive research and solid industry knowledge, we've curated a list that showcases the best on-the-go viewing experiences, ensuring quality and impressive features.

Ready to find the camper that suits your blockbuster aspirations?



Airstream Classic

Are you dreaming of movie nights under the stars or cozy evenings inside with your favorite films?

The Airstream Classic has you covered!

Imagine this: a full-wall retractable screen that pulls down smoothly to create an indoor/outdoor cinema experience.

Isn't that the ultimate camper upgrade?

Key Features:

  • Full-Wall Retractable Screen: Seamless transition from indoor luxury to an open-air theater.
  • Customizable: Tailored to your viewing pleasure, whether you're snuggled up inside or enjoying the cool breeze outside.

Comfort and Convenience: The Classic is more than just a pretty face.

It's designed for comfort, too.

The plush seating and high-quality sound system mean you're in for an immersive cinematic experience.

Feel the difference with every movie and show — it's like you're part of the action!

Why Airstream Classic?

  • It's spacious. The generous floor plan means room for you, your guests, and all the popcorn you can eat.
  • It's equipped. From the screen to the state-of-the-art tech, you're set for movie magic.
  • It's iconic. There's a reason Airstream is a legend of the road. The Classic model honors that heritage with style and substance.

So, whether you're screening the latest blockbuster or binge-watching a series, your Airstream Classic is the cool home theater on wheels.

Who needs a ticket when the best seat in the house is already yours?

Winnebago Horizon

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road and watching movies under the stars, all from the comfort of your own camper?

The Winnebago Horizon turns this dream into reality with its plush interior and an optional full-wall retractable screen that is perfect for an indoor/outdoor cinema experience.

Imagine this: You pull up to your favorite scenic spot, the sun is just setting, what better way to enjoy the evening than to kick back with a movie?

The Horizon makes it effortless with its easy-to-use retractable screen.

You won't have to struggle with awkward setups or worry about where to project your movie; just let the screen down with a press of a button and get ready to be immersed in your personal outdoor theater.

Features at a glance:

  • Luxurious and comfortable interior
  • Optional full-wall retractable screen
  • Easy setup for a cinema experience
  • Perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor ambiance

Not to mention, the Horizon offers enough space to invite your friends or family to join in the fun.

Why go to a drive-in movie when you can bring the experience with you wherever you go?

And don't fret about the little things—there's plenty of room to store your popcorn and blankets.

The Winnebago Horizon is not just about the entertainment; it’s about creating unforgettable memories.

With every new place you visit, you can enjoy a cinematic experience tailored by none other than the great outdoors itself.

Can you think of a better way to end your day of adventure?

So, are you ready to upgrade your camping game and revel in the dual delights of nature and film?

The Winnebago Horizon awaits, ready to roll out the red carpet for your next big outdoor movie night.

Forest River Rockwood Tent

Ever fancied a movie night under the stars?

Well, your camping trips are about to get a reel boost with the Forest River Rockwood Tent campers!

Who wouldn't want their own movie theater while nestled in the heart of nature?

These folding camping trailers are a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts.

With the option to equip full-wall retractable screens, your favorite films can accompany your wilderness escapes.

The Rockwood Tent series doesn't just elevate your camping experience; it takes your indoor comforts outside!

Curious about what makes them stand out?

  • Versatile Sleeping Arrangements: With different models to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit.
  • Comfortably Elevated: No need to worry about rocky or damp ground disrupting your sleep 🛏️.
  • Unmatched Convenience: The beauty of the outdoors, without giving up the comfort and security of being above the ground—critters can't get to your popcorn here!

Not just a bed-on-wheels, these campers serve up features that cater to all your needs.

Expect standard offerings like torsion axles and stabilizer jacks to keep you steady, raised panel cabinet doors for that homey feel, and bunk lights for a cozy ambiance—just what you need for the perfect movie night.

And when you're ready to hit the road, RV traders have you covered with availability across various locations.

From Appleton, WI to Little Rock, AR, the freedom to choose is all yours.

So, ready to pair adventure with cinema?

The Rock Forest River Rockwood Tent makes sure you're always in the best seat, wherever you park it! 🎥✨

Thor Motor Coach Tuscany

Ever dreamed of a cozy movie night while parked under the stars?

The Thor Motor Coach Tuscany could make that dream a reality.

Imagine this: you're surrounded by nature, and with the press of a button, a full-wall retractable screen descends, blending the comfort of your RV with the great outdoors.

Why Tuscany?

This Class A RV doesn't just promise luxury; it delivers.

Slip into something comfortable, because the Tuscany is designed to support a lavish indoor/outdoor cinema set-up thanks to its spacious interior.

  • Spacious Interior: Plenty of room for you and your guests.
  • Full-Wall Retractable Screen: A seamless transition for your viewing pleasure.
  • Customizable: Make it truly yours.

Have you got the numbers in mind when choosing your RV?

The Tuscany by Thor Motor Coach has an MSRP starting around $464,850.

It's a hefty investment, sure, but isn’t an unparalleled viewing experience priceless?

  • MSRP: Starting around $464,850
  • Type: Class A
  • Slideouts: Two for extra space, with power retractable feature.

What’s not to love about the promise of travel without a compromise?

Whether you’re finding serenity by a still lake or setting up camp in a forest clearing, your Tuscany is there to ensure every detail from doors (just one, since who needs more?) to tank capacities (yes, even the waste holding tanks) is thought of.

  • Doors: A single, sturdy entry.
  • Water Capacity: Fresh, grey, and black tanks suited for extended adventures.

So you've got the picture, right?

A luxe mobile cinema that's all about those personalized touches.

Pull up a chair—or better yet, sink into a plush seat in your Tuscany—and let the show begin.

Who's bringing the popcorn?

Grand Design Momentum

Ever dreamed of enjoying your favorite films beneath the stars?

The Grand Design Momentum series is a game-changer for those who love blending outdoor adventure with the cozies of indoor entertainment.

Imagine a toy hauler that doesn't just carry your adventure gear but also transforms into an exclusive cinema experience.

You're in luck!

Key Features:

  • Versatile Garage Space: Your ATVs and bikes ride snugly in the back, thanks to the non-slip flooring and tie-down anchors.
  • Convertible Patio: The rear ramp doubles as a patio, creating the perfect spot for your very own cinema space.
  • Full-Wall Retractable Screen: When the sun sets, pull down the screen, grab some popcorn, and kick back for an evening flick.

So, how does it hold up in different seasons?

The answer is shockingly well!

The Momentum G-Class comes energy-packed with an Insulation Package.

To keep you cosy, it boasts:

  • Heated and enclosed underbelly with suspended tanks
  • High-capacity furnace
  • Moisture barrier floor enclosure
  • Cabinet-mounted heat ducts

These rugged beauties are built for the long haul and the short laughs of an impromptu movie night.

Think about it: one moment, you're revving up dirt bikes, and the next, you're settled in for a night of starry skies and cinematic thrills.

It's the ultimate multitasker—much like you, right?

Need to step inside?

Grand Design delivers comfort with refinements like a full and half bath and a separate garage space, not to mention the option of a fold-down side patio for an extra touch of luxury.

It's the little things that make the great outdoors feel like home.

Why settle for a typical camper when you can elevate your road trips to blockbuster levels with the Grand Design Momentum?

Keystone Montana

Have you ever imagined transforming your camper into an awe-inspiring cinema?

Well, the Keystone Montana makes this dream a reality with its full-wall retractable screen.

Picture this: You're nestled in the great outdoors, and with just a gentle pull, your living space converts into a movie lover's paradise.

Isn't that the kind of magic you want during your getaways?

Besides this fantastic feature, let's dig a bit deeper into what makes the Keystone Montana a showstopper.

The SolarFlex 200 solar energy system it comes equipped with means you can enjoy your flicks powered by the sun.

How's that for eco-friendly?

Plus, you're not stuck with a one-size-fits-all situation – this energy system is customizable to fit your specific camping needs.

  • Chassis: Keystone's unique 12" I-beam with z-frame technology.
  • Luxury on Wheels: Think king-size beds, HDTVs, and ample space to lounge.
  • Bathroom Highlights: A spacious 48" x 30" fiberglass shower promises the comforts of home.

But wait, there's more!

Storage, we all need it, and Montana has plenty.

Stow away your goodies with ease, be it under the bed or in the large kitchen pantry.

And let's not forget about that nifty outdoor shower for sandy feet or muddy paws – a small touch that makes a big difference.

Considering a Keystone Montana as your next camper buddy?

Just imagine kicking back under the stars, your favorite movie playing, and nature's choir providing the surround sound.

Pure bliss!

Jayco North Point

Have you ever imagined watching your favorite movies under the stars, from the comfort of your camper?

With the Jayco North Point, this dream can become your reality.

Picture this: a full-wall retractable screen that transforms your living space into an indoor/outdoor cinema.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Key Features:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Cinema: The retractable screen is perfect for movie nights with family and friends.
  • 5-Star Handling Package: Ensures a smooth ride to your next adventure destination.
  • Luxury Interiors: Customize your Jayco North Point with plush fixtures.

This fifth wheel isn't just about fun and entertainment; it's also about comfort and convenience.

With configurations that are smart and thoughtful, this isn't your average camping experience.

Curious about what makes it special?

  • Goodyear® Tires: Reliable and durable for those long trips.
  • Dexter® Axles: They provide stability and peace of mind.
  • Smart Configurations: Designed to maximize space and comfort.

You'll appreciate the craftsmanship and the Jayco-exclusive features.

Have you ever struggled with storage in a camper?

The North Point line addresses this with full-timer kitchen storage, ensuring you can take all your favorite snacks and essentials.

Thinking of the practicalities?

Each RV comes with a weight label from Jayco, giving you all the necessary weight information you need.

The 2019 models even came brimming with new design elements and upgraded fixtures to enhance your travel gear and overall comfort.

So, if you're eager for unparalleled travel experiences with a touch of luxury, the Jayco North Point might just be your ticket to bliss.

Can you already picture your next outdoor movie night?

Heartland Cyclone

Have you ever imagined turning your camper into a personal cinema under the stars?

The Heartland Cyclone toy hauler makes it a breezy reality with its full-wall retractable screen.

Perfect for movie nights, this screen transforms the rear ramp door into a spacious patio.

Imagine this: you park your RV, flip down the ramp, and there it is—a cozy outdoor space, fresh air, and your favorite flick on the screen.

Isn't that a scene straight out of a vacation dream?

The Cyclone offers various models and sizes, like the 2007 Heartland Cyclone M-3795, boasting a length of 38 feet, or the heftier 2010 Cyclone 3950 stretching to 42 feet.

With room to sleep up to 9 people, it's not just a movie night hub—it's a full-on family retreat on wheels.

Details to get excited about:

  • 2 slideouts for extra space in the 2007 model
  • A 12 ft. garage in the 2010 model—storage or an impromptu theater, perhaps?
  • Generators on board ensure your show goes on, no matter where you are

Not to mention, newer models tout dual refrigerators and, yes, multiple bathrooms—an absolute luxury on the road.

So, have you considered turning your camping game up a notch?

With the Heartland Cyclone, your indoor/outdoor cinematic experience is just a screen away.

Happy camping, and even happier viewing!

Coachmen Freedom Express

Ever dreamed of movie nights under the stars while you're out camping?

Well, the Coachmen Freedom Express toy hauler series turns that dream into your next camping reality.

They've cleverly fitted full-wall retractable screens into some of their models.

So, what does that mean for your next adventure?

Imagine this: after a day of riding trails or chilling by the lake, you roll up to your Freedom Express, pull down that full-wall screen, and boom—you've got your very own outdoor cinema.

Could it get any more perfect?

Let's dig into the sweet specs that make this possible.

  • Cargo Height: High ceilings at 7'6" means more room for you and your toys; yes, even a Fat Boy motorcycle fits!
  • EZ-Lube Axles: They promise a smooth ride to whichever scenic spot you've picked out.
  • Heated Enclosed Underbelly: This feature isn't just fancy talk. It means you get four seasons of travel, staying snug when the weather’s tough.
  • Fresh Air: Thanks to the zippered roll-up screen wall, that airy feeling never has to stop.

Now, you might be thinking, "That's cool, but will my gear fit?" Fear not!

With 10-foot garages and ramp doors, you’ve got plenty of space.

Need to freshen up after a full day out?

There's even an onboard tub/shower combo.

So, rev up your engines, pack up your favorite flicks, and prep for some epic relaxation, because with a Coachmen Freedom Express, you're in for a comfortable, convenient, and cool-as-heck camping trip.

Just you, the great outdoors, and a bit of Hollywood magic—what more could you ask for?

Dutchmen Voltage

Ever imagined a movie night under the stars, where the breeze lightly brushes against your skin and the night sky is your ceiling?

Dutchmen Voltage might just turn that fantasy into reality for you.

This toy hauler’s rear ramp door transforms into a patio complete with a sleek, retractable screen.

It's like having your very own outdoor cinema!

Key Features:

  • Retractable Screen: Pull down the screen, grab some popcorn, and you’ve got a cozy indoor/outdoor theater.
  • Patio Space: The ramp-to-patio conversion means more room for friends and family to gather.
  • Interior Luxuries: Inside, you'll find all the comforts of home—transforming on-the-road living into a lavish experience.

Entertainment on the Go: Who says you can't have a king-sized bed and a movie marathon in the wilderness?

Dutchmen Voltage ensures you sleep like royalty and entertain with flair.

Picture this: a 50" LCD HDTV where you can watch your favorite films after a day of adventure.

Why Dutchmen Voltage?

  • Spacious: It's roomy enough for a large group.
  • Comforts: A homey living area awaits inside for quieter evenings.
  • Utility: Sturdy and reliable, ready for all your hauling needs.

Are you seeing yourself setting up for a breezy evening, with your loved ones settled around, and a movie queue ready to roll?

Then, Dutchmen Voltage could very well be your next ticket to creating those memorable moments.

No exaggerated claims here, just the promise of comfort, convenience, and a bit of movie magic in the great outdoors.