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Key Takeaways

  • Customizable campers let you hit the road in style.
  • Color and pattern choices are abundant in today's camper market.
  • Trusted insights guide your custom exterior choices.

Ever thought about hitting the road with a camper that matches your style?

Customizable campers are the trend on the rise you don't want to miss.

With the ever-growing desire for personalization, the RV industry has not been left behind, sparking an exciting era of design-your-own camper exteriors.

You want a camper that stands out, right?

Let's dive into the world of customizable campers where you can choose your color and pattern.

RV manufacturers are increasingly offering customization options to cater to your aesthetic tastes, whether it's a sleek, modern look or a retro vibe you're after.

Our extensive experience in the dynamic RV industry ensures you're getting both reliable and up-to-date information.

From the timeless designs of Airstream Basecamp to the innovative features of the Venture RV Sonic X, we guide you through a selection of campers that offer a blank canvas for your road home.

So, pack your gear and get ready to express your unique style out on the open road.



Airstream Basecamp

Have you ever dreamed of owning a camper that's as unique as your own sense of adventure?

Well, with the Airstream Basecamp, that dream can become a reality.

One of the coolest options Airstream offers through their Airstream Supply Company is the ability to customize the exterior of your Basecamp.

Exterior Customizations:

  • Decals: Choose from a range of designs to reflect your personal style.
  • Colors: Pick the hue that best suits you, adding a splash of color to your adventures.

Built for Adventure: The Basecamp is an adventurer's delight, crafted for both durability and sleekness.

Its aerodynamic design is not only eye-catching but also helps with fuel efficiency—a big plus for long hauls.

Towing Made Simple:

  • Weight: A manageable gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) adds to the appeal for those with lighter tow vehicles. The Basecamp 16 has a GVWR of 3,500 lbs, while the Basecamp 20's GVWR is at 4,300 lbs.
  • Tow Vehicle Options: Its lighter weight broadens your choices of tow vehicles. You might even hitch it to your current ride!

Features That Impress: Inside this compact powerhouse, you'll find high-end features:

  • On-board restroom
  • Convertible living space to a bed
  • Space for all your camping, biking, or kayaking gear.

So, if you're in the market for a travel trailer that can mirror your personality and stand up to your thirst for exploration, the Airstream Basecamp could be your perfect partner.

Customize that exterior, hook it up, and hit the road—your adventure awaits!

Oliver Travel Trailers

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with a camper that's as unique as you are?

Oliver Travel Trailers offers you just that opportunity!

These campers are not just about mobile accommodation; they are about expressing yourself.

Did you know that with Oliver, you can choose both the colors and graphics for the exterior of your trailer?

That's right, your Oliver can be as vibrant or as subtle as you want.

Particularly with their Legacy Elite and Legacy Elite II models, personalizing your camper extends beyond the interior.

To give you an idea of what you're working with, let's talk numbers and details:

  • Legacy Elite – Sporting a single axle and stretching 18 feet 5 inches in length, this model keeps things light with a dry weight of 3,700 pounds.
  • Legacy Elite II – If you need something bigger, this double-axle trailer, measuring 23 feet 6 inches, has got your back— err, wheels! Even with its larger size and 4,900 pounds dry weight, your style will be unmistakable.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can personalize:

  • Awning Color: Feeling blue? Or is it a fiery red kind of day?
  • Exterior Graphics Color: Match your style or stand out from the pack.
  • Upholstery: Because even the seats should say 'you'.
  • Flooring Options: Step in and feel at home, wherever you roam.

Imagine pulling up to a campsite in an Oliver that echoes your personality.

Whether you're there for the weekend warrior vibes or a full-time road-dwelling life, Oliver Travel Trailers are committed to ensuring your home on wheels isn't just quality and comfort, but also a statement.

So, what's stopping you from picking the camper that says, "This is me!"?

Scamp Trailers

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with a camper that truly feels like yours, from the inside out?

Well, let's turn that dream into a plan with a closer look at Scamp Trailers.

These compact travel companions are not just lightweight and easy to tow; they're also a canvas for your personal style.

Choose Your Color Scamp offers a variety of exterior color options.

Picture your Scamp in a color that matches your car, or maybe one that stands out in the forest or at a campsite.

You're not just picking a camper; you're designing your getaway vehicle!

Custom Decals, Anyone?

Beyond the color, have you thought about decals?

Whether you want something sleek and modern or a pattern that gets you smiling every time, Scamp can accommodate your tastes.

Sizes and Weights:

  • 13-foot Scamp: Ideal for couples or solo adventurers. With a weight between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds.
  • 16-foot Scamp: A sweet spot for added space. Expect the weight to range from 1,750 to 2,600 pounds.
  • 19-foot Scamp: The go-to for more room. This fifth wheel option weighs between 2,000 to 2,900 lbs.

When considering the weight, remember that your towing vehicle should be capable of hauling at least 3,000 lbs to ensure a safe and stress-free adventure.

Pricing That Makes Sense Starting at $19,921 for the 13' Standard Trailer, you're getting affordability and quality.

Meanwhile, the Deluxe Trailer bumps up the comfort with additional features, starting at $24,062.

So, have you started picturing your perfect Scamp yet?

Imagine pulling up to a lakeside spot, your camper making a statement before you even step out.

That's the joy of a Scamp Trailer—it's more than a camper; it's a piece of you on the road.

Casita Travel Trailers

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the open road with a camper that truly feels like yours, inside and out?

Casita Travel Trailers understand that dream and offer a range of customization options for their sturdy fiberglass exteriors.

Picture your Casita camper, but with graphics and detailing that match your personal style.

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all look?

Casita’s options include:

  • Exterior Graphics: Choose from a variety of patterns.
  • Custom Colors: Select the shades that speak to you.

Their compact, aerodynamic design is not only visually appealing but also contributes to fuel efficiency during your travels.

Casita's campers come in several models, each with different layout and space options.

For instance:

  • The Casita Liberty model offers the flexibility to convert dining areas into sleeping arrangements such as a king-size bed.

Moreover, the brand's emphasis on a durable build means you're investing in a camper that lasts.

Key features you’re sure to appreciate include:

  • Lightweight fiberglass construction.
  • A range of interior configurations.

Before you set off on your next adventure, remember that Casita also prides itself on being a community-driven brand.

When you choose Casita, you're not just buying a camper; you're joining a club of enthusiastic travelers.

So, have you thought about what your Casita would look like?

With customizable exteriors, you can ensure that your camper is not just a mode of travel, but a reflection of your taste and lifestyle.

Happy trails and happy tailoring your Casita to be as unique as your journey!

Happier Camper

Ever dreamed of hitting the road with a camper that's as unique as your sense of adventure?

Happier Camper might just be your ticket to a fully personalized getaway experience.

Imagine tinkering with colors and patterns until you find that perfect combination that screams "you"!

With the Happier Camper, you're not just selecting a standard travel trailer; you're stepping into a world of customization.

Courtesy of their innovative Adaptiv™ system, you get to inject your personality not only inside but on the exterior too.

Whether you aim for a pop of color or a sleek, understated hue, your camper becomes your canvas with options galore.

  1. Choose Your Exterior:
  1. Variety of colors
  2. Customizable patterns

Can you see yourself weaving through the countryside, your Happier Camper decked out in eye-catching colors, turning heads and sparking conversations?

Or perhaps you prefer a more classic look that pays homage to a timeless era of travel.

Now, let's talk about creating a space that's truly yours.

Inside, the Adaptiv™ system offers a dynamic approach to layout.

Outside, it's all about expressing yourself with the paintbrush of exterior customization.

  • Style it playful; style it bold.
  • Style it cool; let your story be told.

Your Happier Camper doesn't just need to be functional – it can be a reflection of your taste and style.

So, go on, choose a palette that defines your travel mood.

After all, your adventure, your Happier Camper rules!

nuCamp RV Teardrop Campers

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with a camper that's as unique as you are? nuCamp RV specializes in teardrop campers that cater to just that dream.

Their iconic [email protected] Teardrop Campers aren't just about the cute and compact shape; they're about taking customization to a new level.

Choose Your Style:

  • Exterior Colors: Fancy a splash of color? Pick one that matches your style.
  • Boondock Package: Opt for the rugged look with special exterior graphics and trim options.
  • Interiors: From fabrics to finishes, personalize your space to your liking.

Lightweight and easy to tow, these teardrop campers promise convenience without skimping on comfort.

NuCamp’s [email protected] 320 S model, for instance, features a U-shaped dinette that transforms into a cozy bed at night.

It's like transforming your dining room into a bedroom – how nifty is that?

Did You Know?

  • NuCamp is nestled in the heart of Ohio's Amish country, home of skilled craftsmanship.
  • They are the world's largest teardrop manufacturer, which speaks volumes about their experience and expertise.

Specifications to Note:

  • Weight: Models like the Cirrus 620 are designed for half-ton owners, weighing under 1,500 lbs.
  • Sleeping Space: Each model boasts a snug sleeping area, ensuring you drift off in comfort after a day of adventure.

Ready to stand out at the campground?

Individuality is just a paint job away with nuCamp's customizable teardrop campers.

Whether you're a solo adventurer or a couple with a penchant for road trips, these campers are your ticket to a personalized travel experience.

Remember, the journey is as important as the destination, and who says you can't do it in style?

Little Guy Trailers

Ever imagined hitting the road with a trailer that looks just like you want it to?

Little Guy Trailers lets you do just that!

With Little Guy Max and Mini Max models, you're not limited to standard looks – these campers come ready for customization.

Customize Your Camper:

  • Exterior Trim: Choose the perfect trim color to match your style.
  • Graphics Packages: Stand out with an array of graphic designs.

Key Features:

  • Interior Height: A roomy 6'7" makes for a comfortable space for most enthusiasts.
  • Smart storage solutions like large pass-through compartments.
  • Add-ons such as a 2" rear receiver perfect for bike racks.

Little Guy Max:

  • Spacious with a large front stargazer window.
  • Equipped with modern amenities for the road.

Little Guy Mini Max:

  • Compact yet full of features.
  • Can be easily towed by small SUVs.

Remember Your Adventure Equipment:

  • Storage: Ample space to pack all your gear.
  • Cooking: Rear galley set-ups for outdoor culinary experiences.

So, why blend in when you can stand out?

With Little Guy Trailers, your road trip will be as unique as you are.

Picture yourself beneath the stargazer window, counting the stars, feeling that nature connection, all in comfort reflective of your own taste!



I bet!

Get on the road with confidence and style with a Little Guy Trailer tailored just for you.

Your adventure, your rules.

Escape Trailer

Hey there, you vibrant soul!

Looking for a camper that mirrors your style?

Escape Trailer has got you sorted with their customizable exteriors.

Who said homes on wheels need to be drab?

First off, these campers are like chameleons; they change to match your flair.

Here's the scoop on how you can make your Escape truly yours:

  • Color Your World: Choose a shell color that speaks to you. Bold red? Soothing blue? They've got a spectrum waiting for you.
  • Decal Designs: Add your personal touch with unique decal styles. Want to make heads turn? Here's where you start!

And it's not just about looks:

  • Quality: These trailers boast durable fiberglass construction.
  • Comfort: Inside, it's all about what feels like home to you – from fabrics to flooring.

But hey, customization goes beyond skin deep:

  • Options Galore: Thousands of upgrades mean if you can dream it, Escape can probably do it.
  • Personal Service: Their team doesn't work on commission, so their advice is all about what works for you, not their pockets.

Customizing your Escape Trailer isn't just about aesthetics; it's about crafting a space that's as unique as you are.

Pick colors and patterns that bring joy into your journeys and wave 'hello' to your beautiful home-away-from-home that truly reflects your spirit.

Let's get rolling!

Venture RV Sonic X

Have you ever wanted a travel trailer that's truly your own?

With Venture RV's Sonic X, customization goes beyond the interior, offering you a chance to express yourself on the outside too.

Imagine rolling into the campsite with your Sonic X, flaunting a Carbon Fiber exterior package that’s as unique as your camping style.

Interested in the specifics?

Here's the scoop on what makes the Sonic X stand out:

  • Unique Exteriors: With the Carbon Fiber exterior package, you're getting more than just a travel trailer; you're getting a statement piece. Choose the color and pattern that reflects your personality.
  • Off-Road Ready: Equipped with the innovative NXG Chassis and an independent suspension system, your adventures can go beyond the beaten path.
  • Eco-Friendly Power: Fancy a bit of boondocking? With 400 watts of solar power and 250 amp-hours of lithium batteries, you're set for off-grid adventures.
  • Tech-Savvy Features: And because you love your gadgets, this travel trailer comes with modern amenities, ensuring you stay connected, even amidst nature.
Feature Sonic X Specs
Exterior Package Carbon Fiber with customizable options
Chassis NXG with independent suspension
Solar Power 400 watts
Battery Capacity 250 amp-hours (lithium)
Off-road Capability Enhanced ground clearance

Isn't it cool to think you could be lounging in a camper that's not just a means to an end but a reflection of you?

Venture RV's Sonic X is designed for the camper who doesn’t just want to travel but wants to travel in a style that's authentically theirs.

Forest River R-Pod

Have you ever imagined hitting the road with a camper that truly feels like it's yours, right down to the custom exterior?

Well, let's talk about the Forest River R-Pod.

It's compact, convenient, and oh-so-customizable!

Why Choose the R-Pod?

  • Customizable Exterior: You're not just picking a camper; you're choosing a travel buddy. With the Hood River Edition, you get to pick from distinctive graphics and color schemes that set you apart from the crowd.
  • Size and Comfort: It's like a cozy little house on wheels, but easier to park!
  • Built to Last: Sturdy construction with all the right materials is standard.
  • Eco-Friendly: Not too big, not too small – it's just right for your adventures and the environment.

Features at a Glance:

Feature Description
Aluminum Framing Provides sturdy construction
Plywood Subfloor Ensures a solid foundation
Unique Options Hood River Edition exclusives

Remember, it's about creating unforgettable experiences.

With the R-Pod, you're not just picking a home-on-the-go, you're making a statement everywhere you park.

Choose the one that reflects your personality and start planning that dream road trip!