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Key Takeaways

  • Selected campers offer robust insulation and all-season features.
  • Options include luxury, off-grid, and compact models.
  • Each camper provides unique amenities to enhance winter sports experiences.

Winter is your playground and the slopes are calling—but how will you stay cozy at base camp?

Imagine fresh snowfall, the perfect run, and knowing your home-away-from-home awaits, warm and welcoming, no matter the chill.

Winter sports enthusiasts need a base that matches their passion for the great outdoors, and selecting the right camper is crucial to make the most out of your snowy adventures.

You don’t want just any camper; you need one tough enough to tackle freezing temperatures while keeping you snug after a long day.

Our guide is chock-full of insights that not only pinpoints the crème de la crème of insulated RVs but also ensures you make an informed decision.

Trust us, we’ve done the homework so you can focus on that powder!



Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailer

Hey there, winter warrior!

Are you on the hunt for a travel trailer that can handle the chill while you chase the thrill?

Lance Campers should definitely be on your radar.

They offer a variety of models decked out with a Four Seasons Comfort Technology Package.

Isn't it nice when your home on wheels is as ready for adventure as you are?

Here’s the cool part: Lance's special four-seasons package isn't just a fancy name.

It's designed with features like heated and insulated holding tanks to prevent freezing, meaning when you're off shredding powder, your camper stays cozy and functional.

No more worrying about your water turning into ice!

  • Insulation: Top-notch for keeping warmth in.
  • Windows: Dual-pane acrylic with a built-in screen and blackout shade.
  • Airflow: Wide adjustments for max breathability or a snug bunker.
Feature Benefit
Heated Tanks No freezing, even if Jack Frost is in town
Insulation Warmth stays in, cold stays out
Dual-Pane Windows Visibility and control over internal climate

Lance’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has seen them repeatedly snag the DSI award—that's Dealer Satisfaction Index, in case you were wondering.

Lance travel trailers are built tough but with your comfort in mind, perfect for when you're out facing the elements, but still want to return to a snug haven.

Before you hit the slopes again, imagine yourself cozied up in a trailer that understands your passion for winter sports.

Your gear is safe, your space is warm, and your next snowy adventure is just a dream away.

Ready to bring a bit more 'chill' into your chill-out time?

Lance has got you covered, literally!

Arctic Fox Camper

Are you ready for winter fun but worried about staying warm?

Let's talk about the Arctic Fox Camper—a reliable companion built specifically with cold weather in mind, ensuring that nothing will freeze you out of an adventure.

These campers come fortified with a fully welded, thick-wall aluminum frame construction, paired with multi-layered substrate walls.

What does that mean for you?

It means you're wrapped up in a warm hug of durability and insulation, even as the snow piles up outside.

Crafted by Northwood, the Arctic Fox is available in several floor plans, such as the 811, 990, 992, 996, 1140, and top the range 1150.

Each model brings unique features to the table, but they all share a common trait—they're tough as nails.

Here's a quick breakdown of one popular model:

  • Model: Arctic Fox 1150
  • Dry Weight: Approx. 3,235 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: Comfortably fits 4 snoozers
  • Interior Height: A spacious 6'7"
  • Special Feature: Comes with a full-wall slide-out room

And guess what?

You don't need to leave comfort at the doorstep.

The Arctic Fox Camper series includes amenities that make the chilly outdoors a retreat rather than a challenge.

Think heated beds, thermal pane windows, and efficient built-in heating systems.

So, gear up, grab your skis, and don't fret about the frost.

Your Arctic Fox Camper is designed to be your cozy shield against the winter elements, all while offering you the freedom to roam in comfort.

Isn't it time you embraced the chill?

Outdoors RV Mountain Series

Hey there, winter sports aficionado!

Are you dreaming of a camper that can keep pace with your love for the slopes and snowy trails?

Let's talk about the Outdoors RV Mountain Series.

What's Cooking?

First things first, these travel trailers are beasts in the best way.

They're built to hang with your winter escapades, thanks to a fully enclosed heated and insulated underbelly.

You can count on staying cozy, even when the snow's piling up outside.

Chill Factor Features:

  • Mountain extreme thermal pane windows: Designed to maintain interior warmth and prevent those icy drafts.
  • Triple-layered roof insulation: Because nobody likes a cold head when they're catching some Z's after a day in the powder.

Built Tough: The Mountain Series doesn't just talk the talk with insulation.

Are you ready to hitch up and head for the peaks at a moment's notice?

With the heavy-duty off-road chassis, you can take on rugged terrain to find that perfect, untouched snow.

Curious about the storage for your gear?

Fear not!

We're looking at 1″-thick thermal insulated luggage doors; go ahead and pack that extra pair of skis.

Whether you're a slalom champ or a snowboarder that loves to shred, the Outdoors RV Mountain Series has your back for all those winter adventures.

Now, imagine waking up in your cozy RV, with the mountain awaiting right outside your door—are you ready to make that dream a reality?

Jayco Eagle HTX 4-Season RV

Hey there, winter sports enthusiasts!

Let's chat about the Jayco Eagle HTX, a haven for those who love the brisk chill of winter adventures.

If the mountains are calling and your heart is set on fresh powder, you’ll want an RV that stands up to the frosty challenge, right?

Meet the Jayco Eagle HTX, crafted with an impressive Polar Package.

It's like a cozy den for you and your gear, ensuring that no amount of snow outside will dampen your warm spirits inside.

  1. What’s in the Polar Package?
  1. Extra insulation for those nippy nights.
  2. A heated underbelly to keep systems running smoothly.

Now, let’s talk specs.

For those of you who keep track:

  1. Starting Price: $110,775 — Your gateway to a frosty wonderland.
  2. Size Range: 36' 0" - 43' 10" — Roomy enough for all your snowy toys.
  3. Weight Range: 12,885 - 15,835 lbs. – Heavy enough to stay put, light enough for the road.
  4. Sleeps: Up to 10 – Bring friends or make it a full family expedition!
  5. Tanks Capacity:
  1. Fresh Water: 42.0 gal
  2. Gray Water: 32.5 gal
  3. Black Water: Capacity varies

Why let the cold keep you down?

With the Jayco Eagle HTX, you’ve got an ally against the chill.

Cozy up after a long day on the slopes and be ready to do it all over again the next day.

Now, go on and chase that horizon – snow or shine!

Bigfoot RV

Have you ever fancied a winter retreat that’s both cozy and adventurous?

Bigfoot RV might just be the ticket to your perfect snowy escape.

With their sturdy two-piece fiberglass construction and snuggly high-density insulation, these campers are ready to join you on your chilly exploits.

When temperatures drop, it’s crucial to have a safe haven that keeps the frostbite at bay.

Here’s what you’ll love about Bigfoot RVs:

  • Insulation: R8 1-1/2" high-density EPS insulation works like a charm to keep you warm.
  • Four-Season Comfort: Equipped with a 30,000BTU furnace, these RVs say no to the cold.
  • Electric Jacks: Setting up camp is a breeze with standard electric jacks.
  • Travel Trailers and Truck Campers: Whether you go for a full travel trailer or a nifty truck camper, Bigfoot’s got you covered.

Bigfoot RVs come in diverse models, suitable for shortbox and longbox trucks alike.

Take, for instance, the 2500 series: it’s got models like the 9.4, 10.4, and the 10.6E designed with your winter needs in mind.

Model Length Features
9.4 Shortbox Compatible Cozy and Compact
10.4 Longbox Friendly Roomier, with Extra Features
10.6E Extended Living Space For Those Extra Luxuries

So, if you’re into lounging at an RV resort or bravely exploring the road less traveled, you’ll find a loyal companion in a Bigfoot RV.

Remember, quality isn’t a bonus; it’s a standard with Bigfoot.

Are you ready for your next winter adventure?

Your Bigfoot RV is waiting.

Adria Alpina

Do you yearn for the thrill of winter sports but dread the chilly nights in a standard camper?

Meet the Adria Alpina—the caravan for all you winter sports aficionados who don't want to compromise on warmth and comfort.

Why Alpina?

  • Designed for cold climates: Yes, you read that right. The Adria Alpina comes with the toasty Alde heating system, so whether you're off the slopes in the Alps or chilling in the Rockies, this caravan's temperatures stay just where you want them.
  • Advanced Insulation: Its advanced insulation and air-flow management ensure that you stay warm without that cooped-up feeling. That’s one smart cookie of a caravan!

Features to Love:

  • Atrium-Style Living: Imagine unwinding with a view, thanks to the extra-large panoramic window. It's like living in your personal snow globe!
  • Home-Style Feeling: With its elegant mix of contemporary and classic design, stepping into an Alpina feels like coming home.
Specification Detail
Atrium-Style Panoramic Window Extra-large for scenic views
Heating Alde system, plus underfloor heating
Insulation Advanced, with managed air-flow
Sound System Bluetooth® amplifier for your tunes
Climate Performance Tested for colder climates

So, are you ready to embrace the frost with the warmth and elegance of the Adria Alpina?

Get ready to make those snowy escapes truly unforgettable!

Winnebago Revel

Hey there, winter sports enthusiast!

Have you heard about the Winnebago Revel?

It's like the Swiss Army knife of camper vans, perfectly adapted to whisk you away on your snowy escapades.

Let me paint a picture for you: it's built on a 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, which means it’s got the muscle to tackle those snowy paths.

The Revel's heart is a turbo diesel engine cranking out 332 lb-ft of torque.

Now, imagine you're cruising with all that power, and yes, it’s got an on-demand AWD system for that extra grip when things get slippery.

Here's what gets me excited:

  • Insulation: The Revel doesn't just shrug off the cold; it laughs in the face of it. The walls are wrapped up like a warm hug, keeping you cozy inside.
  • Heating: With an Espar hydronic heating system, your toes will be toasty even when it's snowing sideways outside.
  • Winter-ready Tanks: The gray-water tank is insulated and heated to prevent freezing, and the freshwater tank hangs out inside the cabin staying snug.
  • Tires for the Terrain: Stock tires are solid, but you can opt for the performance upgrade with those rugged BF Goodrich T/A KO2 tires.

And because your gear is as important as your comfort:

Gear Storage Characteristics
Cargo Area Spacious enough to hold your skis, boards, boots, and then some.

Remember, when you're done playing in the snow, there's a warm, hardy van waiting to embrace you.

The Winnebago Revel isn't just about getting to the mountains; it’s about making every step of your journey as thrilling as the destination.

So, gear up and let the Revel be your winter companion!

Airstream Basecamp

Are you a winter sports fanatic looking for the ultimate mobile basecamp?

Let's chat about the Airstream Basecamp, your cozy companion on chilly adventures.

Sturdy, compact, and purpose-built, the Basecamp braves the elements alongside you, making sure you've got a warm spot after shredding the slopes.

Key Features:

  • Weight: Travel light but don't compromise on comfort—the Basecamp 16's GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is 3,500lbs, while the Basecamp 20's GVWR is a bit more at 4,300 GVWR.
  • Size Matters: The Basecamp 16 is a compact 16 feet, 3 inches long, whereas the Basecamp 20 stretches out at 20 feet.
  • Sleep Tight: After a long day, crash comfortably in the Basecamp 16, designed to sleep two, or opt for the Basecamp 20 if you need a little more wiggle room.

Fancy staying toasty?

The Basecamp's optional X-Package isn't just a pretty face; it's got the brawn for backcountry travels, offering higher clearance to dodge those sneaky snowbanks and thermal barriers to keep the heat where you want it—inside your trailer!

Temperature Control:

  • Too hot? Too cold? No worries! An adjustable heating system finds your sweet spot.
  • Electric Heater: When you're plugged in, an electric heater can supplement the warmth.

Ready to hit the road without leaving a sliver of comfort behind?

Your Airstream Basecamp might just be the travel companion you've been dreaming of—where will your wanderlust take you next?

Sportsmobile 4x4 Vans

Ever dreamed of conquering snow-covered landscapes in a home-on-wheels?

Meet the Sportsmobile 4x4 Vans, your ticket to winter wonderland adventure.

Custom-built for toughness, they offer 4WD capability to chomp through the snow, paired with snug insulation and robust heaters.

Whether you chase ski slopes or frozen lakes, here's why these vans might be your perfect match:

  • Four-Wheel Drive: With 4WD, you’re equipped to handle tricky terrain confidently.
  • Built Strong: Only top-notch heavy-duty components are chosen for durability.
  • Comfort Meets Rugged: Despite their brawn, these vans provide impressive on-road comfort.

Curious about what goes into a Sportsmobile 4x4?

These vans are no ordinary beasts:

Feature Description
Transfer Case Advance Adapter Atlas II, all gear-driven for reliable power distribution.
Front Axle Dynatrac Pro-Roc 60 Front Axle, for added clearance and sturdy support.
Articulation Up to 26" of articulation when the sway bar is disconnected, perfect for smoothing out bumpy rides.

Not only do these vans flex muscles off-road, but they also turn tightly and brake better than you’d expect from such heavy-duty machinery.

Transition seamlessly from rear to front to 4WD – the choice is yours.

Imagine the freedom.

You’re exploring frosty forests or watching the aurora dance without a shiver, all with the comforts of home close at hand.

Sportsmobile 4x4 Vans cater to you, winter sports enthusiast, with a promise of adventure and reliability.

Ready to experience the thrill?

Four Wheel Campers Hawk

Looking for a camper that keeps you cozy while you pursue your winter sports passions?

Meet the Four Wheel Campers Hawk, a pop-up camper designed to snugly fit on full-size trucks with beds that measure between 6' to 6'5".

It's like your trusted ski lodge on wheels, ready to hit the snowy roads with you.

Key Features:

  • Floor Length: 80 inches
  • Overall Length: 128 inches
  • Aluminum Frame: Lightweight and durable
  • Insulated Walls: To keep the warmth in

The Hawk's thoughtful design means it is not only versatile for different truck sizes, but it's also equipped for the chilling thrills.

Wondering about the chilly nights?

The Hawk has you covered with insulation that stands up to below-freezing temperatures.

Imagine waking up warm after a night of sub-zero temps outside—now that's winter camping done right!

Have you ever shivered through a winter night in a regular camper?

With the Hawk, those days are gone.

This camper doesn't just promise a warm shelter; it's crafted to rise above the ordinary demands of winter camping, ensuring you remain toasty no matter where you park.

The thermal pack and optional furnace upgrade make it a fortress against the cold.

Installation and Compatibility:

  • Truck Bed Fit: Ideal for 6' to 6'5" beds
  • Truck Size: Fits mid-sized to large trucks
  • Setup: Designed for easy pop-up set up

Love the sound of a winter-ready camper that's crafted for the adventurer in you?

The Four Wheel Campers Hawk just might be the perfect companion for your next cold-weather escapade.

Hit the slopes and then retreat to your personal, portable winter haven!