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Key Takeaways

  • Hidden features in camper vans offer innovative solutions for space and amenities.
  • These specialized vehicles provide comfort and utility in compact, versatile designs.
  • Expert insights guide the selection of the top camper vans with unique hidden rooms.

Ever imagined uncovering a secret chamber?

In the world of camper vans, that fantasy becomes a reality!

Camper vans with hidden rooms and features aren't just about clever utilization of space—they're a nod to the ingenuity and innovation that makes the nomadic lifestyle not just possible, but truly enjoyable.

Whether it's a neatly tucked away office space for remote workers or a hidden pantry to maximize your provisions, these movable abodes offer surprises that go beyond the typical bed and kitchen setup.

The magic of these homes-on-wheels lies in their surprising amenities and concealed compartments that elevate living in a compact space.

Knowing you're equipped for adventure without sacrificing comfort or functionality gives you peace of mind.

That's why we've scoured the market, drawing from insider knowledge and the latest trends to bring you a trustworthy guide through the top 10 camper vans boasting the coolest hidden rooms and secret features.

Each recommendation is handpicked to ensure quality and satisfaction for your intrepid explorations.



Winnebago Revel

Have you heard about the Winnebago Revel?

It's a Class B camper van built to cater to your adventurous side, and let me tell you, it's packed with surprises.

Imagine lifting your bed and revealing a space that's perfect for all your gear or even a secret hangout spot.

Here's the scoop:

  • Power Lift Bed: At the rear, a press of a button raises your bed to disclose a hidden storage area, also known as the "gear garage."
  • On-Demand AWD: Powered by a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, this van doesn't just carry your stuff—it carries it anywhere, thanks to its AWD turbo-diesel engine.
  • Modern Interiors: Inside, you're met with a refreshed, modern look, designed for comfort during those off-grid escapes.
  • Safety First: With advanced safety features resting on that reliable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AWD chassis, you're in for a smooth and secure journey.

But wait, there's more:

  • Rugged Tires: Optional upgrades like the Method 701 Bead Grip rims and BF Goodrich T/A KO2 tires mean you can tackle the toughest terrains.
  • Stay Warm and Cozy: Even the gray-water tank is insulated and heated, and the freshwater tank snugly sits inside the cabin.
  • Bring Along Your Toys: Got something else to haul? The standard hitch supports up to 5,000 pounds of towing capacity.

Who knew that a camper van could be so full of hidden features?

The Winnebago Revel is like a mobile Swiss Army knife for the road.

So, ready to reveal the hidden rooms and features on your next road trip adventure?

Outside Van Power Station

Ever dreamt of hitting the road without sacrificing the creature comforts of home?

Imagine pulling up virtually anywhere, flipping open a hidden compartment, and voila – all the amenities you need are at your fingertips.

Welcome to the world of the Outside Van Power Station, where hidden rooms and features aren't just the stuff of spy movies.

Here's the scoop on what you might find tucked away in this cutting-edge camper:

  • Solar Power System: Enjoy the sun's embrace, with a 140-watt rooftop panel and a mighty 13.2 kWh lithium-ion Volta battery.
  • Sizzling Power: A robust 3,200-watt inverter to keep all your gadgets juiced up.
  • Artful Interiors: Expect a cozy cabin vibe that seamlessly hides your tech luxuries.

The Power Station is built on a 4x4 Mercedes-Benz 170 3500 Sprinter.

It’s designed not just for looks, but for a life of rugged adventure.

There's a dash of art with under-bed lighting that simulates a starry night and a decorated interior that feels just like a homey haven.

Not forgetting the blending of off-grid functionality, it's a powerhouse of self-reliance.

And get this.

There's no generic mold here.

Each Power Station van can be customized with features like hidden compartments and multifunctional spaces that keep your living quarters well-organized while maximizing space.

  • Sleeping Quarters: The clever design allows you to transform areas for rest on the fly.
  • Entertainment Hub: Pop up a table, swivel a seat, and it's game night in the wilderness.
  • Gourmet Meals: A discreet full galley kitchen appears when you're ready to whip up a feast.

Ready to roll?

The Outside Van Power Station is your ticket to luxurious freedom on four wheels!

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans

Have you ever daydreamed about hitting the open road in a camper van that's as unique as your adventure checklist?

Let's talk about Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans, your potential ticket to a world where the journey and destination become one exhilarating experience.

Exciting Features:

  • Upper Bed: You get an 80"x44" cushioned space, nestled in a pop-top roof, and surrounded by zippable canvas windows.
  • Convertible Spaces: Areas in the van can transform into hidden rooms, perfect for stashing your adventure gear or doubling as a secluded nap nook.
  • Custom Tailored: They cater to your vision, offering 50 standard camper van plans with a welcoming hand to tweaks or ground-up customizations.

Performance Specs:

  • Engine: Options include gas and diesel
  • Drivetrain: Both two (2) and four (4) wheel drive variants available
  • Transmission: Modern 10-speed automatics for smooth sailing

Investment-Smart: Besides weekend forays into the wilderness, your Sportsmobile can double as a daily driver, merging practicality with leisure.

Did You Know?

Sportsmobile stands out for their crash-tested designs that meet all FMVSS requirements, meaning your roving refuge isn't just cool – it's conscientious too.

Pricing Peek:

  • Starting To Splurge: With custom builds, prices vary widely. An example cited includes a Mercedes Sprinter van at about $62,000 plus a Sportsmobile conversion for $84,000, totaling approximately $146,000 before tax.

Curious about those special tweaks for added secrecy?

Sportsmobile can weave in hidden safes and secret compartments, ensuring that what's yours stays discreet until you wish otherwise.

So, whether you're concealing valuables or stowing away an extra blanket, your roaming residence keeps your secrets safe.

Ever imagined a van that adapts to your every need and hides a few delightful surprises?

Dream no more—Sportsmobile is here to make that a reality.

La Strada Regent S

Have you ever fancied a camper van that combines comfort and clever design?

La Strada Regent S just might be the crafty compact solution you're looking for.

Imagine this: you're on the road, the landscape shifts with every mile, and your home comforts travel with you, especially when there's a little bit of magic like a hidden toilet compartment.

Need a bit more detail?

Let's dive in!

The Regent S is built on the reliable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, ensuring a smooth ride whether you're cruising the highway or tackling rough terrain.

You'd love to stretch out, right?

This van has got you covered with a transversal bed spanning a cozy 198 cm thanks to clever widenings at the rear.

Sleeping Arrangements:

  • Transversal bed: 198 cm
  • Froli disk spring system
  • Cold-foam mattress

And here's the thing – you'll have a kitchen equipped with an extendable countertop.

Perfect for rustling up some grub after a long day's exploration!

Kitchen Highlights:

  • Flip-up extension board
  • 81 L refrigerator

Let's talk utility space:

  • 2x 11kg gas bottle locker
  • Small electrical cupboard for your gadgets
  • Truma 6KW diesel heater to keep you toasty

And about that hidden feature – a toilet ingeniously concealed within the interior cabinetry, ensuring privacy and practical use of space.

It's like your own little secret compartment!

With options starting at €66,900, equipped with a 161-hp 2.2-liter CDI diesel engine, this mobile abode provides adventure-seeking duos a taste of home wherever they park.

Fancy an upgrade?

A 188-hp 3.0-liter diesel and AWD options are also available for those who yearn for more power under the hood.

With the Regent S, you get a sanctuary on wheels, smart storage solutions, and a hint of hidden magic!

How's that for a stylish and smart escapade companion?

Advanced RV Custom B Box

Have you ever dreamed of a camper van that cleverly disguises its luxurious amenities?

Advanced RV has taken customization to new heights with their B Box series.

Picture this: you're on the open road, and your cozy van transforms to reveal secret compartments and high-end features tailored just for you.

  • Exterior: Military-spec for durability.
  • Hidden Features: Shower emerges at your command, beds that tuck away neatly.
  • Living Space: Customizable to your taste and needs.

Imagine rolling into your campsite and deploying a hidden bike garage with just a simple flick.

And when it's time to freshen up, you no longer have to trudge to the communal showers—your very own hides away until you need it.

Feature Detail
Base Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Length 22 feet 11 inches
Standing Room 6 feet 8 inches
Price Point Around $380,000 (median)

Each B Box is a unique reflection of its owner, with big tanks, four-season insulation, and more living space than you’d expect in a camper van.

Fancy a movie night?

Your TV slides out from a compartment you didn't even notice.

Planning to hit the road in extreme weather?

The B Box is designed to handle just that.

With a 170-inch Sprinter 3500 cutaway chassis, comfort is at your fingertips, regardless of the temperature outside.

So, ready for a game-changing travel experience?

Buckle up, because the B Box by Advanced RV is not your average camper—it's a movable feast of hidden delights!

Just remember, with customization as the core, pricing can vary, and the listed $380,000 is just the starting point.

Fiat Ducato Camper Van

Ever dreamt of a camper van that combines clever design with a homely touch?

Let's talk about the Fiat Ducato Camper Van.

It's like the Swiss Army knife of camper vans with its ability to adapt to your travel needs, featuring hidden compartments for all your goodies.

Imagine having a secret stash spot for your favorite travel munchies or hiding those extra camping gear out of sight.

Custom conversions of the Ducato have done just that—snuck in hidden storage spaces under the floors or camouflaged within the walls.

Key Features:

  • Spacious hidden compartments: Ideal for keeping valuables out of sight or for that extra storage.
  • Versatile layout options: Tailored to suit a variety of needs, from solo adventurers to family travelers.
  • Reliability: Equipped with assistance services should you need help on the go.

And guess what?

The Fiat Ducato Camper also has a dedicated call center, ready to jump in as your travel sidekick.

That's right, you've got backup no matter where your journey takes you.

Pros and Cons:

  1. Pros:
  1. Innovative use of space
  2. Customization options
  3. Around-the-clock assistance
  1. Cons:
  1. Perhaps too many choices? (Can there really be such a thing?)

So, how about it?

Ready to check out the latest and greatest in hidden camper van features with the Fiat Ducato?

Your next adventure calls for a vehicle just as ready and exciting as you are!

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter by RB Components

Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road in a camper van that not only carries your home on wheels but also hides delightful secrets?

RB Components specializes in creating Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that are not just mobile living spaces, but treasure troves of clever design and concealed compartments.

Ever thought your van could have a James Bond touch?

With RB Components, it's a reality.

They craft Sprinters with innovative elements like:

  • Slide-out trays: Perfect for stowing away tools or equipment, making the most of every inch.
  • Secret storage spots: Hide your valuables or keep sensitive items out of plain sight with these ingenious spaces.

One of their notable creations is:

Model RB Touring Van Demo 36 RB Touring Van CDM RB Spec 2 Van JH Sprinter Adventure Van
Base Price $278,250.00 $278,250.00 $126,000.00 $99,750.00
Roof & Drive 170ex 4x4 170 EXT 3500 4x4 144 Low Roof 4x4 170 2x4
Special Features Extensive custom build Extensive custom build Robust design Affordable option

Expect a robust build quality that ensures your van can handle varying terrains and conditions.

Imagine yourself navigating a hillside or cruising down the highway with power to spare, thanks to the turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine found in some models, delivering a solid 188 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque.

Who knew your camper van could go incognito with these hidden rooms and features?

You'll not only travel far and wide but do so with the peace of mind that your belongings are neatly tucked away, just like in a spy movie.

So, have you figured out where you'd hide your top-secret adventure maps yet?

Ford Transit Custom by VanDOit

Have you ever dreamt of a camper that not only carries all your adventure gear but also surprises you with its clever use of space?

Well, let's talk about VanDOit's Ford Transit Custom, a true gem for nomads like you who crave versatility and fun on the road!

Modular Design:

  • Convertible Spaces: Love to keep your options open? The Ford Transit's interior is like a magic puzzle, transforming to suit your needs, whether you're hauling bikes or catching Z's.
  • Hidden Features: Think beds that vanish into the ceiling or storage that appears out of thin air—this van's got the secret compartments to make you feel like a travel wizard.

Custom Conversions:

  • VanDOit takes your typical Ford Transit and turns it into a bespoke adventure base. You get to choose between two rad packages:
  1. LIV: All about that action and utility.
  2. DO: Focuses on comfort for longer stays.
  • Each offers unique layouts and sleeping configurations; pick the setup that screams 'you'!

Pricing & Locations:

  • Prices start at a cool $48,000 but can climb up to $108,000 depending on how you deck it out.
  • This Missouri-based crew is eagerly waiting at 2925 NW State Hwy 7, Blue Springs, MO 64014 to start crafting your dream van.

So what's it gonna be?

A bed that slides away to reveal your mountain bikes, or shelves that fold down into a cozy lounge?

With VanDOit's Ford Transit Custom, your camper van becomes a treasure chest of hidden rooms and nifty features, making every road trip an exciting reveal party.

Ready to hit the road and find your adventure's hidden gems?

Volkswagen California T6.1

Have you ever dreamed of having a hidden lair in your camper van?

If that's a 'yes', then the Volkswagen California T6.1 might just be your kind of adventure buddy.

This isn't just any camper; it's like a Swiss Army knife on wheels!

Hidden Kitchen Wonders: Imagine you're parked with a breathtaking view.


No worries!

Just lift the countertop, and voilà - a neat kitchen setup complete with a sink and stove emerges almost magically.

It’s your secret kitchenette, hidden from sight until you need it.

Dimensions and Comfort: Now, let's talk size because space is king in a camper.

The California T6.1 embraces roominess at 203.6 inches in length and 76.4 inches in width.

Feeling cramped is a thing of the past.

Tech Upgrades, More Space:

  • Length: 203.6 inches
  • Width: 76.4 inches

Every model flaunts a pop-up feature for that extra headroom or a cozy sleeping corner.

And for the tech-savvy, there are enough gadgets and gizmos to make your journey smooth.

I bet you're wondering about the space configurations, right?

Well, every inch of the California T6.1 is meticulously thought out.

Seats and beds fold and swivel to your needs, each feature crafted for versatility.

Want a little extra?

Some models even come in different "flavors," offering a range of amenities and styles.

From basic necessities to luxury editions, there's something to suit every taste and type of traveler.

So, gear up for your next road trip with the T6.1 and find freedom in the cleverly concealed conveniences of this iconic camper.

Where will the road take you?

Pleasure-Way Tofino

Hey there, have you heard about the Pleasure-Way Tofino?

This camper van is a bit like a magic trick on wheels!

It's built on the reliable Ram ProMaster 1500 chassis and at 17'9" long, it's compact yet packed with some serious features that are sure to raise your eyebrows.

Plus, the Tofino has a neat secret: a pop-top roof that reveals a hidden additional sleeping area, pretty cool, right?

Let's talk comfort and space.

You get two separate sleeping areas – one tucked away in the pop-top and the other in the main cabin, which means up to four people can catch some Z's in this van.

No need to draw straws for the best sleeping spot!

Here are some of the key features that make the Tofino stand out:

  • Spacious Storage: Pack all your gear without a worry.
  • Open Floorplan: A guest-friendly interior without the usual clutter.
  • Solar Packages: Available for those off-grid adventures.
  • LP BBQ Quick Connect: Who's up for a barbecue?

And, talk about versatile; with a 2000-pound O.C.C.C., you can bring along just about anything you need for your escapades.

So, whether you're planning a family trip or an expedition with your mates, the Tofino offers both the utility and essence of a traditional camper in a sleek design.

Still curious about pricing?

The MSRP is around $73,450, which is a steal for the freedom it promises.

Remember, great adventures begin with a great vehicle; the Pleasure-Way Tofino could be the start of yours!