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Key Takeaways

  • Rooftop gardens on campers combine home comforts with travel freedom.
  • These eco-friendly designs offer sustainability on the road.
  • Expert insights provide trustworthy information on top camper van options.

Imagine hitting the open road with your very own garden tagging along.

That’s right, camper vans with garden roofs aren't just a fantasy anymore!

Traveling in a camper van offers a unique slice of freedom, but adding a rooftop garden?

It's eco-friendly, provides fresh herbs, and introduces a charming touch of home.

You're about to embark on a journey through innovative designs where functionality meets nature.

We're not just talking about aesthetics here—these garden-equipped campers are the culmination of cutting-edge design and sustainable living.

They represent a movement in travel where the lines between being on the move and being at home are beautifully blurred.

You can trust that we have the latest scoop on the best green-roofed campers that bring a literal meaning to 'green travel.'



ModVans CV1

Have you ever imagined a camper van that doesn't just take you places but lets you literally go green on the go?

Well, enter the ModVans CV1 with its optional garden roof.

Isn't that a breath of fresh air?

Let's peel back the layers of this green travel companion.

The CV1 is not your ordinary camper; it's a transformer.

Excellent for those of you who love hitting the road without leaving your green thumb behind.

Just picture a mobile garden party on top of your van.

Neat, huh?

  • Type: Full featured camper van
  • Seating: Comfortable for up to 7 people
  • Beds: 2 large beds for a restful sleep
  • Unique Feature: Optional garden roof for your travel-friendly plants
  • Versatility: Work van, family van, and RV – all rolled into one
  • Base: Ford Transit chassis with available AWD

The ModVans CV1 is all about flexibility.

You've got a stealthy mobile office by day and by night, voilà, it's your cozy escape pod, with room for the whole squad.

And if you're up for some off-grid escapades, ModVans offers a $13,000 aftermarket option to ready your CV1 for more rugged terrains.

Truly, a chameleon on wheels, don't you think?

So, are you ready to sow some seeds and watch them sprout as you traverse the winding roads?

Remember, it's not just about the destination, but also the little eco-friendly oasis you carry with you.

The CV1 by ModVans could turn those long drives into your very own rolling greenhouse!

How cool is that?

Vanlife Customs

Have you ever daydreamed about hitting the road with all the comforts of home and then some?

What if your home on wheels could also be a small oasis for greenery?

That's right, Vanlife Customs isn't just about building rugged and luxurious camper vans — they are bringing eco-friendly twists to the nomadic lifestyle with garden roofs.

So, what's the big deal with a garden on your van?

Besides being incredibly cool, a garden roof:

  • Helps to insulate your van, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Reduces noise from rain and hail
  • Provides a space to grow herbs or flowers, connecting you with nature wherever you go

Fancy a custom touch on your camper van?

Vanlife Customs excels in creating personalized spaces that reflect your needs and taste.

They have honed their craftsmanship over six years, designing everything from chic city apartments on wheels to rugged off-road rigs.

Gathering the most requested layouts, they've turned the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Ram ProMaster into masterpieces of mobile living.

What else makes Vanlife Customs stand out?

Their Instagram portfolio @vanlifecustoms boasting over 63,000 followers.

It's a visual feast of bespoke builds that might just inspire your very own van design.

To wrap it up — not that we're wrapping anything here — your rolling abode from Vanlife Customs isn't just about getting from A to B.

It's about journeying sustainably, surrounded by a personal touch of green, in a space that feels uniquely yours.

Could you ask for a better travel buddy?

Outside Van

Have you ever dreamt of hitting the road with all the comforts of home, and maybe even a little bit of your garden?

Outside Van can turn that dream into a reality.

With a keen eye for adventure and sustainability, their custom van conversions can include garden roofs that let you carry a piece of the outdoors with you, wherever you roam.

Why settle for just any camper van when you can have one that's tailored to your love for the environment?

Imagine rolling into your favorite campsite, and instead of a plain roof, you've got a thriving garden up top.

Not only does it look amazing, but it's also a conversation starter!

What makes Outside Van special?

  • Customization: They don't just give you a van; they give you your van.
  • Adventure-Ready: Built for the wilderness and tailored for any escapade you have in mind.
  • Sustainable Options: Yes, that includes garden roofs for the eco-friendly traveler.

Outside Van stands out for its commitment to quality and personalization.

Your van gets built with your adventures in mind.

Are you into kayaking?

Need space for your biking gear?

No problem.

Their experienced team knows that the devil is in the details and ensures every inch of your van is crafted to suit your lifestyle.

Curious about how they do it?

It's all done under one roof, where experts in design, woodworking, and electrical wiring collaborate to create something that's not just another vehicle; it's a part of your journey and a statement of your passion for the planet.

So, ready to live that van life with a green twist?

Let's make those travel and sustainability dreams of yours come true with an Outside Van conversion.

Your adventure awaits!

Boho Camper Van

Ever dreamt of hitting the road with all the comforts of home tagging along?

With a Boho Camper Van, not only do you get a cozy bed and handy kitchenette, but have you heard about their green twist?

That's right, garden roofs!

Now, isn't that like a breeze of fresh air?

Let's chat about what makes these vans a combo of cool and practical.

Garden roofs on top of a camper van – sounds quirky, but think about it.

You can grow your own herbs or flowers and give back to the environment while you're cruising around.

Plus, the lush greenery would make your van stand out in a sea of ordinary rigs, wouldn't it?

What's in a Boho Camper Van?

Curious yet?

These vans are not just about style; they pack a punch with functionality:

  • Professional DJ Setups: Imagine parking at a scenic spot and turning it into your personal dance floor. Yep, that's possible.
  • Tailor-Made Conversions: Starting with a RAM Promaster base, Boho outfits these vans to be unique – just like your road trip should be.
  • Price: Is it time to open that piggy bank? Well, the cost of a Boho conversion can be a sigh of relief compared to standard campers – about $36,500.

And if you're wondering – can you rent one for a weekend escapade or do you need to commit for life?

Boho says, why not both?

Rent one for a bit, and if it feels like you've found your road soulmate, you can take the plunge and buy.

You see, your sustainable road trip doesn't have to be a distant dream.

With a Boho Camper Van, it's about driving into the sunset, with a sprinkle of eco-friendly vibes and a rooftop garden that travels with you.

Happy trails to you, my friend!


Have you ever dreamed of hitting the road with all the comforts of home and a green thumb to boot?

ZENVANZ might just be the garden-on-wheels oasis you're looking for!

Eco-minded travelers, gather 'round because this company blends sustainability with adventure by offering bamboo camper van conversions.

And the cherry on top?

The optional garden roof, turning your van into a mobile greenhouse.

What's so special about bamboo?

Well, it's not only sturdy but also a renewable resource that adds a touch of eco-luxury to your interior.

Picture yourself surrounded by warm, caramel-hued panels as you whip up a meal in your compact kitchen.

Doesn't that beat the typical sterile feel of a standard camper van?

Let's look at the perks ZENVANZ dishes up:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Their designs have the stamp of approval from an award-winning small space designer.
  • Expertise on Wheels: A licensed General Contractor brings over two decades of experience to the table—now that's reassuring!
  • Tailored for the Trails: These vans are built tough with features like 300 watts of solar panels, perfect for going off-grid.
  • Cooking Under the Stars: An exterior shower is the perfect touch for those of you who love cooking al fresco, complete with a rear curtain and bamboo floor mat.

With ZENVANZ, it's not just about having a sleek place to crash after a long day of adventures—it's about reducing your carbon footprint while cruising in style.

Who said being eco-friendly had to cramp your wanderlust?

Recon Camper

Ever fancied having a rolling garden along for your adventures?

Meet Recon Campers, where your green thumb doesn't have to take a back seat!

Recon's Nissan NV200 camper conversions are just the ticket for enthusiasts looking to maintain that home-grown herb freshness on their travels.

Picture yourself waking up to the aroma of fresh basil right there in your camper—pretty sweet, right?

Their conversions come in two handy models, the ENVY and the Weekender.

Here's what's cooking with these campers:

  • Compact Design: Fits right into a standard garage.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Keeps your travel costs down.
  • Versatility: The ENVY isn't just a camper; it's an adventure-mobile that can double as your daily driver.
  • Customization: Options to align with your lifestyle and budget needs.

Feeling envious yet?

And get this—packages for these nifty campers start at $21,500.

You won't just be buying a camper; you're getting an off-grid capable, tailgater-friendly, soccer game-ready escape pod.

Oh, and about that green feature—the vertical garden.

It's a unique addition allowing you to cultivate your favorite herbs and spices on the move.

Imagine garnishing your campfire dinner with a sprig of mint you've just plucked from your camper's wall.

And for those seeking something already road-tested, there's a market for pre-loved ENVY models.

Just imagine the stories each camper could tell!

Whether fresh or experienced, these camper vans come ready for action and a bit of horticulture.

What could be cooler than that?

Vanlife Conversion

Looking to hit the road with a slice of home?

Why not consider a camper van with a garden roof for that extra touch of green living?

Converting a van into a cozy abode on wheels can be quite the adventure, and adding a garden roof?

Well, that's the cherry on top!

Why a garden roof?

It's not just about the looks; it’s about sustainability and having your own little ecosystem tagging along on every road trip.

  • Cooling effect: A garden roof can provide insulation, keeping your van cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Air quality: Plants can help clean the air inside your van, transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen—pretty neat, right?
  • Water management: Rainwater gets absorbed by plants, which can help in areas prone to flooding.

Now, if you're handy with tools, a DIY approach might be up your alley.

But let's be real, not everyone's a born carpenter.

That's where Vanlife Conversions swoops in.

They specialize in custom builds and yes, they offer garden roofs!

Curious about the van models good for conversion?

Take a gander at these:

  1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Spacious and reliable.
  2. Ford Transit: A versatile choice with plenty of room for customization.
  3. Dodge Promaster: An affordable option with a solid chassis.

Each van model provides a different canvas for your dream mobile home.

And with aftermarket options like 4×4 conversions, larger tires, and powerful engines, the sky—or should I say road?—is the limit.

Just remember to follow regulations; you wouldn't want any pesky fines ruining your nomadic nirvana.

And always consider weight limits—those garden plants and soil can add up!

So, ready to bring a touch of Mother Nature along for the ride?

Go on, imagine waking up to your own little piece of tranquility each morning, no matter where you park.

Now that's living the dream.

Humble Road

Have you heard about Humble Road?

It's where your travel dreams hitch a ride with sustainability!

Imagine blending the coziness of home with the freedom of the road, all with a sprinkle of green living—yes, we're talking about a camper van with its very own garden roof!


A garden on a van roof?

You bet!

Humble Road is not your average camper van converter; they craft custom-tailored vans with options like a lush garden roof.

Just picture rolling landscapes with your very own herbs and flowers tagging along.

Not just a treat for the eyes but a pinch of fresh basil for your road trip pasta?


Customization is key with Humble Road.

Their offerings range from the compact "MIDI-Me" to the spacious "Maxi-Me." Each conversion is meticulously crafted considering the comforts and luxury you’d expect in a top-notch hotel, now on four wheels.

Here are a few quick facts:

  • Electric Power: Up to a massive 630 Amp/hr Lithionics lithium battery, keep all your gadgets charged and kitchen appliances running without a hiccup.
  • Solar Support: With up to 600 watts of solar panels, embrace the sun's power for an eco-friendlier trip.
  • Water Capacity: With a 45-gallon fresh water tank and a 22-gallon grey tank, you're set for the long haul without constant pit stops.
  • Snazzy Alternators: A 280A dedicated alternator ensures your house battery is always juiced up.

So, are you ready to turn those travel tales into eco-friendly epics?

Humble Road might just be your ticket to discovering untouched corners of the world, sustainably, with a dash of home-grown greenery atop your rolling abode.

Pack your bags (and maybe some soil) and get ready for an adventure with a view—both inside and out!


Have you ever daydreamed about having a roving garden?

Well, with VanLab, that eco-friendly fantasy might just roll into reality!

VanLab offers DIY camper van conversion kits which can transform your van into a sustainable home on wheels, complete with a garden roof!

Isn't that a breath of fresh air?

Here's what's blooming with VanLab:

  • Practical Design: Their kits are brewed with a dash of Scandinavian design—functional yet stunning.
  • Affordability: You can snag a conversion without breaking the bank.
  • Customization: Choose pine or birch plywood and add personal touches to make it truly yours.

Imagine waking up to the scent of your own herbs and flowers, just above your head!

VanLab makes this possible.

Each kit can be tailored to fit popular van models, ensuring a snug setup for your mobile garden.

And hey, who doesn't love choices?

Whether you have a cozy SUV or a more spacious Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter, they've got you covered.

The kits come loaded with essentials:

  • A kitchen
  • A bed
  • Flooring
  • Benches and tables

And for adventurers who can't travel without the full package, they include options for showers and toilets.

Put all that together, and your van isn't just a vehicle—it's a versatile escape pod.

The conversion process?

It's a breeze!

VanLab promises you can go from van to camper in as little as two days.

Imagine the places you'll go and the plants you'll grow!

So, ready to drive into the sunset with your personal Eden in tow?

Check out VanLab and start plotting your garden route!


Ever daydreamed about a garden that travels with you?

Imagine a lush space atop your home-on-wheels, where herbs sway to the rhythm of the road.

That’s the type of green innovation Vansmith brings to the table (err, roof!).



Vansmith is big on eco-friendly travel.

Their custom vans, like the ever-popular Green Package, don't just transport you; they carry your eco-conscious values.

With conversions designed to offset the equivalent of driving 20,000 miles per year for five years, they're practically a rolling forest!

Think of it like having 181 urban trees tagging along on your adventures.

Fancy a portable herb garden?

You've got it!

These custom camper van conversions can include vertical gardens to keep your meals fresher than a roadside diner.

Fresh basil for your pasta?

Snip-snip, it’s in your dish!

Their vans aren’t just green on the outside.


Craftsmanship sings from every corner of their bamboo builds like an ode to Mother Nature.

And if you’re wondering about options, they’ve got vans suited for different needs and budgets.

From Mercedes Sprinters to Ford Transits, find one with a garden roof and start rolling smarter.

Keep in mind that prices reflect the craftsmanship and sustainability - the available builds, like the fan-favorite Bamboo Build, can fetch up to $179,000.

But guess what?

You’re investing in a home that keeps giving back to the planet.

Plus, Vansmith's stellar customer service doesn’t just end when you hit the road—they're like your travel buddy in the form of a support team.

So, ready to convert your green dreams into a travel reality?

Vansmith could be your next eco-conscious co-pilot.