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Key Takeaways

  • Camper vans can now double as mobile DJ booths.
  • These vans are equipped with professional sound systems.
  • They offer a unique blend of travel and entertainment.

Craving a party on wheels?

Imagine jamming out as you journey!

You no longer have to daydream about merging the thrill of a DJ set with the spirit of adventure; it's now a reality with camper vans outfitted for professional DJ entertainment.

Take your love for beats on the road with these decked-out drivable venues, featuring top-of-the-line sound systems and party setups that'll bring the club atmosphere to any destination.

We've scoured the market and consulted with experts to bring you the most compelling options for camper vans that double as mobile party hubs.

With high-grade equipment, comfortable interiors, and advanced sound technology, you'll feel confident in hosting a mobile bash that rivals any stationary venue.

Get ready to bring the beat wherever you go and make every stop a hit with your personal rolling festival.



Volkswagen California XXL

Hey there, party enthusiasts!

Have you ever dreamed of mixing beats as you hit the beach or the open road?

The Volkswagen California XXL is like your backstage pass to the ultimate mobile bash.

It's got room to groove and space to spin—all wrapped up in one sleek, road-tripping package.

Interior Space & Customization:

  • Spacious: Stretch out and enjoy the commodious interiors.
  • Sound System: Crank up the volume with a killer sound system that can be tailored just for you.
  • DJ Equipment: Ready for a tailored DJ console? There's ample room to set it up.
  • Party Ready: Mood lighting and dance space? Check!

Visualize this: You pull up at the lakeside as the sun dips below the horizon.

Out swings a side door, and you roll out your high-end speakers.

Within minutes, you're laying down tracks from a set up that could rival any nightclub’s.

Talk about making waves!

What makes the California XXL unique for your DJ aspirations?

Well, with this van:

  • You can mix and scratch with enough space to not bump your head—or elbow a guest.
  • The acoustics are solid, making it easy to set the right tone for your moving gig.
  • With other tech upgrades, including a pop-top roof, plug-in hybrid capabilities, and all-wheel drive, you're not missing out on the latest van comforts and eco-friendly options.

Quick Specs:

  • Engine: Equipped with a robust turbocharged engine, hybrid tech optional.
  • Drive: Stable and reliable with available 4Motion all-wheel drive.
  • Connectivity for days to keep your beats fresh and your navigation on point.

In short, the Volkswagen California XXL doesn't just get you to the party—it is the party.

So, are you ready to drive and DJ?

The open road awaits your playlist!

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Conversion by Outside Van

Ever dreamed of mixing beats on the road?

Imagine rolling up to your next party gig in style.

Well, it's totally possible with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter customized by the pros at Outside Van.

Let's peek into what makes their conversions a hit for DJs and party-throwers like you!

First up, customized sound.

You love music, right?

So, you'll appreciate a setup tailored just for your turntables or digital decks.

Outside Van can rig up stellar sound systems, with all the amps and mixers you'd need to get the crowd pumped.

Now, let's talk lighting.

A dance floor isn't complete without some flashy lights.

Imagine LED strips syncing to your beats.

It's all about creating that perfect vibe, and yes, it can be built right into your Sprinter.

Speaking of dance floors, these vans come with space to groove.

Whether it's a portable setup you can take outside, or an interior space cleared for busting moves, you've got options.

Outside Van's bespoke designs can include a space just for dancing, so you can take the party anywhere.

Remember, this isn't just any van conversion.

It's a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 or 144 wheelbase, meaning you're cruising in a respected piece of German engineering.

And we're talking quality conversions—Outside Van has been leading the game since 2007.

They churn out about 100 custom vans a year, all with a sharp eye for detail.

Feel like getting behind the wheel of your own party-on-wheels?

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter transformed by Outside Van might just be your ticket.

So, are you ready to hit the road and bring the party to the people?

Ford Transit Custom Nugget by Westfalia

Ever dreamed of hitting the road with your beats and decks?

Well, say hello to the Ford Transit Custom Nugget by Westfalia!

Crafted to bridge the gap between adventure and party, this isn't just your regular camper van.

It’s the stage and home for any travelling DJ ready to get the crowds moving at the next pitstop.

The interior?

It’s designed with flexibility in mind.

Imagine transforming the living space into your personal DJ booth:

  • Sturdy tables for your decks and mixers
  • Built-in amplifiers to power up the party
  • Earth-shaking subwoofers beneath the seats Everything you need to throw an impromptu rave or an intimate jam session under the stars.

Now, to talk specs.

Fitted with a powerful 2.0-liter engine, the van keeps the party mobile, delivering between 133 and 182 horsepower.

Choose between a slick six-speed manual or a seamless SelectShift automatic transmission to cruise in comfort.

Tech-wise, there's an eight-inch touchscreen with SYNC 3 for effortless connectivity.

Fancy mixing old school with digital?

The screen’s your ally!

And the price tag for this versatile party wagon?

Starting from €76,500 in Germany, which hints at around £65,000 if you're shopping from the UK.

While you're mixing tracks, the Ford Nugget ensures you'll be mixing landscapes too!

So, ready to drive your party on wheels to the next festival?

The Ford Transit Custom Nugget by Westfalia says, "Let's hit the road and drop the beat!"

Winnebago Revel

Hey there, party enthusiasts!

Have you ever imagined rolling out to remote, scenic spots with all your party gear in tow?

Well, the Winnebago Revel is practically screaming your name—it's the adventure-ready van that's up for any challenge, including being your mobile DJ booth!

Are you all about that bass?

The Revel’s interior is spacious enough to house an audio system that would make any professional DJ green with envy.

Imagine this: mixers, turntables, and speakers all set up against the backdrop of a stunning natural vista.

You’ll be pumping tunes from a premium quality system that’s as bold as you are.

What's that?

You don't want your revelry cut short by a subpar vehicle?

No worries!

Underneath the hood, the Revel boasts a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with a 3.0L 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine.

This beast provides 188 horsepower, ensuring that steep hills or tricky 4×4 roads won’t dampen your party.

And with the robust 9-speed automatic transmission and on-demand AWD system, you’re practically unstoppable.

Talking about the specs:

  • Engine: 3.0L 6-cylinder, 188 hp
  • Transmission: 9-speed automatic
  • Drive System: AWD

Concerned about staying powered up for those all-nighters?

The Revel has innovative off-grind power solutions to keep the lights on and the music playing for as long as your heart desires.

When it's time to hit the road, rest assured your gear is safe with ample storage for all your equipment.

And don't even get me started on the optional rugged upgrades.

Stock tires getting you down?

Upgrade to some beastly BF Goodrich T/A KO2s and watch how your ride goes from great to phenomenal.

Ready to spin tracks in the lap of nature?

With the Winnebago Revel, your DJ van dreams just became a reality!

Airstream Interstate Nineteen

Ever dreamed of mixing beats on the move?

Well, you just might find your groove with the Airstream Interstate Nineteen.

Picture this: a top-notch custom sound system blasting your favorite jams inside a sleek, luxury camper.

Cool, right?

Now imagine that paired up with professional DJ gear.

Yes, your rolling raves are about to get real!

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen isn't just any van—it's a Class B RV that packs quality and design into a convenient 19-foot size.

Perfect for party animals and adventure lovers like you.

Let's break down some key stats:

  • Length: 19 ft 5 inches
  • Width: 6 ft 7 inches
  • Height: Nearly 10 feet

Built on a Mercedes Sprinter 2500 chassis and sporting a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine, it's powerful enough to get you where the party is and small enough to park once you’re there.

Imagine the possibilities

  • Spontaneous beach parties? Check.
  • Sunset hilltop DJ sessions? Absolutely.
  • A cozy get-together after a day of exploration? You bet.

Design-wise, it's Airstream all the way.

Think iconic, shiny metalwork, and interiors that scream 'I've got style'.

And because comfort is king, even in the wildest of parties, the Interstate Nineteen is kitted out to ensure you’re partying in luxury.

But remember—no good bash is complete without safety and performance.

That's why it boasts Best-in-Class features to keep you safe while you're chasing the good vibes.

You can party hard and rest easy knowing your van's got your back.

So, have I got your attention yet?

If you’re the type to bring the beats to the streets, the Airstream Interstate Nineteen might just be your next set of wheels.

Let's get this party started!

ModVans CV1

Dreamt of throwing a bumping party on wheels?

The ModVans CV1 offers just that, with its modifiable charm that can host your professional DJ and party equipment.

Imagine you're cruising down the coastline, your van's back doors open to the sunset, and the beats are dropping from within your own mobile DJ booth.

Sounds pretty epic, right?

Let's chat about the nuts and bolts of this setup:

  • 2 large beds: Sleep off that dance party fatigue or just take a quick power nap.
  • Seating for up to 7 people: Gather your crew and keep the party vibe intimate.
  • Removable RV components: Van by day, club by night. Switch your layout with ease!

And here's the cool part, this isn't just any van:

  • Modular Design: Customize the CV1 to your heart's content. A DJ booth? Flashing lights? All good to go.
  • Outdoor Showers: Freshen up after shaking it down.
  • Portable Cassette Toilet: Because, hey, even party animals need a loo.

Got a vanload of equipment?

No sweat!

The CV1's flexible interior means you can load in, set up, and break down your gear quickly.

It's practical, offering safe and comfortable driving even when you're heading to that secret beach party spot.

Ever DJ'd in a sandstorm?

High roof vans can be tough in challenging conditions, but the ModVans CV1 keeps it stable, so you're always ready to spin, wherever the party takes you.

Feeling stoked about your next mobile party venture?

The ModVans CV1 could be your ticket to unforgettable nights and road trip tales.

Let's raise the roof(literally) and get the party started, shall we? 🎉🚐

Sportsmobile Classic 4x4

Hey there, adventure seeker!

Ever imagined weaving through the wild with your epic tracks blasting from a beefy audio system?

Well, Sportsmobile Classic 4x4 is your ticket to turning this dream into a rolling reality.

This beast isn't just any camper van; it's your off-road DJ booth, ripe for equipping with speakers that can make mountains move and amplifiers that awaken the stars.

Curious about what's under the hood?

The Classic rocks a robust 7.3L V-8 engine that grooves in harmony with a sturdy 4R100 torqshift five-speed transmission.

It's not just powerful; it's smart, with drivability options like rear, front, and 4WD to keep you steady no matter the beat.

And with impressive stats like 26 inches of articulation (sway bar-disconnect allowing) and a whole 30% more clearance at the front axle, you'll cruise over obstacles smoother than a DJ transitions tracks.

Worried about landing the perfect spot?

The Classic makes maneuvering in the tightest spots a breeze with a tighter turning radius.

Trust me, you haven’t felt this kind of control outside of a mixing table.

Plus, you'll have all the clearance you need to avoid those pesky scrapes, sporting 16.5 inches of ground clearance—dance floor, elevated!

Now, every party on wheels needs its share of practicalities.

So here's what you need to know: you've got a steel reinforced fiberglass shell keeping you safe while the integrated penthouse top keeps your profile sleek and the party low-key until you're ready to reveal your location.

Remember, the Sportsmobile Classic 4x4 isn't just about getting from A to B—it's about starting the party the moment you arrive.

Who's ready to hit play on this off-road jam session? 🎶💃🚐

Boho Camper Van

Ever imagined rolling up to a festival in your own private DJ booth on wheels?

Boho Camper Vans can turn that dream into a reality.

Picture this: you're cruising in a van that not only has a comfy bed and kitchenette but also boasts a professional DJ setup.

That's right, high-end sound systems and dazzling lights waiting to kick off a party wherever you park.

What makes a Boho Camper Van suitable for your roving revelries, you ask?

  • Custom Conversions: Tailored to your party needs, from turntables to mixers.
  • Sound Systems: Only the best for your beats; think crisp, high-quality audio.
  • Lighting: Because what's a DJ without their signature light show?

These vans merge style and function, and they're more than just a mode of transport.

They are a backdrop for memories, an escape on wheels, and your ticket to being the life of the party.

Boho’s designs are clever—they maximize space without cramping your style, so you can still boogie down.

Here’s what your party palace could include:

  • DJ Equipment: Set up your decks and mix to your heart’s content.
  • Sound Quality: Pump up the volume with top-notch speakers.
  • Mood Lighting: LED show to match your electrifying playlists.
  • Style Points: Aesthetic appeal that makes your van the coolest one at the campsite.

Imagine all eyes on you as your playlist sets the tone for an unforgettable night under the stars—Boho Camper Van is your partner in crafting the ultimate party machine.

So, are you ready to be the heart and soul of every camping trip?

Your adventure starts with a Boho beat.

Vanlife Customs

Ever dreamed of mixing sick beats while you're parked at the most scenic spots?

Vanlife Customs could be your go-to partner to make that dream a reality!

Why settle for just a camper when you can have a roving DJ booth?

These folks are pros at creating one-of-a-kind vans with interiors that can transform into a party haven!

  • Customization? Check! Whether you're a DJ, an entertainer, or simply love to throw a good party, they'll design a space where your turntables and mixers fit seamlessly.
  • Sound quality? Absolutely! With space for professional-grade speakers and soundproofing, your van will be the hotspot everyone wants to be at.

Imagine this: a Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, or Ram ProMaster, decked out with:

  • Top-notch sound systems.
  • Ample storage for your DJ equipment.
  • Comfortable living areas that double as a dance floor.

You're not just buying a van—you're creating an experience.

You'll have a space that's as much about the bass drop as it is about being your cozy retreat after the party winds down.

And isn't that the dream?

Vanlife Customs prides itself on versatility, which means you can expect a build that adapts to your adventurous and party-loving lifestyle.

Go on, turn the great outdoors into your personal concert venue.

Bring the party to wherever you park!

And when you're ready to hit the road again, rest assured, your van will be your trusty companion that looks after your gear as much as you do.


You should be!

Grab that vision of yours and let's make it roll.

After all, your #vanlife is just a beat drop away.

Storyteller Overland MODE

Have you ever imagined combining your love for the open road with your passion for music?

With the Storyteller Overland MODE, you're looking at the perfect canvas for your mobile DJ dreams.

This isn't your average camper van—it's a party on wheels!

Key Features:

  • Base Model: Robust Mercedes Sprinter chassis.
  • Customization: Tailor-made for professional DJ and party setups.
  • Mobility: Agile, AWD capability for off-road gigs.
  • Reliability: Proven track record with outdoor enthusiasts.

The MODE series comes in various flavors, like the Stealth MODE at $1,442/month and the Beast MODE, which kicks it up a notch.

But let's chat about what this means for you as a DJ.

With the right setup, the Beast MODE's sizeable Owl Vans exterior is just asking to mount speakers and lights for that epic night under the stars.

  • Sound Systems: Pump up the volume with high-quality audio.
  • Lighting: Set the mood with an array of LED options.
  • Ready to party? The MODE's versatility lets you bring the beat to any landscape.

The MODE isn't just about driving or parking; it's a lifestyle choice.

Whether you're cruising down the highway or perched on a mountain, your music can flow as freely as the scenery around you.

Imagine the faces of your friends as they groove to the tunes amidst nature's backdrop.

Forget restrictive venues, your Storyteller Overland MODE is your ticket to endless adventure and non-stop parties.

Remember, great stories aren't just told—they're experienced, and you hold the keys to the next unforgettable chapter.