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RV camper slide outs are a great way to expand limited indoor living space in an RV, but if one becomes stuck in or out it can dampen your plans.

An RV slide stuck from expanding can render your living space almost useless in some rigs, while a slide stuck expended can leave you stranded and unable to drive until it is fixed.

A stuck RV slide may be caused by a bad battery or fuse, a malfunctioning motor, or worn parts like belts or hydraulic systems. Slide outs can be built differently, but parts like gears, support, or rails can all become obstructed and prevent normal functioning.

Though there are many components to cross off the inspection list, many can be checked visually for regular functioning, so the problem may be obvious. Issues like fuses or stripped gears may require more research to identify and repair. Below We’ll talk about how to inspect some of these parts.

When I was shopping for a camper, I looked into slideouts a lot because I liked the idea of having more space, but I ultimately chose a model without them because I did not want to keep up with maintenance issues.



Why Won't My RV Camper Slide Go Out?

When your RV camper slide won't go out, there could be several reasons why.

The slideout is connected to a track that runs along the side of your RV. The track is attached to brackets which are bolted onto the side of your RV and usually powered by a motor.

Try manually moving the slide out to see if it is mobile and make sure that there isn't anything obstructing them in any way by checking around and under the rails.

You may notice issues with your slideout if it isn't working properly or if something has broken on it such as:

  • The slide out won't stay extended. You can't pull the handle all the way down or all the way up.
  • The slide out doesn't move smoothly when you try to extend it or retract it.

Common Problems with RV Slide outs

Checking RV Battery, Cables and Fuses

Check the battery. The first thing to check is your RV’s battery. If the battery is old or has been drained, it may not have enough power to operate the slide out motor.

Check the cables and fuses. Take a look at all of your electrical cables and fuses in order to make sure they are not worn or damaged in any way that could cause problems with your slide operation system. If there are any signs of wear or damage on these parts of your rig, you should replace them to avoid issues with your slides in the future.

RV Slide Out Motor Common Problems

If you've checked the batteries and there is nothing obstructing the slide out tracks the motor may be causing the problem.

Check for rattling parts inside the motor, and looseness in the torque, and any fuses the motor may have.

How To Check the Hydraulic System On A Camper Slide Out

If you've checked the tires, brakes and steering, you may need to check any hydronic systems the slide outs might have. These are not installed on every model of slide.

A hydraulic system is a series of hoses that work together to make your RV slide out.

Fluid levels in all reservoirs (usually red) should be full and clean if they're not already dirty. Dirty fluid can indicate an oil leak somewhere in the system.

Oil filters should be clean with no debris present in it or around its housing area. If there are any signs of debris coming from under the hood then this could be an indication of wear inside one or more cylinders which would require disassembly/rebuilding work done by professionals before the slide will function again.

Air filters also need to be replaced as needed during regular maintenance routines every 30K miles, but they may need replacement sooner if used heavily for long periods without being flushed properly first.

Tightening RV Slide Supports

Check the slide supports. If they can be tightened, try that first. Check the slide supports for damage. If they are bent, it’s probably best to replace them altogether rather than try to repair them.

Remove and Inspect RV Camper Slide Gearbox

You can also try to remove the gearbox from your slide and inspect it. You may find that there is damage or wear on the gearbox, which could be preventing you from sliding out. If this is the case, you should call a professional RV technician to repair it for you.

If no damage is found, another cause for not being able to slide out could be obstructions in the track of your camper's slides. To get rid of these obstructions, use a screwdriver to gently pry out any debris that may be causing an issue with your RV's slide mechanism. Once all of this trash has been removed from inside each track, check and clean them thoroughly before lubricating them with silicone spray so they work smoothly when you try again.

How to Check If Camper Slide Rails Are Aligned?

Before you can troubleshoot your RV slide, you’ll need to make sure that the slide rails are aligned.

If a slide is misaligned, it will not move. To check for alignment issues, follow these steps:

Remove the cover from the left side of your RV and inspect the slide rail for obstructions. Look closely at both ends of each rail; if there are any obstructions such as dirt or leaves on top of them, clean them off with a vacuum cleaner or leaf blower before trying again—they may be causing a drag that prevents your RV's door from closing properly when in place inside its track.

Check each end of both rails for damage (bent metal) or missing parts (missing nuts), which could also prevent movement between your camper's door and opening tracks inside its walls). If any damage exists on either end (or both), then replace these damaged pieces immediately with new ones sourced from an auto parts store near you!

Does Your RV Slide Need More Lubricant?

It can be tricky to know if your RV slide needs more lubricant. If you're hearing a grinding or squeaking sound when the slide is being used, it may be time to add some new silicone spray lubricant to the rails and gears of your RV slides. This will help prevent noise and keep things running smoothly.

To apply silicone spray lubricant, spray onto all metal parts of the slide (the rails and gears) but not on plastic or rubber parts. Do not spray onto any motorized components of your RV or you could cause damage.

Other Reasons your RV camper slide won't go out

The problem could be a simple one. If the slide is stuck because of ice, it may be as simple as clearing off the RV camper slide and letting it warm up.

The problem could also be something more complicated: an internal malfunction or poor installation. Consult a technician if this is the case, removing any small parts from a RV Camper Slide out or motor can leave your slide out nonfunctional.

Do You Need An RV Technician To Fix a Broken Camper Slide Out?

If you are still having trouble getting your RV camper slide to work, you may need to contact a certified RV technician with the specialized tools and knowledge to troubleshoot and repair your rig's slide-out system.

Many technicians and mechanics end up with long wait lists, so if you're in an emergency situation and none of these troubleshooting methods work, don't delay to call around the area to at least check on which garages have availability.