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If you are looking for an RV that can comfortably house an entire family, there is no better option than a 5th wheel, but which are the biggest in the world?

Traveling in an RV is all about comfort and if you want to feel like you are at home wherever you go, a giant 5th wheel is going to be the ultimate way to hit the road for your next trip. However, with so many 5th wheel campers on the market, determining the largest ones can be tricky, which is why we have shortlisted the biggest ones available.

The biggest 5th wheel campers in the world are the Grand Design Solitude 380FL, Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR, Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 35LFT, Keystone Fuzion 419, and the Keystone Montana 3763BP.

RV travel is a way of life for so many people. It is hard to beat the feeling of embarking on a trip on your very home on wheels, which is why RV sales have seen record-breaking numbers in recent years. More people are traveling via RV than ever before - and understandably so. However, some RVers need a bit more room to feel at home while on the road, which is why 5th wheels tend to be among the most popular types of campers sold. These are massive trailer-hitch RVs that you connect to your 4x4 vehicle - enabling you to drive your own car while hauling your home with you wherever you go. Aside from Class A RVs, 5th wheels are next in line for the biggest campers manufactured, but you will find that some of these vehicles are bigger than others. To help you find the perfect 5th wheel camper for your road trips, we are going to break down the biggest ones in the world.

After extensively researching 5th wheel campers, I have been able to gather enough information to determine the biggest options available on the market. My research has indicated that when assessing the largest 5th wheels in the world, you need to evaluate the length, weight, and sleep capacity, as these characteristics can vary for each camper.



Grand Design Solitude 380FL

Grand Design is one of the most reputable RV manufacturers in the industry and their Solitude 380FL is a monster of a 5th wheel camper. This giant recreational vehicle outweighs the majority of its competition in more ways than one.

The 2022 edition of the Solitude 380FL has an incredible gross weight of 16,800lbs. This factor alone makes the Solitude 380FL from Grand Design one of the largest 5th wheel campers in the world. The reason behind the massive weight of this camper is that Grand Design made this RV with a bulk load of features and amenities - adding a serious level of comfort and luxury to any camper’s time away from home.

  • Gross weight - 16,800lbs
  • Length - 41ft
  • Sleep capacity - 6

The Solitude 380FL was designed to sleep as many as 6 people, which makes it larger than even the majority of homes on the market. This 5th wheel is equipped with a queen-sized bed that fits perfectly into the spacious master bedroom. If you find that the queen bed is not big enough for you, Grand Design gives its customers the option to have a king-size installed - with plenty of space still leftover in the bedroom. The master bedroom is also equipped with a full-size bathroom, 2 sinks, and a large shower.

The 41ft long Solitude 380FL offers more than enough room for any RVer. The bedroom stretches 14.5ft alone and the kitchen, dining room, and living room space are not sacrificed for it. The luxurious interior of the Solitude 380FL is equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, which includes an 18cu fridge.

This Grand Design 5th wheel is also capable of handing an impressive payload capacity of up to 1,934lbs. With this much free weight at your disposal, you can haul around a whole lot of supplies for your trip - without needing to worry about overloading your camper.

When calculating the weight of the Solitude 380FL 5th wheel, we also need to factor in the liquid capacity. This Grand Design camper has massive black and grey water tanks that can hold up to 106 gallons each. In addition, you have a freshwater tank that can store as much as 93 gallons, which is larger than any other 5th-wheel on our list.

Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR

The Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR is one of the largest 5th wheels ever manufactured. This is a giant RV that weighs a staggering 19,000lbs (gross). The weight of this 5th wheel is actually peculiar when you consider the specs and layout of the vehicle.

  • Gross weight - 19,000lbs
  • Length - 44’5ft
  • Sleep capacity - 4

Unlike the majority of 5th wheel campers that fall into this weight class, the Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR is only capable of sleeping 4 people. Most of the 5th wheels that you see that fit these specs are normally designed for 6 (or even more) people. However, the manufacturer designed the Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR this way intentionally.

Instead of congesting the RV with unnecessary features and sleeping areas, this 5th wheel is all about giving you as much space as possible. The room that you have to move around the vehicle is unmatched by virtually any other RV of this size. The largest space within the Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR is the long living room which stretches an impressive 27’4 feet. This is larger than most normal-size 5th wheels.

The entire length of the Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR is 44’5ft - making it one of the longest 5th wheels that money can buy.

While the length of this 5th wheel is massive, the width is actually a bit more slim compared to some of the other RVs on our list. With that said, the Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR has plenty of space to fit a luxurious living room setup that is equipped with a large TV and furniture arrangement.

On the front side of the Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928XR, you will find the master bedroom, which automatically comes with a king-sized bed installed. This is also the only area of the 5th wheel that has a bathroom. One of the only downsides of this RV is that there is no second bathroom for guests to utilize.

The freshwater tank of this 5th wheel is also among the largest on the market - with a 150-gallon capacity. The black and gray water tanks, on the other hand, are quite a bit smaller and have just 50 gallons each.

Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 35LFT

Cedar Creek Construction is back with one of the biggest 5th wheels ever to hit the open road - the Forest River Silverback Edition 35LFT. This highly-praised RV manufacturer has been regarded for its impressive 5th wheel designs, but it is hard to beat the specs and performance of this model.

The Forest River Silverback Edition 35LFT from Cedar Creek is a massive 5th wheel camper that has a gross weight of 16,050lbs. This puts this RV high in the ranks of the largest 5th wheels in the world. Cedar Creek's intuitive design utilizes the space of this camper very efficiently - neatly stuffing it with all of the essentials of home.

  • Gross weight - 16,050lbs
  • Length - 40’11ft
  • Sleep capacity - 6

The layout of the Forest River Silverback Edition 35LFT makes it stand out among a lot of 5th wheels of this size. This camper is technically not the largest in length or weight, but it still gives passengers the space and comfort of a camper that is bigger. The main reason behind this is that Cedar Creek designed this 5th wheel perfectly inch-by-inch without wasting any space.

This 5th wheel has a very balanced tank capacity for all stored liquids on board. Since greywater tends to build up the fastest, Cedar Creek made this the largest tank with an 80-gallon capacity. Whereas the freshwater tank can hold 69 gallons and the blackwater tank can store 40 gallons.

The Forest River Silverback Edition 35LFT comes equipped with a king-sized bed as a standard. In front of the bed, Cedar Creek has installed a full-sized TV so that parents can enjoy their privacy away from the kids. In addition, the master bedroom also has a huge wardrobe which is big enough to be a walk-in closet.

Inside the common area, you will find a dynamic living room setup that serves as a theater room, dining room, and kitchen. The huge refrigerator adds some weight to the 5th wheel but it is a small price to pay for all of the extra food that you can haul around on your trip.

As you make your way to the far end of the Forest River Silverback Edition 35LFT, there is a lounge area that can also technically be used as a study. A hide-a-bed sofa and spacious desk offer any traveler room to unwind and relax. Above the lounge space, a set of stairs will take you to a bunk area - equipped with two beds for guests and family members. The bunk area alone is as comfortable as any part of the 5th wheel given that it has a TV and desk inside.

The immense space that you get with this RV has made it one of the most popular 5th wheels on the market. The dynamic setup enables you to sleep as many as 6 people on board, which is perfect for large families, as well as for people who like to travel with friends.

To top it off, the Forest River Silverback Edition 35LFT is designed with two bathrooms. The primary bathroom located just outside of the master bedroom is full-sized and has a large shower inside. Whereas the second bathroom is near the lounge space and kitchen, which can be used as a small, single lavatory.

Keystone Fuzion 419

If you are looking for a 5th wheel that enables you to take your favorite toys with your wherever you go, the Keystone Fuzion 419 is going to be the way to go. This massive 5th wheel camper has a dynamic and sophisticated design that makes it unique among the other options on our list.

To start, this camper has a 15ft garage at the tail end - which you can use for storing jet skis, buggies, quads, and even a car! A lot of RVers that like to bring toys with them on their trips cannot resist the Keystone Fuzion 419 for this very reason.

  • Gross weight - 16,230lbs
  • Length - 44ft
  • Sleep capacity - 8

The Keystone Fuzion 419 weighs 16,230lbs which is a bit less than the heaviest 5th wheels that we have mentioned. Regardless, you are going to need to ensure that you have a powerful vehicle to haul this 5th wheel around with you on your trips - especially if you are the kind of traveler that wants to bring a toy along for the ride.

Keystone designed this 5th wheel ingeniously and installed balanced tanks for all of your liquids. For your freshwater tank, you can hold as much as 106 gallons - whereas for greywater the capacity is 88 gallons, and blackwater is 44 gallons.

Before we break down the layout of the Keystone Fuzion 419, it is important to note another one of this 5th wheel’s shining qualities - the impressive 8-person sleep capacity. Even the largest 5th wheels on the market can usually only sleep up to 6 people, which is plenty of space for large families and friends. However, with the Keystone Fuzion 419 attached to your 4x4, you can take as many as 8 people with you on your road trips.

The front end of this camper is where you will find the master bedroom, which is equipped with a queen-sized mattress. The master closet and wardrobe provide plenty of room to keep clothes without sacrificing space within the actual bedroom. In addition, the master bedroom has its own private bathroom and even a TV area.

Inside the kitchen, you will find a large 18cu fridge, two pantries, and a stovetop. Situated within the center of the room is a table that was designed with swing-out stools so that you can quickly make space within the common area when the kitchen is not in use. Towards the tail-end of the common area, there is a large TV along the wall - offering efficient living room space - with a second private bathroom on the other side of the pantry and theater area.

Lastly, Keystone designed the Fuzion 419 to be practical and adaptable. At the far tail-end of the 5th wheel is the garage. While you probably want to take your toys with you on most trips, that may not always be the case. If you prefer to have a second living room and bedroom on board, you can easily convert the garage into one. The sides of the garage have two couches that can fold out to create another queen size bed. The garage also has a large TV installed - making this space as large and comfortable as the actual master bedroom.

Keystone Montana 3763BP

No fifth wheel list would be complete without the Keystone Montana 3763BP. The Montana model from Keystone is one of the most popular RVs ever manufactured and it has the best sales figures of any 5th-wheel in the last two decades.

The overall size of the Keystone Montana 3773BP is on point with the Fuzion 419 but the layout and design are quite different. Instead of having a toy hauler garage in the tail end of the camper, Keystone’s intention with this 5th-wheel was to stay focused on designing a comfortable living space through and through.

  • Gross weight - 16,980lbs
  • Length - 41ft
  • Sleep capacity - 6

The Keystone Montana 3773BP is a behemoth in the world of 5th-wheel campers and the spaciousness combined with the luxurious features that it’s equipped with make it one of the best RVs ever made. This camper has a huge weight of just under 17,000lbs, which means that you better have a tough vehicle to pull this kind of weight.

You get a large greywater tank with this fifth-wheel camper that has an impressive 88-gallon capacity. Whereas the freshwater tank can store up to 66 gallons and the blackwater tank holds 49. This is generally the best ratio that you could ask for in a 5th wheel camper.

Unlike the Fuzion 419, the Keystone Montana 3773BP can sleep 6 and not 8 people. However, this is not a huge issue for RVers, as most people tend to travel with no more than 4 to 6 people anyways. The length of this vehicle is also staggering - with 41ft of living space at your disposal.

As you climb inside of this Keystone 5th-wheel, you will find yourself in the common area, which serves as a kitchen and dining room. The kitchen design of the Keystone Montana 3773BP is different from a lot of the other campers on the market - given that the sink is situated on an island countertop located in the center of the room.

A large pantry, dining table, lounge couch, and 18cu fridge make up the rest of the features within the kitchen area. Surprisingly, the Keystone Montana 3773BP still feels very spacious even with all of these features and amenities installed. Part of the reason for this is that Keystone designed the common room without a theater area. Instead, this part of the camper serves solely as a social area for dining and lounging.

Unlike every other 5th-wheel on our list, the Keystone Montana 3773BP has a living room and theater area at the front end - instead of a master bedroom. The space is equipped with two hide-away sofas and even a theater seating area - which has enough room for 6 people. Below the large TV, there is a fireplace to make every road trip feel cozy and extra homey - even if you are camping during the winter.

At the tail end of this 5th wheel is the master bedroom - designed to have all the comforts that one could ask for. A large queen bed, HD TV, spacious closet, and full sized-bathroom will make you never want to return home from your road trip. All in all, the Keystone Montana 3773BP is one of the biggest and baddest 5th wheels that money can buy, which is why it has such as impressive sales record.