Pegging down the best types of RVs is a subjective affair. Thanks to modern and innovative designs, there’s literally an RV for every traveler.

Today’s RVs are nothing like the ones you remember as a youngster. Instead, they are mainstream and packed with luxury features, ensuring you feel right at home, no matter the location.

The best types of RVs include:

  • Luxury Class A and Class C motorhomes
  • Leisure Travel Vans
  • Newmar
  • and Winnebago
  • Oliver Travel Trailers
  • Grand Design RV
  • Riverstone

Ditch expensive vacations and bring your home with you on the road with these 15 best recreational vehicles. You will nevermore be at the mercy of pricy hotel rooms, sketchy restaurants, or curfews. Read on to discover which RV best matches your needs.

After spending hundreds of hours in trailing shops and endless conversations with experts, I can provide a comprehensive list of the best types of RVs for each traveler -let’s get those wheels turning!



What Are The Best Types Of RVs?

The best types of RVs depend on each family’s needs and preferences. While some strive for a classic road-trip camping experience, others don’t want to leave the plush comfort of home when on the road.

So, here are the best RV brands on the market:

Ratings are according to RV owners’ ratings on


It is impossible to talk about the best types of RVs without discussing Airstream trailers.

Airstream RVs were first introduced to the market in the 1930s. As a result, Airstream RVs are among the oldest, most iconic manufacturers. Yet, nearly 100 years later, these RV designs remain some of the best RVs on the road.

Airstream refrains from limiting itself to one trailer type. Instead, they offer a broad range of iconic aluminum trailers, small RVs, and camper vans.

Each trailer is thoughtfully crafted by hand in to last a lifetime! Each travel trailer takes about 350 hours to complete, substantially more than the average 50 hours of a typical white box trailer.

What I like most about Airstream RVs are their timeless exteriors and contemporary interior designs.

Many campers complain that Airstream trailers are overpriced compared to their size. However, the high-quality and weather-resistant shells make them last a lifetime!

From my own experience, Airstream trailers are fit to pass down from one generation to the next. My Pop still has a classic 1975 Argosy 26-foot travel trailer that still runs smoothly!

Airstream RVs Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Airstream trailers


  • Low overall weight and improved weight distribution
  • Environmentally conscious - Certified Green by TRA
  • The Aerodynamic shape provides better fuel economy


  • Delicate exterior
  • Limited storage space

Leisure Travel Vans

The Leisure Travel Vans saga started back in 1965. The company prefers specializing in luxury Class C camper homes rather than sticking its fingers into all the camper pies.

Leisure Travel Vans offer gorgeous designs and undeniable quality. In addition, they are fiercely committed to the quality of speed production. As a result, they are consistently deemed one of the most reliable RV brands.

Leisure Travel Vans’ luxury motorhomes are compact, innovative, and liveable. The brand offers two primary lines: Unity and Wonder.

  • Unity Leisure Travel Vans: These models are built on the Mercedes Sprinter cutaway chassis
  • Wonder Leisure Travel Vans: These models are built on the Ford Transit Cutaway chassis

I’ve noticed that many seasoned recreational vehicle owners often mention that driving RVs deem stressful and tiring. However, I can almost guarantee you’ll have the opposite experience in these vans.

You’ll enjoy every second of cruising around in the RV thanks to Leisure Travel Vans’ electronic steering, comfy Ultra Leather seats, and cruise control.

Leisure Travel Vans: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Leisure Travel Vans


  • Constantly searching for technology to ensure greener and more efficient RVs that protect the environment
  • Large bathroom and closets
  • Fantastic resalable value
  • Special attention to functionality


  • Little factory warranty
  • Driving can be challenging for new RV owners
  • Costly to fuel and repair


Newmar specializes in Class A motorhomes. However, the brand recently introduced two exclusive Class C motorhomes: the Super Star and Supreme Aire motor coaches.

Although Newmar RVs may seem overpriced, the high costs are paired with unmatchable quality. In the world of recreational vehicles, Newmar is close to the upper end of the list.

Newmar’s reputation for luxury and quality coaches starts with their construction techniques, choice of materials, and meticulous design. In addition, these motorhomes offer amenities closer to a house than an RV, such as top-line décor and tiled showers.

Newmar RVs are on premium and quality engineered custom chassis designed for on-road comfort, safety, and maneuverability. In fact, their chassis is a standout in the RV industry, adding to why Newmar owners get to keep their motorhome for decades.

Newmar: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Newmar RVs


  • Wheelchair accessible motorhome
  • Propane/AC options
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Luxurious kitchen amenities


  • Several Newmar motorhomes built on Freightliner chassis have faulty lighting (breaks or signaling), increasing the chances of an accident
  • Excessive squeaking from the springs and shocks used for suspension
  • Slideouts getting stuck
  • Few Newmar-approved service centers nationwide


Winnebago is a leading American recreational vehicle manufacturer operating since 1958. Winnebago offers high-end RVs, unparalleled customer care, advanced steel chassis-based safety features, and creative recreation.

Winnebago offers 7 models and 15 floorplans -something to match everyone’s needs. In addition, their vehicles are high quality and affordable.

Winnebago RVs are the peak of mobile decadence! They pay special attention to interior designs, offering luxury vans with leather couches and fireplaces to basic vans with full bathrooms. In addition, their cabinetry is made from a high-end wood that prevents maintaining flimsy particle board cabinets and ensures longevity.

Winnebago: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Winnebago RVs


  • Easy maneuverability
  • Solid construction
  • Wide selection of models and prices


  • Expensive compared to similar models

Oliver Travel Trailers

Oliver Travel Trailers is an RV company based in Tennessee. They manufacture vehicles of tremendous value and durability -Ollies are camper vans likely to outlive you. They are named Legacy Elite for a reason.

Oliver Travel Vans are made using superior quality, durable fiberglass. The specialty fiberglass ensures strength without excess weight.

Ollies have a curved and aerodynamic exterior with four layers of fiberglass. Their vans resemble Airstream RVs instead of the traditional box-shaped fiberglass RVs.

Their design ensures superior insulation, strength, easy maintenance, and durability.

You can get two travel trailers from the company: the Oliver Legacy Elite, a small towable trailer. Then, the Oliver Legacy Elite II, a larger camping trailer with two different floorplans.

Oliver Travel Trailers: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Oliver Travel Trailers


  • Fibreglass construction
  • Designed for easy towing
  • Tons of add-ons and upgrades are available
  • Reputation for longevity


  • Only sleep up to three people
  • Scheduling a visit can take long (Ollies aren’t sold at other dealerships)
  • Expensive

Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV is a high-quality RV manufacturer founded in 2012 by former Keystone RV leaders. However, with the brand’s speedy rise to prominence, Winnebago RVs bought the company in 2016. Still, they allowed the company to manufacture their campers independently.

Grand Design RVs offer a variety of high-end travel trailers, Toy-haulers, and fifth wheels. The vehicles are made with reliable construction and are subjected to a detailed, 300-point inspection process after the standard factory inspections.

Grand Design RVs is customer-focused, offering tons of online support to its customers and RV owners. In addition, the knowledge bases and forums ensure owners have a platform to learn more about their RVs and common troubleshooting issues on the road.

Grand Design RV: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Grand Design RV


  • 300+ point pre-delivery inspection after-sales service
  • Reliable construction
  • Various price points
  • Excellent online community and after-sales service


  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • No motorhomes in their lineup
  • Requires a large towing vehicle


Riverstone is a luxury RV brand owned by Forest River, specializing in fifth wheels and toy haulers.

Forest River doesn’t have the best reputation or highest ratings in the RV industry. However, their Riverstone department deems as one of the best-built fifth-wheel RVs in the market. The company won the “Luxury Fifth Wheel of The Year” consecutively in 2021 and 2022.

Riverstone has five fifth wheel and two toy hauler models available. They put effort into ensuring quality products and customer service.

Riverstone RVs include residential-style furniture and appliances. The wall construction is unique; they aren’t welded, allowing for movement while traveling.

Riverstone: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Riverstone RVs


  • Creative and diverse floorplans
  • An array of additional features
  • Safe Towing
  • Secure and maneuverable connections


  • Limited storage
  • Requires a large towing vehicle


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