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Key Takeaways

  • While Arkansas has many RV parks, some of the best are Catherine’s Landing and Downtown Riverside
  • We chose the highest rated RV parks. You should go find the parks that best fit what you like
  • Most RV parks in Arkansas are best known for their natural settings and camping.

Recreational vehicle owners flock to Arkansas because of the state’s natural beauty including lakes and rivers. Where are the best RV campgrounds in Arkansas?

The best rated Arkansas RV campground sites include the following:

  • Catherine’s Landing for serious adventure
  • Hot Springs National for kids' amenities and a great view
  • Tom Sawyer’s for a peaceful riverfront RV park
  • Downtown Riverside for a blend of shopping, nightlife, and nature
  • Ozarks Luxury RV resort for upscale amenities, activities, and memberships

We know what RV drivers are looking for, and especially what they are seeking while traveling through Arkansas. With some research, we’ve found a few of the best spots to park your RV in the state that offer services, and some natural amenities. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to stay.



Best RV campground sites in Arkansas

Arkansas offers a wide range of nature and nightlife. The state has many RV parks to access the rivers and lakes that dot the landscape. Most RV parks in the state are surrounded by nature and often offer boating and fishing. A rare few are near the city and have a unique blend of amenities.

Catherine’s Landing

Catherine’s Landing borders Lake Catherine, hence the name. Catherine’s Landing is in Hot Springs, Arkansas near the Ouachita River. This campground calls itself an immersive outdoor experience, including a small wildlife park including armadillos and deer. The lake waters are fairly clear too, and great for a day of kayaking and many other water sports.

They have plenty of activities, too. Zip lining is available along with a Big Foot hiking trail, as well as a disc golf course.

Those amenities are all about you, but what about your RV? 30 and 50-amp service is available, and of course, water refill and waste dump sites are at the ready. Fire rings and picnic tables will help you cook out and make campfire memories.

Catherine’s Landing is also pet friendly, which is great if you want to bring your dog or dogs. The price isn’t too much either, running between $40 to $80 per night, noting that some amenities like the zip line do cost extra, but we could expect that.

Most review from Google about Catherine’s Landing rave about the natural site as well as the overall cleanliness. They get a very solid 4.6 out of 5.

You can visit their website here to learn more about all they have to offer.

Hot Springs National Park KOA

KOA is short for Kampgrounds of America, which is part of a much larger network of campgrounds. Since the campsite is physically located in Hot Springs, you have ready access to the aforementioned relaxing hot water. This KOA is a bit unusual, as it is built into a hillside, making some of the campsites on different levels. The change here is a net positive as it makes the campsites a bit more private and visually, looks less cluttered.

Hot Springs National Park KOA has lots of amenities for kids. They include a playground, an arcade, a pool, mini golf, and lots more to keep the young ones, and in some cases, adults engaged and having fun.

Like many other RV parks, you have access to WiFi. Wireless internet is great for when the weather isn’t great or for streaming a movie in your RV - or actually working from your RV. Other standard services include dump sites, electric service up to 50 amps, cable, etc.

At $30 to $60 per night for a base price, KOA is reasonably cheap. Expect to pay a little more during peak seasons as well as having some extras for the arcade and other pay per game or person amenities.

Check out their site here.

Shady Oaks Campgrounds and RV Park

Shady Oaks isn’t huge, but it is rather pretty. Nestled on the outskirts of the Ozark mountains, you’ll find Shady Oaks especially pretty in spring, summer, and fall when water is flowing and the leaves are starting to change.

To some, Shady Oaks is fairly basic, which is not a bad thing at all. You can still get a shower. The kids can play in a pool or splash pad. Your family can play indoors a bit with pool tables and other indoor games. Canoe and kayak rentals are available too. They are dog friendly have and a dog park that doesn’t require leashes.

The site is also fairly nearby the Mystic Caverns and Crystal Dome.

For your RV, you’ll have access to full hookups and a dump site. They even have dishwashing and laundry stations, and WiFi built in.

See their website here.

Tom Sawyer’s RV Park

One of the biggest advantages to Tom Sawyer’s RV Park is not what it has, but what it doesn’t. Park your RV and you’ll get a prompt view of the Mississippi River. You also have the option to park in an even quieter, more woodsy area for a few dollars less per night.

Head to their site and you’ll notice how simple Tom Sawyer’s RV Park wants to be. Their about us page indicates a love for nature and the local area wildlife. Of course, given their image of Tom Sawyer carrying a fishing pole, you should expect that they make fishing access easy.

For people who want to experience nature in their RV, this is one of the places to go. For your RV, they have 30 and 50 amp hookups along with waste sites and water.

In the case of Tom Sawyer’s, the park is truly more about location than extra services. Go out and enjoy nature!

Wanderlust RV Park

Wanderlust was voted the #1 RV park in Arkansas in Reader’s Digest for 2018 That’s saying a lot! Wanderlust doesn’t quite border a body of water, but there are plenty of lakes and rivers nearby. The park is located in Eureka Springs, which is a bit of a tourist town best known for its ampitheatre dedicated to the Great Passion Play, an outdoor theatre that reenacts the last week of Jesus Christ’s life.

As far as RV parks go, Wanderlust is pretty big at 46 acres. The whole park overlooks a valley, making it a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset in Arkansas. You also get access to a salt water pool, WiFi, showers, and much more on-site. Wanderlust is also known to have nice social halls if you want to host a family event or just have more space than your RV provides.

You’ll have standard services at Wanderlust, including electric hookups ranging up to 50amp. Most of their spots are also pull through so you don’t have to worry about backing your RV in or out.

One thing you’ll notice bout the Wanderlust website is how they discuss how clean they intend to be. You’ll also see the same thoughts in reviews: with lots of people traveling through, they want to stay clean!

Blue Heron Campground

Blue Heron Campground is well located right off the White River and near the Buffalo National River. Since this spot tends to lend itself well to fishing, you can definitely fish at Blue Heron. If you are experienced, bring your boat and head off on your own. If you want a guide, Blue Heron partners with fishing guides to provide friendly expertise in how to fish - and maybe even catch something.

Since their site is along a river, you can choose to fish from the shore or dock, or venture out into the water, too.

The campground is fairly inexpensive with rates around $45 per day with full water and electrical service as well as pull through sites to avoid backing up your big RV. The camp sisters are generally not over the top, but a great value, especially if you want to go enjoy the great outdoors and do some fishing.

You can find the Blue Heron website here.

Treasure Island RV Park

Located in Lake Hamilton near Hot Springs, Arkansas, Treasure Island is a simple RV park with a great view. Treasure Island isn’t quite as sporty as other resorts listed above, which isn’t a bad thing if you aren’t into fishing anyway. Their site is more dedicated to RV amenities, though you can rent a  pontoon or kayak.

The site lists lots of places for travelers to visit nearby including many attractions in neighboring Hot Springs. This is overall a great place for traveling with kids. They also recently installed a new kids' playground along with a ball pit for the little ones to expend some serious energy.

Their services include 50 amp service and the full dump and refill site you might expect from an RV park.

You can find their website and more information here.

Downtown Riverside RV Park

We’ve listed quite a few RV parks dedicated to staying in nature, enjoying fishing, boating, and the night sky with a leisurely view of a lake or river.

Downtown Riverside is unique. As suggested by the name “Downtown” and “Riverside” this particular RV park manages to have a view of the Arkansas River, but it’s also right outside of a downtown area.

The difference is big. While a traveler could drive a little way to continue to get access to nature and fishing, their biggest advantage is being close to shopping, nightlife and restaurants within Little Rock, Arkansas, all of which is within walking or a short drive distance.

This isn’t to say it is disconnected from nature though. You can still access hiking trails or a canoe or boat trip very nearby.

You’ll get all the normal RV amenities too, including 50 amp electrical, full waste and water refills and dumps, as well as built in WiFi.  Rates are between $30 and $45 per night, which is fairly low for full hook ups and a great view.

You can see their website here.

Ozarks Luxury RV Resort

Located in Branson on the shores of Table Lake, this one uses  Luxury in the title, and they mean it. They have lots of amenities! Pools and hot tubs along with lit up pickleball and tennis courts for both getting a little work out and relaxing. There is even a full marine attached if you brought your boat - and boat rentals are available if you didn’t.

Becoming a member also gives you access to their clubhouse, which includes amazing panoramic views of the lake.

Naturally, you get full hook ups on state of the art equipment for your RV. The price is a little higher than others, but this is literally a luxury resort for RV owners with many repeat customers. Except to pay at least $65 to $95 per night.

Per their site, you might also consider the luxury RV resort an opportunity to connect with  other RV people, as they mention frequent social gatherings.

Gilbert RV Campground

Located in St Joe along the Buffalo National River, Gilbert RV campground offers all the basics and has plenty to do. Like many other RV parks within Arkansas, ready access to the river and lakes make fishing and hunting easy to get to.

The campground is also located near some farms that offer horseback riding, which is fun for kids and adults.

Their rates start at around $40 per night for an RV with hookups and depend on the number of people and the size of the RV. Check out their site here.

Murfreesboro RV Park

Murfreesboro is known for diamond mining, so the RV park joins in a small way. This TV park offers diamond hunting tools and diamond hunting classes - and you get to borrow the tools free on grounds if you stay two nights or more. The park is located near Crater of the Diamonds State Park.  Sounds like fun!

The RV park is also welcoming and offers a potluck every other week for RV owners and the community to gather and socialize. Murfreesboro is an old city, and rather historic, so you can go check out the southern charm.

You have easy access to fishing as well with the Little Missouri River right in the backyard.

Rates are also fairly low at around $35 per night for 4 people. The park opened fairly recently in 2010 and promptly earned the label “Best New Business” from the local paper. The rate comes with full RV hookups including dump site and electrical.